Tuesday, December 11, 2007

anti-Bill White Neo-Nazi Neighborhood BlockWatch, now forming

Should we form a neighborhood watch/militia in Roanoke, VA ? To protect people from Bill White the nazi.

Many of you will read this and go, oh no.. not this Bill White the neo Nazi crap again, but folks Bill White the neo Nazi from Roanoke is in the news again and Bill White represents a danger that we can not ignore.

With-in the southwestern part of Virginia and beyond Bill White has/is creating a neighborhood of fear - from causing riots in Toledo,Ohio to intimidating the media and people of Roanoke, Bill White has shown that he can not be allowed to continue much longer. If the state or "the powers to be" can't deal with Bill White than it is up to the citizens to deal with Bill White.

Back in the day or about ten yrs ago, in Columbus,Ohio numerous people fed up with the Columbus police Dept. formed a people militia/neighborhood watch called "cop watch" - activists would go out into the community with cameras and video tape the police "doing their job" - it seem to have some affect.

What I am proposing is that people/citizens of Roanoke with our help possibly - form themselves into neighborhood watch,a peoples militia - every time Bill White is in public, we film him, when he goes down the street we whip out our cell phone and snap pictures, I propose that we just don't film Bill White but also focus on his wife as she is part of his activities - everywhere they go ,we go - that way when Bill White is involved in something that could be criminal we have video footage and snapshots to support those Bill White has violated.

Let me know what you think about this idea - I will be discussing it in greater detail Thursday night Dec 13 at 9pm est on Eye On Hate Radio - Floyd


  1. They certainly need to know about his violent criminal history from Maryland which includes convictions for assault, resisting arrest, illegally possessing a deadly weapon etc. I doubt if he mentioned those convictions when applying for a concealed gun permit in Roanoke City.

    I don't know if I still have it but remember when he put up a edited version of a mental evaluation he got in high school? If you still have it, that's certainly something that should be passed on to the neighborhood watch.

    Nikki, if you have the email for the Roanoke NAACP, email it to me please, if not, I'll have to send them a bunch of documents via UPS.

  2. I doubt you will be able to muster many volunteers in Roanoke. Looks like Nikki, Floyd, and Daryl will have to do their own dirty work. Well, the local NAACP might, but they are ineffective.

    Why all of the hysteria over Bill White?

    The fact that you are telegraphing your punches against Bill tells me that calls for extra legal action is all bluster.

    BTW- You won't be able to defeat Bill White, the A.N.S.W.P. or the rest of the movement for that matter.

    This is lame even by Nikki's standards.

  3. "With-in the southwestern part of Virginia and beyond Bill White has/is creating a neighborhood of fear - from causing riots in Toledo,Ohio to intimidating the media and people of Roanoke, Bill White has shown that he can not be allowed to continue much longer. If the state or "the powers to be" can't deal with Bill White than it is up to the citizens to deal with Bill White."

    Sounds like you are saying that the Roanoke City Police Department isn't doing their job? Are you lumping the local courts in that statement?

  4. I see Blevins is back off his seroquel again. This time, his "last post" in here lasted all of a few days.... Such a drama queen...

    Blevins, the ANSWP isn't even an organization, it's a Yahoo message group. I tell you what, when you actually get the nerve to do some real activism in Sarasota we'll take you more seriously.

    Now... Is this really going to be your last post in here :0)

  5. I should also mention, Blevins is taking his orders from a man with multiple violent criminal convictions in Maryland (it was Bill who told him to post in here).... and a man who admits to being an police informant in Roanoke... and a man who admits that over half his articles in his "magazine" are written by felons in prison.

  6. Bill White is a attention hound and nothing more. If you ignored Bill he might just go away.

  7. Well his website has been gone for months, he has no organization whatsoever, and his most active member is a maternal self-hating Semite from Louisville who is overly obsessed with homosexuality.

    A lot of work has been going on under the scenes away from the internet Raoul.

    And BW keeps digging himself into a hole by keeping on ignoring his own lawyers advice (now how did we know that???? )

  8. Do you want to know what's "lame" Michael? It is your continuous ass kissing and boot-licking when it comes to Bill White. EVERYONE sees it and laughs at you. It's reaching the point that it is pathetic.

    Chris Drake defends you and comes to your aid - but, damn it, you set yourself up for ridicule all over the internet - and these days it's worse than ever.

    While you are sucking up to him, the best thing you could do is to tell him not to run for ANY OFFICE in Roanoake - I can guarantee you that all the stops will come out if he does.

    That town has been embarrassed enough by Bill's antics. How much you wanna bet that there will be tons of takers on Floyd's idea - from right there in Roanoke?

    Raoul - ignoring Bill doesn't work well. Anyone with NPD refuses to be ignored. They just continue to get more and more outrageous until someone notices them. And with Bill White, we are talking extremist. Law enforcement is investigating and watching - I think we should give them a little community assistance.

  9. Nikki,

    We are probably giving the mentally diseased Michael Blevins more attention then it deserves. However, almost everyone at VNN hates his guts, it's just most ignore him now over there.

    I'll just give one of many, many instances that show how mentally unstable Michael Blevins is. Remember, when he was trying to be a peacemaker and even giving the NSM some credit?? Bill White sure went nuts over that and immediately, Blevins stopped doing that. Then Blevins called for the NSM to get rid of Jim Ramm "he did a show calling it, Jim Ramm, a man the NSM could do without"... Anyhow, a few weeks later, the NSM removes Jim Ramm and what does Blevins do?? He blasts the NSM for riding themselves of Ramm. Talk about a total 180 nutcase.

    Quote from Blevins, "I wish the NSM all the success in the world, and it is my hope they get rid of those that hold them back.

    Note to Jeff Schoep: Brother, I can't stand to see the NSM suffer because of this idiot, and I can be silent no longer about him. This isn't about bashing the NSM."

    Note: watch Blevins delete that from his blog as soon as he reads this. Don't worry, I've saved it.

    This is why everyone can see through Blevins .... he's just so mentally unstable and can't be his own man. He is 100% controlled, owned, and bitched out by Bill White.

    But that is why I allow Blevins and the daycare business to remain around... Blevins benefits our side.

  10. In order for this to work the locals there have the be leading the effort.

  11. us white men actually want Bollocks O Boong to win the presidential election...either him or that stoopid cunt he's "running" with...that way, we'll GET WHAT we WANT....CIVIL WAR in the jewSA....when that happens, we're comin' after youse SCUM!....in which case, that 'pic' (assuming it's real!) that MS Fuck-Nutz posted is gunna come in use-ful....FCK!.....i might even swing on by when the SHTF and "pay my respects"...if i can fit you in, bitch, between my "big game hunting" of jewz & fckn niggz

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    when The Great Day comes, i'll pay top $$$ to any-one "fingering" this gun-grabbing kike cunt...she's WANTED in 0zz for accessory before & after the fact in 35 murders @ Prt Arthur, Tasmania on April 28th, 1996!

  12. Of one of the few things that I agree with you on, this action against Bill White, I am 100% in support of:

    Do what it takes to ruin his chances of being mayor!!

    Lloyd Davies said that...

  13. I hope this happens, Bill White needs to pay for all the harm he has cause people.


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