Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Now This Is Interesting...

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Terrorism suspects held at the Guantanamo Bay naval base will soon get swine flu vaccines, despite complaints that American civilians should have priority, a military spokesman said Sunday.

Army Maj. James Crabtree, a spokesman for the U.S. jail facility in southeast Cuba, said the doses should start arriving this month, with guards and then inmates scheduled for inoculations.

He acknowledged there may be an "emotional response" from critics who argue that terror suspects should not be allocated swine-flu medications while members of the U.S. public are still waiting due to a vaccine shortage.

But he said U.S. military officials are "responsible for the health and care of the detainee population."

Medical personnel at Guantanamo requested the doses, but Crabtree said he did not know how many.

Detainees will be vaccinated "entirely on a voluntary basis," he said. "There is always going to be a segment of the population that is going to refuse," either due to anxiety about a shot or to "distrust of our motivations."

The top House Republican, Rep. John Boehner of Ohio, told CNN's "State of the Union" show on Sunday that he does not agree with the H1N1 vaccination plans for detainees at Guantanamo.

"I don't think it's a good idea. The administration probably didn't think it would be very popular either; that's why they announced it on Friday night," Boehner said.

The Miami Herald first reported about the vaccination plans on Wednesday.

Health officials have recommended that people in high-risk groups receive the swine flu vaccination first. There has been heated debate in several U.S. states about where prisoners should fall in the pecking order of vaccine recipients.

A spokesman for Physicians For Human Rights, an international medical group, said there are "certain basic obligations the U.S. has to its prisoners," and that vaccinations for influenza fall into that category.

"The fact that many prisoners within the U.S. don't get timely access to basic health care doesn't change the obligation of the U.S. to prisoners at Guantanamo," Dr. Scott A. Allen of the rights group said in an e-mail from Rhode Island. "We should work towards securing H1N1 vaccine for all at-risk populations, and not towards lowering a public health standard for certain unpopular groups."

Following Saturday's transfer of six Chinese Muslims from Guantanamo to the tiny Pacific nation of Palau, roughly 215 detainees remain at the detention center. The Obama administration plans to prosecute some in U.S. courts and turn over others to nations willing to rehabilitate or free them.

The administration also is grappling with how to keep in prison a handful of remaining detainees who are considered too dangerous to release or put on trial.

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  2. After I took the H1N1, I started to shit my pants! Okay, so sometimes when I drink a lot I was shitting my pants already but it's gotten worse since I took the flu shot, goddamnit.

    Man, I bet living at Gitmo is maybe as bad as living in my multicultural neighborhood. My stupid neighbors always complain about me blasting my drunken death metal at full volume and me playing midnight Quick Draw McGraw with live ammo, plus both the black and Hispanic hookers ganged up and called the health department on them for giving them the clap. This is why we need a totally white American.

  3. You know, your fantasies say a lot about the real you. So...how long have you had these fettishes?

  4. Congrats to the liberals. Another victory! You bleeding hearts have managed to put the Guantanamo Bay terrorists first on the list for H1N1 because "unpopular" people should have first dibs. I guess we will be giving your favorite "racists" one before you as well.... Or are the terrorists our first choice.

    Well, in all actuality... they would be my first choice of mass inoculation. I would love to get my hands on some flu vaccines for them. Wooops, we must have messed up that batch. Sorrrrry!!! Lets give it another try on the murders and dirty politicians (needed disclaimer in our present society: only the ones who have officially been charged with a crime that carries a punishment of death).

  5. Goddamn dude, is there ever a time in your worthless miserable life that you don't fucking whine about liberals. You are an insufferable bitch.

  6. Conservatives whine and cry when liberals or supposed liberals are in office. Learn to live with it.

  7. Better the detainees get this shot than me...I refuse to take it.

  8. Yeah Cold Bugger but you're a known idiot.

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  10. uck you, UF. I get tired of hearing it. That is all they do. Grow the fuck up. Quit crying, try to be a fucking man. I bet Hooch was that little bitch we beat in grade school and took his lunch money either that or Blevins. No one can cry like that little bitch.

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  12. Hal Snitches off These True Solutreans

    Don't tell me how brother Hal is a white man. He gave up these men to the FBI, they were Solutreans, he isn't.

  13. """Don't tell me how brother Hal is a white man. He gave up these men to the FBI, they were Solutreans, he isn't."""

    I'm not defending Hal but those pole smokers needed to be locked up.

    What a great day yesterday was. Landslide victories in Virginia and New Jersey! The people sent a clear message to president Obama. Obama campaigned heavily in New Jersey and Virginia. Here he supported Deeds extensively, coming to most of his big speeches. And the people rejected Deeds and Obama.

    Many many years these states were governed by Democrats and they have now been dethroned.

  14. Oh let me see. Dems still hold a majority in both houses of congress and the approval rating of the GOP has never been lower. Yeah that is a clear message too you fucking idiot.

  15. As much as I dislike all the man stands for, geez people, he's no Clinton. Clinton would have his health care plan in the works by now. Clinton would have at least attempted to ban every conceivable way of defending yourself. Then he would have came up with something worse than partial birth abortions and no telling what else.

    What he wouldn't have done was kept things the way they are in Iraq or increased troops in Afghanistan. He'd bomb some uppity white nation for Israel and call it a day.

    Obama is the slave master who can't make it to work on time and takes two hour lunches. That angers you? The economy? Let it fail. Like I said before, as a white nationalist, a failed economy hurts my enemies ten times more than it hurts me. In the words of Combat 84, "That's what combat's all about!" Dozens more economic wars are fought each year than shooting wars.

    I'm no fan of Obama. He's no solution to any one of scores of problems this country has. In fact, he's just another one liner in the long line of presidential jokes we've heard since the 1930's.

    I'd like to hear some ideas though. What would be the best thing to happen right now? Would you like to see him removed from office? How? And what would you do after he was gone? I'm not being sarcastic but rather wanting to spur discussion along these lines. "Just make a white world" is very WS and sounds a lot like "just make everybody equal." So what would it be if the anti-Obama crowd had it's way?

    Frankly, I want him in now because I see the way things are going. Next I want another negro twice as bad. Or maybe an extra insult to injury, an ethnic Mexican. If you stand by after what you've been through so far and what all that would put you through, you deserve to lose everything. You don't deserve America or any part of it.

  16. """Dumb4Life said...Oh let me see. Dems still hold a majority in both houses of congress"""

    It wasn't an election for congress shit for brains.

    """and the approval rating of the GOP has never been lower. """

    Guess why? Maybe you will listen to more than one side of the political spectrum and you would know what conservatives are presently doing. VOTING OUT INCUMBENTS, NO MATTER WHAT PARTY THEY ARE IN. Conservatives and Libertarians are NOT happy with the existing GOP because they swung LEFT. And they are on their way out because of it.

    We are willing to suffer for a little while to get our party straightened out. Therefore we are fine with Obama's radical leftist following fucking up this country. Because each and every anti American thing they do loses more votes. Obama tricked the sheep, making them think he was moderate, but his actions have spoken and he is single handedly crushing his socialist party while we all watch.

    Yeah that is a clear message too you fucking idiot.


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