Saturday, July 11, 2009

Don't Tread On Me

The shepherd drives the wolf from the sheep's throat, for which the sheep thanks the shepherd as his liberator, while the wolf denounces him for the same act, as the destroyer of liberty. Plainly the sheep and the wolf are not agreed upon a definition of the word liberty; and precisely the same difference prevails today among human creatures. (attributed to Abraham Lincoln).

(image found at Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

The above quote pretty well sums up the age old disagreement over the First Amendment which is in high gear these days. As defenders of free speech vent their endless litany of warnings against governmental infringement, right-wing extremists are trampling the rights of others to live free of fear and intimidation.

Calling for violence and murder, extremists have taken to the internet and the airwaves to exercise their "freedoms" and as they are being pulled from the throats of their victims they are crying foul. Cloaking themselves in the Constitution, they engage in the irresponsible acts of intimidation and incitement while claiming no responsibility for any possible end result of their indiscretion.

In 1999, Benjamin Nathaniel Smith went on a shooting spree killing two and wounding nine others. Smith was acting upon the "suggestion" that a racial holy war must be initiated because of a Jew-ridden, and unjust government. That "suggestion" came from Matthew Hale, the leader of the then named World Church of the Creator.

One month later Buford F. Furrow shot up a Jewish day care center injuring three children and a receptionist. He then shot and killed a postal worker. Buford Furrow was a member of Aryan Nations, and an adherent of Richard Kelly Hoskins, a Christian Identity author and member of the Phineas Priesthood which admits extremists only after they have committed an act of violence against a non-white individual.

Less than a year later, Richard Baumhammers, an immigration lawyer, went on an ethnically motivated violent killing rampage leaving five dead in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was a frequent reader of materials published by the Council of Conservative Citizens, a racist and anti-immigration group.

The list of violence and acts of domestic terrorism is a long and well-documented one over the last ten years. In virtually every case, racist, anti-Semitic, or anti-government group literature, or hate-speech is directly involved.

Now, certainly, violent speech, much like violent music, doesn't "make" someone commit acts of violence. And this argument is often wielded by those on the radical, extremist right. Yet, such music and speech often foments an atmosphere of hate and antagonism that is conducive to violent acts, especially by those unstable and often criminal in nature. On that, most would agree.

Whether or not such speech should be legally curtailed is a horse of a different color. Not allowing dissenting or unpopular opinions would, most assuredly, spell the death of the First Amendment and I would dare say that few, if any, would ever want to see that happen. Yet, it is those who are the most vehement protectors of free speech who might very well hasten its demise.

An example might very well be found within some of our public school districts. As the gang culture crept into the halls of education and began to make public schools, especially in urban settings, more and more unsafe, officials met the challenge with more and more rules and regulations. Children who had been free and encouraged to express their individuality and differences have been finding it increasingly difficult to maintain their own distinctions.

Metal detectors line the entrances. Certain colors of clothing are often prohibited. Jewelry, insignias, sports logos, etc. are banned in some areas. Certain topics of discussion are discouraged and dress codes (including uniforms) are more strictly enforced. All of these things have transpired because the behaviors being engaged in result in disruption, violence, and sometimes death - because the behaviors are over-the-top and dangerous.

Speaking of extremes, the rhetoric of the right-wing extremists has been ramped up to almost full volume since last year and recent events suggest that freedom of speech may very well go the way of the individual liberties previously enjoyed by students in the public school system.

While, you might think "these are children," it is not so far-fetched to think that when you act like a child, you'll be treated like a child and to foreshadow a future in which the majority will, once more, fall victim to the antics of a minority.

Exercising what he believed to be his right to say anything he wanted, William A. White ran a toxic website and published a racist magazine. The operative word here is "ran," past-tense.

In early 2007, Eric Hunt, a follower of Bill White, attacked and dragged famed Holocaust survivor, Elie Weisel, from a hotel elevator. Last year, Bill White, who had long been threatening public officials, journalists, and other activists with whom he was at odds, published his magazine with a picture of Barack Obama in the crosshairs of a rifle and with the caption, "Kill This Nigger."

Later, White went on a rant over what he considered to be the unjust verdict against Matt Hale from three years prior. He then located the former head of the jury that convicted Hale and published his personal information on his website. It was that which gave law-enforcement the impetus to arrest White who is currently awaiting trial.

The publication of personal information with the intent that harm come to that person cannot be misinterpreted as anything other than intimidation - an act which seeks to stifle the speech, expression, or opinion of another. That is the point of such an act. Whether or not violence follows is not at issue. What is at issue is the violation of another's rights - the very rights so cherished by the aggressor.

