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"The anti-Whites at places like NN are not to be engaged. They are a mix of amateur and professional character assassins, criminals and cultists. They specialize in lying about prominent Whites in order to spread doubt and disunion among us. We we make their job easier by mixing with them. It is a great mistake to think there is anything fun or funny about what they do, or that it is a trivial matter to play with them on their boards. I won't allow anyone who routinely engages with them to post here"

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No delay in White's transfer to Chicago
His attorney wanted the delay so the neo-Nazi could be examined by a psychiatrist.
By Laurence Hammack

Neo-Nazi leader William A. White will soon be on his way to Chicago to face a charge of encouraging violence against a federal juror.

At a hearing Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Roanoke, Judge James Turk denied a motion by White's attorney to delay his transfer from the Roanoke jail to one in Chicago.

William Cleaveland had asked for a stay so White could be examined by a psychiatrist who may testify at his next bond hearing, scheduled for Nov. 12 in Chicago's federal court.

Last week, magistrate Judge Michael Urbanski ordered White held without bond, citing the white supremacist's online rantings about his "intricate plot" for the mass murder of the city's "Negro nuisances and their annoying counterparts at The Roanoke Times."

White had hoped to appeal the decision to a federal judge in Roanoke. But his indictment last week by a grand jury in Chicago means he must wait until his transfer there before making another request for bond, Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick Hogeboom said.

A 31-year-old landlord and head of the American National Socialist Workers Party, White is accused of using his Web site to solicit violence or threats against the foreman of a jury that convicted fellow white supremacist Matthew Hale.

Hale was convicted four years ago of plotting the murder of a federal judge in Chicago. He is serving a 40-year term, described by White as a "criminally long sentence" in a post to his Web site that included the juror's name, home address and telephone numbers.

It was not clear Tuesday how soon White will be shipped to Chicago.

"All they have told me is that they will move him promptly," Cleaveland said. "I took that to mean days and not weeks."|| .....Advertisement.....

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Wow! It is pretty amazing what we can learn through comparison. The events of the last couple of weeks surrounding the indictment and arrest of the Roanoke based neo-Nazi, William White, have been like a throw-back in time and caused me to go to the archives and files from almost five years back.

As the debate over the indictment of White continues among White Nationalists, neo-Nazis, and even those unaffiliated and unsympathetic to all things supremacist, one common thread is the pros-and cons of the reasons behind the arrest - did the federal government have cause to act? Another is, where’s the evidence?

As the charge against White concerns the jury foreperson in the trial of another supremacist, Matt Hale, who is currently incarcerated for the solicitation of the murder of a federal judge, I thought it might be interesting to look at the similarities and differences in the way that this unfolds.

Within a couple of days of both arrests the Department of Justice issued statements to the press regarding the charges. The statements are strikingly similar and might offer, in the case of Bill White, some insight into what the future might hold.

One of the major differences lies in the fact that the investigation into Hale was conducted by the Joint Terrorism Task Force, and that Hale was held under Special Administrative Measures as a domestic terrorist while White doesn’t appear to have drawn the same distinction.

In the statement made in 2003, the Department of Justice established the nature of Hale’s organization, the scope of the organization, and that he was, in fact, the person in charge…

“According to the indictment, The World Church of the Creator (WCOTC) is an unincorporated association that holds itself out as a religious organization “[d]edicated to the Survival, Expansion, and Advancement of the White Race.” Based in East Peoria, the WCOTC has branches and members in multiple states and in foreign countries. It disseminates information about its principles and teachings through various means, including written documents bearing the 2 WCOTC’s name and the through an Internet site bearing the WCOTC’s name. Hale allegedly controls the operations of the WCOTC and influences and attempts to influence and control many of the activities of its members, and is known within the WCOTC as its “supreme leader” and “Pontifex Maximus.”

Similarly, in the statement of October 22nd, 2008, the DOJ establishes much the same as pertains to White…

“According to the indictment, White created and maintained a website, "," which was publicly accessible on the Internet. The Web site purported to be affiliated with the "American National Socialist Workers Party" (ANSWP), and claimed the organization was comprised of a "convergence of former [white supremacy] 'movement' activists who grew disgusted with the general garbage that 'the movement' has attracted and who formed the ANSWP under the Command of Bill White." Members of the ANSWP were described as "National Socialists...who fight for white working people."

The statement given about Hale then elaborated sparingly upon the indictment by announcing…

“The indictment alleges that between Nov. 29 and Dec. 17, 2003, Hale, acting with intent that another person engage in felony conduct -- specifically, forcible assault and murder of Judge Lefkow – and under circumstances strongly corroborative of that intent, did solicit that other person to engage in such conduct. It also alleges that during the same period, Hale corruptly and by force endeavored to influence Judge Lefkow in the discharge of her duty while she was presiding over the trademark lawsuit”

In much the same way, they addressed the indictment of White…

“Between Sept. 11 and Oct. 11, 2008, White allegedly used the website to solicit another person to injure Juror A on account of Juror A's role as the foreperson of the jury that convicted Matthew Hale, the leader of a white-supremacist organization known as the World Church of the Creator, who was found guilty and sentenced to 40 years in prison for soliciting the murder of a federal judge in Chicago.”

Not affording the same brevity to White, the DOJ went on to say…

“The indictment alleges that as part of the solicitation, inducement and endeavor to persuade a person to use, attempt to use or threaten the use of force against Juror A, White caused derogatory comments and personal information about Juror A, including Juror A's home address and phone numbers, to be posted on the website on September 11. The solicitation allegedly occurred under circumstances strongly corroborating White's intent that another person engage in criminal conduct using, attempting to use or threatening the use of force against Juror A.”

In both statements, the government has brought forth allegations of intent to cause another person to bring harm on a particular party. The language used in both statements is strikingly similar and conveys the message that both Hale and White were and are white supremacists whom they believe were “leaders” with considerable influence over their followers and who endeavored to solicit or induce others to commit acts of violence.

Even more apparent is that the case against White is starting off much like the case against Hale. In the initial documents filed against Hale excerpts from the White Man’s Bible and other publications were used much like White’s own postings and publications are being used against him in an effort to establish, motive, intent, and general mindset.

It should also be noted that more charges were subsequently filed in the Hale case, as I suspect they will be in the case against Bill White. What was not immediately evident in the case against Hale, and not against White either, was the extent of the evidence. Should this take a similar road to conviction, one could speculate that the witness list will include at least one, if not several, who will testify against the self-proclaimed leader of the American National Socialist Worker’s Party.

There are differences, however. The contradistinctions come not so much in the charges or the government’s case, but in the individuals themselves.

Matthew Hale had a following. His claim to be “the fastest growing” hate group in America, was not a false one and he was of great concern to those of us who reported on such things. He utilized the internet to recruit, yet it was his speeches, hot-line messages, and weekly radio broadcasts that garnered the attention of most of his fellow racists. Those things combined with his appearances on various talk shows and his meetings held in public libraries helped to contribute to his success as a “leader.”

Bill White never quite approximated Hale. Probably the closest he ever came to a meaningful following was during his brief tenure with the National Socialist Movement and that blew up in his face. Given his background as an anarchist and a communist, Bill always had a cloud of skepticism and mistrust to overcome.

Much like a bull in a china shop, White alienated many within the “movement,” not just through his own viscosity, but because of his intemperate need to always be noticed, to always be right, to always be on top - not that Hale wasn’t ego-driven – he was to a degree.

One of my favorite comments ever made about and to Bill by someone in the movement came from the Vanguard News Network forum…

“The main problem that I have with you is that you tend to bring that same mentality to disputes with people who are (presumably) your allies. You remind me of a hyena that is so hopped up on testosterone that she chews off the ears of her littermates and mother in misdirected fits of aggression. Other people have "issues" as well, but one thing I've learned from life, is that the world is so full of irrational people that you do yourself a disservice by adding to their numbers.”

But, I digress. While Hale was able to enlist the numbers, he lacked the ability to enlist quality adherents. Most of those rallying around the quirky, and somewhat nerdy, Hale were young skinheads and other misguided miscreants. White has consistently lacked the ability to enlist more than a handful into his fold and has also been a magnet for the unstable and the uneducated.

For a short period of time, after leaving the National Socialist Movement, it appeared that White was going to pick up many of those who jumped the sinking ship of Schoep’s bunch, setting off more than a few alarm bells. However, one-by-one, they swiftly realized that Bill White was not the Great White Hope.

