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COLD SHOT will air tomorrow night at 9:00 Eastern Time...

Because of the upcoming Iowa Caucus, this is a special look at Ron Paul. Topics include:

*BILL WHITE THREATENS AND THE CROWD GOES WILD (Bill White gets bitch slapped more than anyone I know)

In view of the fact that the Caucus is right around the corner as well as a bevy of primaries, Floyd Cochran and Nicole Nichols will team up for a SPECIAL EDITION of EYE ON HATE RADIO this Wednesday night where we will further expose the ties of Ron Paul to some very unsavory players on the extreme and militant right. You don't want to miss this one!


Friday, December 28, 2007

Archive of Dec. 27 Eye On Hate Radio Show

Eye On Hate Radio Network
Archive of the Dec. 27 Show
This wasnt one of our best show as we had a family problem happen while broadcasting, but all in all was pretty good.

We took a look back at the year 2007 - discussing the highs and lows of organizied racism.

We also talked about the recent lies of racists Bill White and Hal Turner.
Talked a bit about the role of the internet racism ie.. Stormfront and VNN.

We covered anti racist activism for the year 2007,
Also answered the question
Is Eye On Hate Radio a 'leftist" group ?
go here and click on the archive link

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Eye On Hate Radio Tonight at 9pm est.

Eye On Hate Radio Network
Broadcast plans for Dec. 27 Thursday Night 9pm est.
We will be taking a look back at the year 2007 - discussing the highs and lows of organizied racism.
We also will be talking about the recent lies of racists Bill White and Hal Turner.
Talk a bit about the role of internet racism ie.. Stormfront and VNN.

Talk about anti racist activism for the year 2007 & is Eye On Hate Radio a 'leftist" group ?
At 9pm est Go to - click on the winamp link.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Justin Riamondo:extreme left =Eye On Hate Radio

Goodmorning - Well today is my -b-day and like all other mornings I get up and start with coffee and a smoke then hit the internet scanning sites for various news and tidbits.

This morning was no different except when I checked the stats for the Eye On Hate website the first thing I noticed was a huge jump in hits to the site in the last twelve hours, I noticed that many of the hits where coming from this site : so I went over to the antiwar site and started reading.

The gist of the article was that an unholy coalition of right wingers and extreme left organizations are uniting to stop Ron Paul from being president.

In this paragraph ,Justin Riamondo wrote the following:
"a counter-movement, an anti-Paul coalition that extends from the extreme Left to the neoconish Right, and all points in between. What's interesting is that the lies told by these anti-Paulistas amount to pretty much the same tiresome mantra, no matter what the politics of the perpetrator, and it amounts to this: Paul is a secret neo-Nazi."

The words "extreme Left" where highlighted as a link, when I click on it lo and behold it took the reader to Eye On Hate Radio.

While we here at Eye On Hate Radio are flattered by the publicity, I am not sure we would qualify for the title "extreme left", it is amazing that when one speaks out against racism and fascism then we are automatically called "extreme left" as if being against Nazism,the KKK and Ron Paul makes us the bogeyman.

Eye On Hate Radio

Friday, December 21, 2007

Maybe Bill White is Right (this one time)

This is a follow up to the Ron Paul having lunch with Bill White the Nazi - White just posted the following blurb a few minutes ago on VNN racist website - maybe Bill is telling the truth , if so this is going to be devastating to the Ron Paul run for President collect some money scam.

This revelation along with a picture of Ron Paul and Don Black from Stormfront and Black's son is making the rounds on various websites and blogs such as Free Republic is going to hurt. In many ways it is a win win for us , it proves our point Ron Paul hangs with racists. It also hurts Bill White with-in the racist movement for outing this information. I am sure this isn't the last of the Ron Paul,Bill White episode. All we can say is :Thanks Bill White - Eye On Hate

From Bill White :
I'm giving this its own thread, so people will pay it more attention.

Ron Paul and / or his staff, including Norman Kirk Singleton, whose name I've been trying to remember, and Daniel McAdams, his legislative aide, have apparently told the New Republic that they did know me, but it was "in the early 90s" when I was a "paleo-libertarian".

Of course, I'm only 30, they met me in 2002 and 2003 when I was a full blown anti-Semite, and I think the whole truth is going to come out. The New Republic's major question to me was "did you ever discuss [the I-word, we'll call it the Zionist Occupation] with them?]" to which I have declined to comment.end of post

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Join Nikki,Floyd,DLJ along with music from Stubborn Records Tonight at 9pm est.


