Monday, December 17, 2007

ColdShot at 9pm est


December 17th 2007...Cold Shot will air tonight at 9:00 Eastern Time - and you don't want to miss this one.


*Why we are going after the Roanoke Nazi Bill White
(You might have noticed that he is making a feeble attempt to intimidate us today)

*Playing Politics With Justice

*Megan Williams case is victim of political pissing contest

*Racist & anti-Semitic politicans hide in plain sight

*Illinois congressional candidate Arthur Jones

*I'm an independent woman

*About Fear & Intimidation



  1. Theres a prayer for you here.

  2. LOL!!!!

    She is fixated on ol' Bill.

  3. You can hardly hear her show. Turn up the volume nikki!

  4. Nikki, will you join those in the neighborhood watch against bill white or are you expecting OTHERS to do the heavy lifting?

  5. She wants bill with his shirt off.

  6. These people are a joke. The only sincere one out of the bunch in Daryl Lamont Jenkins.

  7. "These people are a joke. The only sincere one out of the bunch in Daryl Lamont Jenkins"

    That is why DLJ is our leader - Floyd

  8. "Nikki, will you join those in the neighborhood watch against bill white or are you expecting OTHERS to do the heavy lifting?"

    Both Nikki and I just returned from Roanoke - dont worry we are doing the heavy lifting - with a little bit of luck maybe we will be able to help lift Bill White out of his nazi uniform into a uniform that more suits him: prison pink.
    Floyd - Eye On Hate

  9. VONBLUVENS@HOTMAIL.COMDecember 17, 2007 8:43 PM

    Vonbluvens and Chris Drake are posting as anonymous.

    #3, #4 are Vonbluvens
    #6 is Chris Drake

    BW has visited a dozen times today using his AOL account.

  10. Hey Chris - I had the idea you where a man of honor, one of the few racist I actually think is a decent person deep down - dont be a wimp sign your name and stop posting under anonymous.

  11. Von is right, Nikki does sound like nurse Ratchet. lol

  12. Look in the mirror, Nikki.

  13. 14phil88 wrote "She (nikki) wants bill with his shirt off."

    According to Von he has seen Bill with his shorts off and says that Bill nipples are bigger than his manhood. Is that true Von ? inquiring minds want to know.

  14. Oh, Jesus, she is talking about intimidation. I guess they never saw the rogues gallery at one peoples project.

    Nikki and friends have violated all of these scruples she has been whining about.

    Again, she and those like her drew first blood.

  15. I seem to remember that Nurse Ratched pretty well neutralized R.P. MacMurphy - as well as his followers.

  16. I seem to remember that Nurse Ratched pretty well neutralized R.P. MacMurphy - as well as his followers

    and i 'seem to remember' she got her throat ripped out for her troubles!...i'd also "hazard a guess" that, in the "un-cut version", she ended up on a 'slab'...IWC, maybe McM did her a favour...saving her from being "gang-banged" by the nigg' "orderlies", eh, MS fckNUTZ?

  17. pleezzeee......bitch!......don't regale us and/or insult our intelligence with bogus jew bull-shit like "conduct dis-order" & "oppositional defiance dis-order" ....the Talmudic tome (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Dis-orders) that you read that un-scientific twaddle from has abt as much credibility as a Donald Duck comic!...."psychiatry" is a BOGUS JEW SCIENCE cooked up by kikez like Sigmund Fraud to EFF UP the White Race and "pathologise" OTW healthy, normal, white behaviour!

    so...don't try & preface yr puke with pseudo-scientific shite! try & "explain away" Mr White's beliefs & attitudes....let's have the TRUTH, u lying slag!...Bill, like most White Nationalists, arrived @ his current beliefs after a reasonably lengthy period of study & contemplation and, of course, a good, solid DOSE of TJB & TNB! yeah! us: "haters", "racists", even "terrorists"....we make NO BONES abt that!.....but don't try & pontificate with pseudo-scientific kike crap!

    ("toxic psychiatry"!)

    Did u get your prayer?lmao

  19. MARDUK@NAZIHUNTER.ORGDecember 18, 2007 2:04 AM

    Since Burks like to post personal information on his blog

    XXXXXXX Premium Search:

    Michael Scott Burks
    316 Stilz Avenue
    Louisville, KY 40206
    Landline Phone: (502) 897-1268
    DOB: 12/24/1981
    SSN: (removed)
    Voter Registration: Democrat
    Father: Roy Eugene Burks
    Mother: Martha E Burks
    Sister: Deborah Romance
    Possible Relatives: Brenda Burks,

    Note: the numbers he gives out on the web are Tracfone numbers.

  20. Thats not me, asshole. Since when have I ever done anything but post with my full name out beside it?

  21. HEY!....'Cock-Head'!....ain't it true that u got arse-holed outta "Aryan Nations" for petty theft, extreme drunkedness & general rat-baggery?....and then tried to deflect attention from the truth by cooking up this bull-shit story abt yr kid being insulted or some such malarkey?

    (domestic terrorist Nikki Fck-Tard-Nutz must have forgotten to mention that fact in between her "heroin fixes"!)

  22. Jimbo:

    The Soviets used mental diagnosis to put political dissidents into mental hospitals. Well, why should she be any different since she totes the Soviet line almost to the T.

    Apparently her half assed psychiatric diagnosis is all she has left.

  23. Notice how none of these people address the merits of anything Mr. White has to say?

    I wonder why that is.

  24. I don't think Nikki would fare as well under the same psychiatric analysis.

    In the case of Nikki a lot of this is projection.

  25. Good job getting burks info. We need to get linders and don blacks info out there. We need to shut the super forums down.

  26. Anyone want to be interviewed for my live show Thursday night? If so email me at

    I don't care if you are anti or racist I'd be interested in talking with almost anyone about Hal Turner or Bill.

    How about it Floyd, Nikki, or Schwartz?

    How about you Von?

  27. One Who Will Stomp Fake Lloyd's AssDecember 19, 2007 2:09 AM

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  28. Why all you can say about Steve Holsten is that he is a child molesting idiot. Your chain wasn't pulled Steve. Should I want you worthless opinion I will ask for it.

  29. Listen up Lloyd Imposter, you Blubbering Bastard. I'm going to give you some lessons that your stinking assed Mamie should've taught your Faggot Ass long ago. First off, you don't speak to your "Betters" like me in that tone of voice. Losers like you who dare to ask me anything should do it on their knees. If I want anything out of you; I'll knock that Dick out of your mouth so you CAN speak.

    I'll gladly leave your Faggot Ass alone when you stop your obsession of Lloyd and stop trying to be him.

    Nobody but Nobody wants to be on your Fake Podcast. You have been outed as a Fake. You're done; stick a fork in you.

  30. Talk to the hand Pedo....right before it smack you upside the head.

    I had 33 listeners last time. Next show I'll top Hal.

    If anyone wants to do an interview they can email me at

  31. You just brought yourself on; you Fucking Pussy. I'll stomp your Faggot Ass like there's no tomorrow. Lloyd Imposter, you had 4 listeners tops.

    Are you so FuckTarded that you can't see that NOBODY wants to be on your Fake Podcast??? Now STFU and move along. Just go the Fuck away.

  32. Hey Stevo, you are being made a fool of....again.... This is the real DeLorean, that one is a fake...

    The Real DeLorean

  33. Why don't you Nigger Dick Suckers shut me up?


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