Keith Luke of Brockton, Massachusetts liked to watch videos and surf the net. He particularly liked racist websites and videos shown on Podblanc - run by long-time white supremacist Craig Cobb. As a matter of fact, he credits those places with his "awakening."

On January 21st of this year, the day after the Obama inauguration, Luke decided the time had come to begin the fight for his "dying race." He shot three black immigrants on that day, killing two. That night, he planned to attend a local synagogue for the purpose of "killing as many Jews as possible." Fortunately, he was arrested first.

Less than three months later, Andrew Poplawski, a frequent visitor to the Stormfront website, and heavily influenced by anti-government sentiments, opened fire on the police who had answered a domestic disturbance call, killing three and wounding a fourth. Believing that an Obama administration spelled death for the Second Amendment, Poplawski had learned that America was run by a "cabal of Jews."

Over the next couple of months more blood was shed. Scott Roeder, an anti-abortion activist shot and killed abortion doctor George Tiller. Roeder ascribed to dictates of the Freemen, a Christian militia group who reject the authority of the federal government and had close ties to Cheryl Sullenger who had been convicted in the 1980's of bombing abortion clinics in the San Diego area.

Eighty-eight-year-old James von Brunn opened fire on a security guard who was merely holding the door open for the octogenarian at the Holocaust Museum.

Shawna Forde, director of the Minutemen American Defense, an anti-immigration vigilante group, joined by two others, entered the home of a Latino couple, killed the husband and nine-year-old child, and wounded the wife. Forde and one of her accomplices have close ties to Aryan Nations.

Brothers Dennis and Danny Mahon were arrested for the 2004, mail-bombing of a diversity office in Arizona. Robert Joos was also arrested at a white supremacist compound and training ground in rural Missouri. Both the Mahons are members of White Aryan Resistance and good friends with neo-Nazi Tom Metzger. As a matter of fact, Dennis Mahon was the long time head of the Tulsa unit of WAR.

As one can readily see, the power of words - spoken or written - cannot be denied. The influence that an ideology built on a premise of violence cannot be diminished, simply because those spewing the rhetoric believe they have the right to do so and that they are Constitutionally protected.

Case in point - a right-wing extremist shock-jock was arrested a couple of weeks ago and currently awaits trial after posting what authorities believe to be threats against three federal circuit court judges. Hal Turner has infected the airwaves with threats of violence and vomited anti-government and racist sentiment for years with no consequences to his actions.

Speculation that Turner was operating as a federal operant has run rampant throughout both white supremacist and anti-racist circles largely because of the inconceivability of the lack of governmental intervention given the nature and severity of many of his exhortations.

One would be hard-pressed to find anyone as virulently vicious as Hal Turner has been over the years. He has called for assassinations and mass murders and shamelessly claims that the murder of the family of federal judge can be attributed to him. Yet, no arrest was ever forthcoming. Until now.

The right-wing extremist element is rallying around Turner as are some who simply believe that freedom of speech means the total and unabridged liberty to speak as one sees fit. That has never been the case with the First Amendment. While political dissent is one thing, total disregard for the damage that can be done through such freedom is not the intent. There are laws against libel and slander. There are laws against inciting others to violence. And with the signing of the Patriot Act even more infringements upon our liberties have been sanctioned.

Climates change. And the current climate in the United States has taken on an onerous and pernicious condition of danger and intolerance and one that may threaten the liberties of us all.

Climates don't change all on their own, however. Just as the ozone layer of our treasured planet has fallen prey to the very care-givers who have been entrusted with its protection, so has the First Amendment.
Hal Turner thought himself invincible. After all, he had been doing much the same for years without interference. Those who fancy themselves as constitutional purists and who blindly support free speech regardless of the possible ramifications, have been busily attempting to justify Turner's right - not just to speak, but to threaten. They seem to be oblivious to certain facts put into evidence by the government.

Those who are in support of Turner would have us believe that he said nothing more than the three judges in question "deserve to die," when, in truth, there was much more to his internet posting. According to the criminal complaint filed at time of his arrest, Turner made the following statements:

Government lies, cheats, manipulates, twists and outright disobeys the supreme law and founding documents of this land because they have not, in our lifetime, faced REAL free men willing to walk up to them and kill them for their defiance and disobedience.

Thomas Jefferson, one of our Founding Fathers, told us "The tree of liberty must be replenished from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots." It is time to replenish the tree!

