Monday, December 24, 2007

Justin Riamondo:extreme left =Eye On Hate Radio

Goodmorning - Well today is my -b-day and like all other mornings I get up and start with coffee and a smoke then hit the internet scanning sites for various news and tidbits.

This morning was no different except when I checked the stats for the Eye On Hate website the first thing I noticed was a huge jump in hits to the site in the last twelve hours, I noticed that many of the hits where coming from this site : so I went over to the antiwar site and started reading.

The gist of the article was that an unholy coalition of right wingers and extreme left organizations are uniting to stop Ron Paul from being president.

In this paragraph ,Justin Riamondo wrote the following:
"a counter-movement, an anti-Paul coalition that extends from the extreme Left to the neoconish Right, and all points in between. What's interesting is that the lies told by these anti-Paulistas amount to pretty much the same tiresome mantra, no matter what the politics of the perpetrator, and it amounts to this: Paul is a secret neo-Nazi."

The words "extreme Left" where highlighted as a link, when I click on it lo and behold it took the reader to Eye On Hate Radio.

While we here at Eye On Hate Radio are flattered by the publicity, I am not sure we would qualify for the title "extreme left", it is amazing that when one speaks out against racism and fascism then we are automatically called "extreme left" as if being against Nazism,the KKK and Ron Paul makes us the bogeyman.

Eye On Hate Radio


  1. fuck-'tard Nikki fuck-Nutz claims: While we here at Eye On Hate Radio are flattered by the publicity, I am not sure we would qualify for the title "extreme left", it is amazing that when one speaks out against racism and fascism then we are automatically called "extreme left" as if being against Nazism,the KKK and Ron Paul makes us the bogeyman...

    ha ha ha!

    if the "shit" fits, wear it, bitch!

    u talk like commies, think like commies, act like commies and write commie-type drivel....that makes u commies in any-one's "book"....BTW: guess the over-riding "ethnicity" of the anti-Ron-Paul "coalition"....thatz right: that particular tribe that sports a thousand different masques!...but: we got their n°!....we know 'em all!....and we know you too, bimbo!.....i'm looking forward to "ripping you a new one" on an up-coming "FTL"....go on, you fckn KGB cunt!.....<'delete'> this 'post' too!...un-fortunately for u, u won't be able to do that on the FTL shout-cast....un-less u can convince some of yr MOSSAD "handlers" to help, eh?

  2. Don't worry, I am not going to delete your post - will leave it here for all the world to see that you are a moron and a ass.

    Let us know when you broadcast your show maybe,will take a listen - I need a good laugh, after-all it is my b-day.

    Floyd-Eye On Hate Radio

  3. Nikki- Raimondo is indeed a sad creature, he is the Ernest Rohm of the racist neo-Bircher gang.

    He started off in his old college days as a rabid anti-semite then had to learn how to clean up his rhetoric to be taken in by the Joe Sobran gang.

    He lives to stalk Neiwert's HaloScan comment section and usually sock puppets some of the most phoney personas which are all laughable.

    David is usually good at putting the nut in his place.

    BTW- was started by Paul and Raimondo back in the 90's with Sobran, Buchanan and other jacket and tie Nazis on it's board.

    They have been able to suck in a few third column questionable "lefties", one who has been accused of asking one of Bill White's old MD members to help out with his campaign, knowing full well that he was a "Nazi".

    He denied it, the Nazi swore to the claim up and down, hense, the guy did lose some face and respect.

    If I were you, I would focus on blowing the site out of the water.

    There is another site you may want to look at.

    It's sort of a first cousin to

    They have covered up a lot of who they are with liberal images, you'll have to spend some time digging, but it might be worth it.

    Happy Birthday, BTW

  4. Of course, Happy Birthday Floyd!


  5. WHOA! Just went to that article and old Justin is flipping out his hair plugs out.

    I don't think he handles pressure well, and he is very sophmoric in his approach to politics.

    I wonder what Bill White will say about all those insults from Raimondo?

    Times like these I sort of miss, because a Raimondo vs White internet fued would prove rather historic not to mention pretty damn entertaining.

    Keep up the good work.

    Happy Birthday Floyd

  6. Speaking out against racism is neither far-right or far-left, it's center of the line mainstream.

    Moderates like myself know this.


