Thursday, December 27, 2007

Eye On Hate Radio Tonight at 9pm est.

Eye On Hate Radio Network
Broadcast plans for Dec. 27 Thursday Night 9pm est.
We will be taking a look back at the year 2007 - discussing the highs and lows of organizied racism.
We also will be talking about the recent lies of racists Bill White and Hal Turner.
Talk a bit about the role of internet racism ie.. Stormfront and VNN.

Talk about anti racist activism for the year 2007 & is Eye On Hate Radio a 'leftist" group ?
At 9pm est Go to - click on the winamp link.

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  1. Well, well - seems Bill White is about to do us all a favor and out the Ron Paul people who have racist connections - this will be one of the things Eye On Hate Radio will talk about tonight - is Bill White telling truth ? or is this another Bill White lie ?

    from Bill White as posted on the racist VNN forum today 12/27

    I've had it.

    Here's the deal:

    I know the Ron Paul campaign has organized people on this board to smear me.

    If white activists in the Ron Paul campaign continue to do this, I am going to publish the names of several dozen white activists who are working as state leaders and in other capacities in the Ron Paul campaign -- along with their VNN handles -- in order to demonstrate what I'm saying -- along with all the other information I've been holding back.

    Before responding, think of this, because I'm pissed, tired of being called a liar, and fucking serious.

    Bill White, Commander
    American National Socialist Workers Party

  2. That ole boy seems like he's always pissed off at something.

  3. I care less if it is true or not as long as Bill White keeps doing our work by starting fights on VNN.

    I sent Alex Linder a big thank you when he unbanned Bill White and ordered his moderators not to touch his postings.

    You gotta love it.

  4. Here is a good Bill White quote from VNN today.

    So, enjoy your kosher Jewish candidate. My opinion, at this point, is that Paul, and any white activists stupid enough to support him, should be taken down.

    Vonbluvens is an avid supporter of the "jewish candidate". But since Vonbluvens is afraid to stand up to Bill White.........

  5. I would call Blevins a wuss but that would insulting all the wusses out there. He's so pathetic

  6. Yea, blevins is the biggest pussy of them all. Don't know why you guys even waste time talking about him.

  7. Bill White has squat. He fails at everything. He is going bust in his slumlord enterprise (papa has to bail him out), getting his ass handed to him on the VNN forums, and a dissapearing membership roster on his ANuSWiPe. He is not even good at getting a woman - he had to settle for the obese porn performer.

    His only support is that mental basket case Von Bluvie, and that Burger King line cook Chris Drake, who would be lucky to know who his father is.

  8. Yes,

    Chris was working for Burger King... don't know if he still is... But you figure at his age, he would actually have a career by now. Maybe that's why he is pissed off and needs to use Jews as a scapegoat for his own failures in life.

    At least Chris isn't like Vonbluvens who lives off mental disability from social security.....

    Anyhow, the Aiken Sheriff and the Warrenville Police know Chris Drake quite well.. He's well known for getting into fights all the time...

  9. One of the things, I talked about in last night's Eye On Hate Radio program is that it appears Bill White has boxed himself in.

    Yesterday (Thurs. Dec.27) White was complaining that the "national media" won't take his calls if the media thinks he is lying about his (White) publicizing that Ron Paul meets with bigots for lunch ( a charge denied by Paul's staff.)

    Bill White is an attention whore, now that the media has caught on to Bill White tactics of lies and bombast, they will no longer consider him news worthy. For a person like Bill White this is devastating. So for Bill White to maintain the attention of the national media, he will have to prove that Ron Paul does indeed meet with racists over lunch. White claims he can do this by "outing" racists that are allegedly working within the Ron Paul for President Campaign.

    IF Bill White goes a head and releases this information his reputation in the organized racist movement will suffer a "meltdown" and possibly put himself in physical danger. Many in the racist movement and far right movement are furious that White made the claim about Ron Paul and dinner with "tea cup" bigots in the first place.

    White and his neo-nazi gang (ANSWP) are losing ground fast, with only a handful of young followers and his lapdog VonBluvins at his heels, White's days as a effective neo nazi are just about over.

    Bill White will go kicking and screaming from the scene but eventually he will be forgotten and ignore, for someone like Bill White that is a fate worst than death, itself.
    Floyd Cochran
    Eye On Hate Radio

  10. Schwartzo, why the Fuck do you always bring up where people work & etc. Just because you sponge off your old lady and you & your brood live in the roach infested projects doesn't mean everyone else does.

