Friday, October 05, 2007

The New Port Richie Affair

johnditullio2.jpgIn one of the most horrendous cases I have ever reported on, this man, John Ditullio, was arrested for the murder of 17-year-old Kristofer Guy King and a brutal assault on Patricia Wells in New Port Richey, Florida.


Although a trial date has not been set, the District Attorney announced today that he would seek the death penalty against Ditullio. As someone opposed to the death penalty I would urge the court to seriously consider keeping this animal in a cage for the rest of his natural life.

Patricia Wells lived in a trailer park in New Port Richey. Unfortunately, her neighbors were a crew of Skinheads who hated African-Americans and homosexuals. Those inhabiting Wells' trailer epitomize the things these Skinheads hated the most. Patricia had an African-American boyfriend and her son was gay.

In March of last year, there was a "party" going on at the Skinhead place, affectionately dubbed by them as "The Clubhouse." Their swastika and confederate flag banners were flying high over their denison. In the early hours of the morning, Ditullio put on a gas mask and burst into Patricia's trailer where he allegedly assaulted her and then turned on who he believed to be her son, stabbing him to death. The young man was, in fact, a friend of her son's who was simply sleeping over. kristoferguyking.jpg

The scene was right out of "True Crime Magazine." Yellow Crime Scene taped was put up, and the news cameras were rolling. Few of us will ever forget the footage of a dazed, confused, and badly injured Patricia Wells as she stood before the TV cameras and recounted the terror that had shaken her world.

patriciawells.jpgStories and alibis were checked in the search for the perpetrator while an entire community watched in disbelief. The police knew "The Club House" well, and the residents of the trailer park had had their share of run-ins with the Skinheads who several claimed "terrorized" the community.

Still, it took months for the authorities to work the case and the suspects to conclude that it was John Ditullio who would be charged in this heinous event.

This wasn't the first encounter that the 44-year-old Wells had with the next-door-neighbors. As a matter of fact, Patricia who works as a housekeeper, had filed several complaints of vandalism and threats against the people residing and visiting there.

No one ever likes reporting on this kind of senseless violence, yet it seems that those covering organized hate groups and racist individuals are bound to have to do more than their share in that area. At the time of this investigation, I had no problem telling every single racist out there that if one of the Skinheads were found to be guilty, they should all share in that guilt. I feel the same way today as I did then. And, once again, I'll make the same observation and statement that I did then...

"As long as the American public remains virtually oblivious to the disease that these rodents are spreading, that disease will continue to flourish and spread. The bright side of all of this is that those who are enlightened to what is happening out there are rapidly becoming avid anti-racists. Given the fact that these bilious hate mongers whine and cry about young ARA members and “antis” being so violent toward them, I have but what thing to say – show me how many of you have been killed, or maimed, by an anti. Show me how many communities have been terrorized by anti-racists.

Young Kristofer Guy King has been taken from us because he dared to befriend those who were considered “race traitors.” Patricia Wells has been brutally scarred because of a life-choice to date outside of her race. The Griffin Park Trailer Park community has been traumatized. The students at the local high school have been brought face to face with the ugliest form that hate takes. When do we say “enough is enough?” When do we step up to the plate and say, “Not in our town, not in our community, not in our country, not in our world.” I think the time is now.


  1. If John Ditullio is found guilty of his crimes, he deserves the death penalty, just like Curtis Allgier in Utah. People like these merely use white nationalism as protective cover for hooliganism. Much more typical of the WN movement are people like John Ubele, the operations manager of the Nationalist Coaltion, who's running for the Florida House District 46 seat. He epitomizes the best aspects of white nationalism.

    Now buckle your seat belt and hang on, because here's some real headline news. Bill White has just reported, HERE, HERE, and HERE, that the NSM is DISBANDING. That's right - DISBANDING. White intends to allow several key NSM leaders to join the ANSWP, and will allow Jeff Schoep a state leadership role in Minnesota.

    White most likely will NOT allow Jim Ramm to join the ANSWP.

    I believe this may be on the level and not some psywar ops on the part of Bill White. While White may occasionally exaggerate or even jump the gun, he doesn't lie. He doesn't make up lurid tales of Continental shelf expeditions or planting dynamite in Peruvian earthquake faults just to goose his Google ratings. White has also posted this new info about the NSM in three different locations.

    While there were some hints of friction between John Taylor Bowles and the NSM a couple of weeks ago, I never dreamed it had reached this point.

  2. AA - I read that earlier, right after he put it up and am waiting for confirmation that this is taking place.

    In re: Ditullio what about folks like Strom? Don Black? David Duke? Alex Linder? Do they "epitomize the best aspects of white nationalism?

  3. Don Black, David Duke, and Alex Linder are currently law-abiding citizens and they certainly exhibit much better character than Ditullio and Allgier. The jury is still out on KAS - even if he beats the charges in January, I could never see a place for him in the movement again.

    I too want to see some other confirmation of the NSM story - not because I question Bill White's integrity - but because there's the possibility he may have been given a "planted" story. Who knows how low Jim Ramm will stoop in his insane feud with White.

    Stop these evil nazis!!!!!!!!

  5. Anchorage,

    Turns out Bill White has lied to you and other WN again. But no matter, you'll continue to believe him... That's why your side is constantly losing, you believe every single lie that comes across.

    From: "Commander NSM"
    To: "Bill"
    Subject: RE: NSM Disbands?
    Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2007 15:57:00 -0500

    Ha ha ha, this is more Bill non-White lies, not one member of the Party left, he is making up lies as usual. Anyone that believes word out of that kikes mouth should be put out to pasture. Seriously after all the bad that yid has done, why does anyone still listen to his lies?

    A statement I sent the NSM Membership recently:

    Party Comrades,

    I write you all this weekend to address a couple of matters, and to remind you all why the NSM is the Premier NS group in America. The NSM is like a big Family, we all stand and fight together, no matter what. Sure, like all Families we have ups and downs, and Brothers and Sisters that scrap with each other every so often, but at the end of the day we still stand solid, united, and as ONE. The Party (NSM) is not about the individual, it is about the whole, just as when National Socialism was first established by our Fuhrer, we NS fighters today remain unchanged in many ways. We still put the Party over the individual, and still fight united even if we don't like the way certain things turn out, we still fight for the greater good, because it is the right thing to do. That is what makes a National Socialist, first and foremost it's Loyalty. When all others prove unfaithfull, we still remain true, unshakeable, stalwart, and unmoveable like a solid foundation built of steel. That Comrades is the NSM, we are that force, and we always will be. It is bred into us, it is who, and what we are, it is in our blood, and it was in the Oath you took in your membership handbook when you joined this Party. It defines who you are as a person, a soldier, a warrior for your Folk, now, forever, and always. It is an Honor to stand with each and every one of you that serve this Party with undying conviction. National Socialism did not perish in the ashes of 1945, it is alive and well in 2007 here in America, and with our NS allies Worldwide too.

    Everyday, our enemies are relentless in their attacks upon our Party and the Folk. In fact just today, a notorious lie site stated that various NSM Leaders resigned and quit, and were possibly joining some rogue group of misfits widely suspected of being tied to anti-racist groups, or working in some manner for the ADL or another jewish group. Normally I ignore such tripe, lies, and probably should have this time too, but I felt compelled to smash the lie this time. The NSM is stronger than ever, and no one has sent in any such resignations. The NSM Remains on the Frontlines until this battle for our Folk is 100% finished, and National Socialism rules the land. Hail Victory!

    Commander Jeff Schoep

  6. Bill White is going down. Support us and our war against White at

    Hey Jimbo, you are a sissy.


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