Thursday, December 13, 2007

Archive UP! Should we hang Bill White the Neo Nazi ? Tune in tonight to Eye On Hate Radio 9pm est.

Great show ! thank our guests from ARA Harrisonburg,VA, HeavyFed,Citizens Against Hate , Archive here Archive Dec 13. Eye On Hate Radio Show

You will want to tune in too tonight's Eye On Hate Radio at 9pm est. as we discuss hanging Bill White the nazi, neighborhood neo nazi Blockwatch coming to a town near you, plus we will be talking with ARA Activists from Harrisonburg,VA and we will get a phone update from Heavy Fed as he makes his way across America to Roanoke VA., plus our headlines in hate.

Show starts at 9pm est. go to click on the winamp icon.

Eye On Hate Radio


  1. No, it would be a waste of rope.

    Besides, where could one find a tree branch that would support so much weight? ;)

  2. Peace love and tolerance. Now you claiming lynchings? And you people are not ill...LOL. Floyd ive been hearing rumors that you get drunk and molest your retarded child. That sure is sick. Looks like you HATE bill white floyd. Maybe you should put yourself on the top list of haters. You really, and i mean really, have no idea how stupid your drunken ass is. LOL

  3. And ollie is jsut a mud commie who loves rape.

  4. We know the names of the "three ARA activists" that Floyd Cochran will recruit; Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, and I.W. Harper. ROFLMAO!

    Actually, your guys will be easy to spot. They'll be the ones hiding their faces behind bandannas like a bunch of cowards.

  5. Drink enough tonight floyed? Your merging your words and saying the wrong ones. Take a few more shots it will help.

  6. So...Phil...are you jealous?

  7. How come you guys didnt talk about me with my shirt off?

  8. You guys really shouldn't try to copy Hal Turner's antics. You guys are strictly novices.

    Pulling this stunt indicates to me you guys are failing big.

  9. Hal Turner is a failure. He now lives with his mommy. His wife threw him out. Rehab threw Hal Turner out. Hal is a complete and utter failure.

  10. The ARA will not be tolerated in SW Virginia.

  11. That guy talks about families being targeted?...The ARA has a history of targeting families.

    I know MY family was a target by those that are associated with this site...what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

  12. If this action against Bill White fails I don't think CAH is going to recover from it.

    Just my opinion.

  13. anon: If this action against Bill White fails I don't think CAH is going to recover from it'll FAIL....these fckn losers couldn't organise "a shit fight @ a sewerage farm!"

  14. Mike - you and your wife were targeted because there were children involved - other people's children. People who bring their children to day care not knowing that the "care-givers" are neo-Nazi's. And...believe me, we know that your wife is no innocent bystander. Oh...and by the way...I'll be in Florida for awhile next Spring...cya.

  15. No one targeted Vonbluvens, Nikki just helped introduce him to his neighbors.

  16. Again, my wife isn't involved with my activism. She doesn't share my politics.

    Targeting her was BS. That is why I don't give a rats ass when some ARA punk complains about someones family being targeted.

    BTW- I am not the only one that has had family members targeted. I am just one of MANY examples.

    It really looks like Bill has got all of your collective panties in a bunch. I have to say I am enjoying this very much. Nice to see the shoe on the other foot for a change. ;)

  17. Vonbluvens,

    Who is JerseyGirl ??????????

  18. No one targeted Vonbluvens, Nikki just helped introduce him to his neighbors."

    LOL - and I think he might have a few new neighbors

    "Targeting her was BS. That is why I don't give a rats ass when some ARA punk complains about someones family being targeted."

    Obviously, there are many others who claim differently - not the least of which is her ex-husband.

    1)Bernadette shares your beliefs and she allows those beliefs to be furthered in her home - hence, she abets you in your endeavors.

    2) What part of this can you not wrap your mind around? There were children involved - children whose parents deserved to know that when their children are dropped off at daycare they are being exposed to rabid and toxic neo-Nazi beliefs. I said it then and I will say it again - if the day care was for the children of neo-Nazi parents, it would have been different. I wouldn't have liked it and I may have written about it - but that wasn't (isn't) the case, Mike.