What has been left behind to follow in lock-step has been nothing more than a rag-tag contingency of malcontents and misfits who have been made to feel important and lack any direction in all things meaningful.

Matthew Hale had the legal prowess to walk the fine line between legal and illegal. He did, however, like so many others within movement that cannot stand on their own merit, lack discretion in choosing those who could be trusted. Bill White, on the other hand, doesn’t have the legal acuity, the discretion, or the following to choose from.

So, where, you might ask, is the danger? With Hale the danger always came from either within the group or those who ascribed to a belief rife with hate as well as an unstable propensity for violence. That is always the peril facing society with groups such as Hale’s. The danger with White, is no less real, and perhaps even more so.

What Bill White and his ANSWP lacks in following is made up for in audience. Hale made a few headlines, but his message was by-and-large reserved for those who would dial his hotline, tune into his radio show, or attend his meetings. Additionally, Hale had learned a couple of things. He knew that given the right subject, he could groom and cultivate a follower who would do almost anything for him, i.e. Benjamin Smith. He also knew that he had to be very careful in what he said in any public forum so as not to find himself tied to anything illegal that his adherents might do.

Also, it is true that Hale and his WCOTC advocated genocide and removal of all things white from our society. Such things, however, while loathsome, are not easily accomplished by a group who is so sorely in the minority. Until the Lefkow ruling, Hale rarely publicly designated individuals for murder. He railed against “the Jews,” he ranted about “JOG,” and he castigated “muds,” but was very careful about specifics.

Conversely, Bill White used his internet website to advocate violence against specified individuals from all walks. He sent threatening emails and letters to specific groups and individuals. He published personal information and publicly invited others to engage in activities, the range of which were only limited by the moral compass of his readers.

Using an internet website as a tool of terror or a tool of inducement requires no mental acumen and no cultivation of loyalty to the webmaster. All that is necessary for the manipulation of an unstable individual under the influence of such a person is a malicious and twisted sense of moral turpitude and a desire to exact vengeance on an unsuspecting victim or society. It also has the ability to reach a vast number of people.

Through the adept use of metatags and search engines and internet ingenuity a good webmaster can assure that his website is viewed by a large cross-section of people. White’s website was visited by those within the movement, those opposed to the movement, the curious, and the unsuspecting. People surfing the net didn’t have to attend a rally or a meeting or tune in to a radio program they simply had to point a mouse and click.

One has to only look at the fact that the family of Judge Joan Lefkow, the very judge that Matt Hale solicited the murder of, was killed savagely after her personal information was posted on white power websites across the net, to understand the dangers in utilizing the net for such purposes. Those murders were committed by someone outside of the movement who is thought to have come across that information.

While the cases of Matt Hale and Bill White have very strong similarities, there are stark differences as well. Hale resides in a maximum security prison these days and the future residence of Bill White has yet to be determined. There are those who attempt to give martyr status to both – neither are worthy. And while that is a subject for a whole new article, it is important to note that both of these men engaged in acts that could have had extreme consequences for extremely innocent individuals.

A statement issued by Thomas Kneir, Special Agent in Charge of the Chicago Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, following the arrest of Matthew Hale, pretty well summed up the attitude of law-enforcement…

“As Americans, we live and abide by the rule of law. These laws are designed to protect all of our citizens, and when individuals take actions to thwart justice by intending to harm any person, those of us in law enforcement will use all available resources to prevent any harm from occurring.”

Perhaps Hal Turner is next?

Again, I digress. What information and testimony is forthcoming in the Bill White case won’t immediately be known and if it takes the same path as with Hale it will be slow in emerging as well as eye-opening to those awaiting particulars. It took over a year and thousands of pieces of paper to bring Matt Hale to trial. It took another year before he was sentenced.

However, unless extenuating circumstances exist that none of us are privy to at this time, we won’t have to wade through one frivolous motion and continuance after another in the Bill White saga. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out and whether or not the Bill White case goes down much the same trail as Hale’s.

One thing for certain – the internet is a little better place to be tonight than it was a couple of weeks ago. At any rate, we should all remember the words of the DOJ at the end of both statements…

“The public is reminded that an indictment contains only charges and is not evidence of guilt. The defendant is presumed innocent and is entitled to a fair trial at which the government has the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.”

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For the purpose of discussion, I thought it would be interesting to look at the similarities in the press releases given by the Department of Justice in the Matthew Hale case in 2003, and in the William A. White case this week...

Matt Hale


United States Attorney
Northern District of Illinois Patrick J. Fitzgerald Federal Building United States Attorney 219 South Dearborn Street, Fifth Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60604
(312) 353-5300 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRESS CONTACT: WEDNESDAY JANUARY 8, 2003 AUSA/PIO Randall Samborn (312) 353-5318

WHITE-SUPREMACIST CHURCH LEADER ARRESTED ON CHARGES OF SOLICITING MURDER OF U.S. JUDGE PRESIDING OVER TRADEMARK CASE CHICAGO – Matthew Hale, the leader of The World Church of the Creator, a white-supremacist organization based in East Peoria, Ill., was arrested today on charges of soliciting the murder of a federal judge in Chicago and obstruction of justice.

Hale, 31, of East Peoria, was taken into custody by FBI agents and members of the FBI’s Joint Terrorist Task Force, early this afternoon at the Dirksen Federal Courthouse in Chicago, just before he was scheduled to appear at a contempt hearing in a civil trademark infringement case involving the organization.

Hale was charged in a two-count federal grand jury indictment that was returned yesterday and unsealed upon his arrest, announced Patrick J. Fitzgerald, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois. The indictment alleges that between Nov. 29 and Dec. 17, 2002, Hale solicited an individual to forcibly assault and murder U.S. District Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow and that he obstructed justice by corruptly and by force endeavoring to influence Judge Lefkow who was presiding over the trademark infringement case, TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation - Family of URI, Inc., v. The World Church of the Creator, 00 C 2638 (N.D. Il.)

Hale had been ordered to appear before Judge Lefkow at 1:30 p.m. today for a hearing to show cause why he should not be held in contempt of Court. Instead, he was expected to appear in court later today for an initial appearance on the criminal charges. Mr. Fitzgerald announced the charges with Thomas J. Kneir, Special Agent-in-Charge of the Chicago Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Terry Hillard, Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department. The FBI’s Joint Terrorist Task Force (JTTF) is comprised of the Chicago Police Department, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the U.S. Secret Service, the U.S. Customs Service, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the U.S. Marshal. The United States Attorney’s Office for the Central District of Illinois also assisted in the investigation. The investigation is continuing, they said.

“Freedom of speech does not include the freedom to solicit murder. Under no circumstances will anyone in law enforcement tolerate the activities of any individuals or groups that engage in conduct intended to result in the injury or death of others. The conduct alleged in this indictment is disturbing on many levels, but particularly so because it targeted a judge, whose sworn duty is to apply the law equally and fairly to all who appear before her,” Mr. Fitzgerald said. Mr. Kneir said: “As Americans, we live and abide by the rule of law. These laws are designed to protect all of our citizens, and when individuals take actions to thwart justice by intending to harm any person, those of us in law enforcement will use all available resources to prevent any harm from occurring.”

According to the indictment, The World Church of the Creator (WCOTC) is an unincorporated association that holds itself out as a religious organization “[d]edicated to the Survival, Expansion, and Advancement of the White Race.” Based in East Peoria, the WCOTC has branches and members in multiple states and in foreign countries. It disseminates information about its principles and teachings through various means, including written documents bearing the 2 WCOTC’s name and the through an Internet site bearing the WCOTC’s name. Hale allegedly controls the operations of the WCOTC and influences and attempts to influence and control many of the activities of its members, and is known within the WCOTC as its “supreme leader” and “Pontifex Maximus.”

In May 2000, the TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation – Family of URI, Inc. (TE-TA-MA), a religious organization located in Oregon that had registered the term “Church of the Creator” as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, filed its lawsuit against the WCOTC in Federal Court in Chicago alleging that the WCOTC had violated federal trademark law by its use of the term “Church of the Creator.” The indictment alleges that Hale participated in, and at times directed, the WCOTC’s response to the lawsuit brought by TE-TA-MA. On Nov. 19, 2002, Judge Lefkow issued an order that, among other things:

• permanently enjoined the WCOTC and anyone associated with it from using
the name and mark “Church of the Creator or any colorable facsimile thereof,
including specifically World Church of the Creator, WCOTC, COTC, or the
words ‘Church’ and ‘Creator(s)’ together in the same name or mark;”

• required the WCOTC and anyone associated with it to cease using Internet
domain names using the infringing marks, and to “immediately transfer
custody and control of the domain names” used to operate the WCOTC’s
Internet site, “,” “” to TE-TA-MA;

• required the WCOTC and anyone associated with it to “deliver up for
destruction (or, where feasible, removal or obliteration of any infringing
mark from) all” printed and other materials bearing the infringing marks;

• required the WCOTC within seven days to notify in writing, and by
electronic mail, all of its members of the Court’s Order, and to deliver a copy
of the Order to them;” and

• required the WCOTC to file a written report, under oath, with the Court,
within 30 days “setting forth in detail the manner and form in which the
World Church has complied with the terms of this court.”

