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  1. LOL, Wow, that guy has completely lost his mind. He is extremely threatened by the holey rollers. That is funny.

    Evangelicals equivalent to the Talaban, huh.

    And his evidence of this is Psalms 109:8 Let his Days be few; and let another take his office.

    I must say I do agree that it would be nice if he just quit or got some sort of impeachment that requires that he leaves office and then we would have crazy Biden to deal with.

    Now lets look at holey statements of Sharia Law that the Taliban follows.

    Tabari IX:113 "Allah permits you to shut them in separate rooms and to beat them, but not severely. If they abstain, they have the right to food and clothing. Treat women well for they are like domestic animals and they possess nothing themselves. Allah has made the enjoyment of their bodies lawful in his Qur'an."

    Tabari I:280 "Allah said, 'It is My obligation to make Eve bleed once every month as she made this tree bleed. I must also make Eve stupid, although I created her intelligent.' Because Allah afflicted Eve, all of the women of this world menstruate and are stupid."

    Qur'an 4:15 "If any of your women are guilty of lewdness, take the evidence of four witnesses from amongst you against them; if they testify, confine them to houses until death [by starvation] claims them."

    Ishaq:185 "In hell I saw women hanging by their breasts. They had fathered bastards."

    Qur'an:9:5 "Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war."

    Qur'an:8:39 "Fight them until all opposition ends and all submit to Allah."

    Ishaq:324 "He said, 'Fight them so that there is no more rebellion, and religion, all of it, is for Allah only. Allah must have no rivals.'

    Muslim:C9B1N31 "I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify to the fact that there is no god but Allah, and believe in me (that) I am the Messenger and in all that I have brought."

    Qur'an:47:4 "When you clash with the unbelieving Infidels in battle (fighting Jihad in Allah's Cause), smite their necks until you overpower them, killing and wounding many of them. At length, when you have thoroughly subdued them, bind them firmly, making (them) captives. Thereafter either generosity or ransom (them based upon what benefits Islam) until the war lays down its burdens. Thus are you commanded by Allah to continue carrying out Jihad against the unbelieving infidels until they submit to Islam."

    Ishaq:578 "Crushing the heads of the infidels and splitting their skulls with sharp swords, we continually thrust and cut at the enemy. Blood gushed from their deep wounds as the battle wore them down. We conquered bearing the Prophet's fluttering war banner. Our cavalry was submerged in rising dust, and our spears quivered, but by us the Prophet gained victory."

    Muslim:C28B20N4629 "The Messenger said: 'One who is wounded in the Way of Allah - and Allah knows best who is wounded in His Way - will appear on the Day of Judgment with his wound still bleeding. The color (of its discharge) will be blood, (but) its smell will be musk.'"

    Bukhari:V4B52N220 "Allah's Apostle said, 'I have been made victorious with terror.'"

    Qur'an:8:12 "I shall terrorize the infidels. So wound their bodies and incapacitate them because they oppose Allah and His Apostle."

    Qur'an 2:191 "And kill them wherever you find and catch them. Drive them out from where they have turned you out; for Al-Fitnah (polytheism, disbelief, oppression) is worse than slaughter."

    Bukhari:V7B67N427 "The Prophet said, 'If I take an oath and later find something else better than that, then I do what is better and expiate my oath.'"

    Qur'an 9:3 "Allah and His Messenger dissolve obligations."

    Qur'an 4:142 "Surely the hypocrites strive to deceive Allah. He shall retaliate by deceiving them."

    AND ON AND ON AND ON.............

  2. Muhammad, in the Sahih bukhari (which is like Christians new testament) , Married and had sex with a 9 year old child named Aisha. He married her when she was 6yrs old but was so gracious to wait until she was 9 till he fucked her.

    Sahih Muslim Book 008, Number 3310:
    'A'isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported: Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him) married me when I was six years old, and I was admitted to his house when I was nine years old.

    Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64
    Narrated 'Aisha:
    that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death).

    Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 65
    Narrated 'Aisha:
    that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old. Hisham said: I have been informed that 'Aisha remained with the Prophet for nine years (i.e. till his death)." what you know of the Quran (by heart)'

    Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 88
    Narrated 'Ursa:
    The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with 'Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death).

    And there is much much more about Aisha, her toys, etc.

    LOTS OF SIMILARITIES between the Taliban or Muslims in general and the Evangelicals, huh?

    Sounds like more radical left dribble to me.

  3. We've heard your retarded bullshit Ad nausum Hooch/Von. Why don't you give it a rest? You don't need to prove how damn stupid you are, we already know.

    When you dropping by the gym fat ass?

  4. You'd lose, Boa. Besides, you're old. Von hasn't been cuddled by the system his whole life like you have either. For your own good, I'd forget about all of this. These are supposed to be your golden years. Don't spend them trying to fight people just because they are real and you aren't, buddy.

  5. There he is again. Twinkle toes running his mouth.

    Those are quotes, word for word from the Quaran, Tabari and Ishaq.

    So they are "retarded bullshit". No, YOU are "retarded bullshit".

    And as I said before, I will pay for you to come here and find out that I am not Von. I don't know him. He does not live in Roanoke. And my location is easily verifiable by my ip address which I give Nikki the permission to give you. And if she doesn't know how, she can go here and copy a little code to put on the home page which is traceable by the time the counter logged the IP vs the time the post was made.

    There, Now you know. And one day I will teach you how to hide the code in html within a post in Blogger or Wordpress and get everyones IP.

    You are speaking to someone far intellectually superior to you on many levels,,, so as I said before, shut your mouth and speak when spoken to.

  6. Look Twinkle Toes the both of you are fucking idiots. Why don't the two of you shut the fuck up and give it a rest? As you well know and anyone with half a brain who knows about blogger, Nikki can not give out your IP because she doesn't know it. You sure do sound like that idiot Von. You even use the same phrases as him.

  7. Fuck that nigger. Nikki the nigger lover needs to move to Detroit for the full divershitty experience. Then let her talk about how wonderful it is to have anything run by niggers.

  8. """Ken Kraus Ken said...As you well know and anyone with half a brain who knows about blogger, Nikki can not give out your IP because she doesn't know it. """

    I just told her how to get it you dipshit. You've got a pretty bad reading comprehension problem.

  9. They day Baptist or Lutherans start flying planes into buildings, then maybe Nikki can make the claim they are equivalent to the taliban or Alquida.

    I guess Nikki thinks anyone outside of Unitarians are terrorist.

    What a stupid little git.

  10. What is it about question marks that you do not understand?

  11. Bukhari:V7B67N427 "The Prophet said, 'If I take an oath and later find something else better than that, then I do what is better and expiate my oath.'"

    That sounds like something you would find in the Jewish Talmud (I mean about the part of not honoring your obligations...especially if you find a better deal).


  12. I can't stand Rachel Maddow.

  13. Here is a whole page with holy quotes of not honoring obligations.

  14. "Boa, do yourself a favor: forget about playing tuff guy to Vonbluvens. Go back to your cushy government job, content with the fact that you'll drag on that teet for the rest of your life.

    Get a 20 year old girlfriend. Purchase a Mustang. Get hair implants. Nobody here thinks you are tuff and going after Vonbluvens over the internet is a real-world verification of that fact about to happen. You are a 40year old government employee and nobody is a threat to your manhood. You never had any to start with."

    Boa is definitely middle-aged-crazy these days.

    Good advise by the above anonymous btw.

  15. Nikki, your missing the coverage of a racially ignited trail in Kennett, the home town of Steve Holsten.

    Holsten was the one who dropped off those KKK flyers that the Kennett DA is covering up for him. Holsten's wife works at that walmart.


  16. Nikki, serious question:

    Are you a smoker? My guess would be that you are judging from the photograph--I just have this inate ability to guess if people smoke or not and what car someone will get into when coming out of the mall (use to play that game when we were kids).

  17. Nikki, how did you miss this one?

  18. No Schwartzo KIKE. I haven't even been able to be out of my house.


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