    Merry Christmas

  7. I'm left-wing. I'm racist. But I know where the writer gets what he's saying. Most people associate extreme anti-white politics with the left. Most people see the culture destroying tactics of the Soviet Union to be "left wing" tactics and therefore associate anything anti-culture and certainly anti-white with that sort of thing. The grey-race, grey-world ideas might have started with communist jews but didn't end there. They still serve the purpose today and anyone overly anti-white is considered left wing. People consider them left wing no matter how much their views benefit big money, hurt the working class and promote the interest of the "Chosen." I agree that CAH/OPP isn't left wing. Being pro-jewish and anti-white has nothing to do with working class interest. Anyone who thinks so hasn't thought it through.

  8. But, Drake, as claiming being "Chosen" is an anti-leftist concept for Jews to state (I agree with that!), so is being a racist of any kind.

    All you are doing is replacing one "Chosen" with another "Chosen"

    True leftism doesn't recognise racism as an option because it's a form of classism and it goes against our ideals of collectivism

    In a true collective there is no racism nor are there any "Chosen" ones.

  9. I'm leftish by definition. I see the struggle as one not only against the jewish upper class but also against the white upper class who carry out their every wish. Any struggle that is from the bottom up rather than from the top down, is a left wing struggle.

    Jews don't expect you to do anything other than except that they are "chosen people," left wing, right wing, right of center, whatever. The right wingers, who are often mired in religous dogma, are more accepting of thing but so is the anti-white crowd

  10. BTW, read the Talmud. Read it and then remember that thats what is telling you to "go defend equality." My big laugh is when they talk about the "hate verses" in the Koran. The jews have always and I mean always been at the core of the anti-white movement, wheather they call themselves left wing or right wing.

  11. Remember folks, this is NOT the real Lloyd Davies. This is the same sick Puke who made a video of himself "interviewing" his Dick. He can't hold a candle to Lloyd when it comes to class & etc.

  12. You call Lloyd sick, Pedo? You're the one who posts dick porn on children's forums. What a hypocrite, you make me sick you fat gimp fuck.

  13. Drake- You can call yourself anything your like, you can quote all the white power cult psycho babble you choose, but, you avoid the actually point of the dicussion.

    First, that replacing one "chosen" race with another "chosen" race is not really a change from the system, it improves nothing for the whole of society, only for those chosen few.

    So, basically, what you are suggesting is to meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    Sorry, but we won't get fooled again!

    Supremacy theory, whether it comes from the superstitous texts of religionist tripe like the bible, talmud or koran, or other dogmatic secular type wannabes like mein kampf, has nothing to do with a free though society based on the good of the collective.

    They are all in their own ways, a form of fascism, which is not leftism, it's authoritarianism.

    Submission to a personality cult, which is the bases of fascism, demeans and is basically anti-humanity the opposite goal of the good of the collective.

    So, Drake, as much as you might share in your views some common economic goals with Leftist thought, it's not a pie you can just steal one piece from and refer to it as a whole.

  14. True or False ?
    "in the world of internet hate and racism , the web site Stormfront could be considered "the shining out-house of white nationalism on the internet,if that is true, then it only stands to reason that VNN and VNNforum are the trailer park of internet hate and racism".
    Floyd- Eye On Hate
    Leftie, thanks posting, great stuff !

  15. Alright, let me get this straight, you don't want to trade your jewish boss for a white one. Thats not exactly a suprising statement from the anti-white side of the fence. Truth be known, left and right don't amount to a hill of beans. It comes down to race and whose interest you serve. In your case, its jewish and non-white interests you serve and working class whites (like who the types Floyd would condem for living in a trailor park) can kiss you ass.

    As far as where someone gets their idea of supremacy from, its ok as long as its from the talmud, right? Don't try to act like you on the anti-white left are anti-jewish supremacy either. We all need a laugh from time to time, true, but thats a little much. You don't just excuse jewish supremacy, you promote it. I can name 10 jewish supremacist organization that you are in lock-step with and if you're a street activist, you've certainly marched alongside.

    Your little slogan about "won't be fooled again" is cute but a little hot-topic punk rock. So in other words, jewish world power calls the shots and you won't be taking any steps to change that? You've got a jewish war in the middle east, jewish money owning washington (I know, here comes the part about the big corperations) and you're somehow left wing but pro-jewish. Don't hand me that you are "pro-everyone" either. Thats like me saying I'm anti-racist leftist but fanatically supported apartied South Africa and Walmart.