3 Also on Nov. 19, 2002, Judge Lefkow denied the WCOTC’s request to stay enforcement of the court’s order pending appeal. On Dec. 13, 2002, Judge Lefkow issued an order granting TE-TA-MA’s motion for a rule to show cause why the WCOTC should not be held in contempt of the court’s order on Nov. 19, and ordered that Hale appear before the Court today at 1:30 p.m. to show cause why he should not be held in contempt of court.

The indictment alleges that between Nov. 29 and Dec. 17, 2003, Hale, acting with intent that another person engage in felony conduct -- specifically, forcible assault and murder of Judge Lefkow – and under circumstances strongly corroborative of that intent, did solicit that other person to engage in such conduct. It also alleges that during the same period, Hale corruptly and by force endeavored to influence Judge Lefkow in the discharge of her duty while she was presiding over the trademark lawsuit.

If convicted of soliciting murder, Hale faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a maximum fine of $250,000, and the obstruction of justice count carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. The Court, however, would determine the appropriate sentence to be imposed under the United States Sentencing Guidelines. The government is being represented by Assistant United States Attorney David Weisman. The public is reminded that an indictment contains only charges and is not evidence of guilt. The defendant is presumed innocent and is entitled to a fair trial at which the government has the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.




OCTOBER 22, 2008 (202) 514-2007

WWW.USDOJ.GOV TDD (202) 514-1888

U.S. Department of Justice
United States Attorney
Northern District of Illinois

Patrick J. Fitzgerald
United States Attorney

Federal Building
219 South Dearborn Street, 5th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60604
(312) 353-5300

AUSA Michael Ferrara (312) 886-7649
Randall Samborn (312) 353-5318


CHICAGO-A self-proclaimed white-supremacist who was arrested last week in Roanoke, Va., was indicted yesterday by a federal grand jury in Chicago for allegedly soliciting injury to the foreperson of a federal trial jury in Chicago that convicted another white-supremacist in 2004, federal law enforcement officials announced today. The defendant, William White, was indicted on one count of solicitation, the same charge that was filed against him in a criminal complaint that led to his arrest last Friday, announced Patrick J. Fitzgerald, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, and Robert D. Grant, Special Agent-in-Charge of the Chicago Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

White, 31, also known as "Bill White," of Roanoke, remains in federal custody without bond in Roanoke pending transfer to Chicago to face prosecution. He was scheduled to appear at 3:30 p.m. today (Eastern Time) in Federal Court in Roanoke. No date has been set yet for him to appear in U.S. District Court in Chicago.

According to the indictment, White created and maintained a website, "," which was publicly accessible on the Internet. The Web site purported to be affiliated with the "American National Socialist Workers Party" (ANSWP), and claimed the organization was comprised of a "convergence of former [white supremacy] 'movement' activists who grew disgusted with the general garbage that 'the movement' has attracted and who formed the ANSWP under the Command of Bill White." Members of the ANSWP were described as "National Socialists...who fight for white working people."

Between Sept. 11 and Oct. 11, 2008, White allegedly used the website to solicit another person to injure Juror A on account of Juror A's role as the foreperson of the jury that convicted Matthew Hale, the leader of a white-supremacist organization known as the World Church of the Creator, who was found guilty and sentenced to 40 years in prison for soliciting the murder of a federal judge in Chicago.

The indictment alleges that as part of the solicitation, inducement and endeavor to persuade a person to use, attempt to use or threaten the use of force against Juror A, White caused derogatory comments and personal information about Juror A, including Juror A's home address and phone numbers, to be posted on the website on September 11. The solicitation allegedly occurred under circumstances strongly corroborating White's intent that another person engage in criminal conduct using, attempting to use or threatening the use of force against Juror A.

White allegedly was aware that individuals associated with the white-supremacist movement, who were the target audience of his website, at times engaged in acts of violence, directed at non-whites, Jews, gays and persons perceived by white-supremacists as acting contrary to their interests.

Prior to the alleged solicitation against Juror A, White on multiple occasions allegedly caused postings to the website disclosed what purported to be the home address and/or personal identifying information of individuals who were targets of criticism on the Internet. Certain of these postings during the same time period expressed White's desire that acts of violence be committed against these specific individuals, including author and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, individuals known as the "Jena 6" and a Canadian civil rights lawyer.

The Government is being represented by Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Ferrara. The U.S. Attorney's Office in Roanoke is providing local assistance.

If convicted, White faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. The Court, however, would determine the appropriate sentence to be imposed under the advisory United States Sentencing Guidelines.

The public is reminded that an indictment contains only charges and is not evidence of guilt. The defendant is presumed innocent and is entitled to a fair trial at which the government has the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

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Every once in awhile a comment finds its way to this blog that is worthy of discussion in a more public arena and the post submitted by silentconsort is, I believe, deserving of such a discussion. He offers the following:

The problem with nailing BW to the multi-culti cross is he didn't actually DO anything. Sure, maybe he pushed the envelope with the magazine, and while he might have thought that was great timing and in-your-face imagery, perhaps it wasn't the wisest move in light of general election paranoia and especially this one.

What the feds are trying to do is get him on the context of the situation- even though no actual crime has been committed that I am aware of. No one has been physically harmed and no direct threats made. Can you lock someone up for simply being offensive in America? Are they trying to equate offensive with actual danger?

Given BW's background as a far-left radical type, it doesn't surprise me he likes to push limits. The uniforms,the site, the attitude are in-your-face. The attitude on the audio- while certainly knowledgeable about many topics, is also at times somewhat full of himself.

While it is true that anyone who isn't cheering for open-borders and erasure of culture that is happening in the USA gets called an EvilNaziRacistHater,the part that does surprise me is that it was he that was targeted- not to mention the timing of the magazine, the 9/11 posting and subsequent arrest, which leads me to believe he came under scrutiny through candidate security , then someone found the post and decided to make something of it. Feds are not going to wait 6 years and then use a simple post of personal information, juror or not, if they really wanted White- what surprises me is that he was actually looked at by many in nationalism as kind of being sensational and to expect what he wrote would usually be embellished, to make a tale more interesting or forum gab-worthy,what is called in some circles a political 'gad-fly'. Makes a lot of noise, sometimes even embarrassingly so, but is basically harmless. That is the surprising part, though it shouldn't be.

In any cause, it is easy to slip into a kind of solipsism, and not be able to see how outside forces view the same thing. I don't believe they have a real case here, but I am sure in the interest of trying to shut down unpopular speech, they will trump up the charges and make White out to be this scary, sinister character that one can quite clearly hear he is not when listening to the audios.

In the land where Mary Winkler can shoot her husband, get 7 MONTHS, and then get her 3 kids back, in the land where being an accessory to a double murder carries just 9 years per life (and will probably not even serve that) for Christian/Newsom killings, in the land where a white 7 year old gets a skull fracture and is left unconscious by classmates and the school doesn't apologize says a 7 year old is 'no innocent bystander' when outnumbered and outgunned...... can we really afford to lock up someone for making site posts because we don't like what they say, because of how they dress, their political ideals? A very slippery slope.

BW, while he may be known, and either respected or laughed at or hated, depending on what side of the fence one is on (and sometimes not!), he has not caused actual physical harm. Part of the whole multi-culti white privilege deal is always wanting everything to be equal and fair, is it not? is it 'fair' and 'just' to hang BW's body from the scaffold just so you can say "nyah nyah, we won" just because you don't like him, how he comes across, his friends, his site, his clothes, his brand of nationalism, politics, etc?

I know NN and FC have had an internet 'hard-on' for BW for a long time-but think back to what I said about what is Actually Fair and Right as far as realizing that Nothing Happened as far as this particular case is concerned. No harm was done. See if you can separate the personal grudge and the 'nyah nyah' factor from what is right, regardless of your personal feelings about White.
October 23, 2008 4:30 PM

First, let me say thank you for the well-thought-out post. Sometimes we all should be challenged to step back and take a look at things - assess our motives - and spend some time in introspection.