Eye On Hate Radio Network
You will want to tune-in Thursday night December 20th at 9pm est.
as Eye On Hate Reports on the growing media attention to the connections between Ron Paul and Organizied Racism,
We will ask:Does Ron Paul have lunch with neo nazis ? apparently he does !
DLJ from One Peoples Project will be joining us, Nikki from Citizens Against Hate will co-host,
We will also do a year in review of anti racist activities and some great music
from Stubborn Records.

at 9pm est go to, click on the winamp icon

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

national News Organizations Picking up on the Bill White, Ron Paul Bombshell

It appears that Neo Nazi Bill White's charges that Ron Paul has lunch with bigots is making the national headline -it has already appeared on the conservative website

check it out at Freerepublic Reports Neo Nazi Bill White's Ron Paul Bombshell

Read further articles about this here On Nikki Nest

Bill White - Making the Holidays Merry

Oh...I am just loving this! Welcome to the world of Bill White! He has made me laugh in the past, but not quite as much as he has today!!!!

With his recent, so-called "outing" of Presidential hopeful, Ron Paul, Bill White has demonstrated precisely and inarguably why we claim that he is a "fraudulent white-nationalist." As I said on Cold Shot, Bill White is a manipulator and a conniver. He is a charlatan and his only reason for breathing is to get attention.

Bill has been lacking in attention lately - has entered one of his manic phases - and has pushed all the right buttons. If there is a modicum of truth in what he said about Ron Paul - we thank him for helping us prove our point. If there is no truth in what he wrote, we thank him for putting himself in a position where he might have to put up or shut up. Either way, we thank him for making our point about himslef.

He made the holidays merry!

Prominent Neo Nazi spills the swastika about Ron Paul

Prominent Neo Nazi spills the swastika about Ron Paul

Eye On Hate Alert - Dec. 19,2007
Prominent Neo Nazi spill the swastika about Ron Paul.

In a surprising post on a racist Internet forum(VNN) prominent neo nazi "leader"Bill White of Roanoke,VA. "claims" that racists from various organizations such as Stormfront and Counsil for Conservative Citizens had lunch with Congressmen and GOP Pres> hopefull Ron Paul.White also claims that he (White) was invited by Ron Paul's staff for policy talks.

If this is true, then it validates what Citizens Against Hate and Eye on Hate have been saying for a long time : that Ron Paul's racist roots run deep.
Here is the posting by Bill White on the racist VNNforum - the link to the posting at bottom of White's pro-nouncements.

We will have more about this later tonight.
Floyd - Eye ON Hate Radio

I have kept quiet about the Ron Paul campaign for a while, because I didn't see any need to say anything that would cause any trouble. However, reading the latest release from his campaign spokesman, I am compelled to tell the truth about Ron Paul's extensive involvement in white nationalism.

Both Congressman Paul and his aides regularly meet with members of the Stormfront set, American Renaissance, the Institute for Historic Review, and others at the Tara Thai restaurant in Arlington, Virginia, usually on Wednesdays. This is part of a dinner that was originally organized by Pat Buchanan, Sam Francis and Joe Sobran, and has since been mostly taken over by the Council of Conservative Citizens.

I have attended these dinners, seen Paul and his aides there, and been invited to his offices in Washington to discuss policy.

For his spokesman to call white racialism a "small ideology" and claim white activists are "wasting their money" trying to influence Paul is ridiculous. Paul is a white nationalist of the Stormfront type who has always kept his racial views and his views about world Judaism quiet because of his political position.

I don't know that it is necessarily good for Paul to "expose" this. However, he really is someone with extensive ties to white nationalism and for him to deny that in the belief he will be more respectable by denying it is outrageous -- and I hate seeing people in the press who denounce racialism merely because they think it is not fashionable.

Bill White, Commander
American National Socialist Workers Party

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

White Supremacist Suffers Humiliating Defeat in Run for Comanche Nation Vice President

LOL - and I thought radioman VonBluvins is Nuts, Read about this ractist nutball - EOH

White Supremacist Suffers Humiliating Defeat in Run for Comanche Nation Vice President

David Yeagley, a white supremacist who has made a career out of posing as both a mainstream conservative and part-Comanche, fared extremely poorly in a special election for Comanche Nation Vice President, coming in a very distant fourth place out of four candidates.

Yeagley only got 102 votes, or slightly over 10%, in an election that also had an extremely low turnout of only 10%. That means that the number of eligible Comanche voters who cast their ballot for Yeagley was about 1%. Already Yeagley's loss has earned him a new nickname in Indian Country, ""1% Yeagley."