    My advice is to just come out and say you are anti-white and thats it. You aren't pro-equality, pro-working class (that went out the door with the border arguement) and you serve zero white interest. Well, I guess some of the people making money off the jewish wars around the world are white. Should we count that? So give me a break. I'm more left wing than you are because I'm street level with it. Its time to see that you have very little uncommon with the pro-jewish right wing and abosolutely nothing in common with the white working class.

    But in the end, there are all types of leftist, of all colors, all over the world, with different problems, different positions and different enemies. Here in the USA, someone who is CALLED a leftist is just someone who is anti-white and pro-jewish. Someone being right wing is just pro-jewish (likely anti-mulsim). Also, explain how lots of your old jewish leftist are now right wing neo-cons. Funny how that works, huh?

    And just for the record, we weren't fooled to begin with.

  16. Bad anti-white working class analogy, Floyd. A trailor park is bigger than an outhouse and Stromfront is bigger than VNN. Try another equally hateful one but one which is more accurate. How about, "Stormfront is the crazy, toothless Vietnam vetran in his 4x4 and VNN is his wafflehouse waitress daughter in her broken down dodge dart."

  17. Chris Drake:

    Define race to an absolute.

  18. I believe our poor Drake has been knocked on the noggin, got some kind of concussion for everywhere he looks he's seeing pretty little six pointed stars.

    When I was growing up, Drake's Cakes were a big fav of mine.

    Yodel's RingDings Devil Dogs...

    Loved'm, even when I knew they were bad for me.

    So, with that ephinany,...

    I will attempt to put an ice-pack in the kepi if this poor wounded soldier, calm his post battle trauma and offer him a drink of cool water.

    Drake: Imagine there's no countries

    It isn't hard to do

    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too

    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace.

    This would mean no more Talmuds, Bibles, Korans, and other various crazy Kampfs.

    You can be happy about being "white", (although I am sure there are other colors on your body) without being enemies with everyone else.

    You know this, I know we can extend this discussion beyond using the words talmud and jew sputtered between the punctuations.

    This isn't about isolationism, which is what religion is, this is about joining together for the next progression of humanity.

    A society based in art, science, literature and reason.

    What you are experiencing, and is disturbing you, is the end of tribalism and it is a hard transition.

    The world is changing.

    No matter how many religionist, and dogmatic fascists who don't want to lose their tribal controls over "their people", the people on this planet are going to progress.

    There is never going to be the "good old days" ever again.

    Our expanding planet is not some luney conspiracy.

    There are no Masonic, Illuminati, ZOG, alien, or Reptilian (or my fav *false flag*) boogiemen out there making this happen, it's from progression.

    Progression in travel, tech, joint research between various countries...

    The people on this planet are going to at one time, joined together for the good of humanity.

    That is how we are growing as a species.

    You can throw yourself on your sword, stare at the mud on the ground, and wallow with those from your various enemies lists who are just as dogmatic as your troop. You will live the rest of your life with dirt in your eyes.

    Or you can wipe those eyes and you can see how beautiful the world is.

    Your next break in your day, Drake, take a walk in a park and look at the people.

    Try to for one minute: love everyone in your view.

    It's only 60 seconds of love, but try it.

    Then go back to where you were before or give it some more thought.

  19. For the record, "we won't get food again" was from The Who.

    And speaking of records, I even had that album, and it was way before there were any punks or Hot Topic.

    Damn KIDS!

  20. Just when you think this guy might be ready for a serious minded discussion, he goes off in fantasy land. Poor leftie, his history book has half of its pages torn out. Here's a news flash for you, what you are talking about has been tried before...recently. It failed miserably. Oh, I'm so sad that our tribalism is giving way to globalism (since when is globalism left wing?). Remember the Ukraine? Remember when the jewish commisars of the NKVD murdered MILLIONS of people to enforce what you are talking about? What happened? No, it didn't happen on its on. No, it wasn't "progressive" unless you talk about a larger power making progress over a smaller one. It didn't work on its on so the "progressive" powers that were used genocide in an attempt to force it into existence.

