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Strom & Prussian Blue? I Just Knew It!

Judge Throws Out Some Charges Against Strom

Posted: 2:26 PM Oct 3, 2007
Last Updated: 2:26 PM Oct 3, 2007


A | A | AOctober 3, 2007

Wednesday a federal judge threw out some of the charges against white supremacist leader Kevin Strom.

Strom was accused of trying to entice a 10-year-old girl by sending her gifts and flowers. He was also accused of stalking the girl and her family.

But after the prosecution rested on Wednesday the judge decided to dismiss both charges. One charge of enticing a minor and an obstruction charge after Strom was accused of trying to intimidate his estranged wife.

Attorneys were not available for comment. Strom still faces charges for child pornography. The trial for those charges are scheduled for this January.

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Strom enticement, intimidation trial begins
by Lisa Provence
The founder of the white supremacist National Vanguard, Kevin Strom, 50, went on trial today for enticing a minor and intimidating a witness– the witness being his wife, Elisha Strom.

In a quavery voice, Elisha Strom, 32, testified about finding her husband naked and aroused, looking at photos of two girls whose heads had been transposed onto naked bodies. “They didn’t look right,” said Elisha of the girls, who were affiliated with the National Vanguard. “Their bodies didn’t match what they look like.”

Earlier, in motions regarding the introduction of the photos of the two girl singers, Judge Norman Moon declared that it was not illegal to look at the photos and said, “It’s not against the law to sit there naked.”

Elisha Strom also told of awaking October 17, 2005, to find her husband looking at images of a little girl. “I didn’t know what to do,” she testified. “I wanted to talk to someone.”

She had the phone in hand when her husband said he wasn’t going to let her make a call and then began choking her. “I hit him with the telephone,” she testified. His parents took a bloody Kevin Strom to the hospital.

About a year later, after reporting to the police her husband’s interest in photos of girls, Elisha Strom was arrested for assaulting Kevin, and she was served a flurry of legal complaints, including a protective order to stay away from Strom. These filings, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Bill Gould, exemplify Kevin Strom’s attempts to intimidate a witness.

Also testifying were a 12-year-old girl, who the government says Strom was trying to entice into a sexual relationship, and her mother. Strom allegedly sent the girl anonymous gifts– a sweater and a Tim McGraw CD for Christmas 2005 in a package from “Santa Claus,” pink roses and white lilies on the girl’s 11th birthday, and another Christmas package in 2006 containing a Peter Pan DVD.

By the time the last package arrived, the mother had become so concerned she took it to the police. “I was really, really uncomfortable,” she says.

The Orange County girl and her mother had met Kevin Strom at the United Christian Academy, a Ruckersville private school, where his stepdaughter became friends with the then-nine-year-old. At the end of the 2006 school year, the mother moved the girl to public school in Orange.

The girl’s mother testified to an unease around Strom, but the examples raised few eyebrows in the courtroom. Strom gave her pictures of her daughter and his stepdaughter and invited her to coffee. The mom also reported seeing his maroon van driving by her house, seeing Strom one day, near the end of the school year, parking his van and standing behind a tree, and she testified that her daughter spotted him at the Orange County Fair in July 2006.

The 12-year-old alleged object of Strom’s adoration told the jury that he’d stopped her in the hall of United Christian Academy and asked why her mother wasn’t answering his phone calls. “I told him to stop calling, we weren’t going to pick up,” the middle schooler said.

The prosecution introduced Strom’s computers, which FBI forensic specialists said contained thousands of images. Among the items retrieved was a song to be sung to “Here We Come a Wassailing” with the lyrics, “Once I met a pretty girl, her name was [NAME OF 12-YEAR-OLD]… I will be showered with the kisses of [NAME] and we’ll be married.” In a second version of the song, the girl’s last name had been changed.

“The case isn’t nearly as sinister as the government makes it,” said Andrea Harris, Strom’s attorney, in her opening statement. She portrayed Elisha Strom as “quick to anger” and “violent,” and promised the jurors, “I think you’ll see he’s not guilty, and in fact, no crime was committed.”

Judge Moon adjourned for the day in the middle of Elisha Strom’s tearful testimony.

Upcoming: The contract between Kevin and Elisha Strom in which he promises to get counseling until he is cured of pedophilia.