Yeagley and his supporters, in a rather bizarre denial of reality, claimed victory since he expected to only get "about five votes." Yet elsewhere in Indian Country, Natives that are familiar with Yeagley's chequered career are celebrating his getting his head handed to him.

Yeagley became enrolled with the Comanche Nation by accident, because his stepmother was Comanche. Kiowa disabled rights activist Cinda Hughes investigated and uncovered that it is a fairly open "secret" among Comanches that Yeagley was adopted. Comanche traditions do not allow for banishing anyone, no matter how contemptible their actions or beliefs.

Yeagley is a member of the white supremacist One Nation, which works against American Indians, especially on the issue of tribal sovereignty. He also is a speaker for the notoriously anti Semitic John Birch Society, best known for its bizarre conspiracy theories. Yeagley also is a supporter and associates with members of the National Alliance, the neo-Nazi skinhead group Storm Front (a Storm Front member moderated a section of Yeagley's message board on Jews), the eugenics website Gene Expression, and self described white nationalists and anti immigrant vigilantes the Minutemen.

White Supremacist Suffers Humiliating Defeat in Run for Comanche Nation Vice President

Monday, December 17, 2007

ColdShot at 9pm est


December 17th 2007...Cold Shot will air tonight at 9:00 Eastern Time - and you don't want to miss this one.


*Why we are going after the Roanoke Nazi Bill White
(You might have noticed that he is making a feeble attempt to intimidate us today)

*Playing Politics With Justice

*Megan Williams case is victim of political pissing contest

*Racist & anti-Semitic politicans hide in plain sight

*Illinois congressional candidate Arthur Jones

*I'm an independent woman

*About Fear & Intimidation


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Archive UP! Should we hang Bill White the Neo Nazi ? Tune in tonight to Eye On Hate Radio 9pm est.

Great show ! thank our guests from ARA Harrisonburg,VA, HeavyFed,Citizens Against Hate , Archive here Archive Dec 13. Eye On Hate Radio Show

You will want to tune in too tonight's Eye On Hate Radio at 9pm est. as we discuss hanging Bill White the nazi, neighborhood neo nazi Blockwatch coming to a town near you, plus we will be talking with ARA Activists from Harrisonburg,VA and we will get a phone update from Heavy Fed as he makes his way across America to Roanoke VA., plus our headlines in hate.

Show starts at 9pm est. go to click on the winamp icon.

Eye On Hate Radio

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


By Nicole Nichols

All those who deny that the pen is mightier than the sword have but to hide and watch those who have been felled by the ink or the keyboard. A mere suggestion placed strategically and straight-forwardly has the power to either invigorate or enervate an entire populace.

As the racist and pseudo-Nazi Bill White continues to threaten and harass others in Roanoke as well as members of the press, he may have just played his last trump card. Roanoke is fed up. The residents of Roanoke have had it. They are tired of White’s antics and attempts at intimidation – and they might have just found a way to fight back with a little help from the anti-racist crowd.

Yesterday, Floyd Cochran, of Eye On Hate Radio, made a suggestion. Today, that suggestion is rapidly becoming a reality much to the chagrin of those in the racist “movement.”

Floyd has suggested starting a “Neighborhood Watch” in Bill’s neighborhood – only this would be a “Bill White Watch.” In Floyd’s words…

“What I am proposing is that people/citizens of Roanoke with our help possibly - form themselves into neighborhood watch, a peoples militia - every time Bill White is in public, we film him, when he goes down the street we whip out our cell phone and snap pictures, I propose that we just don't film Bill White but also focus on his wife as she is part of his activities - everywhere they go ,we go - that way when Bill White is involved in something that could be criminal we have video footage and snapshots to support those Bill White has violated.

“Let me know what you think about this idea - I will be discussing it in greater detail Thursday night Dec 13 at 9pm est on Eye On Hate Radio.”

Given the fact that White has been given free rein to run roughshod over this community, brings nothing but embarrassment and threats to the City, and continuously places people in harms way, this might not be a bad idea.

Neighborhood watches have been quite successful all over the country. They have revitalized neighborhoods, taking them back from drug dealers and gangs and running unsavory characters out of town. Why wouldn’t this same concept work against Bill White?

Citizens Against Hate has been receiving favorable responses to Floyd’s idea from several Roanoke residents. One person who has resided in the area for 43 years told me that he would enjoy running the “damned asshole out of town,” claiming that White was a blight on Roanoke and the entire state of Virginia.

Another offered to provide the printing for flyers and handbills to “expose this hater” to the people living there. A Conscientious Community Coalition is in the works, I am told, and will be ready to roll against White and “any other idiot that wants to bring shame to our little corner of the world,” said a representative.

