Thursday, December 06, 2007

Eye On Hate Radio Tonight Dec6,9pm est.

Tonight Dec. 6 at 9pm est.
Go ToEye On Hate Radio, Click on Winamp Icon
For "Headlines in Hate News Review"
with Floyd Cochran

Some of Tonight's Topics
Hate Crime in Boston ?'
Charges Dropped Against Anti-Racists in Virginia,
Cross Burning in NY, One Arrested,
Hate Crime Legislation: Dropped,
Freedom's Voices On-Line,
Plus More


  1. Ping Boa and Nikki,

    How about that Adrian Peterson today? 14 rushes for 3 yards and yet the Vikings win 27 to 7.

    LOL~!!!!!!! Rookie of the Year

  2. The Vikings are much more than just AD and look like they will get the wild card if they can just keep on winning. Each week they are improving, they are a young team growing up.

    Lloyd: I will call into the show. I would love to hear the two Lloyd's go at it or maybe not.

    Steve: You really need to calm down there a bit Beavis. My 10 year old expresses himself better than you do.

  3. How sad that this is all you guys have to do all day.

  4. Yep, I've been dealing with a bunch of losers here on your Blog.

  5. Nikki,

    This stuff goes on because some of the people want to keep this crap stirred up. Woger and the them stupid hams have kept crap going for almost 10 years now...

    They aint gonna stop now...

    This fake lloyd, who posted at the beginning of the thread, is just a little mealy-mouthed coward... He wont allow comments on his bee-log without moderations...


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