Thursday, June 11, 2009

Malignacy Spreading

June 10th was a warm and very humid day in Washington, D.C. as storms built in from the West. The clouds weren't the only things casting a pallor over the nation's capitol, however. There was an even darker pother creeping toward one of the most revered of our country's historical offerings - the Holocaust Memorial Museum.

James von Brunn, an 89-year-old racist and virulent anti-Semite, chose this day to pick up his rifle and turn his fantasy of ethnic cleansing into a reality. Unfortunately, Stephen Tyrone Johns lost his life while protecting others.

As the media has focused heavily on the writings and past transgressions of Brunn, I will not cover the well-trod territory of the press. A simple Google search of the man will suffice to give the unaware reader a synopsis of the evils that embodied this pitiful octogenarian. What I will, however, explore are the associations of Brunn and dangers that others of his ilk bring to our society.

It is with a very sobered soul that I find myself writing this missive as I was working diligently on something a good deal more lighthearted as the tragic events of the day unfolded.

For well-over a decade, Citizens Against Hate has been chronicling and tracking the actions of the racist movement. We have written thousands of articles and reports, given testimony, engaged in community awareness programs, etc., all in an effort to raise awareness and educate the public to the dangers that organized racism holds for our society. But, nothing has been more successful in raising that alert than the racists themselves.

James von Brunn was an angry and bitter old man. His ex-wife would tell you that his hatred "...ate him alive like a cancer."

That "cancer" is alive and well in thousands throughout our country. It is malignant and it is pernicious. James von Brunn, at 89, is but one manifestation of that malignancy. When William Luther Pierce, founder of the National Alliance died in 2002, followed by Richard Butler, patriarch of the Aryan Nations, in 2004, many thought that with the "old-guard" out of the way, the white supremacist movement was finished. But, the real "old guard" hasn't left the premises - yet.

Von Brunn was close to William Luther Pierce and had ties to Butler. But, he was even closer to another of their protégés - Willis Carto, a revisionist and Holocaust denier from the old school of hate.

Elder statesmen, such as Carto and Brunn are dying off, but their work and influence have far-reaching implications for mainstream America in the current political climate.

A recent example of that is the case of John de Nugent (aka John Nugent; aka Jack Nugent), a psychopath out of Pennsylvania who befriended a young Finnish nationalist by the name of Henrik Holappa who was recently removed from this country in chains.

De Nugent claims to have had ties to von Brunn and, in fact, seemed to have been in contact with him a short time before the shooting. This is not surprising since both he and Brunn were closely associated with Carto.

Holappa had fled Finland to avoid incarceration and ended up in Pennsylvania alongside de Nugent who introduced him to the American version of white nationalism and some of the reprobates who inhabit the movement. De Nugent has lamented the unfair treatment received by Henrik when his application for asylum was denied and he was deported back to Finland just a few days ago.

De Nugent's threnody, however, was quite misplaced, as Holappa was, undoubtedly, considered a terrorist by the standards of Homeland Security. Many white nationalists have found themselves so branded of late.

The whole de Nugent/Holappa affair demonstrates the potential dangers that are inherent with the racist and anti-Semitic right.

Prior to his entry into this country, Holappa wrote several letters to the Iranian newspaper denouncing the United States and Israel. In part, he stated:

"Iran is the last fortress against the Zionism and USA. Europe has gone down in 1945 - year 1945 may never happen again. May the Allah protect the people of Iran and its leadership.

"That what happened in Afghanistan and Iraq can not happen in Iran, never. Dear people of Iran, I appeal on you: Stay as one NATION and destroy the enemy! You are in the frontline fighting against the Zionism and Americans.

"We have to tell about the crimes by the Zionism and USA in the world. They are striking as long time as they can and as long time that they have won. We can never let these cancers to win. In the end the free Nations will crush the Zionism.

Long live Iran!"

As stated earlier, it is the white supremacists themselves who make our case for dangers they present. Upon the broadcast of the events at the Musem, the racist right went into high-gear. A few denounced the actions of von Brunn, but many more were appreciative.

A few of the comments denote the true nature of the beast:

"Hot Damn! A man with balls... He shot a nigger in the kike museum...No great loss...Thanks for your service!"