    Fact is, there will always be nations. Communism, even with a capitalist economy, does not meld with the human spirit. What happened in the USSR, huh? The jew and assorted minions tried EVERYTHING in the power of the state to banish all culture from Russia and the Soviet Bloc. They did everything they could for nearly a century. What now, bright guy? Its the Nationalist capitol of the planet. Eastern European culture is alive and well, no thanks to sell outs like you. No, its not greedy leaders holding onto some sort of tribal power either. Its working class whites who want what belongs to them and has been kept away for so long.

    Next time you try to come on here and act all self-rightous, anti-white intellectual, try not picking up a theory that there are HUGE, BLARING real world examples of the contrary to. Communism fell in a BIG way in its attempts to smash people's culture. Social Maxism isn't even getting off the runway. It will burn on the end of the strip.

    And I can see just how confident you are in your ideals too. You won't even put your name out beside them. Remember my name, punk. One day the height of your anti-white activism will be that you had a few paragraphs of debate with me.

  21. Make no mistake about it: YOU GUYS ARE DEFINITELY PART OF THE LEFT.

    Why are you ashamed to admit it?

    Every position you guys have made over the years have been the leftist position.

    I am sorry, but centrist or rightist don't always side with black killers, rapist, homosexual wackjobs, ect...

    You guys 99 percent of the time are always on the anti-white side which is usually considered a leftist postition.

  22. Drake, the difference between you and I is that you keep looking backwards, (the revisionist version), while it's the goal of progressive to work for the future.

    History proves that Fascism and fake Communist versions of Fascism where/are doomed for failure.

    All Fascism from Nazi Germany, Franco, Mussolini to today's Zionism and Islamic Theocracies were/are doomed for failure.

    Why? Because authoritarian governments go against humanity.

    There are some wonderful examples of inclusive and actual forms of Socialism that are working okay, Europe has proved this.

    And as Cuba and Venezuela have their issues, they are at least providing superior education and health care to their people over our own Capitalist cesspool.

    Drake, there is more to my debates with you than these intriguing flirtations, they are quite fun but they are not what I am looking to brag about.

    My real badge of honor would be to help wake you up and be honest with yourself and to the world that you are not a hate monger, you are a kind and loving person who has bought into a dying tribal myth.

    If I could only take our hand and pull you out of that mosh pit where everyone is punching and hurting his fellow man.

    It would be then when I will lean over and whisper my name into your ear.

  23. If I could only take our hand and pull you out of that mosh pit where everyone is punching and hurting his fellow man.

    It would be then when I will lean over and whisper my name into your ear.

    Ok, this is a joke. Nobody is broadcasting from that far in outer space. I'm going to start narrowing down who this is.

  24. How is wanting to help pull you out if the mess you have put yourself in from "outer space"?

    Are people who are out to better humanity that foreign to you that it is an interplanetary concept?

    You know yourself better than that.

    You are beautiful, creative, intelligent and a wonderful writer.

    How long before you realise that this battle you have taken on is only getting in your way and holding you back?

  25. First realize that I'm not some dope-head hippy and never will be. The world has a few too many of those as it is. Next, what mess am I supposed to be in? The only mess I see is "multi-culturalism" and our newest jewish war(s).

  26. Oh yeah, and we know all about your "bettering of humanity," pal. South Africa is a great example. Rhodesia is another. Can I name any another few third world shitholes that felt the same loving embrace of human brotherhood?

  27. Drake, I don't think anyone could ever accuse you of being dope headed or a hippy, but, you are not as tough hided
    has you try to post as either.

    Yes, those areas of Africa are a mess, but how does increasing racial tensions and turn humanity against each other based in primitive tribal instinct improve matters?

    It's not an elevation, it's a degeneration.

    And although throwing you down into a field of daisies might prove a fun afternoon, nobody expects you to become one of the flower children.

    All I am asking is that you open your mind to try to see the world past the cultish babble of blaming all ills with the paranoia of those from other "tribes".

    It solves nothing it's just like being a chained puppy in the yard running in circles. I can prove this as we watch all groups involved with the movement doomed for an imploding end, even without the activism of the ARA and Antifa.

    There will be no Day of the Robe or race war, those fictional fables are about as likely as Y2K.

    But, when you find yourself standing at crossroad of that realisation, because hate and blame can be replaced with love and taking responsibility to reach out and help improve the quality of life, rights and freedoms for all humanity.

    You just might find yourself standing next to those you consider "dope headed hippies" as well and 99% of the rest of the human race.