I have an admission to make. When Matt Hale was first arrested I was elated. And then the indictment came across my desk. As I read through the charges, I shook my head and thought, “this will not hold up in court.”

I contacted a couple of people who I know and who possess much greater understanding of such things and was told not to worry. They assured me that the government had a solid case against Hale and that all that was found in the indictment was only what they needed to bring about an arrest. Even with these assurances, I was still unconvinced.

However, as the entire process began to move forward, additional charges were brought and eye-opening evidence and testimony came forth with each new motion filed.

In the case of Matthew Hale, it is no secret that he had been under investigation for years. From the time of the Benjamin Smith shooting spree in July of 1999, the government wanted to nail him. Many believed and still do, myself included, that Smith acted under orders, implied or overt, from Hale.

Matt knew he was being watched. He knew that law-enforcement wanted nothing more than to put him in prison but because of his insatiable need for attention and acceptance, he was unable to reign in his manipulative nature and to further his believes through legal means.

Once he came to trial – I believed he would be found guilty and that he would be sentenced to, perhaps, 20 years. He got 40.

Now, with Hale, he was being considered a domestic terrorist – and one could argue that the sentence was excessive given the claim that silentconsort makes in reference to Bill White that no one had been harmed and he didn’t really DO anything. But, is that true?

Like Hale, Bill White has been under investigation for a very long time. This is not something that just popped up in the last few months. Bill knew that – he even wrote about it time and time again.

Also, like Hale, he couldn’t help himself. Just as the federal government built a case against Hale, I suspect, they have built a case against White. They have, undoubtedly, cultivated witnesses and perhaps even utilized informants to bring this thing to fruition. Of course, I’m speculating as it is way too soon to know everything.

Those things being said, the questions that arise in the post made here, are viable and worthy of consideration, for certain. SC asks, “Can you lock someone up for simply being offensive in America? Are they trying to equate offensive with actual danger?”

Within the system of the law a jury in a criminal case is asked to find guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt,” and I think that is the key here. All of this will hinge on what a jury believes is “reasonable.” Is it “reasonable” for the average person to believe that they were in danger when a neo-Nazi, with a following, regardless of how bogus his inflated numbers were, published their home addresses, places of employment, personal information on their family members, etc. and encouraged other neo-Nazi’s to pay them a visit, extract justice, lynch them, or otherwise murder them?

Personally, I think, given the hideous things posted by Bill White on his website that most responsible jurors would think that it is “reasonable” to believe that he placed many, many people in “actual danger.”

Additionally, I find the use of the word “offensive” a gross understatement of what was published on Using racial epithets, excessive cursing, pornography, etc. might all fall under the definition of “offensive,” but calling for the assassination, the lynching, or the murder of another individual, goes way beyond being merely “offensive.”

Even as a “far-left radical type” as the author has dubbed him, White was given to superfluous buffoonery and a “pushing of the envelope” as indicated. However, he has also long been considered unstable and dangerous by many on all points of the political continuum. For me, the surprise has been in his ability to garner any semblance of a following, albeit always short-lived.

Attempts to characterize calls for violence as mere hate-speech is to be expected among those who went from racists to racialists and Nazi’s to Nationalists and is pretty characteristic of the grooming school of white supremacists run by Don Black and known as Stormfront. Euphemisms such as these do not diminish the fact that those who engage in the kinds of reprehensible behaviors associated with Matt Hale and Bill White always seem to find themselves on the outside of our society looking in.

Yes, there are injustices in this world. And yes, there are inequalities. Bad things happen to good people and there are way too many victims. However, the argument that “nothing happened” or “he didn’t do anything” doesn’t wash here. By that logic, the authorities should have stood by and waited for one of his targets to be killed. There have been victims of Bill White’s reign of terror – and believe me that is precisely what it was to those who felt the wrath of his hate.

Ask anyone of his many targets how the fear affected them. Tell me that anyone should have to fear for his safety or that of his family, should have to look over his shoulder every minute, should wonder and worry that he may be in the crosshairs of some unstable Nazi who hates him just because of the color of his skin or his religion or sexual orientation. Tell me those people aren’t victims.

And, what about the ones who were the inadvertent targets? The ones who simply had their addresses published because they had the same last name as his intended target? Or the ones who simply worked at the Roanoke Times and didn’t even have the foggiest idea of who Bill White was? What about the people who got threatening letters from the ANSWP because they were black? These were all victims of Bill White.

At the same time you worry about his rights and the freedoms of people in this county, Bill White’s solution is that if he doesn’t like what they say – silence them. Kill them. Shut them the hell up. Scare them, intimidate them, trample their rights, at any cost. Yet, he didn’t DO anything.

What other evidence the government might have on White is still to be divulged. Surely there is more to come. The only real outrage I feel at the moment – the only injustice that I can see in all of this is that there is someone else out there just as guilty of the same things as Bill White and he has yet to be dealt with. Hal Turner has consistently engaged in the same sort of egregious behavior as Bill White – and perhaps even more prolifically. To this day he still credits his postings as the catalyst to the Lefkow murders. Yet, he is allowed to continue. That’s not justice.

Contrary to what silentconsort proffers, this is not about personal grudges or personal feelings about Bill White. I agree, right is right. If a case cannot be made against White, then I will say shame on the entity that arrested him. But, having been down this road before, I’m not going to count the feds out at this point.

I believe that Bill White is clinically insane. I really do. If he isn’t tried and convicted then, at the very least, I hope that he is evaluated and placed somewhere where he can receive the treatment I believe that he needs. But, most importantly, I hope that no one ever has to be victimized by White again.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Updated 8:40 p.m.

Magistrate Judge Michael Urbanski has ordered William A. White held without bond.

Okay, as is normal in situations such as the one surrounding the arrest of Bill White, the speculation, questions, and misunderstandings are flying all over the place. While I am certainly no expert on legal matters, there are a few things that I know to be true.

Bill White has been under investigation for quite some time. This isn’t something that just started in the last few weeks or months. While we enjoy many freedoms in this country and have more rights than anywhere else in the world – we also have responsibilities. When we abuse those rights and start acting irresponsibly there are laws that, quite simply, put us in our place.

The vast majority of Americans live within those laws, enjoy and cherish those rights, and never run afoul of the law. Some of us ride the cusp – push the envelope, if you will, of those legal boundaries. Even then, however, most stay within the limits. This is because those “limits” are just not that confining or restrictive. And, of course, there are those who just don’t see the boundaries, have no understanding or regard for societal mores, and live a sociopathic existence violating us and the values we hold dear.

We cannot believe that we are above the law. That’s hard for someone like Bill White to understand given his ego. We can have our beliefs and hold firm to them but we cannot trample the rights of others in our actions. Bill White is a slumlord who trampled the rights of others. He came under scrutiny because of his flamboyance and his refusal to stay within the rules and within the realm of the law.

Being a White Nationalist is not illegal. Wearing a swastika and parading down Main Street is not against the law in this country. Spewing venom against minorities falls under the umbrella of protection in America. While we, as a society, may rail against such things and find them reprehensible, we allow them because we value the freedoms that we have. But…there is a line that can’t be crossed.

Federal law-enforcement has been watching and waiting for Bill White. They have been gathering information and waiting for him to step off the curb. He has done that on several occasions – but they wanted enough for a conviction. That’s the way it works, folks. They don’t plan on wasting the Court’s time or the taxpayer’s money. They want enough to convict.

Now, the arrest warrant that was filed and put online outlines only what officials believed was necessary to get an indictment. They don’t play all their cards in front of a Grand Jury. What they present is only what they believe will achieve their goal.

The charges made, the evidence shown, and the witnesses called do not reflect their entire case. They have more evidence, they have more witnesses and more charges will be forthcoming. That’s also the way that it works.

Given the fact that Bill White has alienated so many people within the movement and has attempted to intimidate and defame so many other people within our society, the witness list could be a lengthy one. Of course all of that depends on what future charges might arise.

Given the current charges, I believe all that the government needs is a couple of witnesses to testify that either Bill told them to harass or harm the juror – or that they believed that’s what he wanted them do. And I think that has already happened.