"Excellent work, we salute your service!"

"Alex Linder: How to explain decorated World War II veteran James von Brunn's actions?


"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable"—John F. Kennedy

"The jews are driving America into the ground, and one man decided to fight back."

"More people have now been killed in the Holocaust Memorial Museum than in the Holocaust."

"Alex Linder: Collaborating with the jews might be a good short-term career choice, but long term there's nothing but death and dishonor for those who appease the jews."

"This might be the best news I have read in a while. These filthy jews need to know that they are not safe anywhere, even their Kwa homeland.

"My only regret is that Abe Foxman wasn't shot."

"History in the making.

"The first actual jew casualties of the holohoax.

"6,599,998 to go."

"The jews' demonization of White Nationalists is backfiring. They have driven racist Whites underground, leaving many with the lone wolf option only.

"Guess what, you fucking kikes? You never know when one of these lone wolf things is going to happen, or where!..."

While the rhetoric of the extreme racist shocks and even frightens the mainstream, it is the mindset that is the most disconcerting of all. To our credit, most people do not even think in the terms of the extremist yet the thought processes of those who would put into practice that very rhetoric must be closely examined. Interestingly, it is one of the more notorious among them who authenticates that premise as he leads his followers thusly:

I wasn't talking about men with pitchforks or even AKs taking on ZOG.

Right now there are no consequences to white perfidy (the Fox hosts) nor to the jews running the country. They do whatever they want, and fear no repercussions.

What if a couple men kidnapped an ADL higher-up along with, say, a lanky blonde? What if they conducted an interview on camera? What if they proceeded to cut the two's heads off and film it? What if they simultaneously posted the video on a number of online sites? What if this video made it absolutely clear that the jew was killed because he had tried to take White men's guns and free speech, and the blonde was killed because she was a collaborator and an appeaser? What if it was clear that this was not a one-off, but the beginning of a campaign by forces unseen?

The American people aren't following us in part because they see that we aren't willing to die or, more important, kill for our beliefs. They aren't all lemmings. They aren't all stupid. They aren't all cowards. They see a lot of the same problems we do. They're just lazy and comfortable. Just as eating makes appetite, seeing that there are those out there actually willing to kill our enemies - that would have a significant effect.

When we talk in apolyptic terms, we eventually get declining returns. Either we mean it, or we don't.

I don't think we can rely on the System breaking down on its own. The trends are all bad and unless we reverse them will get worse. The System has shown time and time again it can ignore and mock us without consequences.

I think there need to be consequences. Until there are, we're mainly entertainment, with some soft work - some education, some information dissemination, some curriculum.

I actually think a physical revolution is quite possible. Our army is mainly good at torturing people and bombing them from the air. It is not good at fighting forces that hit and run. Look at Eric Rudolph. The FBI had hundreds of people searching for him for two years and came up with squat.

The pressure is all one way right now. The jews do illegal, immoral things and we complain about double standards. Point out how unfair it is. But there's never any redress. There is no White movement until jews and those who front for them start dying at our warriors' hands. That's why I don't allow fantasy fags to sign up at VNNF.

A little something is ginning up. We're working hard. There is more we can do. That we have not developed a K-12 curriculum for White homeschoolers is a prime example of our ineffectuality. That we still have no organization that speaks for Whites is further example.

They don't respect us, they being the jews and, say, "Fox," because our actions don't back up our rhetoric. If our cause is worth dying for, how come we aren't killing any enemies?

It's not that hard. I think that the personalities on tv, the talking heads and the analysts, are soft targets, easy to get to. And if I were to make a prediction, I'd say that's where the real revolution, the physical fighting back, is going to start.

This is but one example of how twisted the mindset is among the extremists. Those words were written by Alex Linder, the owner and founder of Vanguard News Network, an internet forum and blog inhabited by some of the most virulent racists and anti-Semitic individuals on the internet. He went on to say in a later post,

An assassination, a series of assassinations, carried out against comparatively soft (undefended) targets known to the public through their presence in the mass media, could have very positive consequences for the cause of liberating Whites from Jewish Tyranny.
Shocking? To most of us, yes. The world is truly a dangerous place. The extremists among us make it even more so.