Strom faces child porn charges in a separate trial in January.


  1. They will nail him on the pedo charges but I think the intimdation charges are weak. Especially since

    1) Elisha first said on Stormfront that she wasn't ever intimdated by Kevin... then changed her mind.

    2) It was her who sent him to the hospital nailing with a phone when she beat the crap out of him.

    3) She is a pathological liar, as are nearly all white supremacist.

    The defense is going to tear her apart when they get to her if Kevin has a good lawyer.

    I bet there are many other white supremacist perverts who have done the same thing with the Gaede twins that Strom did. But April puts them into that role and I blame her in part for all this mess. Hopefully, those twins will be able to escape the cultism that is white supremacy without serious psychological damage.

    There are other racist perverts out there, like one that I won't name who tried to lure underaged children into running away from their parents to live with him.

    The bottom line is Kevin will never get out of prison until he is an old man and that's a good thing.

  2. Has Kevin been given his 6th and 8th admendment rights? You know, the right to a speedy and fair trial and also no excessive bail?

    I think all of this is to make Kevin a "prisoner of ZOG"

    The TimeLord is of a mind, that when that infamous "Day of the Rope" if it ever comes, may come with the freeing (breaking from Prison) of these "Prisoners of Zog" like Kevin Strom, Matt Hole, Chester Doles, etc....

    Just a hyopthetical thought...

    Now, I am NOT condoning what he done, if proven by a fair court of all. (We'll have see how fair it really is)

  3. Well...from what little has come out so far, I do believe they have a weak case with the intimidation thing, as well.

    The thing that I keep asking is how long did Elisha Strom know what was going on? It sounds like she knew for quite some time and never said anything.

    You know they talk about Kevin's website - and it WAS pretty bizarre for quite some time - but hers was really weird too.

    April Gaede should be on trial as well - nuff said.

    Lloyd - as far as the "excessive" bail is concerned, according to testimony today, it appears that Kevin had already comandeered a fake ID and at one point planned on running. So, I guess they considered him a flight risk.

    And...I have known others to sit in jail awaiting trial far longer than Strom. He was arrested in January.

  4. From what I read, Kevin and his lawyer declined to seek bail.

    I can't see Strom ever being in general population in prison and probably sits in isolation in jail.

  5. schwartz: I can't see Strom ever being in general population in prison and probably sits in isolation in jail....the same place u'd be if yr pæedophilia was ever exposed?

    (then agin'...perhaps not!....most jews r pædophiles, right?....but: since most white folk live under a ZOG...clearly , youse'r gunna 'get away with it'...for NOW!)

  6. even if Strom is convicted "guilty as charged", he'll still be remembered more favourably than youse!

    (wtf level u rckn youse r in our books?)

  7. Strom wins round one, charges dropped before the defense even had to make a case

    The child porn charges are still on for January and I predict they will nail him into the ground on those.

    I smelled these charges were weak at best on this round, especially with the psychopath Elisha Strom being their key witness.

    Regardless, Kevin Strom is a pervert of the highest degree.

  8. Reading through the comments at VNN, BW has a complete crush on Elisha!!! Women seem to be able to put BW into some sort of trance, I guess it comes from all the romance novels that he loves to read.

    I also noticed BW says people "should be arrested for their thoughts"...

    I'm so glad idiots like Blevins and Burks are attracted to this man, makes our job so much easier.

  9. Let's see if they do the right thing and let him post bail or release him since these trumped up charges were finally dropped.

  10. Steve,

    The most serious charges weren't dropped, in fact, he hasn't even been to court on those. That's in Jan of 2008. He's facing five child porn charges in that one.

    They did exactly what I said they would do to Elisha when crossed by the defense.

    Only the two charges he was facing this time were dropped.

    As far as bail, it was Strom himself who didn't request bail. I don't know if he can change that now or not.

    As far as the charges being trumped up, there is 100 percent evidence he is a pedophile (by his own admission)... however I don't know the physical evidence they have on his computers is enough.

    We'll see.

    The Hook now has the story up

  11. Well...they better have more than what they had in this trial - or it won't fly.

    The little girl who was stalked is the one that I really feel sorry for. And now April Gaede thinks he should be executed.

  12. Oh yeah - there is a new article at WordPress


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