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Whose To Blame?

David Neiwert has an uncanny ability to cut through all of rhetoric and get to the heart of the problem. This article from Crooks and Liars exemplifes that ability. Please visit the link and see the videos backing up Neiwert's premise.


Wednesday June 10, 2009 06:30 pm
Glenn Beck and his fellow wingnuts proclaim Holocaust Museum shooter not a right-winger
By David Neiwert

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Glenn Beck and his fellow wingnuts -- the ones who have been whipping up hysteria among their right-wing populist followers since Obama's election and before -- essentially announced they have no intention of reflecting on their roles in today's horrifying shooting at the Holocaust Museum in D.C.

They did this by doing what they always do whenever these situations arise: First call it all an "isolated incident" committed by a "lone nutcase" who just happens to be acting out beliefs emanating from their own quadrant. Then, when that fails, blame it on the Left.

Beck offered the following rationale on his Fox News show tonight:

Beck: What they're missing is: The pot in America is boiling. And this is just yet another warning to all Americans of things to come.

Actually, Beck has this exactly right. But frankly, it's boiling because of people like Glenn Beck, ranting hysterically every night about impending apocalypses of various forms -- looming "liberal fascism," the "economic meltdown," the "New World Order," violence spilling over the Mexican border, even FEMA concentration camps.

As I tried to explain in the case of the shooting of Dr. George Tiller, when you spread far-right conspiracy theories through mainstream channels the way Beck does with such abandon, it not only validates their beliefs, it rather hyper-validates them: It tells these people -- who see the Becks and O'Reillys as part of the "liberal media" -- that things are even worse than they thought, and it often spurs them into action.

But Beck, naturally, has no intention of observing this reality. He's running as hard in the other direction as he possibly can:

Beck: This guy is a lone gunman nutjob. ... You're going to see a lot of nutjobs coming out of the woodwork now. There are two very important things that are happening here. First one: It's what I talked about two years ago, um, when I talked about the "Perfect Storm" -- I said that there is a storm formulating. And it is the economy, it is political correctness, it's corruption in Washington, it's militant Islam. It's all of these things.

I said when it comes onshore, there's going to be a "go go go" mentality. And that's what this is. There is a mentality in our enemies. Our country is now vulnerable. Those people who would like to destroy us -- our enemies like, uh, Al Qaeda. There are also enemies like white supremacists or 9/11 Truthers who would also like to destroy the country. They'll work with anybody they can.

... We are under attack in almost every shape and form in America. We need to look out for enemies foreign and domestic.

Second: There is gonna be a witchhunt, I believe, in this country, and quite possibly all around the world. For two groups. First group: Jews. It happens every time.

Second group: I think, Conservatives.

... Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security reports about right-wing extremists. You remember that came out a few weeks ago? Left-wing bloggers and some in the media have blamed conservative hosts like me or Bill O'Reilly for just stirring the pot! I'm not stirring the pot. I'm pointing out the pot is boiling and there is trouble in America. Since when -- have you ever heard of 'don't blame the messenger'?

Only when the messenger isn't also one of the people causing the phenomenon they're describing. Then it becomes celebration. And it's obvious that Beck has positively relished seeing the "boiling point" go higher and higher. Indeed, he's been doing his best to apply a white-hot flame to the pot.

Beck: This is not the work of right-wing conservatives. This is the work of someone today who is racist, crazy, or most likely, both. Common sense tells you that there are very hateful people on the Right and the Left.

Yes, but it seems that only one the Right do they do things like shoot up police officers who come to arrest them, or walk into Jewish centers of various kinds and start shooting (remember Buford Furrow?).

And there is little doubt that James W. Von Brunn was a right-winger -- a far right-winger:

Von Brunn has a long history of associations with prominent neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers. In the 1980s or early 1990s, von Brunn was employed by Noontide Press, a part of the Holocaust denying Institute of Historical Review, which was then run by Willis Carto, one of America’s most prominent anti-Semites.

Von Brunn is the author of the 1999 book, “Kill the Best Gentiles,” a racist and anti-Semitic tome that argues that whites are seeing “today on the world stage a tragedy of enormous proportions: the calculated destruction of the White Race and the incomparable culture it represents. Europe, former fortress of the West, is now over-run by hordes of non-Whites and mongrels.” A raging anti-Semite, von Brunn blames “The Jews” for the destruction of the West. The book is dedicated to prominent neo-Nazis and racists including Revilo Oliver and Wilmot Robertson.

In 2003, AP reported that von Brunn had painted a portrait of Rear Adm. John Crommelin, a raging anti-Semite who was a close associate of neo-Nazi William Pierce, whose book The Turner Diaries inspired Timothy McVeigh’s bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building.

He's also a "birther." But the truly telltale aspect of his record: In 1981, he was arrested for attempting a "citizen's arrest" of Alan Greenspan at the Federal Reserve Building in D.C. and was sentenced to a prison term for it. Von Brunn claimed "sovereign citizenship" at the time, which almost certainly means he was an adherent of the white-supremacist/far-right movement called Posse Comitatus, and was acting on those beliefs.