Last October, William A. White a neo-Nazi in Roanoke, Va. whose website called for the establishment of a nation-state in which only whites have the right to citizenship and for the removal of all non-whites and Jews from the United States, was arrested for juror intimidation.

In April, Richard Poplawski, a member of Stormfront opened fire and killed three police officers in Pittsburgh. Poplawski's anti-Semitism and anti-government views were were well-documented.

Last week, Scott Roeder, a militia member and far right-wing pro-lifer shot and killed Dr. George Tiller, a late-term abortion doctor, as he attended church.

Also last week, Harold Turner, an anti-Semitic racist talk-show host, was arrested for threats made to two Connecticut Congressmen.

Now, Stephen Tyrone Johns lays dead after reaching out and opening the door for James von Brunn. Why? Who wins? No one.

As those on the extreme right wrap themselves in the mantle of Free Speech and the Right To Bear Arms, the rest of us are expected to accept their actions as being righteous and in the best interest of the "white race." Anything less than that acceptance will be met with a swastika and a jackboot.

The year is 2009, and the world is a very small place, growing ever smaller - and ever more violent. The threat that the right-wing extremists pose to this country and others is real and can no longer be ignored. Like any cancer - if left untreated it will spread.


  1. Powerful post, Nikki. You correctly noted that VNN is the favorite home of the most unstable and dangerous elements in the various WN movements.

    The mainstream media, of course, is wowed by the larger numbers of Stormfront, which I like to call racist-lite, but we both know that the people most likely to pull a von Brunn (already this is a verb) are more likely to be pals of Linder.

  2. Great Article Nikki ! Floyd

  3. Thanks Mike and Floyd. It's really interesting to watch the difference in the way the loafers crowd at stormfront and the jackboot crowd at vnn react to this.

    Of course, there are those at Stormfront who simply toe-the-line for Don Black and take on a whole other personna at VNN.

  4. What a sorry cunt. Sticking up for Blevins, bitch.

  5. The shooting was not a political act but a criminal one.

    The fact you guys are trying to politicize the actions of this von dude is disgusting.

  6. This isn't the first time Nikki and crew have used a tragedy for their own political agenda.

    The above poster is correct--the shooting at the Holocaust museum was a criminal act--not a political one.

    To estrapolate that to mean those that hold right-wing views are all criminals is telling of the agenda of this website and the left in general.

    Thank God for our First Amendment rights that protect us from people like Nikki that would like to use this tragedy to silence those she deems outside the political mainstream.

  7. A recent example of that is the case of John de Nugent (aka John Nugent; aka Jack Nugent), a psychopath out of Pennsylvania


    wtf gunna "cop this on the chin"?...this is the second time this slag has defamed you...i suggest legal redress.... if it's good enough for a kike, then, it's more than good enough for a fellow white man!

    The threat that the right-wing extremists pose to this country and others is real and can no longer be ignored. Like any cancer - if left untreated it will spread

    youse are the cancer, bimbo!...we're the CURE!

    *i predict this "incident" will die-out shortly from the MSM for two(2) reasons:

    (a)none of the self-chosen were injured...apparently, there were only brain-dead white soccer moms & their kids visiting the "museum" at the time! (jews don't mind if svartzers & goyim die!)

    (b)"spruiking" this may well encourage multiple copy-cat-type attacks....with the current kike-caused "global financial crisis", there are more & more white people with little or nuthin' left to lose...their targets will be the czuse of their woes...the jewz!*

    ohh...BTW, bitch!....Alex Linder would be more than prepared to "take you on" in a internet radio format or, even, face-to-face any-time you're feeling brave enough!

    (don't let fear stop you!)

  8. There was political reasons behind the hate criminals. America has tolerated these hate mongers for too long. Free speech is a great thing but does not protect these vermin.

    Artie/Jimbo should learn when to keep his fat mouth shut. Ask Hal Turner how your mouth and get you in trouble.

  9. I'm starting to think that maybe they should do away with free speech for disenfranchised whites. Seriously. You've got an 88 year old man going out and attacking a propaganda center while 25 year olds sit at home and type on the computer. Take away their right to blab all day about their hopes and fears. That will put them into the streets WHERE THEY BELONG.