A couple of things that the government seems to be relying heavily on is 1) the juror served on the Matt Hale trial which dealt with the solicitation of the murder of a federal judge by a white supremacist; and 2) Bill White has been advocating the murder of public figures and others on his website. There may also be those who could come forth and testify that Bill directly ordered or suggested that they engage in direct illegal activities against those he has targeted. This is all speculation on my part – but not out of the realm of possibility at this point.

Until motions start being filed and court documents start making their way to the public domain, we won’t know anything for certain. However, information in these proceedings seems to have a way of leaking out and finding a way into the media and other outlets.

Of course, there are those within the racist crowd who are saying, regardless of differences with White, this is just another example of racists being held to different standards. Somehow for me, that logic just doesn’t wash.

With headlines such as “Kill This Racist?” I would anticipate some sort of scrutiny. I would understand that by repeatedly engaging in such behavior, I was inviting the wrath of law-enforcement. I see no double standard here any more than I did in the Hale trial. The bottom line is…you cannot expect to do things like this and not attract attention. But…then…that’s precisely what Bill White wanted to do – and he got it.

Stating in open court, “I don’t blame the judge for his concerns. I write stuff that’s way out there and extreme,” and admitting that the intricate plot to murder others detailed in one of his postings was “disturbing,” did not sway Magistrate Judge Michael Urbanski.

In a desperate attempt to mitigate the damning nature of some of his writings submitted as evidence, White told the court…

“It was written to be disturbing. It is not true,” he said. “Like everything I write, I write essentially tabloid news – half true, half sensationalism and exaggeration.”

Now he sits in a jail cell with no bail and according to Laurence Hammack of the Roanoke Times…

"It’s your own words, Mr. White, that require me to detain you," Urbanski said at the end of the hearing.
As Bill’s words come back to haunt him, I can only hope that those of us he has directed his vitriol toward over the last several years stand out in his mind as well. As for “tabloid news” – even tabloids don’t publish the rantings of psychopaths who advocate murder.


UPDATE: Updated 8:40 p.m.

Magistrate Judge Michael Urbanski has ordered William A. White held without bond


BREAKING, CHICAGO GRAND JURY INDCTS WHITE... Notice the words CHICAGO GRAND JURY, not ROANOKE grand jury. Did they have White fooled or what????


Just hours before neo-Nazi activist William A. White’s preliminary hearing in Roanoke on a charge of encouraging violence against a federal juror, authorities announced today that White has been indicted on the same charge by a federal grand jury in Chicago.

The development clears the way for White to stand trial in Chicago, although he is still scheduled to appear in federal court this afternoon for a bond hearing.

The grand jury indicted White Tuesday on a charge of soliciting injury to the foreman of a jury that convicted a fellow white supremacist, Matthew Hale, of plotting to kill a federal judge in Chicago, authorities announced today.

Last month, White posted the juror’s name, address and telephone numbers to his Web site,

By calling the man a "Gay, anti-racist" juror who played a key role in Hale’s conviction and making his whereabouts known, federal prosecutors contend, White intended for someone to act on the information by harming or threatening the juror.

White, 31, was arrested Friday. He had been scheduled to attend a preliminary hearing this afternoon in U.S. District Court in Roanoke, where Magistrate Judge Michael Urbanski was to have determined whether there was probable cause to support the charge.

But now that a Chicago grand jury has already made that finding and indicted White, there’s no need for a preliminary hearing.

The indictment outlines a number of other cases in which White has posted personal information about his self-proclaimed enemies and made veiled threats, including a call last year to "Lynch the Jena 6" — a reference to six black teenagers whose arrest on assault charges triggered a major civil rights march in Jena, La.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Before I get into my thoughts and speculations about the arrest of Bill White, I think a little background and groundwork has to be laid - especially for those unfamiliar with White’s and my history.

On January 8, 2003, Matthew Fredrick Hale entered the Federal Building in Chicago. As the leader of the fastest growing neo-Nazi group in the United States, Hale traveled with a contingency of his White Berets – the security arm of the, then named, World Church of the Creator.

Matt was pumped and ready for his court date with the Honorable Judge Joan Lefkow. It was a complicated trade-mark case and one that Hale was not ready to lose. However, January 8th wasn’t a very lucky day for him as he lost more than the case – he lost his freedom.

Handcuffed and arrested Matthew Hale was booked into jail for soliciting the murder of none other than the Honorable Judge Joan Lefkow. He is now serving a forty year sentence.

For the next two years the internet racists were abuzz with speculation, innuendo, and incredulity as the process of trial and sentencing drug on. Wild accusations and hundreds of rumors were hurled right and left while behind the scenes the events unfolding were kept secret and unknown to the rank-and-file.

As a matter of fact, there are only a handful of people who really know what things were unfolding during that time and one thing for sure is, there is no loyalty among the racists.
As the federal government applied the pressure to make its case against Hale, those in the know were bailing, scurrying for cover, or simply rolling over. And there was a lot of rolling over.

It’s important to note that I, and Citizens Against Hate, had been focusing much of our attention on Matthew Hale for several years prior to his arrest. We reported on his activities and those of his members and conducted several interviews with Matt himself. Believing that Hale was one of the most dangerous of the neo-Nazi’s in America, it was our goal to keep very close tabs on him and his group.

Because of the attention we gave to Hale, it was not at all surprising that we became involved in the trial and events surrounding the testimony and the disposition.

While many of our sources for information remain confidential, suffice it to say that we were privy to many of the inner-workings and information largely reserved for “insiders.”

Hale had a large following by today’s standards. Many of those “followers,” however, displayed no real loyalties to the man or to the “movement” when the chips were down. Afraid for their own freedom, worried about their families or their jobs, they became a veritable wealthy source of information for the government. Not all were required to testify – as a matter of fact, only a fraction were called upon.

In the end, justice was served and the World Church of the Creator became the Creativity Movement and various factions thereof. None of these factions can even be considered as being a serious part of the movement today.

Given all of this, one would think that this page of the racist history book could be closed. But, things have a way of coming around full circle. Matt Hale sits in a maximum security cell surrounded by his legal appeals and prison guards, but there are others who bear watching. One of those people is Bill White.

William Alexander White doesn’t like it when I write about him. But I write about him anyway. Actually, he has been a primary focus of mine and Citizens Against Hate since the incarceration of Hale.

As with Matt, I consider White dangerous as well – not because of any physical threat that he poses to anyone but because he is a master manipulator and extreme narcissist. While White doesn’t have much in the way of a following, he has the ability to shape and mold the unsuspecting as well as the attraction for those equally as unstable as he.

During the Hale trial, Bill White attempted to insinuate himself into the proceedings through his writings and web site often speaking as if he had been in attendance – which he had not. In a back-and-forth with long-time Hale friend, Kathy Robertazzo regarding an audio tape where Hale could be heard saying, “…anybody who kills a Jew should not spend any time in jail,” Bill White made the following comment…

“I also agree, killing any of the hate Jews who are wrecking this society should not result in jail time.”

Within his writings, which are generally always peppered with the sputum of the insane, he has always been quite fond of trying to make himself appear omnipresent and much more important than he really is. The majority of people who read any of what he prints can sift through his narcissistic back-pats and realize quickly that he is quite demented. However, his irresponsible behaviors became much more than tiresome, they became detrimental to the well-being of innocent people.

In a frenzy over the testimony of Tony Evola, a government informant, during the Hale trial, Bill White published Evola’s home address and phone number – only it was for an Anthony Evola - a completely unrelated person to the informant. White’s actions resulted in an innocent family being harassed and terrorized and placed under police protection. White would later claim…

“After my company published Tony Evola's personal information, the FBI held a press conference. Did they denounce us by name? No -- they mentioned our headlines, and said that they were "maybe" trying to find a way to "legally" shut us down. Why did they hem and haw and hedge their words? Because they knew there was about shit they could do, but they wanted to sound tough for you dopes who persist in believing that the government has a duty to shut down all criticism of Jews, everywhere. Hale was a strawman, and the papers published his name everywhere; we are not strawmen, and the FBI fears to name us.”

In truth, the press conference came after the information that White published had been picked up by others and made the rounds on message boards noted to be frequented by the lunatic fringe of our society. Additionally, the information that he posted was absolutely erroneous and brought much grief to innocent people. However, in his egomaniacal fashion, he tried to seem important enough to cause the Federal Bureau of Investigation to call a press conference.

In truth, they mentioned no website by name. Yet in the news accounts that were on TV, the website shown to have the information available belonged to Hal Turner. This was just a real hard pill for Bill White to swallow. Not only did they not mention him or Overthrow - they showed a picture of a website other than his. Consequently, he felt compelled to do some damage control so that others would find him to be an important person in all of this.