More to the point, this is precisely the same belief system that today fuels the cottage industry in conspiracy theories -- promulgated by the likes of Ron Paul and Alex Jones -- that the Fed is part of a massive conspiracy of "international [read: Jewish] bankers" to enslave Americans and destroy the country. It's been around quite awhile, but lately it's been gaining the patina of being regurgitated for mainstream consumption on right-wing media. And in particular, on Glenn Beck's programs.

Here, for example, is the time Beck devoted an entire segment to promoting this conspiratorial view of the Fed.


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And then there was the more recent hour-long segment (promoted by Neil Cavuto on Fox as well) devoted to the latest permutation in these Patriot-movement conspiracy theories -- the "Civilest War" hour promoting "state sovereignty":

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As I said at the time:

Now, it's one thing to point out the radical origins of these "constitutional theories." But it's also important to understand where they want to take us -- to a radically decentralized form of government that was first suggested in the 1970s by the far-right Posse Comitatus movement.

They essentially argue for a constitutional originalism that would not only end the federal income tax, destroy all civil-rights laws, and demolish the Fed, but would also re-legalize slavery, strip women of the right to vote, and remove the principle of equal protection under the law.

Beck's not alone in trying to recast Von Brunn as just a "lone nutcase" inspired more by the left than the right. So is Michelle Malkin, who tries out the right's usual plaintive line, well-rehearsed for these situations: "[S]hooter wasn't 'left' or 'right,' just plain loony."

Um, no, actually, when you look at his record, he was indeed "Right." With a capital "R."

Malkin's main evidence that he has "left wing" associations? The fact that he's also a Troofer.

This is, of course, rich. Now, it should be noted first that there are certain zones of extremist wingnuttery that attract True Believers from both the Left and the Right. All of them are fundamentally conspiracist in their worldview. So you'll find anti-Semitic crap floating around hippie barter fairs of a nature similar to what you might find at a militia gun show. Conspiracy theorists like the Troofers attract people from both the Left and the Right.

The wingnuts have been trying frantically to make the public forget about the lethal existence of right-wing extremists ever since that Homeland Security bulletin came out -- largely because they want to cover up the fact that the distance between themselves and the real nutcases has become so short indeed.

But the violent extremists never let us forget. Sooner or later, they act on their beliefs. And that's when we start to see just how short that distance has become -- regardless of their attempts to claim the opposite.


  1. Now, since there are those who are so fond of categorizing people, I guess they would try and stick me in that round hole left of center. But, of all the lefties that I know, I haven't seen or heard any threats of death made toward our counterparts. I have never been called upon to pick up arms, or to engage in any sort of violent activity. That kind of thing truly does appear to be reserved for those who can only be placed in that square hole all the way over on the extremist right.

    That's not to say that there are no violent left-wing extremists - there are. I am simply saying that I don't know any at this time and with everything that has been happening lately, the violence seems to be manifesting itself from the right.

    It's also kind of interesting that Ron Paul's name keeps emerging in the media reports surrounding the recent events.


    Really A Lone Wolf?
    James Von Brunn may have acted on his own, but he's hardly alone.

    Eve Conant
    Newsweek Web Exclusive
    James Von Brunn's attack on the Holocaust Museum in Washington was the act of a single man, what many would consider a textbook "lone wolf" incident. But is there really any such thing, or do even lone gunmen usually have people behind them? Federal law-enforcement officials and hate-crimes experts have pointed to a resurgence in activities by extremist groups —a trend NEWSWEEK reported on in depth last month. Brian Levin, director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, spoke with NEWSWEEK'S Eve Conant about how apparent lone wolves like Von Brunn are not as solitary as people might want to think. Excerpts:

    Was this an isolated incident?
    It's isolated in the sense that this guy was a lone wolf, certainly in that he acted alone, but he's part of a movement of anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers. He lists major Holocaust-denier groups on his Web site and how there is going to be a major Holocaust-denial conference on July 25 in Orange County, Calif. He may have acted like a lone wolf, but he is part of a movement.

    Are attacks like this simply desperate one-time acts?
    Within the white-supremacist movement there is a strong notion of leaderless resistance. The notion is this: look, we can take over the country just by having small cells or lone wolves commit key acts of violence because the rest of the country, at least the whites, will then go along with you. It's called the "propaganda of the deed"—you know who the enemies are, you go out yourself and hopefully people will take notice and act together in resistance.

    These ideas were promoted by Louis Beam, a KKK member, and published in The Seditionist, his newsletter, in the early '90s. It came out around 1991, but the idea has been pushed in the white-supremacist movement for a long time since. He has been a big influence on the white-supremacist movement. He's a very scary guy. He was noteworthy because he was also part of the militia movement in the '90s. He's not the inventor of leaderless resistance, but he's remembered for being the most important modern proponent of leaderless resistance in the neo-Nazi world...(continued)

  3. Law enforcement should go after these groups. I would like to see all their worthless asses behind bars. The more the merrier. Hal Turner's short fat ass is a step in the "right" direction.