Let me be the first to say this plainly: These Judges deserve to be killed. Their blood will replenish the tree of liberty. A small price to pay to assure freedom for millions.

This is not the first politically-motivated trash to come out of the Seventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. In fact, it was the Seventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that decided in the Matt Hale Case, that a group which fraudulently trademarked the name the Trademark "World Church of the Creator" despite the fact they knew that name had been used by a Church for 30 years, could KEEP the name because the church who had used it for 30 years didn't challenge filing!

By not challenging the Trademark registration, the people who had used the name for years LOST IT. That decision lead to an order by a lower court for the Church to "surrender its Bibles for destruction because they infringed on the trademark" given to the fraudsters.

Shortly thereafter, a gunman entered the home of that lower court Judge and slaughtered the Judge's mother and husband. Apparently, the 7th U.S. Circuit court didn't get the hint after those killings. It appears another lesson is needed.

These Judges are traitors to the United States of America. They have intentionally violated the Constitution. They have now also intentionally ignored a major ruling by the US Supreme Court.

If they are allowed to get away with this by surviving, other Judges will act the same way.

These Judges deserve to be made such an example of as to send a message to the entire judiciary: Obey the Constitution or die. (Emphasis added)

Now, if I were to be placed on a jury trying Mr. Turner, the emphasized portions of his statement would be the ones I would be looking at. Clearly, there is rage and clearly there is the intent to enrage others.

But, if there was any doubt about his intention for harm to be brought down on the judges, there should be none left after what followed.

From the Complaint...

Below the above text, it read: “Judges official public work addresses and a map of the area are below. Their home addresses and maps will follow soon. Behold these devils."

Below this headline, the entry listed a name, photograph, phone number, and the work address and room number of the three Seventh Circuit judges involved in the decision. Following this information about the judges, the entry displayed a picture of the Dirksen Federal Building in Chicago, Illinois, the location of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, along with a map depicting the location of the Dirksen Federal Building. The picture of the Dirksen Federal Building contained the label, “Anti-truck bomb barriers,” from which arrows pointed to three different parts of the building.

However, the federal government must still build their case against Turner - and build it, they very well might. Included in the complaint is yet even more evidence of threat and intimidation and they didn't have to go back too far into the archives to unearth the the following:

From the Complaint...

Posted on was an entry dated January
25, 2009, and titled, “A Tyrant in Garrison, NY.” Below this heading was a post about a judge on the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. The entry included the following statements:
If Judge [Name] fails to start obeying the Constitution, she would do well to
remember what happened to another federal Judge that I chose to heap scorn upon:
US District Court Judge [Name] in Chicago. After I heaped scorn upon her, someone
went to her house and gunned down her family.

...Oh and if you dare try to do anything at all about MY freedom of speech in undertaking these activities, be warned: I will enforce my First Amendment freedom by making swift and
effective use of my Second Amendment freedom. The only thing you have to ask yourselves is whether or not you're willing to be on the wrong end of the Second Amendment when my finger is on the trigger. Be assured that I will not hesitate for even a fraction of a second to defend my freedom.

FBI Agents searched the archived history of the website Within the archived history of was an entry dated February 20, 2009, titled, "Fucking Federal Judges Never Learn - but I hereby WARN one of them." The entry addressed a Judge of the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey concerning a temporary restraining order issued against a company in a lawsuit for discriminatory hiring practices:

Well, I've got news for the latest federal Judge, [Name] and the NAACP concerning
this latest hiring freeze spawned by the latest lawsuit: if your actions kill more people, don't expect to walk away unscathed this time. I don't give a shit about sovereign immunity or the US Marshal Service that protects
federal judges. I don't give a shit about laws preventing retaliation against parties to a judicial proceeding. I don't give a shit about US Attorneys bringing Indictments against me or securing court orders against me, because they won't be worth the paper they're written on.

Know now: the days of politically-correct Judges and race-hustling, poverty pimps
in the NAACP causing people's deaths without consequence, are over.

The course of action taken by the Judge and the NAACP will, at some point, endanger
my life, the lives of my family and the lives of tens-of-thousands of other Hudson
County residents. We have an absolute right to defend ourselves -- and this time, we
will. This time, if people die, the people responsible will either be brought to justice or justice will be brought to them.

Also within the archived history of
was a post dated January 4, 2009, titled, “Add 2 More Judges to the ‘Rope List.’” In
reference to a January 4, 2009, decision by the Indiana Court of Appeals that attempted sexual misconduct with a minor requires that the victim actually be a minor, the entry states, “You folks in Indiana who have been planning with me for our national cleansing of
government filth - scheduled for the not-to-distant future - had better go out and buy more rope. It appears we have to add two more Judges to a list of filth that needs to ‘swing.'"