    And when the story broke - the people in your area were absolutely outraged. That should have told you how society feels about your ideology. Why do you think that the Florida Family Home Child Care Association Board contacted us so quickly? Why do you suppose they removed Bernadette as Treasurer? Why do you believe you received such negative publicity in the local press? Was it because your ideology is acceptable to mainstream America? Was it because folks were lining up outside your doors begging you to indoctrinate their children?

    Do you remember this statement, Mike?

    "Every man, woman and child who claims to be a White Nationalist has got to one day pick up the nearest rock, stick or gun, whatever is convenient - one day they've got to pick it up and beat the head in of the first Jew they come across. And then they gotta keep right on going to every Jew they come across and when that is done, when the Jew is gone, keep right on going boys and girls - if it doesn't look white enough to you - Kill it! Remove it! Get Rid of it! And I'm telling you, if it doesn't look white enough for you, personally - do it!"

    That was the kind of shit that you were broadcasting from a daycare center. Given the fact that the things said on your program are often meant to incite violence, it is safe to assume that the same verbiage might elicit violence toward you by others - and that the violence might very well put those children in harms way.

    You are still walking a very fine line - and it ain't over till the fat lady sings. I do hope you catch my drift because when their are children involved - I tend to be more than a little tenacious.

  19. Additionally Mike, I don't remember anyone posting the personal information of yout sisters, children, mothers, fathers, in-laws, etc. during that time.

    As to the reporters that you claim "stalked" you - I didn't notice you putting up their personal information or that of the editorial staff. Of course, that was back before Bill made you his bitch.

    In reality, that's why you do zero activism in the Sarasota area - you are scared to death that it will cause you and Bernadette grief - and since she's the bread-winner, I guess she has you on a pretty short leash. What kind of "Unit Leader" doesn't engage in activism? I know you don't like Bill's choices in uniform - but, let's face it, Mike - you are nothing more than a gofer to the "great one."

    But it's all good. You are properly neutralized and ostracized. And I am still watching...and waiting...and...

  20. VONBLUVENS@HOTMAIL.COMDecember 14, 2007 10:10 PM

    A few years ago, Vonbluvens posted the name, the address, and phone number of a NIM Buster, Rev Boa. It turned out to be totally wrong but shows that doing the same to Vonbluvens is within bounds.

    Vonbluvens also backs Bill White attacking and posting the names of the children of employees of the Roanoke Times. Because of that, every means fair and unfair to fuck with Vonbluvens is within bounds.

  21. Steve H, One Who Will Stomp Your AssDecember 14, 2007 10:27 PM

    Wrong Nigger Lover. What's in bounds is a rope around your neck.

  22. Bill White's parents, his mother is a total nutcase also, she kept on saying "who is this, who is this, who is this" while I was asking her questions about Bill.

    Call them yourselves

    William D White
    Catherine White
    5725 Artesian Dr.
    Derwood, MD 20855
    Phone (301) 990-0416

  23. HEY!....'kestrel9000' or WTF u r!

    still waiting for u to "have a GO!" on 'FTL'....i'll fckn take u on me-self cunt!

    *if u were here in 0zz, i'd KNOCK yr fckn 'BLOCK' off!, u fckn germ!*

    ('racism': another 'jewism' invented by yooz!)

  24. I'm beginning to have difficulty taking this site seriously.

  25. Shat up nigger. No one takes you serious. Go back to trying to nail fat white bitches, Jenkins.

  26. Well we now know why Hal went Subscription. He needed some quick cash because his wife threw him out of the house. He has moved in with Mommy.

    Now would be a good time to kick Hal (while he is down) any suggestions?

  27. I think this new tactic of Mr. Cochran's is going to do nothing but further radicalize the Nazis.

    Is anything good going to come from purposefully escalating this?

  28. I agree with anonymous, all the tactics to be done against Bill White should not be posted in the internet. Most real pro-white people would back the elimination of Bill White by any means.

    Instead, we should use White's paranoia against him.

  29. white prisoner tortured for calling screws "niggerz"! ....yet ANOTHER ONE u won't hear Nikki FuckTardNutz say a frickin' WORD abt!

    (yr time's ALMOST UP, bitch!)


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