  28. You mean to tell me that Cochran and Nichols are shunning the lefty label?

    Surely, they are not that naive.

    Anyone with half a brain can match up their rhetoric to what may be found in Marx's writings.

    I don't think they could be confused with libertarians or constitutionalist.

  29. I don't think they could be confused with libertarians or constitutionalist.

    Oh $#!+ I hope not, those terms tend to be code words for *racists* and *Nazis* these days, and most of the time with good reason.

    Is there a neo-red scare? Like being "extreme left" is a bad thing?

    Is Raimondo starting a blacklist for The Ron Paul Reich?

  30. Just followed through Justin's article and I can't fucking believe what I am reading here, especially a website that is suppose to be progressive

    Libertarians and believers in the Constitution are Nazis?

    That's news to me.

    Damn, maybe Riamondo is right about lumping you guys in with the looney nazi set. I mean you both advocate throwing the constitution out with the "nazi" bathwater.

    Looks to me like you guys may be the true fascist.

  31. I agree with Justin and the above poster.

    Citizens against hate has absolutely no compunctions about teaming up with a neo-Nazi goofball like White if it serves the purpose of discrediting Paul.

    Do you guys have any scruples at all?

  32. Chris Drake dodges the most important question.

    Define race to an absolute.

    I'll make it even easier, show me how Jews are "not white". Tell me the physical features that make Jews non-white.

  33. Hey, Paulbots, if we give you a dollar will you go away?

    Seriously, you're dripping Koolaid all over the rug and Nikki will get pissed.

  34. Racism is the disease. Education and diversity is the cure. Read my blog and listen to my radio show and be edumcated! On The Domestic Front

  35. I'm a little busy at the moment but I'll skim over this later and see if there are any new points being made or the same neo-boshevic bullshit being repeated over and over again.

    As far as the race question, no, I'm not dodging it, I was just hoping to stay on topic here. I guess I'll allow you to at least temporarily derail this little back and forth.

    Jews are a race when its conveinent and a religion when they feel like it. Not all jews are the typical swarthy, hook nosed middle-easterners, closely kin to the arabic people they hate so much. Some are more Aryan than others and some are completely Aryan physically. This might anger some people but be realistic. Lots of people, especially in the former Soviet Union, saw the advantage to being jewish and "converted." After several generations of being called jews and taking a more direct approach to serving jewish interests, they might as well have been. Don't forget too that jews consider you a jew if you had a jewish mother too. Hence, jews are mixed with lots of other peoples, mainly whites since they tend to like bleeding our countries dry more than others.

  36. So you are saying some Jews are white??? or Aryan (whatever that means) ????

    That's nice but you still need to define what race is to absolute.

    If you are going to talk about racial superiority, you need to define what race means in the first place. It's totally within the topic.

    If you can't define who is white, then what's the point?

    I don't think you can define it.

  37. Jesus-Christ...the tired old "you think ur better than everybody else" debate. This isn't 1985. We're racial seperatist. History will decide who is superior. So far its anybody's match.

  38. The whole point is, Drake, that no one is "superior" and not one group is to blame.

    We are all on the same playing field and all the responsibilities are everyone's.

    Jews are probably a race and a religion, but like all races they are blending.

    About 50% of Jews marry outside their faith/race and as there are trends of embracing religionism every few years, over all, like most other religions, attendance and involvement are on a steady low.

    So, while there is much whining about the decreasing purity of the "white race", it's all races.

    This is what happens as the world is getting smaller. The old tribes and tribal ways are going to disappear as humanity moves around, and travels.

    This is not some evil plot of some boogie man overlord, this is just an evolutionary process.

  39. LEFTY:

    That is the biggest bunch of bullshit I have ever read. The same old tired post Boaz junk science.

    Of course there are clear cut divisions of races.

  40. If there are clear cut lines of divisions between the races, then why is the biggest bitch that the racists have is "race mixing"?

    If the lines are there then there couldn't be any mixing, then there is nothing to fight about.

    Racists can't handle that the world is mixing, crossing lines of isolationisms of the past and basically, 99% of the world is mingling.

    Your "clear cut divisions" are disappearing.

