Sunday, August 16, 2009


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  1. How many refrences to the 'daily-show' are you going to make?

    I am beginning to think that is your primary source of news.

  2. That sure was a stupid Assed Nigger. That's OK though. Obongo is dropped the forced healthcare Bullshit.

  3. Hey Pedo, like your son dropped under aged girls, bitch? Like you fondled little girls on the school bus. Shit like you should be locked up like the sack of shit Hal Turner.

  4. A long time ago a band called Pluton Svea wrote a song called, "When the bullets start to fly." The lyrics are great.

    Anyhow, I admit, whites are not the best at running a multi-racial country. In fact, I don't know who is, but we definately don't know what we're doing. BUT does anyone know what whites do best? Yup, better than all the other races, regardless of the last movie you saw? Uh-huh. Fighting. That's what we do. So, that's what it's going to come to. Don't get me wrong, I wish it was some other way but guess what? WE'VE TRIED EVERY OTHER WAY IN THE BOOK. It's time to slug it out in the streets and see what's what. If there is a jew left in the world afterwards, he can make a documentary about how his heroic blacks and Mestizos fought their way to victory!

    You don't steal a people's pride, dignity and honor and replace it with some flimsy idea. Knock, knock, nature calling!

  5. Anonymous Pussy who ran your hole about me; why don't you just come out and tell that you want to suck my Dick?

  6. Hey Holsten, if you have a dick then you'd better spit that long black thing out.

  7. Sorry Hal Imposter, but I am NOT into your Faggotry and never will be.

  8. You could have fooled me, pedo. All you talk about is homosexuality. My stance is that if you've ever had a penis in your mouth, then you are a fag, so you've been one ever since that "friend of the family" or uncle or whatever tampered with you when you were a child.

  9. Let me explain something about the whole Obama Healthcare-everything-he-touches-turns-to-shit thing going on here in America. Whites are a strange bunch when you get right down to it. They love the idea of a black doctor but by no means want one looking after their medical needs. They go to movies where fictional black scientists come out with amazing break throughs. In their minds, they entertain the idea of an amazing negro scientist but the same way they do the possibility of space aliens. There should be and could be...

    White America has always said one thing and did another. They went on and on about the equality and in some cases, the superiority of blacks to whites. So they came up with programs like affirmative action to help build up the myth. The idea was that if you put a lab coat on a negro, told him he was an engineer, sooner or later he would become an engineer or at least be able to convince you he was.

    Then came the grandest experiment of them all: a black president. How much worse could he be than George Bush? And what does a president really do anyway? A negro can handle that job.

    What America wanted was a stop to all the Zionist wars around the world. You know damn well that Obama couldn't run a country at war, so he was an obvious choice. He'd have to bring the troops home. All America wanted was for Obama to sit there, be black and as fake as Will Smith and recite slogans. Read the teliprompter and let the media do the rest. What happens when the black-superman wants to actually give a try a being president? America gets upset.

    Now we can all just sit back and watch what happens. I doubt one single president can ruin this country for good. Jews have been running the show for so long that the office of president is almost a meaningless post. They aren't going to let their chimp on a rope screw up thier honey pot, now are they?

    Obama is a victim too, if you think about it. When MLK started screwing up and reverting back to the jungle (beating hookers, booze and drugs, etc), they decided he'd be most useful dead. Think about what a dead Obama would do for the anti-white cause? I tell you one thing, it would do a lot more than one screw up after the next while White America realizes itself and mobilizes! His own side should be his biggest fear. Once it gets so bad that the press can't cover for him, I bet those murderous bastards will off him. It's a shame too. Aside from being a white hating, Marxist negro, he seems like a nice guy.

  10. Nikki, did you hear about the kids being arrested and charged federally for posting a poster making Obama look like the Joker?

    What gives? Nazis can post and drop literature but kids can't distribute O'Joker material?

    Something smells.

  11. "Let me explain something about the whole Obama Healthcare-everything-he-touches-turns-to-shit thing going on here in America."


    That is the funniest line...the reverse midas touch.

  12. Fake Boa, your great Hero has not had a Dick in my mouth

  13. After releasing our article on Friday discussing how violence at health care town hall meetings could escalate, we attended a health care protest at Senator Dianne Feinstein's office in West Los Angeles, where we met a disabled woman, Kimberly King.
    Kimberly King currently has a ruptured spinal wire from a spinal implant and will be having her seventh surgery since 2001 within the next week. The story that she told us on video was startling.

    Kimberly attended a health care protest on August 11th in Alhambra, CA, and the Alhambra police positioned her right in front of the barricade next to where Congressman Adam Schiff was to be situated. At 5:30PM, she needed to use the restroom, and her husband remained in his seat. Upon returning from the restroom, a group of pro-reform women were standing in front of her seat, waving their ready-made ACORN designed signs. Her husband courteously tapped one of them on their shoulder and asked them to move, as she needed her seat.

    The woman ignored him and said "excuse me" three times, then looked at Kimberly and said, "You can sit over there where the other handicaps are sitting." Kimberly said, "I need my chair now!" as her arm was giving out and she was getting ready to fall. Her husband screamed, "Move!" The woman standing in the way then said, "No! We don't have to move anywhere!" Kimberly had no choice but to shove her aside with her walker because she was about to fall, and the woman then stomped Kimberly's foot, causing her to collapse and scream in pain.

