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The fledgling GOP seems to be coming completely fragmented. What lies ahead is anyone's guess - but whether or not the Republicans can ever again regain power is looking more and more unlikely. Yet, there are those who benefit greatly from this great divide and FOX News is certainly capitalizing. This analysis appears on


Fox News posted an astonishing 50% jump in profit last quarter amid a disastrous advertising recession, and it's basically the only thing making money in Rupert Murdoch's empire. Why? Because the GOP has cratered.

Fox News' viewership is up 45% over the last year, and it's easy to see why: The ascendancy of a charismatic black Democrat has driven frightened, paranoid, enraged, nativist zealots into the ideological embrace of an outlet that habitually reconfirms everything they already believe. Watching Glenn Beck's spell-binding sermons on Barack Obama's racism is comforting to people who believe that their way of life—namely, one in which fatherly white Christians protect us from danger both internal and external—is under attack. So they do it more frequently. Tuning into Hannity becomes a life-affirming political act.

But while cable news is niche, politics is mass. The chart above shows GOP party approval in as reported by New York Times/CBS in national polls going back to 2006 and Fox News' total primetime audience, in millions, over the same time period. Fox News can and does thrive with a primetime audience of 2.5 million, many of which are the aforementioned zealots. The Republican Party needs more than that to function electorally. And the aforementioned angry zealotry that's in vogue on Fox News is distasteful to the independent voters that the GOP needs to court.

Unfortunately for Republicans and fortunately for Roger Ailes, a feedback loop has been created: As disaffected conservatives turn increasingly to Fox News, Fox News caters its programming to keep them coming back, turning, for instance, the Tea Parties into a daylong televised festival of rage. But given Fox's well-earned brand identification with the Republican Party, and vice versa, that programming serves to promote a view of Republicans as angry white people who hate Puerto Rican judges. Which turns off independent voters, which further isolates the diehard rejectionist wing of the party, which increases the importance of Fox News in their lives as a reassuring voice telling them to be strong in the face of the barbarian hordes—or, as Glenn Beck puts it, "We surround them."

The more viewers Fox attracts, the more voters the GOP repels. And the more voters the GOP repels, the more viewers Fox attracts. The most important part of the dynamic is that Fox News has no interest in doing anything other than attracting viewers. It will continue to ride this wave of anger and resentment irrespective of what impact it has on the Republican Party until it stops making them money. And yes, Barack Obama's popularity is dropping, and the bloom is beginning to come off the rose. But the GOP hasn't seen a concomitant rise in popularity: Just yesterday it hit the lowest approval rating it has seen in a quarter century, according to the New York Times.


  1. The GOP is not interested anymore in what most Americans want and believe in. They now spend their time in trying to subvert the will of the people and democracy. Obama is fixing the economy despite everything they have thrown in his way. Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck,
    and Hannity have lead the GOP to ruin. Let them keep following these assholes into the toilet.

  2. GOP is really getting upset that the DOW index is starting to go back up. The GOP wants this nation to fail under Obama. Just shows you how un-American the GOP has become.

    the GOP is really only powerful in the south, and even they will figure it out one day.

  3. Damn, I fucking really really hate it when I have to agree with Schwartz.

  4. Agree all you want, but Obongo is as good as a one hit wonder. Even the Niggers are losing interest in him. They realize that he is not the savior they was hoping he was. His political career will end on Jan 20 2013

  5. Lloyd Davies, The TimeLORDAugust 08, 2009 7:32 PM

    Isn't it funny too see the Pedo repeat the same bullshit over and over. I do believe his brain can only hold one sick concept at a time.
    Why don't you and your fat ass boy Chris go molest Mikey, bitch?

  6. Steevo,

    Even someone with your mid 70 IQ can figure out the democrats will always get the black vote.

    It's getting better, slowly, but it's getting better. By 2012, the republicans will lucky to even carry the hard core south states.

  7. Lloyd Imposter, you will need to stop falsely calling me a Pedo if you want to impersonate Lloyd. He knows that I am not.

    Schwartzo KIKE, when are you Fuckers going to learn that Obongo is done after this term. His approval ratings drop an average of one everyday. Nobody including the Niggers like the way Obongo is trying to Fuck healthcare up but good.

  8. I don't like Obama but is this Holsten guy for real? No one can be that fucking stupid can they? And he is a child molester as well.

  9. Fake White Man, and just how long have you wanted to suck my Dick?

    Obongo is a one hit wonder. Wait and see.


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