    Bring on the hate speech bills!

  10. It is no longer a matter of free speech, not when an animal like this man does something like this. If this man wants to attack the filthy vermin Jews then he should attack them where they live: The Synagogue. Not a museum where the innocent could have been hurt.

  11. One must wonder what James Von Brunn actually intended to do at the Holocaust Museum. I find it difficult to believe his intent was merely to cap an itinerant security guard.

    This event is the bitter fruit of 45 years of enshrined anti-White bigotry in the United States. The Civil Rights Act of 1964, originally framed only to end forced segregation in the United States, was perverted and re-directed towards the end of imposing forced integration. We merely exchanged one form of tyranny for another. Forced diversity was allowed to trump both liberty and competency, as the litmus test of "popular" acceptance of any group was "did it look like America". Affirmative action took root.

    Our immigration patterns were re-directed towards non-White preference, although more for economic reasons. The end result: A country transformed from 89 percent White in 1960 to barely 67 percent White 49 years later. Such a demographic shift in a short period of time is difficult to assimilate and swallow.

    On top of that is continuing invective about how Whites are "evil", how we were "exploiters", how we are automatically "privileged" because we were White. No Presidential candidates have had to guts to address this issue since Pat Buchanan in 2000. And even Buchanan has since proven to be nothing but canned opposition, another of the so-called "Takifags", as Alex Linder calls them (in reference to the paleogirls who hang out at Takimag)

    The wonder is not that James Von Brunn finally stepped forward, but that it hasn't happened earlier and more frequently. To paraphrase Canadian nationalist Paul Fromm, when you don't listen to men of the word, you will have to deal with men of the sword.

  12. I won't shed a tear for some dead silverback gorilla. These apes have slayed tens of thousands of whites, It was a bit of payback, Aryan style.

  13. Because Hate is WrongJune 12, 2009 12:42 PM

    ....whatever loser. The FBI purge is payback in kind. It is now open season on so called "White Nationalists" Von Brunn is nothing else did us Anti a favor. Let the hunt begin.

  14. It's like this: sooner or later America is going to have to deal with it's white population. Billboards, movies, music and TV only distract people for so long. Surrender isn't for everybody. Once people see "tolerance" for just being a nice word for surrender, it seems like kind and gentle. People are waking up around the world and they'll have to be dealt with somehow. Maybe it would be best to stop following the Jew's advice and direction for a little while...

  15.'s like this...von Brunn's actions on the heels of Poplawski's killing of three cops, Roeder's shooting Dr. Tiller, congressmen being threatened by a whacked out white supremacist, etc., that has set the stage for something no right-wing extremist wants to see happen.

    You can bet that his actions created the worst climate possible for you guys.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Before all this happened I would have bet that Hal would have gotten was a slap on the wrist but now there will be a public out cry for his head and for others of his ilk. Holocaust deniers are a particularly vile set of vermin and not many will feel sorry for them. Doubtless they will whine and cry but I find it hard to feel sorry for them after all they would deny the same rights to Jews and others that they hate.

    Do not be surprised if new hate crime legislation is now passed because of this incident as well. What your seeing now is just the start of a shit storm. It is very sad that the actions of a few deranged wrong thinking individuals can impact the rest of us.

  18. "FBI purge"??? Nice bit of fiction...

  19. Anonymous retard says: "FBI purge"??? Nice bit of fiction...

    The FBI will be turned on the hate groups with a vengeance. There will be a purge. I know the NSM can be busted for meth at any given time. Schoep could be busted at any time for pot, he can't get up in the morning without lighting up a joint.
    In any case the NSM is distancing itself from the likes of Von Brann and denouncing terrorism. Too funny, I don't think it is gonna help the sick bastards. LOL

  20. What Nikki and crew fail to realize is that not all these events are related.

    Again, these were criminal acts...NOT POLITICAL ONES. And more importantly not related.

  21. Where is your proof Jimmy? All I see here is lies lies and more lies. How about some evidence? Maybe you wish the FBI would go after the Nazis and discard federal law to do so, but your wishes and reality different.

    You don't know shit.

  22. We all know who jimmy is. Michael Burks the traitor.


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