  41. 'shifty' sez:

    The whole point is, Drake, that no one is "superior" and not one group is to blame

    sorry, fuckTARD....the white race is clearly superior in ALL areas (except TJB & TNB) to non-white races!

    virtually ALL scientific discoveries and innovations were made by white men!

    the current state of the world is almost wholly & solely the responsibility of the dirty kikez! as any astute reader of MacDonald's treatise would realise!

    We are all on the same playing field and all the responsibilities are everyone's

    HORSESHIT!....we're not even in the same fckn BALL Parkz!....the White Race must continually "fork out" huge amounts of money for worthless god-DAMN niggaz in Afreaka & else-where & a never-ending stream of "compensation" for HollowHoaxing kike cuntz!

    Jews are probably a race and a religion, but like all races they are blending

    they're actually NEITHER...they're an international criminal conspiracy, with the "Ashkenasi"-type-Talmudic turds being the capos!

    About 50% of Jews marry outside their faith/race and as there are trends of embracing religionism every few years, over all, like most other religions, attendance and involvement are on a steady low

    WTF sez it's "50%"?
    be that as it may: there are continual and impassioned injunctions to jews from their 'leaders' NOT to "inter-marry"....such admonitions pass w/out cmmnt in the ZOG MSM; whereas, if prominent white intellectuals and/or politicians issued such, there would be a kike-controlled "out-cry" of tsunamic proportions!

    So, while there is much whining about the decreasing purity of the "white race", it's all races

    it IS "all races"; "race is EVERY-THING", "race is the KEY to history" is, in fact, a hierarchy of races with the White Race clearly & indisputably occupying the pinnacle! .....superior psychologically, spiritually, physically & mentally...."equalitarianism" is a judæo-bolshevik, judæo-xtian myth foisted on the world by the Frankfurt School of kike cunts and the Boasian school of "anthropology".....the scientific evidence going as far back as the eighteenth century AND the current genetic evidence proves OVERWHELMINGLY that the White Race is Nature's finest creation!

    This is what happens as the world is getting smaller. The old tribes and tribal ways are going to disappear as humanity moves around, and travels

    the world isn't "getting smaller"'s getting 'more jewed'! (but thatz gunna change...hope-fully REAL SOON and hope-fully with a massive BLOOD-BATH! of the White Race's DEADLY ENEMIES!)...current events (the rise of nationalistic and pro-white movements) indicate that the world is going to get MORE fact: most of the armed conflicts since the collapse of judæo-bolshevism in the l8 1980s have ALL been 'tribal'!

    This is not some evil plot of some boogie man overlord, this is just an evolutionary process

    there's nuthin' "ordinary" or "accidental" about's been PLANNED!...if not down to the smallest detail then certainly with some meticuluousness!...every major social change that has been adverse to the White Race in the last 200 yrs has "JEW" clearly stamped all over it in un-mistakeable, indelible letters!....don't try "comin' the raw fckn prawn" around here, champ!...most of the racists who post here are "jew-wise"! can't refute us with evidence and rat-bags like Nikki FuckWitz & Floyd CockHead resort to "ad hominems" & smears or....if they're really stuck...'deleting' prickly posts like this one!



  42. Your "clear cut divisions" are disappearing.

    You have proven my point. Yes, there is mixing and mixing denotes that at one time they were not mixed and therefore were divisions.

    I think this debunks your "race is a construct" argument. And this is why there is those of us dedicated to keeping our race distinct.

    Drake is a smart cookie and you are going to have to do much better than your pat anti-racist/commie rhetoric.

  43. There was always a degree of "mixing", but the world is changing, mostly because of the technology of communication and travel so people who might have never had an opportunity to meet those from other races and cultures now have access to get to know folks they might not have before.

    You can go and shake your oogy boogy tribal rattles at your next white power pow wow and claim it's all the fault of the "jooooz" and the little brown people, but the real fact is it's just a result of the progressions of technology, not some superstitous nonsense based in the phobia everyone you think is different than you.

  44. Naw, Drake wouldn't buy into that bullshit for one minute.

    Why is Drake such good friends with Bluvie?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  45. Anonymous,

    Chris Drake has no loyalty when it comes to white people. He's joined and quit so many white organizations, it's laughable.

    Men of honor don't do these things, they remain faithful...

    Chris Drake does the complete opposite.... he has no loyalty

  46. If Schwarto's lips are moving; then you are 100% guaranteed that he's lying about somebody or something. He wouldn't know the truth if it bit his skinny KIKE Ass.


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