Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This afternoon Tuesday June 10,James Von Brunn age 89 went on the attack, after a lifetime of nurturing ,promoting anti-Semitic ideas, Von Brunn a avowed racist decided to go out with a bang. A bang that has been heard around the world, the bang is called White Supremacy and it's rounds where aimed at the Washington DC Holocaust Museum,targeting the innocent people inside and assaulting the memory of 6 million people murdered.

Many American have been lulled into the belief that this type of hatred no longer exist in the country. We have convinced ourselves that with the election of President Obama neo Nazis, kkk were things of the past.

Von Brunn because of his age may be anomaly but the ideas of organized racism and lone wolf terror ta tics are the norm for many in the far right racist movement.

Just last week a notorious Internet racist broadcaster who has encouraged this type of racist violence for years, was finally arrested for threatening people with violence. Numerous times he would broadcast that "violence solves everything". Today we have seen that violence.

We at Citizens Against Hate believe this violence is just a beginning.
Floyd Cochran

PS. Nikki will be posting more info soon -


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  2. Nikki, I am a White racialist and deplore this kind of violence. This is what people like Hal Turner and Bill White and Jeff Schoep promote.

  3. You can't link these kinds of acts to words of people use their first amendment rights. You just can't.

    Apples and oranges.

  4. As a former NS I deplore these kinds of actions. Even when I was NS I didn't approve of them.

    Acts like this only bolsters the position of those that want to further marginalize our existence.

    It's just plain stupid.

    No, people voicing their opinions has nothing to do with the actions of others, and don't even try to make that link.

    That dog just won't hunt.

  5. Hot Damn! A man with balls... He shot a nigger in the kike museum...No great loss...Thanks for your service!

  6. Isn't it a terrible society that we live in where a single shooting at a propaganda center already grabs all the media attention from the still unexplained deaths of over 200 (non-Jewish) people? There is more coverage on that story than there was the Air France disaster. It is truely sad.

  7. This is not a "hate" issue but a mental health one.

    Like I said before the people with serious mental health issues are allowed to languish in society, and only notice them when they erupt, like in this case.

    In the late 70s there was a huge push to deinstitutionalize mentally ill people and to dump them in society where THEY DO NOT BELONG.

    Again, this is mental illness--nothing more and nothing less.

  8. To anon no. 3:

    Two pesky details ....

    The injured are 1) a guard and 2) the shooter.

    I'm sorry ... did I miss something on the rules of radio talk shows? Is Turner or other radio personalities responsible for every mad man who has a gun in the US(this guy was a felon and couldn't own one legally-so much for gun laws)? What in God's name was the man doing in the largest concentrated area of tourists swinging a long gun without capture prior to actually firing it?

    I don't agree with Hal Turner, or the right-wing, but I will defend to the death their right to their opinions. After all, the left is passing their opinions off as facts these days.


  9. Sorry Nikki but attempted murder is not something that is accepted by any mentally balanced separatist as you make it out to be.

  10. More thoughts on the James von Brunn terror attack at the Holocaust Memorial on my blog.

    Glad to see at least a few of the WN visitors here denounce von Brunn's murderous attack, though I am not surprised to see the Anonymous thugs who cheer him on.

    The VNN crowd has been especially supportive of von Brunn.

  11. It is a terrible tragedy that the security guard lost his life. Thanks to the bravery of officer Stephen Tyrone Johns and others this crazed animal was put down before he had a chance to hurt any other innocent people.

  12. I watch a lot of movies and tv. I thought negros were the new master race and couldn't be stopped by ordinary white villans, much less a 89 year old one.

    Anyhow, I'll be happy to denounce this killing as soon as Nikki and Floyd denounce each and every black on white killing that happens daily. As long as they denounce each and every life senselessly lost in defence of Jewish peoples both in Israel and in America, I'll stand against this old man's actions. As long as they come out against the OVERWHELMING number of black on white rapes, I'll denounce this completely fair and manly gun battle against an old man and armed guards, all over half his age. When Floyd and Nikki come out against the invasion of our nation, the destruction of our culture and way of life---that's when I'll turn my back on this man's sacrifice.

    To all you so called white nationalist who condemn this man's actions: a warrior has the right to end his life as such. If you can't understand that, you aren't even in the struggle. He fought the enemies of his people who were pulling guard duty for the Jewish propaganda machine. If fate finds me at 89, I hope I still have the courage this tired old war hero had.

    Just remember, there is NO PR campaign. Your non-violent relvolution goes out the window each time Hal Turner does a broadcast. It flies out along with your credibility.

  13. Nikki this is why America is going to have to crack down on hate. People like this idiot and others like him Michael Blevins comes to mind. The hate festers in them and sooner or latter they are driven to violence. Given the fact that there are thousands of children that go through the museum daily it is a wonder than more people were not killed. This should be a wake up call to America.

  14. thass a good one coming from the greatest tribe of haters EVER...the fckn jews!

    "crack down on hate" should mean the deportation of every kike in the 'Kwa....preferably to Mars but, failing that, Kikestan will hafta do!

    *89 yrs old! FCK!!...he must'v been fit for his age!...*

    **the motives of this character remain un-known.....jews regularly "rip off"/"pauperise" the gullible goyim...perhaps he lost his home in a jew-instigated fore-closure...? the light of the jew-caused "global financial crisis", i predict more white men "flying off the handle" as a form of economic retribution/"pay-back" come you never see any home-less hebes?**

  15. Excellent work, we salute your service!

  16. Well Artie/Jimbo is at it again. Despite not knowing what he is talking about (when has that ever slowed him down) he is running his pie hole again. Nothing a good foot up his ass wouldn't cure though.

  17. Why is Mike Blevins a factor in all this?


    The main worry of the feds is returning vets. Hate is so horrible. I just don't know why someone who lost friends and relatives fighting in another pointless Jewish war would feel negatively about our Jewish controlled government.

    So many people hate and as we all know, hate is always for no reason at all. Some people just love to hate and pick Jews because their name is easiest to spell. Hate...hate. Millions of God's special, chosen people died in the holocaust because other people thought they were somehow more special and chosen than Jews. Hate caused it and billions of dollars ensure that we will never forget it, much less question anything Jews want to do with this world of theirs. It boils down to evil poor people who want to take over the world and kill everyone who isn't like them. All Jews would like to do is enslave and only kill those who won't be enslaved. That's one heck of a lot better than killing everyone who isn't Jewish, don't you think?

  19. Blevins new about Von Brunn and the planning of his mission. Michael was supposed to burn several Synagogues in the Florida area after Von Brunn stuck but lost his nerve. I am not going to cup his balls anymore. He is dead to the White National cause.
    George wants him taken out before the cops can get to him and he squeals.

  20. Good job, Chris Drake. It's a good thing only you and I can see your posts.

  21. Hal's blog is gone! OH YES! Soon Blevins will be arrested! Things are going quite nicely. YES WE CAN!

  22. Fucking moron, Blevins isn't even in the movement.


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