This begs several questions, does Free Speech give carte blanche to terrorize, menace, and intimidate other citizens? Are there any limits? Is there such a thing as First Amendment abuse? At what point does stepping on the rights of others negate your rights?

Constitutional scholars and others debate while the victims of the unscrupulous pile up. As we, as a nation, grow and mature, so must our laws. Children who bully others on the schoolyard playground usually grow up and cease their childhood ways. Those who don't, generally end up on the wrong side of the law or very isolated. Just as we have seen in other areas, when a population does not control itself, liberties are stripped and rights no longer exist.

The threat to Free Speech does not lie in the delineation of that which is acceptable but in the abuses by those too selfish or too self-absorbed to act in an acceptable manner. To those I would say that your rights are no more important or valuable than my rights. Respect that and don't tread on me.


  1. Evidently, the only reason Hal is being picked on is because the Illegally elected Kenyan born Barry Obongo Soetoro is trying to impersonate a president.

  2. Hello! Is there any intelligent thought left on this planet?

  3. Lloyd Davies, TimeLORDJuly 11, 2009 8:23 PM

    Nikki that is not Steve Holsten. Someone is impersonating him. This is Steve's real profile. This is some idiot impersonator.

    Steve Holsten

  4. Yes, that is me Steve Holsten. I don't why my profile changed to this older one when I log in. I'm going to try to figure it out

  5. Well I fixed it. I guess I have two profiles.

  6. Why yes Nikki; there is lots of attention like mine. Everyone knows Obongo is a joke.

  7. "The publication of personal information with the intent that harm come to that person cannot be misinterpreted as anything other than intimidation - an act which seeks to stifle the speech, expression, or opinion of another."

    What about OPP's "rogues gallery"? That's what started the whole damn thing if you ask me...

    The Nurmemberg case inspired is protected speech.

    For what other reason did Jenkins post such information (interesting enough he has really wittled down the entries)than other to intimidate? But it is protected speech. One rule for leftist assholes and another for everyone else.

    Go fuck yourself Nikki.

  8. Sorry, the 1st Amendment does protects Hal's speech, and Daryl's as well.

  9. "Just as we have seen in other areas, when a population does not control itself, liberties are stripped and rights no longer exist."--Nikki

    This shows your lack of understanding of our founding fathers and documents.

    These rights were/are God given and cannot be taken away, or so the founders declared.

  10. Hey the Pedo is back. Just in time too. I shot off about twenty letters to Hal's "friends" and inmates at the Oklahoma City Transfer Center where Hal is being held Steve. I made sure they knew that Hal was a white supremist and a child molester.
    Hal should be having a good old time tonight. Gee I hope no one ass rapes him or beats him down. LOL

  11. You're not very smart, Hal Imposter. Hal won't be in that place very long. You know what comes around goes around. You may get Ass raped by Niggers just for wishing it on good ole Hal.

  12. Hal is going to get time, dipshit. He'll be lucky if he doesn't get ten years. Then he'll get more time when he goes to Connecticut. This ain't Kennett where you and your faggot Pedo son is allowed to molest young girls. Hal is going to do time once the inmates in Oklahoma City get my letters (maybe monday) Hal is going to be going Whooooooosh when he farts. Just like your children, pedo.

  13. I just read that Martin Garbus has joined Hal's defense team. If there is truth in that, I think that is a very good thing. This could be a very important case in the grand scheme of things and I hope that both sides are up to the legal wranglings that might be ahead.

    Anonymous said...

    This shows your lack of understanding of our founding fathers and documents.

    These rights were/are God given and cannot be taken away, or so the founders declared.

    How's the weather in that fantasy world you live in?

    Let's try this again...

    "Does Free Speech give carte blanche to terrorize, menace, and intimidate other citizens? Are there any limits? Is there such a thing as First Amendment abuse? At what point does stepping on the rights of others negate your rights?"

    (((It is not the fact of liberty but the way in which liberty is exercised that ultimately determines whether liberty itself survives. - Dorothy Thompson)))

  14. I want to agree with a portion of the things about the Turner case. What I can't do is agree with the people who have done the exact same thing in the name of fighting "racism" (white people). Equality? What a lost, lost concept. You are better off proving that herds of unicorns wander the forrests of America. Let's sum up the position of this scene here:

    Jewish life is more special than other life.

    A handful of crimes by racists committed over a span of years is more noteworthy than the handful of crimes committed by non-whites in any major city on any given weekend.

