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  1. Wow. This is jew-think at it's best. WTF does the grand canyon have to do with some jewish effort back east? You guys are really twisted, I mean gone. On every level.

    And you're not really all that all interested in human rights. In so much as you are in "jewish rights" are ya?


  2. Oh the Irony, some one stupid enough to post the above bullshit actually has the nerve to talk about others being twisted? What a totally stupid fuck. Hummmm smells like Ramsey. LOL

  3. Everything smells like ramsey when you are fixated on him. Must be a homosexual crush.

  4. ANP Report for July 04, 2009
    Racial Comrades: This "Fourth of July", I want to urge all of you to IGNORE all the system hoopla, about "honoring the hero's who died to make you free" - and pause for a moment to REFLECT upon just HOW "free" and HOW "happy" you ARE, in this modern day Sodom & Gomorrah and its uncaring, economic depression, that is destroying White Working Class America.

    When I observe some apparently mentally deranged individual who ACTS like the mindless bigot that the enemy LOVES to wave around as an "example" of a "nazi/racist" - to PROVE to the MASSES that we ARE the MONSTERS that he portrays us to be - I have to WONDER "why" this person ACTS, as "IF" he/she were a PAID "ACTOR", out to DISCREDIT us and our beliefs.

    When I hear some obvious loony, shouting from the rooftops - "Hooray, for the holocaust! Six million more!" - I wonder just WHAT IT IS, that THEY ARE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH? Could it be, that they are trying to CONFIRM the LIES of the enemy - that National Socialists WISH TO EXTERMINATE others? I know that I myself have no such agenda - DO YOU? I certainly don't believe that the cultured and intelligent German people, desired to hunt out and "destroy" every jewish man, woman and child, either - DO YOU

    Comrades, I myself have no "hate" for Non-Whites, based ONLY upon their BEING Non-Whites. There ARE far and away - PLENTY of "PALE FACES" out there, who are WORSE than any Non-Aryan whom I have ever met! And I have known far too many individuals WITHIN this right-wing, reactionary "movement" , who fit that bill! I'm sure many of YOU have too, once you have spent enough time involved.

    To tell you the truth, over the many years that I have been active, I have found that usually, the "hardest-core" MINDLESS BIGOT - the more PATHETIC and UNSUCCESSFUL in life in general - this creature is. People who ARE content with their lives, and their personal ACHIEVEMENTS - rarely are so negative and intolerantly HATEFUL, with people whom they DON'T EVEN KNOW! Their "blanket statements" of offensive terminology, are like a small childs "safety-toy" that they continuously lug around, to HIDE BEHIND, per their OWN personal deficencies and foibles - rather than face the TRUTH about THEMSELVES.

    The American Nazi Party, while being SELECTIVE in its adherents - to the obvious DISMAY and ANGER of these frustrated "haters", who are NOT allowed to join our ranks - wishes to express "sympathy" of a sort, to these mentally deluded creatures. But please, STOP POLLUTING and MIS-REPRESENTING - OUR NATIONAL SOCIALIST BELIEFS - you are NOT, nor ever WILL BE, more than you presently are, a sad and mentally unbalanced individual. SEEK HELP - or at LEAST, find SOMETHING ELSE to corrupt and defile. Something on your "level", for I truly believe that Adolf Hitler would have gotten you some badly needed "medical assistance" asap! LOL

    For White Worker Power! 88!
    Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

  5. I checked on the thread about drafting Taylor Bowles on VNN. There isn't "a bunch of people" or even "some people" calling for Taylor Bowles to run for president again. It's one person making the post and about 4 or 5 saying how obviously silly it is.

  6. White Trash will never have a major say in American Politics.

  7. Drafting Bowles for a Presidential run is silly since he will probably draft himself. These NS groups are even sillier.

    Get out of these stupid groups now.

  8. A QUALIFIED NS politician would have a tuff time being elected governer of South Carolina, much less president of the United States. The Bowles "campaign" basically is a beacon to the world flashing "There is no serious National Socialists in America, keep moving!" The whole silly thing was pretty much the signal that National Socialism's rise in America was over.

    They all got somewhere when they were united but that collection of personalities were doomed to failure. You can't expect people like Jeff Schoep, Jim Ramm, Bill White, Cliff Herrington, Taylor Bowles, Chris Drake and Mike Blevins to all hold together long. If you bring someone like Hal Turner in to sprinkle his on recipe for homegrown insanity over what was already cookin, you can expect the fires to start even sooner.

    It's almost better that the NS thing died quietly like it did. The message got out and that was important, regardless of the messenger. NS creates a lot of mental hurdles for the average white person with average white problems. You are better off selling unpainted furniture than more fancy that anyone but a loon would want to put in their house.

  9. It's not dead, the NSALP will resurrect the swastika from the ashes!

  10. I'll believe it when I see it. Aren't they hooked up with Jim Ramm already?

  11. What? Can't hear you with the dick in your mouth faggot!


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