Since they failed to mention the self-aggrandized Bill White and his website by name, it had become incumbent upon him to portray them as weak and impotent in an effort to cajole them into giving him more attention.

Affiliating himself with Hale afforded him an opportunity, as he perceived it, to boost his site ratings, thereby validating his effectiveness and worthiness in the movement. Yet, he could not allow Hale to appear more virile than he was. Therefore, he reduced him to a "strawman" and in the next breath, elevated himself to that of potency. Claiming that the FBI "fears" him because of his dominion, in his eyes, made him appear untouchable and all-important.

Perception is everything, right?

In his continued quest for recognition, Bill White would continue with the baiting of law-enforcement and others…

“LSN has considred releasing the names and addresses of the jury members, but has decided to defer that decision until the current climate of hate and hostility, stoked up by the Jewish press and violent members of the FBI, has passed.”

And so it continued. White, with little to no first-hand knowledge of the trial or the players used his website and his keyboard to attempt to catapult himself into the arena of the courtroom and public opinion seeking nothing more than attention.

Fabricating stories, insinuating himself into situations he believes will bring him notoriety, manipulating the gullible, and exploiting those who he can along the way has become a way of life for Bill White. His voracious appetite for attention is widely known and he has become a pariah in the hate movement. This week, however, he may have finally met his destiny – a fate blueprinted by himself and brought to fruition with his own hands.

In 2005, Judge Joan Lefkow arrived home to find her husband and mother brutally murdered in her basement. All eyes were once again focused on Matthew Hale who sat in a jail cell awaiting sentencing.

It’s important to state that prior to Hale’s arrest he had been embroiled in the aforementioned trademark suit with Judge Lefkow and he and his followers had seen fit to publish all of the personal information about the Judge on various websites and message boards.

Immediately after the murders, Hal Turner, a racist, internet talk-show host, posted a picture of the judge with the caption “GOTCHA” as well as the personal information on other federal judges he felt were deserving of “attention.”

Not to be outdone, Bill White wrote an article about the murders in which he stated…

“I don't feel bad that Judge Lefkow's family was murdered today. In fact, when I heard the story I laughed. "Good for them!" was my first thought.

“Everyone associated with the Matt Hale trial has deserved assassination for a long time. At the time, I believe I said that if I were Hale and I was being railroaded like this I would kill -- not the judge -- but the ADL officers involved and their witnesses.

“Yesterday, when the ADL officials and FBI agents and federal prosecutors and federal judges who are responsible for the persecution of the white race went to bed, they had no fear that they would ever be held accountable for any unreasonable or immoral ruling against a white activist. White activists were ridiculed. They were mocked. They were the kind of silly Jewish-television- show bad guy that anyone could kick around and know they could get away with it. For all the propaganda alleging white activists are "violent" "terrorist" or "dangerous", to the Jewish system white nationalists were nothing more than a bunch of fringe losers, not to be taken seriously.

“Tonight, as these same ADL officials and FBI agents and federal prosecutors and federal judges go to bed, they have to think that tomorrow they may wake up and find their families murdered…”

As it turned out, the person responsible for the murders of Judge Lefkow’s family was not believed to be part of the racist movement. Yet, the Hal Turner’s and Bill White’s of this world, ever the opportunists, sought to capitalize on the heinous crime.

For those who believe neo-Nazi’s and hate groups to be inconsequential in modern society, it should be pointed out that the actions and the crimes that are associated with such groups has often resulted in changing the system of jurisprudence that we all live under today.
The irresponsibility of those who published the personal information of judges on the internet resulted in a push for limitations being placed upon the very freedoms that these groups cloak themselves in. As an outgrowth of their actions and the murder of these two innocent people, a new law was passed outlawing any such publications in the future.

Now, in a sane society of sane people, it would be sane to believe that all of this would have put an end to the outlandish acts of Bill White. It would be sensible to assume that White would be more responsible in the future. But, the world of Bill White is not sane, rational, or sensible. His insatiable need for recognition continued to spiral out of control.

In 2007, Bill White was presented with a national incident that gave rise to what might be his last hurrah. The case of the Jena 6 brought civil rights groups and leaders into the national forefront as they marched through the streets of Jena, Louisiana in protest of unequal treatment for six black teens and the racist actions of city officials.

White saw this as the ultimate opportunity for him to garner national attention – and he got busy. Railing against the Reverand Al Sharpton and others, Bill White called for the lynching of what had been dubbed the Jena 6, located and published the addresses and phone numbers of the families of the six youths, as well as that of the Sharpton’s.

White had also done the same thing with Pulitzer Prize winner, Leonard Pitts, earlier in the year because of an exception that the racists took with an article that he had published – but the Jena case created an even bigger stir – and Bill White wanted big.

But, even that eventually died down. It seemed that no matter how hard he tried, no matter what he did, he was not getting precisely what he wanted. Even his members in his American National Socialist Worker’s Party were becoming irreverent and disrespectful. He wanted a bigger issue.

The hallmark of a depraved individual is often found in the disdain that he has for those closest to him. Over the years, Bill has been notorious for, not just his lashing out at minorities, but for his abuse of others in the movement. Much of this comes from his narcissistic personality and his perception that no one is as good or as smart as he is.

He has consistently surrounded himself with others who are considered the outcasts of the racist front – this, I believe is purposeful on the part of White. Much as the teen-aged girl who has little confidence in herself often befriends only those who are less attractive in an effort to feel superior, White adopts those who are less intelligent, easily duped, and more malleable. Then he discards them.

He doesn’t just throw them away, however. He uses them as his emotional punching bags. He castigates them, he publicly berates and belittles them, and he deals heavy blows of humiliation. This is an outcropping of his own personal dilemma – his own insecurities – his own need for self-validation.

As members of his group were bailing out and he was banished from one of the largest forums on the net, Bill was not doing well. At one point this Spring, he finally admitted to being seriously depressed and made the following statements…

“Combined with this dead feeling I realized the other day that I have, almost without realizing it, though that may seem a bit strange, developed a very intricate plot for the murder of about a score of Roanoke City’s Negro nuisances and their annoying counterparts at the Roanoke Times. I know everything about these assholes – where they live, who they live with, what they look like, where they go, when they go there. I estimate I could probably, in the course of a few hours, kill fifteen out of the twenty easy if I picked the right day and time, and still lived long enough to travel the country and begin picking off the ridiculous “independent journalists” that staff the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report. I have a list of those as well. What’s amazing is that I’ve been doing this almost without paying attention to it, until I started thinking about things the other day.
“The other day I read something, as it happened, about post traumatic stress disorder. It was completely random, but something struck me when it mentioned dissociation. I was a psych major with biological and clinical foci at University of Maryland; I studied stuff like this. I realized that dissociate was an extremely good term for what I was doing. The other day I drew a gun and was ready to kill one of my tenants, based mostly on behavior from the tenant that while violent and disruptive, would usually have rolled off my back. As I’ve thought about things the past few days, I’ve realized that I’ve been avoiding confrontations solely to avoid killing people. As my list of people to kill has grown, it has become rather paralyzing.”

A couple of months ago, Bill announced that he intended to publish and distribute a “mini-magazine,” if the funds could be raised. He baited other racists with a proposed cover that depicted presidential candidate Barack Obama speaking to a large crowd. The picture contained a target on Obama’s head and a caption of “Kill This Nigger.” Needless to say, a chill was sent up and down the spine of most readers.

Where is the proverbial line, we asked? Had Bill White finally stepped over that line? Maybe.

In the midst of all of this it was announced that Matt Hale had filed an appeal to reduce his sentence. Claiming that his counsel was lacking and that a key juror had ties to Northwestern University where a former member of his Church had committed a shooting and that the juror had an African-American boyfriend and should have been excluded, Hale filed for a reduction in his 40 year sentence.

Bill White saw another opportunity. He dug up the name and personal information of the juror and published it on his website. The juror then began to receive phone calls and text messages of a threatening nature. At least one of those calls was placed by Bill White using his wife’s cell phone.

On Friday, October 17th, 2008, Bill White was arrested. The initial indictment lists the intimidation of said juror and cites many of the incidents mentioned here. It should also be noted that charges and evidence brought before a grand jury are generally just enough to achieve an indictment and rarely indicates everything in the government’s case.