    It's ok to do anything possible to destroy someone who is racist (disagrees with you on race). If the person is a judge or lawyer, it's not ok.

    Killing Jews during WW2 is the worst crime to ever happen and should never be questioned. Jews killing people, today, in the Middle East shall not be mentioned. Ever.

    Do you all ever get sick of this? You can't be brain dead! How can you continue with these gaping holes and many more in your boat? I admit that the racialist side has no shortage of sillies and clowns but'd have trouble selling this to everybody in the dark ages!

  15. The interesting thing is that the above anonymous poster tries to justify his obvious racism with reverse racism. Also he seems to think that we should subscribe to his sick and perverted line of thought. Hey racist, maybe we don't hate like you do, have you ever thought of that? You have a diseased mind and normal people don't think like you.

    Steve, Hal is not going to get out anytime soon. He has pissed off any chance of bail he ever had. After the "broadcast from jail" stunt he will not get a sympathetic judge to grant him a reasonable bail. He has no one to blame but himself. Much like Bill White his mouth has landed him in hot water. Since Hal apparently plans to fight his case he will be locked up for 18 to 24 months, very likely Connecticut will revoke his bond due to Hal's broadcast following his release from jail.

    So even if Hal beats his federal case, which seems unlikely he will still have to go to Connecticut for at least another year or so where he will be in jail awaiting trial. So even if Hal beats both cases he will wind up doing a couple of years in lock up.

    If he loses both cases he is really fucked because the feds will not run his time concurrent with the state time and Hal picked up his state case first. Best case scenario is that Hal gets out around the time that Obama starts his second term.

  16. You are right. Hal kept talking when he should've sat back and listened. I'm not going to fight & raise anymore Hell over this travisty of justice. I just hope Hal can get a lawyer team that can help him.

  17. Thank you Raoul for your kind words and you are right. This person is trying to justify his racism. He says:

    "Killing Jews during WW2 is the worst crime to ever happen and should never be questioned. Jews killing people, today, in the Middle East shall not be mentioned. Ever."

    Despite your poor language skills my friend, you are very wrong. The recent war in Gaza is very much mentioned and debated not only here but apparently in the US as well. I won't say it was all justified but it did stop the rockets that were being launched into Israel. Now everyone is at peace and no one is dying. The sad thing was that people on both sides had to die. The cycle of hate never stops, seemingly.

    Is the Holocaust the worse crime ever to happen? I can't answer that but the killing of 6 million people is certainly something that should never be forgotten.

  18. The actions of these anti-social losers are nugatory in the big-scheme. Obviously, when I think of my life being snuffed out, it is not of "racists" that I think, but of blacks.

  19. blah blah blah.....Nikki numb-nutz re-hashes a lilliputan litany of "white hate crimes" when the almost daily vicious, psychopathic ultra-hate-violence of niggz inflicted on white people out-numbers such miniscule statistics 1000-to-1 @ least!

    those are official government STATs, bimbo!

    even in 0zz, HT wouldn't have been arrested for "inciting violence" & WE have NO constitutional amendments to protect us like youse molly-coddled 'Kwans....a charge of "threatening to kill" must involve a real, personal & identifiable threat like, for instance, a gun or a knife being pulled on some-one @ close range or, OTW, several corroborating witnesses willing to testify that the "threat of violence" was real and imminent as in "collaring" some-one and holding a clenched fist over them!

    HT's tirades do no qualify as such "threats"

    eminent constitutional lawyers have stated categorically that HT's "rants" are clearly covered by 'the First'! .....HT is, thus, a political, put a SOCK in it, you effin' TWAT!

  20. Let's review. Jimbo is not from Australia like he claims. He is a 55 year old ex con named Artie that lives in a trailer with his mom, surrounded by junk cars. This is who and what Jimbo really is, he is even more pathetic than Ramsey. Wow imagine that.

  21. Can you prove that potential Bullshit?

  22. Listen Pedo, we don't need any bullshit from you. If we need your opinion we can drive to Kennett, pull you out of your shitty trailer and beat it the fuck out of you.

  23. Things are still normal with you and the other Turd Cadre. All you're going to do is run your Fucking hole and then Shit and fall back in it. You also need to refrain from calling your Hero a Pedo.

  24. Whoo, I enjoyed taking that big ole Shit on that fake bath time blog.

  25. Self has bad news for those waiting for Martin Garbus to come on board for little Hal Turner's legal team. It would seem that Mr. Garbus has only joined Turner's defense in a moral sense. Mr. Turner it seems is stuck with a Hispanic Attorney of questionable ability who has never handled a federal case to defend him.

