Friday, November 20, 2009


Located in the far Southeastern corner of Missouri, Kennett is home to about 11,000 people, a Wal Mart, and a lot of racial tension as the trial of Heather Ellis is underway.

The 24-year-old school teacher from Louisiana is accused of cutting in line at the Kennett Walmart in January 2007, then becoming belligerent and refusing to leave after store managers asked her to go.

Ellis could face up to 15 years in prison if convicted of assaulting officers, resisting arrest and disturbing the peace.

The case has drawn interest both from civil rights groups and organizations like the Ku Klux Klan and protestors have taken to the streets of Kennett both in support and against her. The long awaited store surveillance tapes have finally been released to the public, but have proven to be pretty inconclusive in building a case that would warrant any felony conviction.

But, the racial tension and this story doesn't end there...

And...of course, this case has brought national attention to Heather and the town of Kennett...

Fifteen years is a pretty hefty sentence for anyone to be looking at for something of this nature. The town of Kennett is also going to be looking at a rather lengthy sentence as they, at their law-enforcement agency will be faced with the scrutiny that it probably deserves.


  1. This is such a fucking non-issue these days.

    Back on what's important:

    If the politicians who are bent on redesigning the medical and medical-insurance industries really wanted only to curb rising prices and help the uninsured get coverage, they would have zeroed in on the previous government interventions that created those problems. Instead, they are pushing grand schemes to turn our medical decision-making over to bureaucrats. That indicates that the so-called reform campaign is about power.

  2. These boneheads come out and wave the Confederate battle flag and a Neo-Nazi flag, saluting and yelling white power.
    These boneheads going on about this lady hitting cops etc...
    Lets review Neo-Nazi's etc past run in's with cops.
    They look like about bounch of fucking idiots. I guess they didnt get enough attention from mom or pissed that they got pulled from their moms tit a little early.

  3. I've been waiting to see what would be said here.

    This is about a no big deal thing here locally. Most of the ruckus comes from out of town sources. Most Blacks here are more racist toward her than the Whites. There was a black gal who was heard the other day saying the stupid Nigger needs to plead guilty and be done with it.

    The cop giving her family the KKK card really was done as a favor to them instead of a threat. Those cards were thrown out at the first march they had for her a couple of months ago. The cop is the Asst Chief. He is well respected by Whites and Blacks all through our town.

  4. So...Steve, are you saying that the police force there isn't racist?

  5. Steve, I dont think you have anything to add to this. You having something to say after your criminal record. Dont you have a date tonight behind a bush in the local park?

  6. Steve dont know what the hell he's saying. He's to bizzy healing his broken heart over his little REV. Ayran girlfriend Butler's death.

  7. Nikki, some of the cops may be racist but the one (Major Steve Williams) who gave her family the heads up is not racist.

    You other two Anonymous Pussies are pissing in the wind.

  8. Well, I guess it is up to a jury now. The testimony has ended.

    The comments at that site are pretty interesting.

    i think she is guilty."

    Racial discrimination cannot die down simply because people like Heather Ellis, WON'T LET IT!"

    15 years in prison would simmer her down ......"

  9. I have been reading a lot about this and one of the reasons that I haven't mentioned it here until now is that I really haven't been able to decide what the truth really is here. At least, in my mind.

    Watching the video from Wal Mart really didn't help me much. I can tell you that if someone cut in front of me the way she did there would probably be a scene - but I would be the one causing it. I generally always allow people with just a couple of items to go before me when possible. But, I wouldn't want someone just shoving my stuff out of the way like that.

    It's really too bad that the video both inside and out was so inconvlusive. The thing that has me wondering right now is the fact that she went to the emergency room but the doctor testified there was no blood on her. I have a feeling that we're not getting the whole truth here.

  10. To the first anonymous. Racism is not a "non-issue." And racist cops is definitely worth discussing.

    As to health care reform and politicians - this is becoming the real joke.

    I've had it. I mean, I have really HAD IT! Is there no one in D.C. that can get along or get it right? The United States of America has gone completely the charts...and down the tubes that used to be proverbial!

    For years, the American people have been subjected to financing wars, Presidential and Congressional follies, bailouts, and federal stimulus's. We have suffered through out-of-control gas prices, rising food costs, ridiculous pharmaceutical prices, a broken educational system, and a failed health care system.

    We have heard the platitudes and the placations. We have settled for the promises and the bold-faced lies. We have gone to the polls and dutifully cast our ballots only to be fooled time and time again. Can we finally say that this just isn't working anymore?

    I don't know about you - but I'm just sick and tired of hope. I really am. I don't want anymore hope. What I want is action. I want someone in charge to DO something and DO it now.

    I don't want to be patient. I'm sick of being patient. I've been patient for awhile now and I really don't see that it is getting us anywhere. more hope...and I'm all out of patience.

    No...I don't want to send any more kids to Afghanistan, Iraq, or any other damned place where they might be killed. And I don't want anyone telling them that they are "protecting America." America is an idea - and if we really want it to become a reality we have to nurture it and fine tune it - and we can't do that shit in Afghanistan. Actually...while these kids are busy "protecting America" the politicians and leaders over here are throwing it all away. So...bring 'em the hell home and we can all sink together.

    I don't really care what Michelle Obama wore to the last gala and I'm just through being impressed with her and Barack scooping up beans at the local homeless shelter or picking up Bo's shit from the White House lawn. I've spooned soup at the mission, grown my own vegetables, and worn overalls without the photo ops. And believe me, there's a whole bunch of shit that needs to be cleaned up these days. As a matter of fact, we're about waist deep in it.