Bill was denied bail this morning pending a hearing on Wednesday, October 22nd. Reactions to this turn of events has been cautious among the anti-racist crowd. Within the White Nationalist circle, however, the news has been met with cheers, I-told-you-so’s, and pessimism mixed in with a few, very few, well-wishes.

Bill saw the handwriting on the wall last week when his computers were seized and word came down that some of his previous supporters had been subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury. With lot’s of finger-pointing and name calling he named those he believed to be the “rats” and the “snitches” and a couple who he threw in just for good measure.

Will the government be able to bring an iron-clad case against Bill
White? I guess we will just have to wait and see. For now, at any rate, we can only say for certain that the man once known as the “Millionaire Nazi” may not be so rich after all. Money definitely doesn’t buy everything – and falling off of a self-made pedestal is really a hard fall.

We’ll keep you updated as all of this moves forward.


For a plethora of background information on Bill White...




Saturday, October 18, 2008




Roanoke neo-Nazi jailed on federal charges
By Laurence Hammack
The Roanoke Times

William A. White
Photo courtesy of the Roanoke City JailA white supremacist known for his inflammatory Internet postings about race-related issues - and his verbal attacks on the people involved in them - has been arrested on federal charges.

William A. White, commander of the Roanoke-based American National Socialist Workers Party, was being held without bond this morning in the Roanoke City Jail, according to Lt. Mark Sweentenberg of the Roanoke Sheriff's Office.

Asked what White is charged with, jail officials referred questions to federal authorities. "That's all we know, that he's a federal inmate," Sweetenberg said.

Kevin Foust, a senior FBI agent who supervises the bureau's Roanoke office, referred questions to the U.S. Attorney's Office in Chicago.

Officials there were not immediately available for comment.

However, a copy of what appears to be a search warrant recently used to seize White's computer equipment, which White posted to a Yahoo message group earlier this week, indicates a Chicago link to a federal investigation into his activities.

The warrant authorized FBI agents to search a Patterson Avenue building that houses the computer equipment White uses to maintain his Web site, According to the warrant, authorities were looking for computer files and other records "that may contain all evidence of the crime of threatening Hale Juror A."

Previous coverage
White's Web site closed by FBI (Oct. 17, 2008)
Roanoke neo-Nazi cleared of threat allegation (July 29, 2008)
In an interview earlier this week, White said that's a reference to a juror in the case of Matthew Hale, who was convicted by a Chicago jury in 2004 of soliciting the murder of a U.S. District Court judge.

White said he recently included information about the juror, including a home address, in an posting that raised concerns about the case. But White said he made no threats against the juror.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, an Alabama organization that monitors hate groups, agreed on its Web site that White did not directly propose violence against the juror.

"But he told his readers that the man 'played a leading role in inciting both the conviction and the harsh sentence that followed," a blog item on the law center's Web site states. "He also described the conviction as wrongful and said the prison term handed Hale was a 'criminally long sentence.' "

Mark Potok, director of the law center's Intelligence Project, said Thursday that while White has often come close to the line between free speech and criminal activity, he may have finally crossed it by posting personal information about a juror.

Federal authorities are particularly sensitive about protecting jurors in cases such as Hale's, Potok said.

Since the FBI seizure of White's computer equipment last Saturday, has been down.

But White apparently was not charged until recently. In a posting to a Yahoo message group for white supremacists, made either late Thursday night or sometime during the day Friday, someone identifying himself as White said the FBI had just executed a second search warrant, this one on his home.

"They left remarking on how they did not have anything with which to chargesme [sic] and they needed to plan theyre [sic] next step," the post stated.

With White now in jail, the next step will be an arraignment before a magistrate judge, which could happen as early as Sunday afternoon.

Sunday, October 12, 2008




Strange things happen in cyber space – especially in the realm of organized and not so organized hate groups. While experts quip about how the internet has provided a new resource for recruitment into such groups and for the proliferation of messages of hate, it has also become a source of their own destruction.

Unpopular views and those who hold them consistently seek validation and reassurance through association and acceptance. Relationships built on need for self-confirmation are tenuous at best and among the hate-filled white supremacists, meaningful relationships are rarely long-lasting.

Consequently, the internet has become the arena in which they beat each other up, publicly denounce rival groups, and basically air their dirty laundry. After-all, why engage in street fighting when you can exact much more pain through the keyboard?

Of course, as an anti-racist, I’m not complaining – merely observing and often reaping the rewards.

With the deaths of Richard Butler and William Luther Pierce the demise of the White Nationalist Movement began. Soon thereafter came the incarceration of Matthew Hale of the World Church of the Creator and the Satan’s Gate revelations of the National Socialist Movement, effectively curtailing the growth and activities of two more rather virulent groups of the same genre.

What has been left is Don Black’s Stormfront potpourri of neutered racists and a rather comical hodgepodge of cretins who frequent the Vanguard News Network Forum.

Up until this spring, the internet was plagued with a couple of rather rancorous racists in the form of Hal Turner and Bill White. Turner produced a white nationalist radio show and threatened Congress, the Jews, immigrants, etc. until he realized that no one was listening and that racists had no loyalties – or money.

Bill White, on the other hand, has been a thorn in everyone’s side for years. A master manipulator of both truth and individuals, it is a truly wondrous thing that he lasted among the supremacists as long as he did. Of course, that doesn’t say much for the mental acuity of the racist crowd, now does it?

Of all of those using the internet to further the racist message, Don Black, Hal Turner, and Bill White have probably been the most notorious with the VNN bunch striving for the same notoriety. However, the one person who has created the most drama and, as such, been the most successful at baiting the racists and pitting them against each other has got to be Bill White.

Now, it’s no secret that White has been a great asset to the anti-racists. We love it when Bill joins or forms a new group because we know that he is getting the goods on everyone who befriends him and will soon make all of that available to us. He has provided us with much amusement and amazement at his ability to maneuver and manipulate the unwary as well as those who know him. His abilities aren’t reserved simply for the unsophisticated or the gullible either as we have witnessed even the most astute reporters fall prey to his ingenuity.

It’s an old game with a new twist. It’s called bait and switch. And while White is masterful at this, every dog definitely has its day.

As was noted earlier, strange things happen in cyber space and game-playing can become very convincing or very confusing. Bill White’s game consists of him joining up with a group of people on the internet, writing and saying all of the things he thinks they want to hear, convincing them that he is extremely intelligent and leadership material, getting publicity, making them feel comfortable, giving them validity in their beliefs, and gathering personal information (just in case).

Once he has gained their confidence, he begins to find fault with the group leaders or other members. He picks away at their failings. He watches carefully for signs that others are starting to agree with him and then he strikes taking his handful of followers and publicly humiliating and outing the others. But it doesn’t stop there.

Allegiances among the racist set are flimsy and short-lived. Once White’s idolaters realize that they have been duped by an egomaniacal jackass they begin to react but, generally speaking, they are little to no match for the agile Mr. White who takes great pleasure in publishing all of their personal information and making up outrageous lies about those who leave.

The truly incredible thing in all of this is White’s ability to often regain entrance into the same group that he left in total disarray – baiting others into his disingenuous web of a self-ingratiating, egoistic brand of hate.

Recently, however, Bill White has been pretty well ostracized by white nationalists. This hasn’t played out well for White whose narcissistic personality demands attention at all costs. Over the last few weeks, it has been obvious to most of us that the stress of this lack of recognition has taken its toll.

In the midst of bankruptcy and personal turmoil, White tried desperately to maintain a web presence and some semblance of “leadership” within the movement. Announcing appearances on little-known radio shows, attempting to create newsworthy situations, and writing articles containing only smatterings of truth, White has been trying to regain some ground in the inner-circles of the movement – all to no avail.

Then things got uglier – a lot uglier. White announced plans to publish a limited edition of a “mini-magazine” with the feature story entitled “Kill This Nigger.” The magazine cover shows a picture of Presidential candidate Barack Obama speaking to a crowd while in the crosshairs.

Next, with the announcement that federal prisoner, Matt Hale, former leader of the World Church of the Creator, was petitioning for a reduced sentence based on perceived improprieties surrounding one of his jurors, White obtained and published all of the personal information on that juror.

Both of these incidents caused a collective gasp among us and a discussion over whether or not Bill had finally crossed the line.

The publishing of this sort of information is not out of the ordinary for White. At the end of the Hale trial, he published what he claimed was the phone number and address of the federal informant who caused Hale’s arrest. Of course, the information was incorrect and caused an innocent family to be put in harms way.