    Self emailed Mr. Garbus who though would not rule out helping Mr. Turner states that at this point, "He is only on board in a moral sense." Leaving implied that if Hal could pay him he would defend the short rotund blow harded man. I guess now we know where little Harold learned the trade of lying, apparently he got it from his lying sack of shit mommy Kathy. Turds apparently do not fall far from the turd tree.

    Those wishing to help the fat man should send him tubs of K-Y jelly and edible underwear to federal prison. Looks like Little Harold is going to enjoy his stay at the federal Hilton a while longer, maybeso.

  26. That's the only "6 million" people to ever die, right? Is that you defense? Can I just start making a huge list of communist mass murder that numbered higher than 6 million? I guess somehow just I know about those and you don't, right? Special treatment destroys any hopes of effectively preaching equality. Remember that Jew. You greedy thing, you can't understand why you cake is gone after you just got done gobbling it up.

  27. My point is simple, obvious and well within view of anyone walking past: Jews preach equality, run the equality pimps and are inequality in it's finest example. If you were white, it would be called extraordinary well funded white supremacy. Sure you can pull for one non-Jew over another non-Jew---that's not you embracing equality. In fact, that's an even further step from it.

    Equality is a myth that only whites believe in and attempt to put into practice.

    As far as Gaza goes, reporting it on the news and debating it is some sort of solution to Jewish genocide? Have you ever considered becoming a white nationalist? Seriously, if it was any other non-African country doing the killing, we'd invade, regardless of their excuses (rockets, rocks thrown at tanks, people upset about their land being stolen etc). What was Serbia all about, hmmmmm?

    It sure is hard being a Jew when people can still ask questions. Better work on that!

  28. Shit Pants, what is it like to be a Nigger Dick Sucker like you? Are you proud of it?

  29. I love to watch Morris Dees clones chase their tails over mickey mouse stuff. What are you going to do when the main force
    Pleasant dreams!

  30. THe FBI crime data is quite clear:

    For every white racialist that has murdered non-whites, hundreds of whites have been murdered by blacks.

    But the government doesn't consider gang bangers terrorists so they don't get the special treatment.

    It is easier to turn dung hills into diamonds than find a shred of truth in your crappy blog.

  31. And people are waking up to facts like that. Talk to anyone outside the system and half the ones inside the system: common sense eventually wins each time. Common sense, the biggest enemy to the anti-racist cause, is just part of nature. Fighting nature is a fruitless battle, now isn't it?

  32. Where do all these idiots come from? Methinks most of it comes from the same idiot trying to justify his racism with the supposed racism of other races. What a load of shit.

    In any case, Nikki I like your article and I noticed you didn't have to threaten anyone's life to get your point across. Hal Turner and others are just too damn unintelligent to get it. Threatening lives is not covered by the second amendment and you do not have to threaten someone to get your point across. Van Brann and his ilk deserve to be locked up.

    Genocide? Oh please. What is happening in Gaza is not Genocide. It is terrible thing and it would be wonderful if the two sides could come together. I feel for Mr. Asch and his people. The war was terrible but then if someone was shooting rockets into my neighborhood I might want war on those peoples too. Like most Americans I support Israel.

    That is my two cents worth and hey look I didn't threaten anyone's life to get my point across. That is freedom of speech. That is what America is all about.

  33. Your First Amendment right is at STAKE

    A common man's take:

    "Guys, our freedom is at stake. Our very thread of existence regarding what we say is at stake. Have exrpessed you anger or disatisfaction you ever said, "that guy needs to die or be killed?" Of course you have, well what if you were put in jail for saying it?? YOU WOULD BE LIVID.

    So, it happened to Hal Turner, and it is an atroscity. I may not agree with everything he said, but the governement is scared, and they over overreaching their powers. Its that simple. There was not an "Imminent" danger which protects people in the vicinity. He put up the judges address for extra effect, now he's in jail. We all no how to google and find someone at work, if they let this fall under "imminent" its all over folks. Your wire tapped phone calls will get you in jail one day.

    PLEASE step up and Donate below for everyone in the country who has a voice, this really matters and may go to the supreme court. Your Freedom of Speech and your children's depend on it.

  34. The 1st Amendment was created to protect the very speech Hal Turner was arrested for.

    If you ever read history you would know that common people use to say far worse against public officials (within earshot mind you) and were never arrested--they understood what free speech was...this society does not.

    You people here are totally irony-proof.