    The woman then started to mock Kimberly, laughing at her condition and suggesting she was faking it. Kimberly said in tears, "You want everyone taken care of, and you're so concerned about others' well being, but you were more than happy to let me fall on the concrete and then step on me!" The woman and her friends then surrounded Kimberly, stared her down, bumped into her and tried to knock her attached sign off her walker.

    YouTube was kind enough to feature our video of Kimberly on their homepage Sunday evening, but the mainstream media refuses to cover this story.

  14. This is the summer of resistance,the summer of deliverance,the summer of dissidence…

    Any amount of fear or despair shall not shake our belief that the only way our nation and it’s people shall be free is through resistance against those who are stripping us of our freedoms.

    We,the people of the United States,are America -
    Our Founding Fathers built this nation with blood,sweat and tears -
    With the cries of warriors,martyrs and the screaming sound of rattling shackles broken through diplomacy and brotherhood.
    We,the people of the United States,decide who rules over us.
    We are the people who make up this melting pot of culture and unity,and we will not stand while our nation is torn as we watch helplessly from the sidelines.

  15. You are right anonymous, whites do know how to fight.

    Just like the black preacher man use to say: "You ain't seen a RIOT until you have seen a WHITE RIOT."

    He went on to say,"You really don't want to see white people riled up and you REALLY don't want to see this WHITE RIOT I am tellin' ya bout...NO YOU DON'T!"

  16. The punchline to that joke is that John Stewart is a Jew and not White, so he really doesn't give a shit about Whites losing America. In fact, he benefits from it.

    But you knew that already.

  17. To me, there isn't a lot left to talk about. The last thing I want is armed conflict in the USA but that seems the direction we're going in. I've studied collapse where it has happened in recent times all over the globe. Heck, I've seen some of it first hand and lived to tell about it. Itz coming, folks.

    But don't cheer like the people are assured some victory. It will have to get very, very bad to get a little better. The feds have been preparing for this for years. They've had plenty of practice on the pro-white movement.

    Fact is, we can debate this and that on and on forever. The thing is America or those who say they are America, has made a fatal mistake by electing Obama. Most people know they have. He isn't coming out of office on his own either. The Jews or media (depending on how close to the fence you stand) have declared him dictator-super-president for life. Heck, I think he even feels double crossed. The press was to make him into the king of all their negro-supermen.

    So now we're on the verge of a shooting war. It's nightmare fuel. This isn't Iraq or Afganistan, it's our home. It's where our families live. We don't get on a plane and fly back somewhere, leaving the war behind. It's not that we're going to be fighting in some foreign land, secure at least in the thought that our families are relatively safe, outside of the usual multi-racial violence.

    A war here it home won't just change America, it will destroy it. Everyone has been clamouring for a race war for so long. "When whites wake up...!" Well, they are awake and it's time for a large section of our already declining numbers to die. You've all heard tall tales about 6 million jews dying in WW2 and what not. Get ready for the real thing here in the United States.

    What would be nice fantasy? Let's see: a few scattered shoot outs, a few burning federal buildings (sans workers) and the Jewish led government stepping down. Hardy har har. Think of the Civil War times four.

  18. Then the dick was up your ass, Pedo. Way back when, when that "friend of the family" was tampering with you.

  19. Self muses: Pro-White movement? You mean the racist trash? Fuck them and fuck you anonymous Fucktard. When you start killing doctors in church and guards in the Holocaust memorial you'll get no sympathy from self. Go cry somewhere else you little bitch. Your whining bitching and moaning only makes me laugh. I hope the feds get every last one of you inbred fucks and locks you up with the scum of society which repeatedly and regularly makes excruciatingly painful examinations to your prostrate. Just like what is happening to Bill White and Hal Turner.

  20. Amen brother shit pants. Obama is the duly elected President and a decent human being. We are NOT on the verge of a shooting war, we only have a few racist dipshits who need to be put in their place. Lock them up and the world is a better place. We got Manson now were are getting the rest of the trash. Good riddance.

  21. Spoken like two Nigger Loving Faggots.

  22. To The Last Anonymous Poster...

    It sounds to me like you have violence on your mind...not a good thing. Ya know...generally people who fantasize about shooting people and blowing up buildings are pretty warped and they don't end up too well.

  23. Me? Re-read my post. I'm saying it would be an all out war, not some chapter from an adventure novel. Anyone who favors the idea of any kind of war, race war or otherwise is either ignorent as hell or sick. Did anyone enjoy WW2? How about the Civil War?

  24. Nikki, he isn't "fantasizing" about violence, but rather just pointing out a reality.

    Franky, I don't want to see violence, but predicting what is about to happen isn't the same thing as hoping or praying that it does.

  25. God those last two were fucking idiots. Almost as bad as Holsten. All the right will do, is what they always do. Whine, cry and boo hoo. Cry baby bitches, that is all they are.

  26. Anonymous Pussy, you are the one who boo hoos when you don't have a Nigger Dick to suck.


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