A year ago, White published personal information on Leonard Pitts, an African American, Pulitzer Prize winning author as well as the Reverend Al Sharpton. So, the outrageous is not out of the question when Bill White wants attention.

A couple of weeks ago, White claimed that he was being followed by the FBI and that they had tried to question him. Last week he said that he was being audited by the Internal Revenue Service. He also claimed that former friend (and general boot-licker), Michael Blevins had turned him into the feds claiming that White had opened bank accounts in Mexico in an effort to hide his money from the bankruptcy courts. All of this has been denied by Blevins.

On October 9th, Hal Turner reported on his blog that Bill White was the subject of a Grand Jury investigation over the publishing of Leonard Pitts’ personal information and his “alleged involvement in something else.” He went on to claim that there were at least two witnesses testifying against White.

White responded with a tirade of accusations claiming that Michael Blevins and Justin Boyer, both former members of his American Nazi Socialist Worker’s Party, were the “rats” and the “snitches.”

On October 10th, White’s website disappeared. He announced that the FBI had raided his facility, seized his servers, and were looking for evidence that he had “conspired to commit violent acts” against the juror in the Matt Hale trial. He went on to say, “I did, however, receive affidavits from individuals Friday indicating federal agents offered them money to commit violent crimes against people profiled on our website in order to implicate us in those crimes.”


In a frenzy, White has issued several other statements in the last several hours, claiming that there has been an elaborate (and wholly unbelievable) plot by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to set him up and frame him for conspiring to commit violent acts against others. He has implicated several of the people who left his fold and who have spoken out against him labeling them mentally-ill informants and “snitches.”

How much of the story being told by White is true is anyone’s guess. It’s cyber space and very little of what Bill says can be believed. Certainly, I would like to believe that there might be some sort of justice awaiting White. However, the danger at the moment is that White’s accusations and fabrications may just get someone killed.

For those who have been taken in by Bill White and his games, all that I can say is that you should have known better. As to Bill White…baiting the hook sometimes snags the baiter.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


As I await the next debate between the Presidential candidates, I have been reflecting on the current state of affairs. I don't believe I have ever witnessed such an appalling display of stupidity and ineptitude in this country. The last eight years have brought new understanding to the real meaning of "The dumbing down of America."

And now we have the bimbo...


Unleashed, Palin Makes a Pit Bull Look Tame

By Dana Milbank
Tuesday, October 7, 2008; A03

FORT MYERS, Fla., Oct. 6 John McCain is collapsing in the polls in Florida and other swing states, but Sarah Palin, God bless her, has a solution.

"For me, the heels are on, the gloves are off," she announced at high noon Monday to a group of Republican donors at the Naples Beach Club.

You betcha.

As the donors sipped their bloody marys and mimosas, she added, in a conspiratorial stage whisper, "I'm sending the message back to John McCain also: Tomorrow night in his debate, might as well take the gloves off."

Darn right.

Of course, it's not only gloves and heels; headgear has a role, too. "Okay, so, Florida, you know that you're going to have to hang on to your hats," she said at a morning rally in Clearwater, "because from now until Election Day, it may get kind of rough."

Say it ain't so, Sarah!

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a McCain confidant, told The Post's David Broder that the campaign would "go down in history as stupid if they don't unleash" Palin. Well, the self-identified pit bull has been unleashed -- if not unhinged.

Barack Obama, she told 8,000 fans at a rally here Monday afternoon, "launched his political career in the living room of a domestic terrorist!" This followed her earlier accusation that the Democrat pals around with terrorists. "This is not a man who sees America the way you and I see America," she told the Clearwater crowd. "I'm afraid this is someone who sees America as imperfect enough to work with a former domestic terrorist who had targeted his own country." The crowd replied with boos.

McCain had said that racially explosive attacks related to Obama's former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, are off limits. But Palin told New York Times columnist Bill Kristol in an interview published Monday: "I don't know why that association isn't discussed more."

Worse, Palin's routine attacks on the media have begun to spill into ugliness. In Clearwater, arriving reporters were greeted with shouts and taunts by the crowd of about 3,000. Palin then went on to blame Katie Couric's questions for her "less-than-successful interview with kinda mainstream media." At that, Palin supporters turned on reporters in the press area, waving thunder sticks and shouting abuse. Others hurled obscenities at a camera crew. One Palin supporter shouted a racial epithet at an African American sound man for a network and told him, "Sit down, boy."

McCain's swoon is largely out of his control, the result of an economic collapse that ignited new fears Monday when the Dow Jones industrial average closed below 10,000 for the first time in four years. That's why his lead in Florida polls, which once reached as high as 15 points, has turned into a three-point deficit.

But the campaign has reacted with recriminations (the St. Petersburg Times reported that the Florida Republican Party chairman, after questioning Palin's aptitude, was told that he couldn't fly on her plane) and now Palin's rage.

The angry GOP vice presidential nominee even found a way to blame the market decline on the yet-to-be-enacted tax policies of the yet-to-be-elected Obama.

"If you turn on the news tonight when you get home, you're gonna see that, yah, this is another woeful day in the market, and the other side just doesn't understand -- no!" she said at an afternoon fundraiser at the home of mutual fund giant Jack Donahue. "Especially in a time like this, you don't propose to increase taxes. The phoniest claim in a campaign that's full of them is that Barack Obama is going to cut your taxes."

Of course, Obama never promised to cut taxes for people at $10,000-a-plate lunches in air-conditioned tents on waterfront compounds. And the crowd -- among them New York Jets owner Woody Johnson -- reacted without applause to Palin's Joe Six-Pack lines. After they didn't strike up the usual "Drill, baby, drill" or "USA" chants, Palin, rattled, read hurriedly through the rest of her speech.

The reception had been better in Clearwater, where Palin, speaking to a sea of "Palin Power" and "Sarahcuda" T-shirts, tried to link Obama to the 1960s Weather Underground. "One of his earliest supporters is a man named Bill Ayers," she said. ("Boooo!" said the crowd.) "And, according to the New York Times, he was a domestic terrorist and part of a group that, quote, 'launched a campaign of bombings that would target the Pentagon and our U.S. Capitol,' " she continued. ("Boooo!" the crowd repeated.)

"Kill him!" proposed one man in the audience.

Palin also told those gathered that Obama doesn't like American soldiers. "He said that our troops in Afghanistan are just, quote, 'air-raiding villages and killing civilians,' " she said, drawing boos from a crowd that had not been told Obama was actually appealing for more troops in Afghanistan.

"See, John McCain is a different kind of man: He believes in our troops," she said.

At times, Palin hinted at the GOP campaign's troubles. "It's going to be a hard-fought contest, especially in these swing states, some maybe we would not have expected," she admitted to donors. She allowed that "John McCain and I need to do a better job" of talking about the economy.

At other times, she had troubles of her own, as when she spoke over the weekend of "our neighboring country of Afghanistan" or when she got choked up at the Clearwater rally, saying, "Some of your signs just make me wanna cry," without explaining which ones or why.

But then the gloves came off, the heels came out, and Palin was once again talking about her opponent hanging out in a terrorist's living room.

And then there is this...

Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Gamble

This week, in our country, has been more than interesting - it has been filled with portents of things to come - none of them good. While the spin-doctors for various networks lace the news with gloom and doom, the presidential candidates point fingers and try to lay blame on each other - and the country bleeds.

The full impact of the economic collapse hasn't reached Main Street yet. The so-called "bail-out" is nothing more than a clamp on a ruptured artery and will not repair the irreparable. Most people have never experienced the troubles that lie ahead and cannot imagine what life will be like when the bottom falls out.

Billions of dollars are being spent every month to sustain a war in a country that has billions of dollars in surplus. The initial thrust to find Osama Bin Laden has long been forgotten by this administration and Al Qaeda is rebuiling at a rapid pace.

People around the nation are being bankrupted by soaring medical costs and lack of affordable health insurance. Yet, our so-called "leaders" throw euphemistic rhetoric and empty promises at the problem and do nothing to fix it.

The climate crisis is real and our planet is in great peril, yet so-called "leaders" can't agree on the causes of this crisis or whether or not it even exists.

In the last eight years we have witnessed the decimation of America. Now we are left with the rubble. We can vote for more of the same - an extension of Bush policies - in the form of John McCain and his air-headed cheerleader or we can choose Barack Obama and Joe Biden.'s a crap-shoot in many ways - but...if we have to take the gamble, I'll place my money on the team that is the antithesis of more of the same.