  35. I particularly appreciate the on topic comments - especially those who can present their opinions without resorting to threats or name-calling. Unfortunately, we often have to wade through a morass of ignorance and childishness to find them.

    Raoul - I believe you are correct. Hal, like Bill White, will be tied up in the system for quite some time regardless of the disposition.

    Anonymous #1 - I would like to address this term that is being thrown around, "protected speech." I'm not so sure that threats and intimidation are "protected." I say this because such things are not "victimless" as you and others would like for us to believe.

    This isn't just a case of someone posting names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. on the net and asking people to voice their displeasure. Hal Turner posted a map to their building and a picture of that building on which he labeled the anti-truck bomb barriers while calling for them to be murdered.

    All of this came from a man who has repeatedly and publicly taken credit for the murder of the family of Judge Joan Lefkow - who has repeatedly claimed to have an army of henchmen at his disposal.

    The recipients of threats of death or physical violence ARE victims. And I don't believe that such threats are "protected." If they are - then who or what protects the victims?

    With that being said...I find it quite interesting that the article I wrote points to right-wing extremists and their crimes. Some of those mentioned were racially or ethnically motivated but others had roots in anti-abortion or anti-government ideology. Yet the discussion here immediately focuses on black vs white or Jews.

    Hal Turner didn't threaten these judges because of their ethnicity - he threatened them because of their rulings.

    Sponge Bob - perhaps Garbus will work "behind the scene?"

    Tony Anderson - thanks for the comment. Funny how easy it is to state your case without stooping to such levels, huh?

    I look forward to watching as all of the drama surrounding Bill White and Hal Turner plays out. Both cases have many paralells and could be very important to this discussion.

  36. Anonymous said: You people here are totally irony-proof.

    In the time you spoke of when men would speak as you say there were different rules in place. For one thing it was not uncommon for someone who spoke as Hal Turner did to get challenged to a duel or beaten to a bloody pulp. Andrew Jackson fought in some 13 duels. Today these checks and balances are not available. Like wise in these days of lone wolf cowards how is one to know if someone is serious or not. Who is to say that one of Hal Turner's low intelligent listeners (Steve Holsten for instance) wouldn't try to serve violence on these judges or elected officials? What is lost is that these people who Hal threatened, are for the most part good people who were doing their jobs to the best of their ability, their only "crime" was that Hal Turner disagreed with them. They should have the right to perform their jobs without fear of cretins like Hal Turner.

    Mr. Anderson is right, you can express your opinion and views without threatening someones life.
    When you do this, then you cross the line. Hal Turner and William White did this many times. Neither in my opinion should be protected by the 1st Amendment.

    Oh and you want irony, Mr. Anonymous? Hal Turner was living upon the government. For many years Mr. Turner was getting a SSI check like other malcontents here (Steve Holsten and Michael Blevins)
    yet they continue to bite the governmental hand that feeds them.
    That is irony. Even William White existed by perpetuating a revolving debt scheme upon the government. Maybe when these people get out and earn their living by the sweat on their own brow I could listen to them. In the mean time they are nothing but losers to me.

  37. Lloyd Davies, TimeLORDJuly 12, 2009 3:43 PM

    Steve is one of the good folk, he would never kill anyone. Not a judge or anyone else.

  38. Some good points UFT. What seems to be lost on many of those who defend Hal's and Bill's right to terrorize others is that as long as this continues, and as long as there are those out there who would act upon what they seem to believe are innocuous suggestions, the more governmental intervention will be forthcoming.

    Again...why must people who are simply living their lives, doing their jobs, raising the families, etc. fall victim or prey to intimidation and threats of violence by some nutjob who disagrees with them? What about their rights?

    Look - I have written several articles, given several presentations, and spoken in many public venues about organized racism and many of the individuals in this so-called "movement." I completely and whole-heartedly disagree with the premise that most racists and anti-Semites hold. And while I vocalize my disagreements and vigorously object to their views - I don't want them dead. I don't call upon others to murder them. I don't issue threats of violence.

    Why don't I do these things? Because I think I am a sane and compassionate person who seeks change through peaceful and legal means. Most of us are. Most of the people with whom I disagree or with whom I debate are the same way. MOST people understand that there is a line and that crossing that line is unacceptable - that's true among racists and anti-racists alike.

    When someone does cross that line, there are consequences. Whether those consequences come from law-enforcement, from the opponent, or from their own rank-and-file might be a matter of fate - but consequences none-the-less.

    Interestingly, both Bill White and Hal Turner had become pariahs to many within the racist rank-and-file and still are. Most of those who shun them fall within the more learned and intelligent of the crew. Why? Because neither are with a shred of honor or integrity.

