Saturday, November 28, 2009

Side Hugging is the Christian Thing???

I have laughed so hard at this! Yeah...they're "Rough Riders," OMG! This is the epitome of over-the-top nuttiness! Now, everytime someone hugs me I'm gonna be wondering.


  1. I learned "side hugging" at a Christian summer camp. One day they should write a book about how uncool it is to be a Christian and make "side hugging" the title of chapter one.

    As far as Christian youth goes: side hug away. You are currenty surrounded by sexual deviantes and always will be. The chances of you becoming one are 50/50.

    The fact that Christianity is slowly dying out is a ray of sunshine onto humanity's tired face. Don't get me wrong, there were screwed up people long before the Christians came along and we won't see the last of evil once Chritianity is long gone. However, the state's 2000 year old tool of oppression and God-sanctioned injustice will be finally put to rest.

    You could fill volumns (and they do) with the terminal flaws in the Christian (neo-Jewish) doctrine. Some of those flaws appear to be what is killing the religion and it's followers dwindling. On problem is that since it was used to destroy the Roman Empire on, it has been twisted and turned to many ways that none of it set in a line makes any sense.

  2. That sorry assed Nikki worships Satan.


  3. Economy growing, jobs saved, Nobel Prize won! Obama wins relection in A LANDSLIDE!


  4. I wonder which nigger that Bill White called "Daddy" today? You should all join me into reporting Von and Drake to Homeland Security. I'd like to see them in the cell next door.


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