    Did ya notice that the Democrats called for an investigation into why the pharmaceutical companies are raising prices? I had to laugh when they accused them of "gouging." Hell, we've been gouged and left to bleed out for years - and now they want to check it out? If it all wasn't so sad, it would be hysterical.

  11. Echo that.

    On the possible charges of being filed against our newest reminder of the failures of white civilization, if there is one former Walmart employee from the south sitting on the jury then she's going to lose. Anybody who has to run a cash register, worked in retail or waited tables around blacks would want her to do the full 15 years.

    There is nothing like being treated like less than dirt from blacks who seem to believe it's their racial duty to give absolute hell to anyone they hand over money to for any reason. Cops and paramedics have to be monitored at all times to make sure they keep smiling in black faces while their's get spat in. I've got no love for the police (lackies of war, never guardians of peace) but seriously talk to any EMT here in the South. I once had a Jewish EMT worker tell me that she was cursed out by the blacks whose lives she was trying to save on a daily basis and thanked and praised by her white patients. She even got a few thank you cards.

    Yeah, 15 years is a long time but everybody and his brother knows there is no way in hell she will get anything near that. I could understand if she'd already been tried and convicted. The daughter of negro civil rights pimp and a school teacher: pick one. Either one says she gets the scolded and let go. I just have a hard time feeling sorry for her or anyone like her when our guys get locked up for supposed "saber rattling" without bail.

    But on the flip side, I think the Klan and other nationalist groups ought to stay out of crap like this. Never, ever, ever side with the pigs on anything. They'll be kicking your door in next week and hauling you off for skipping a rock across a black person's favorite fishing hole. I wouldn't go near an issue like this. The anti-racist movement doesn't know the concept of fair and are blaring hypocrits on most of their talking points such as equality, okay? Most people in America do. Being on the side of common sense and fairness is the single greatest weapon any nationalist has. Fairness isn't 15 years for punching some government lacky while you are throwing a typical negro fit. I'd say something like, 200 hours community service and a huge fine, done.

  12. It is over. She plea bargained out.

  13. pissin in the wind ?
    Do you really think anyone who has a brain, would listen or believe anything that comes out of that head of yours?
    Your little lemmings brought nothing good to this world. This idea that you all belong to this higher power above all others, only brought the world death and destruction.
    If you had a grandfather that fought in world war two, and he knew that you defiled your body with SS lighting bolts and ass grab with Nazi trash. I'm more then certain he would have shot himself in the head then have a grand child disgrace his name sake.
    You cry about how the Government has made threats against you and made your life so terrible but your guilty of the same bullshit.
    What makes you any better?
    You get on here and act like your a bad ass with all your vile post and type "Anonymous Pussies." Pussy like how you couldnt and didnt tell your other pieces of shit that you are HIV (+) ?
    Am I such a pussy like how you turn over your jacket when the PO comes knocking on your door?

  14. Pussy, your Hero has never aligned myself with anything Nazi. I do agree with their White beliefs but that's as far as it goes. The government has never threatened me that I know of. I don't like the Bullshit of Political Correctness, Afirmative Action and Nigger Lovers who put Whites down just to put the nigger on a pedastal.

  15. Yes, Nikki, you say you want them to "Do" something and "Do" it now...

    But, what is it exactly you want them to "Do"?


  16. Wow, Nikki. Are you sure you are a Democrat? Sound more like a Libertarian with a socially liberal twist.

    """Yes, Nikki, you say you want them to "Do" something and "Do" it now...
    But, what is it exactly you want them to "Do"?"""

    What they need to "do" is to get the fuck out of our lives and break back down to military protection only. They are too corrupt to go on. IT WILL NEVER CHANGE UNTIL THEY ARE OVERTHROWN BY THE PEOPLE!!!

    It is not what the Federal Government needs to do. It is what the American people need to do!!!

    We need to stand up and throw the scumbags out of office. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. And we need to try each one of them in criminal courts with full audits of their financials.

    If your politicians are Democrats, get rid of them. If they are Republicans, get rid of them. They ALL need to be out.

    The people need to stand up and start DEMANDING things. DEMAND that corruption gets stiff penalties. DEMAND that all lobbyist and political action committee money comes to an immediate end. DEMAND that all elections will be paid for by the people. DEMAND that we close the boarders right now. DEMAND that the laws we have on the books get enforced. DEMAND the end of the IRS and the institution of the Fair Tax, DEMAND OUR FREEDOM!!!

  17. She took a plea bargain...

    A plea bargain has been accepted by Heather Ellis.

    Ellis agreed to plead guilty to disturbing the peace and resisting arrest, and in doing so prosecutors have agreed to drop the assault charges.

    Under the deal that Ellis has accepted she must serve one year of unsupervised probation, take anger management classes, and serve four days in the Dunklin County Jail sometime this year at her convenience.

  18. "Your Hero has never aligned myself with anything Nazi. I do agree with their White beliefs but that's as far as it goes."

    Is it? Is that as far as it goes?

    Your Hero? Your having delusions of grandeur Steve.

    Where has your racist beliefs etc gotten you so far? Not very far in life Steve.

    If your the prime example of the "white man" I see why people would.

  19. If that niggress is the prime exmaple of niggerdom, I'll go with Steve Holsten.

    Fact is, that particular nigger is one of the better ones. Other niggers would have pulled out a gun and started shooting "cause dey gots dissed by whitey."

    Fuck you nigger lover.


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