Saturday, October 13, 2007

Assault Warrants "Swore out" Against Neo Nazi Leader Bill White from Roanoke

Eye On Hate Note Oct 13 : this article is an update of a fight involving Neo Nazi Leader Bill White that took place this past wednesday Oct. 10.

Probaly the best line in this article (especially for those of us who monitor Bill White) is this quote from Bill White""I have never run around assaulting people,"

LOL Bill White is forever bragging about his involvement in fights with Maryland Police, anti racists and 6 foot 4 inch 275pound Black men. - Eye On Hate Radio

Parties say race inspired attack
A conflict between two black people and a white supremacist ended with assault warrants.

Roanoke Times
By Amanda Codispoti
October 13
A black woman and man swore out assault warrants against Roanoke white supremacist William A. White after a fight Wednesday.
rest of story here:
Warrants "swore out" against Roanoke white supremacist Bill White


  1. Bill has yet to be convicted by any of the charges brought against him in situations like this.

  2. Hopefully the court will see Bill White's conviction in Maryland of assaulting cops. Along with his article in the Washington Post why he feels you have the right to lie on the internet.

    Maybe a friend of the court can help out.

    More than likely, Bill will lie himself out of a conviction.

    But like I said, people like White and Blevins have to lie to be what they are.

  3. Ping: Burks and Blevins

    Isn't it odd how Bill White always takes his vacations in Mexico to help pump their "non-white" economy instead of going to a "white" country for his vacations?

    Don't worry, facts have never let you two get in the way.

  4. about his recent article about beating up a "crackhead?" The court might be very interest in that. And...didn't the article say that the woman had a split lip, or something? So...he's back to beating up girls?

  5. Sounds like her civil rights were violated. Perhaps a federal case... along with a civil suit against White perhaps....

    Wishful thinking though....


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