Bill White, it appears, has made himself quite the unwelcome racist and I really don’t much like his odds as people become more and more incensed by his bullying tactics.

Recently, White decided to bully and intimidate the Editorial Staff of the Roanoke Times by publishing their names, addresses, phone numbers and other personal information – including that of their family members. This is nothing new for White, who went after Leonard Pitts and the Editor of the Miami Herald in the same manner. Earlier this year, he did the same thing with the Jena 6 kids and Reverend Al Sharpton. He lost his website and blog over that one.

Roanoke residents aren’t the only ones who have been stirred by the idea of a Bill White Neighborhood Watch. As you can readily imagine, the racists among us have taken issue with this idea. Quickly portraying this entire suggestion as some sort of vigilante crusade, Bill White ran to what few friends he has over on VNN. Their response was predictable – Floyd Cochran smokes crack, Floyd Cochran is a drunk, Floyd’s son is retarded, etc. The same old lame accusations that don’t even merit a response were hurled. The one I couldn’t help but laugh at, however, was that Floyd had been listening to Hal Turner for too long.

It’s amazing how powerful a suggestion can be. Should Bill White even think about filing for the office of Mayor of Roanoke, as he has indicated that he might – I think the people there will eat him for lunch. As this “suggestion” continues to unfold, it will be interesting to see what kind of a precedent is set for anti-racist activism in the future. I can think of a number of communities that would welcome such an opportunity.

One thing for certain – the pen really is mightier than the sword, and the power of suggestion is Herculean.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

anti-Bill White Neo-Nazi Neighborhood BlockWatch, now forming

Should we form a neighborhood watch/militia in Roanoke, VA ? To protect people from Bill White the nazi.

Many of you will read this and go, oh no.. not this Bill White the neo Nazi crap again, but folks Bill White the neo Nazi from Roanoke is in the news again and Bill White represents a danger that we can not ignore.

With-in the southwestern part of Virginia and beyond Bill White has/is creating a neighborhood of fear - from causing riots in Toledo,Ohio to intimidating the media and people of Roanoke, Bill White has shown that he can not be allowed to continue much longer. If the state or "the powers to be" can't deal with Bill White than it is up to the citizens to deal with Bill White.

Back in the day or about ten yrs ago, in Columbus,Ohio numerous people fed up with the Columbus police Dept. formed a people militia/neighborhood watch called "cop watch" - activists would go out into the community with cameras and video tape the police "doing their job" - it seem to have some affect.

What I am proposing is that people/citizens of Roanoke with our help possibly - form themselves into neighborhood watch,a peoples militia - every time Bill White is in public, we film him, when he goes down the street we whip out our cell phone and snap pictures, I propose that we just don't film Bill White but also focus on his wife as she is part of his activities - everywhere they go ,we go - that way when Bill White is involved in something that could be criminal we have video footage and snapshots to support those Bill White has violated.

Let me know what you think about this idea - I will be discussing it in greater detail Thursday night Dec 13 at 9pm est on Eye On Hate Radio - Floyd

Monday, December 10, 2007

Cold Shot at 9:00 Eastern Time


The December 10th Cold Shot will air at 9:00 Eastern time tonight.


*Racists in positions of power
*Mike Huckabee's wavering political campaign
*Shock & Awe
*The next Mayor of Roanoke - Bill White?
*Political Correctness and the Chitlin Test
*Baltimore hate crime

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Eye On Hate Radio Tonight Dec6,9pm est.

Tonight Dec. 6 at 9pm est.
Go ToEye On Hate Radio, Click on Winamp Icon
For "Headlines in Hate News Review"
with Floyd Cochran

Some of Tonight's Topics
Hate Crime in Boston ?'
Charges Dropped Against Anti-Racists in Virginia,
Cross Burning in NY, One Arrested,
Hate Crime Legislation: Dropped,
Freedom's Voices On-Line,
Plus More

Monday, December 03, 2007

Coldshot Tonight at 9pm est.


Quick reminder - Tonight Monday Dec. 3 at 9pm est. listen to ColdShot with Nikki from Citizens Against Hate
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You definitely want to tune in to Cold Shot tonight with Nikki Nichols.


*Hal Turner’s Begathon Over?

*David Duke The Slickster?

*Hate Crimes On The Rise

*No Hate Crime For Meghan Williams?

*Gay Man Murdered In Oklahoma

*Is A Noose A Hate Crime?

*Ron Paul and his Bunnies

*Personal Message For Hal Turner and Michael Blevins