  11. Steve, why do u download Kiddy Porn from 12 chan?

  12. I don't download anything from 12chan. Besides they have a rule against child porn.

  13. Since have rules and laws stopped Steve Holsten from downloading and sharing child porn before????

  14. Always DickHead, I have no interest in having any kind of child porn on my computer

  15. I think the only thing that prevents Steve from actually having sex with 13 and 14 year old girls is the fear of the law and losing his welfare benefits.

    But Steve is on record stating that he would f*ck a 14 year old if she threw herself at him.... Then again, all pedophiles claim it is the children who are throwing themselves at them.....

  16. You can no longer call me a Pedo. You stated that I am only a Pervert.

  17. You are a pedophile but what I have no proof of is that you are a pederast.

    The definition of a pedophile is one who is sexually aroused by children and since Steve said he would f*ck a 14 year old if she threw herself at him, Steve Holsten is a pedophile by definition.

    The pederast is one who actually is in the physical relationship with a child.

  18. Harry, how do you find all this stuff out? You must be a high dollar private investigator.

  19. Well the stuff from the Aiken County Sheriff and the local town police came when we were assisting with a boat racing event on Langley Pond near your house.

    The stuff about you working at Burger King came from a blog from an ex-girl friend of yours. By the way, it seems you lose most of your fist-fights.

    And your own history of joining and quitting white nationalist groups is from yourself.

    Like I said Drake, you have no honor. People of honor don't go around quitting group after group after group after group like you have. The only other excuse for being a habitual quitter that is if you are a federal plant trying to gather up information about other WN, then moving on when you can't get anymore.

    Which is it???

  20. Now go make me a whopper with cheese and without onions Chris.


  21. Oh wow, Harry. You've really gotten in my head. You are just one step ahead of me at every turn. What group am I in now? I bet you know that before I do.

    And lets see that blog. You can just write one in case you "can't find it anymore."

    So everyone is clear: I work at Burger King, lose fights most of the time and the Aiken County Sheriff's department talks about me with people who stop by and ask. I quit groups all the time because I'm probably a fed who is gathering info on people. Got me, Harry. I might as well walk away right now.

    If I quit the movement, could you teach me to be a hotshot PI like you? I might could quit Burger King then or at least by like the private investigator for that Burger King or maybe even all the Burger Kings in the area.

  22. You know, if it wasn't for jews, I wouldn't have to stand over a grill all day and all night with some nigger telling me what to do. Please don't tell my boss I called him a nigger though. I wouldn't have to have a big fat girlfriend and live in her parent's basement. Maybe its the booze talking but I really get angry when someone makes fun of my life working in fast food. Can I send you a resume, Harry? I got canned from working a bunch of other jobs because I picked fights and got beat up. Just overlook that and pass it around. Maybe I'll just quit whatever white power group I'm with now and join another one. That always makes me feel better.

  23. "Chris was working for Burger King... don't know if he still is... But you figure at his age, he would actually have a career by now. Maybe that's why he is pissed off and needs to use Jews as a scapegoat for his own failures in life."

    Where is a socially minded commie Jew around when you need one? lol

    I guess Schwartz is part of the new "Jew right".

    Even if it is true at least it is honest work.

    Anyway, you do realize outside the military 80 percent of most jobs in America are service based.

  24. If Schwarto's lips are moving; then you are 100% guaranteed that he's lying about somebody or something. He wouldn't know the truth if it bit his skinny KIKE Ass.

  25. Some Nigger Dick Sucker has hacked Hal's new site.

  26. Not a single one of these stupid racist motherfuckers have the cojones to realize that they themselves are the cause of their problems.

    I am a line cook at Burger King? why, its the jews who won't give me a better job! I am suffering from PTSD? why, I got it fighting the war for jews! I am getting fucked in my slumlording business? Why, the jews are refusing to lend me money! I am married to an obese porn star? Why, the jews have messed up the white women's mind and won't allow any to date me! I am drunk most of my waking hours? Why, the jews drove me to dring! I am mad? The jews are responsible for it! And so on and on and on, ad infinitum.

    People who do have the smarts quit the WN "bowel movement", and strive to better themselves, and make this world a better place.


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