Friday, December 28, 2007

Archive of Dec. 27 Eye On Hate Radio Show

Eye On Hate Radio Network
Archive of the Dec. 27 Show
This wasnt one of our best show as we had a family problem happen while broadcasting, but all in all was pretty good.

We took a look back at the year 2007 - discussing the highs and lows of organizied racism.

We also talked about the recent lies of racists Bill White and Hal Turner.
Talked a bit about the role of the internet racism ie.. Stormfront and VNN.

We covered anti racist activism for the year 2007,
Also answered the question
Is Eye On Hate Radio a 'leftist" group ?
go here and click on the archive link


  1. This is going to piss off the white supremacist.... but who cares what they think????????

    Prosecutors won't press counts against teens in bus attack

  2. They won't be charged with a hate crime. But, they will and should be charged under the assault counts.

  3. I agree Anonymous.

    But the fact they won't be charged with a "hate crime" will send white supremacist flying through the roof.

    And how about Fox News excluding Ron Paul from their NH debate right before the primary?

    And of course how about Vonbluvens totally doing a 180 when it comes to Ron Paul after his Lord and Savior, Bill White, ordered him to become anti-Ron Paul.

  4. I think the RP campaign hit it's peak.

    It would have imploded with or with out Bill White.

    But, White is making it a lot more entertaining.

    Watching Paul's 15th minute tick it's last second with a bang makes it all seem worth it.

  5. I see Steve Holsten needs to have his meds adjusted again. He's 47 and still acts like a 5 year old child.

    I guess there is no cure for mental disabilities like Steve's.

  6. Anonymous,

    I doubt if the actions of Bill White have changed the minds of anyone regarding Ron Paul.

    However, watching Bill White making a circus out of VNN is really fun. Then you thrown in Blevins and that nutcase teenager from Illinois....

    Burks got banned from VNN for having multiple personality disorder....

    And speaking of which, have you noticed every single member of the ANSWP (all five of them) all suffer from emotional issues??? Burks, Joitke, White, Blevins, skateboard kid from Illinois.....

  7. There I disagree with you, Schwartz. I think Bill cast a laser light on a political crowd that Paul is affiliated with who is much unknown to the general public.

    If there are any good journalists out there with the will and resources to follow up on the bases of White's claims, I think they have a credible story.

    But, they need to dig.

    A good place to start would be if any of the photographers from The Wash Post or any other paper photographed any of Jared Taylor's conferences.

    A little searching through the crowd might show some of the faces that White is talking about who are working very closely to the Paul campaign.

    There are other situations that can be exposed that White's tips might lead to.

    White is never 100% right, but he usually has enough of a shred of truth where there is enough to build on.

  8. AnusWiPe is down to five? What happen to the lady in Oklahoma?

  9. "Ron Paul" is only the TIP of the ice-berg: the shape of thingz to come!

    i predict a National Socialist-type government led by a 'college' of white nationalist leaders from various White Power 'factions' in the 'Kwa by 2012....comprising a "whites-only"/'jew-free' area of the North-West, Northern & most southern states (and, possibly, portions of sthrn Canada...British Columbia & Quebec!) ....sthrn California along with southern Texas may be 'ceded' to the mudz....the 'union' is abt to be SHATTERED!...u just KNOW "itz comin!"

  10. Always fun to jerk Chris Drake's chain....

    Anyhow, we'll be flying to Fort Lauderdale tomorrow night then spending the week in Key Largo in the Florida Keys in my aunt's condo there. So I'm up late packing.

    Happy New Year, I'm sure the white supremacist will continue to self-destruct just like in 2007.

    The real question is, will Chris Drake join and quit yet another white organization in 2008 like he has at least 8 times in the past.

  11. Stevo: Hey little bitch, you think you can make one fucking post without mentioning other men's dick, you sick fucking faggot?

  12. I was listening to Brother Stair this morning, and he read about a prediction, that a Bank in Denmark, has prodicted that We (the United States) will fall into a severe econmonic DEPRESSION, and because of the results from it, the people would vote in Ron Paul for President!!!!

  13. God Lardass do you actually believe that? I doubt a republican has a prayer of winning the election (thank you George Bush you incredible idiot). Ron Paul doesn't have a prayer in hell of winning the nomination.

    BTW your shows have gotten slightly better lately but you are still an idiot.

  14. That appearance of bluvie on ftl would be a goldmine for your next show. :)

  15. Hey Harry, you sure got in my head, you top PI, you! Tell everyone what organizations I've been a member of too! I'm still drunk by the way. I got sent home from Burger King because my boss said I smelled like a brewery. It was cool, I wanted to come sit in the my basement all night anyway.

  16. Hal hacked his own site again, he only changed his index.html page


  17. Chris Drake wrote :"It was cool, I wanted to come sit in the my basement all night anyway."

    At your Mom's house ?

  18. No, I rent a basement apartment from my girlfriend's parents. Actually that might be about to change since I spent all the rent money on booze and hurled on their walkway. I might even be fired from Burger King but probably not. I might move up and go to work for Gold Coral soon anyway.

  19. Here's proof Hal is being hacked.

  20. The Turd who is deleting my posts is not very intelligent. They're leaving the other posts that have comments about my posts.

  21. Steve - I'm the "turd." The reason I deleted your post is that up until the time of your post attacking someone, no one had attacked you. We have been having some decent discussions here lately, and I would like to keep it that way.

    Thanks for the update on Turner being hacked. It looks like it makes no difference whether he is subscription or not - if you piss off the wrong people often enough, karma will get ya.

  22. Hal is in deep dodo his wife fixing to file for divorce. The IRS is on his trail, don't be surprised if his mommy doesn't throw him out. I'm pretty sure that she is getting tired of all the channel calls to her house. Tee Hee

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