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Yes, Neo-Nazi Turner Was an FBI Informant, His Lawyer Confirms

Posted By Sonia Scherr On July 29, 2009 @ 1:56 pm In Neo-Nazi | 7 Comments

Neo-Nazi talk-radio host Hal Turner served as a paid FBI informant, his lawyer confirmed this week.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has [1] previously reported that Turner was on the FBI payroll. In 2008, unidentified hackers posted E-mail correspondence between Turner and an FBI agent who appeared to be his handler. The FBI refused to comment at the time on Turner’s relationship with the agency.

Now, Turner’s defense attorney, Michael Orozco, has told Hatewatch that Turner served as an FBI informant for roughly five years beginning in 2002. “I think when it comes out in the future as to what kind of role he had, people will be greatly surprised,” Orozco said.

He said Turner revealed information about a possible assassination plot against Obama. Orozco said the same thing at a bond hearing for Turner in Chicago on Tuesday, according to The Associated Press. Turner is charged with threatening to murder three federal judges.



  1. So, he does the bidding of the FBI since 2002 and then has to go to jail?

    Something smells.

  2. Here is the email.

  3. This whole thing of him being an asset of the government begs more questions than answers.

  4. Since serving the Jew since 2002, why in the world would they arrest him?

    Doesn't make sense.


    Interesting list of snitches in the WN movement.

  6. Anonymous 10:03 P.M. - The link you provide has no credibility. First, it's dated 2004. Second, there is no proof that David Pringle, Billy Roper, and Bill White are snitches. Any reference that starts randomly and hysterically labeling leading figures as snitches is suspect in and of itself.

    Just because Hal Turner turned out to be a snitch doesn't mean everyone else is singing like canaries as well.

  7. David Duke is definitey a fucking snitch.

  8. Glenn Miller being a big snitch as well and got a 1400 dollar a month stipend while in the federal witness protection...Hell, he still might be getting it.

    Does the movement shun Miller? Hell, no, they welcome him back and he gets to sell his book.

    It appears snitches and rats are not shunned from the movement, on the contrary...they usually end up being leadership or in the inner circle of the leadership.

  9. Ok. To me this is the sun coming out after a very, very cloudy and depressing day. Hal Turner needed to go. Some laughed at Hal. Some cheered for Hal. Some tried to ignore him. A few like me told themselves that he was just a bi-product of something stagnated.

    He made tall claims. Some of his stuff bordered on science fiction. He took the blood of good men who had fallen for the cause and used it to paint silly cartoons of himself. Hal the General! Hal the Street Fighter! Hal the Commander of Secret Armies!

    I write books. Sometimes I feel like a personality in the book is too silly and it makes me want to stop writing the whole thing. Hal had the same effect on myself and the movement. It felt like getting ready to charge out of the trenches of France circa 1916 while some idiot dressed as Napolean danced around behind you. There were and still are a few more like Hal but he was the main one.

    Hal represented an era of the pro-white movement that nothing got done outside of entertainment. Hal became a symbol of those dark, dull days. The only reason he could get listeners was the fact that everyone was so fed up with the lack of motion. Hal created the illusion that things were happening. We all watch movies and enjoy them for the place they take us momentarily. Hal did the same thing in white nationalism.

    He was a pseudo drug...except it turned out he had some harmful side effects. Very harmful. This goes back to my old saying that in White Nationalism, there is no such thing as a harmless nut. I repeat, no nut is harmless.

    What remains is the question, can we learn from this? Are we going to look for a new Hal Turner? Who will be the next loonie we turn to? Just let this be a warning. A lot of you almost went to jail for this last one. Think twice next time.

  10. Sorry, a friend just called.

    Hal Turner making a comeback later? Sure! Why not? When has the truth ever been anything to him but something to bend, play with or ignore. Heck he treats the truth like I used to treat girls!

    He can make up some story hitched to the new "Hal is planning something...he knows what he's doing" BS. Or he can make up something entirely new! He was forced to say he was a snitch! He said this to gain crucial information! They were about to...go after his family.

    How do you stop him from doing just this? Legally, how do you do it? I'll tell you. You treat everyone who tips their hat at Hal like a rat. Attacking him does no good. He's been attacked verbally and in print for years. Call out each and everyone one of his supporters. Shun them to no end.

    People started to do this with Miller but didn't press the issue. Get serious. If he buys off someone who owns a big website or record lable, ect, BOOM---they are rats just like he is. Treat them as such. Give them a very, very narrow window of opportunity to shape up.

    Can Hal ever redeem himself? Fuck no. I don't normally use foul language but FUCK no. Hal can't even hope to ever redeem himself for the things he did besides being a rat.

  11. "...A rat, is a rat, is a rat!"--Tom Metzger, on the Vonbluvens Show discussing Glenn Miller.


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