Sunday, October 07, 2007

Koins News Video: Portland Neo Nazi rally shutdown plus anti-racist news coverage.

PORTLAND - While protesters rallied against Hammerskin Nation in Portland, the national neo-Nazi group quietly slipped into the Sherwood Elks Club, until managers realized who they were and asked them to leave.The Hammerskins tried to stay under the radar, but had been planning its 20th anniversary rally in the Portland area.

Article and KOINS News Video Here - Including some Anti - Racist Coverage

News Video: neo Nazi Hammerfest in Portland Shutdown


  1. OPP actvist stopped the event. Read here.

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  4. Jimbo - you have the intelligence of a flea. White supremacy is a complete joke and your little groups will either be stopped by many great citizens like Nikki, law enforcement, or they will self-implode. Eyesonhate is a great site! It's time to wipe out the ignorance out there.


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