  4. As I'm sure you can tell, the Whine boy is back at his impersonating. Get a life loser.

    """I haven't seen or heard any threats of death made toward our counterparts."""

    You are joking, right? They have attempted murder / rape plots that they actively participate in. Can you tell me why exactly you think this. What could make you forget that this is happening right under your nose from your radical leftist friends?

    Is it because that in your mind what they are doing is acceptable?

    AND, you can not consider a person who is a National Socialist to be right wing in any way. I'm sure you know what the word Socialist means and it can ONLY be associated with the radical left. The only person who would identify themselves as being a Socialist who wasn't would be someone who doesn't know what Socialism is.

    Just because he is the opposite of you as far as the anti topic goes does not mean that he is not a radical leftist.

    """I am simply saying that I don't know any at this time....."""

    Nikki, what in the world are you talking about?

  5. Well Hoochie is at it again. The voices in his head have him crying about imaginary murder plots. Hoochie Hoochie Hoochie, Nazis are stupid fuckers they don't know that National Socialist are left wingers. So sorry boy, isn't it way past the time you had your meds?

  6. if we don't get a white home-land (for the US, that's: Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, the Dakotas, Nebraska, Minnesota & Iowa) soon, youse'll get Iraq * 1000!

    you prepared to "pay that price"?

    we'll see!

  7. Delusional moron at it again. Ignore mode on.

  8. It's really sad how delusional you types are. To try and tie the actions of this retard to WNism. Federal agents like Alex Linder and Craig Cobb would gleefully side with your assertions and be proud of your actions. But that is what your playbook agents do don't they?

    In the end, the more you try to assert your lies, the more you expose the end game and the agents involved. You assert these lies that some asshole old man was a WNist, when in fact he never was.

    You can parade your agents. i.e., Edgar J Steele which will vouche for a guy he's never met. In the end it's all lies. Just lies.

    "When you control the minds of the left and the right, you control the masses" - Rabbi Schlomo Berkovicz

  9. Holocaust deniers should all be rounded up, send them to re-education camps. Since Gitmo is being closed that would be a good place to send them. Yeah it's big brotherish but fuck them. They are all violent hating fools, or head cases like that fool Blevins.

    Impeach Obama! Nuke the Race Card

  10. Man, WN's are a stupid and mixed up lot. I sure hope that they enjoy each other when they are sharing a jail cell.

  11. Holocaust deniers should all be rounded up, send them to re-education camps. Since Gitmo is being closed that would be a good place to send them. Yeah it's big brotherish but fuck them....


    just fckn TRY IT, cunt!

    and see wtf happens to youse!

    ZOG ain't got the cajones for that sorta shite any-more...not since a bunch of sand-niggaz using home-made "explosives",armed only with 60+-yr-old rifles & wearing T-shirts, jeans & sneakers kicked the FCK outta them in Iraq & the 'Stan...a large bunch of angry white men would simply crush ZOG to a bloody pulp!

  12. Who is to blame? How about blaming the perps for their own actions?

    Now you are saying Glenn Beck is responsible for this?

    You are a freak!

  13. I think what the above poster is trying to say by "FBI purge" is that anyone in the Department of Justice that isn't on board with new initiatives against these idiotic WN and "potential Ttrrorist" such as our veterans will find themselves at the back of line for promotions or possibly losing their jobs.

    Not that many in the Justice Department are concerned with justice anyway.

  14. Alex Jones show:

    FBI Operative Hal Turner Arrested

    n 2008, Turner was exposed as an FBI operative. “Hal Turner, rising in fame as the most blatant hate talk radio host, self-proclaimed neo-nazi, antisemite, racist who hinted at the need to eradicate Jews — turns out to have been fronting a typical FBI COINTELPRO sting operation,” writes Richard Evans. Hackers managed to gain access to his forum server and revealed correspondence with an FBI agent who was apparently Turner’s handler.

    The FBI is notorious for subsidizing, arming, directing and protecting the Klu Klux Klan and other so-called right-wing groups under COINTELPRO in the late 1960s and early 70s.

  15. doesn't mean much...such "sting operations" are only effective when targeting either a single individual (exmpl: PM Matt Hale) or a small group...HT's stuff was too widely disseminated & influenced too many people to count as successful "COINTELPRO"...all the FBI has achieved if, indeed, this is correct (Jones is a notorious jew-lover any-way, so, not every-thing he says can be considered "kosher"!) is to recruit countless thousands of white "lone wolves"...ZOG's worst nightmare!

  16. I hope I don't lose track of my new friends I made while I was in the pookey! We had such fun spooning after the lights went out.

  17. Whos to blame? Wouldn't be the people that actually committed the crimes?


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