  39. Tony Anderson: Nazis had all kinds of excuses, legit legal ones, for throwing Jews in camps. Jews have their mystery rocket excuse for one. Funny how historically they always "attacked" or "threatened" by people whose land they want. War on civilians, collective punishment--it's everything you accuse the Nazis of and beat us over the head with day in, day out. You sir, are a Nazi in all but name.

  40. I kind of agree with UF on most points. Most of the people Hal Turner threatened were going after people's freedoms. However, Hal chose to threaten and bitch about it rather than do anything. He went to prison anyhow.

    If being threatened was the worst thing ever, then there would be no white nationalist cause. The enemy can't counter the message so just about the only thing they have at their disposal is threats.

    I'd love duels to be brought back. Talk about a ray of sunshine in a dark world. If you really wanted to get rid of the Hal Turner types in the world, that would do it overnight.

  41. Neo Nazis are RetardsJuly 12, 2009 4:47 PM

    You are so fucking stupid. Do you ever actually listen to your own bullshit? There is no excuse for killing 6 million people in cold blood. I hope the feds get you and throw you in prison will Hal and Bill.

  42. The 6 million is HIGHLY disputed. I agree though, in a perfect world, no civilians would die in war but then again, in a perfect world would there be war?

    Why, if you are an equality junkie, do you think that has been the only noteworthy tragedy of human history? There have been millions upon millions killed in the Ukraine, South East Asia and the Middle East--often by the Jews themselves---since 1945! Why not even a fraction of the attention going to them? Fact is this, equality ends at the door to their temple. Arguing that point is like arguing wheather or not the sun exists.

  43. That's right Lloyd. I never threaten anyone or call for their demise or whatever.

  44. Someone said: "The 6 million is HIGHLY disputed"

    Only by Holocaust deniers. Okay maybe it was only 5 million 900 thousand. It was a lot of Jews and they were killed by a brutal racist regime. It was an attempt at genocide. It must never be forgotten because forgetting this act of evil may allow it to be repeated.

    Nothing you racists say justifies your racism. So sorry, game over you lose again.

  45. Not only must we never forget the atrocities of the Holocaust and Hitler's attempted genocide - we must never forget that such a monster was allowed to gain the power to commit such an act.

    Yes, there have been other heinous acts throughout history. That point is irrefutable. The point is that there are lessons to be learned so that we never allow such things to happen again.

  46. And they are doing the exact same thing in Gaza and all over the Middle East. We should remember, they should not, right?

  47. Happen to Jews, right? What about Stalin? What about Pol Pot? What have we done to stop you leftists?

  48. White nationalist seemed to be threatened by you, nikki. Keep up the good work.

  49. Only an idiot who doesn't understand history would compare Gaza to the Holocaust.

  50. Only somebody without an arguement would make a broad statement like that. Anyone who knows history objectively knows that the Jews did much more to the Germans leading up to WW2 than the Arabics did to the Jews who stole their lands. Get back to me when you explain to me why Jewish life is more important than non-jewish life, yet I'm supposed to be anti-racists. It goes along with how anti-racists can post your address, phone number, urge violence against you and get Jewish donations rather than jail time for it.

  51. Not only must we never forget the atrocities of the Holocaust and Hitler's attempted genocide - we must never forget that such a monster was allowed to gain the power to commit such an act

    only a kike would consider a 65-yr old "event" like the Holohoax to have any relevance today!'s just more of the same from this kosher cunt!....fact-free blather.....there is NO, i repeat NO! scientific/forensic evidence to prove that this mythical event ever occurred...and the only "monsters" in WWII were the frickin' AlLiars who DECLARED war on Germany & BEGAN the indiscriminate bombing of civilians (TRUE TERRORISTS!)....Hitler was prepared to broker peace @ almost every stage following September, 1939...(even sending his best frien, Rudolf Hess, to England on a one-way trip in a desperate bid to stop the slaughter of white people!)...the judæo-masonic-marxist "coalition" of the jewK, the jewSA & the jewSSR were the ones who wanted a genocide....a GENOCIDE of white people...they destroyed National Socialist Germany ( a shining example of economic & political success @ a time of world-wide kike-caused Depression of the 1930s!) &, after WWII, started another holocaust against white people with the "counter-cultural revolution" of the 1960s/1970s, multi-culturalism, globalisation & birth control/abortion....the "proof of the pudding" is that white people are now out-numbered 100-to-1 by worthless fckn mud bastards &, in addition, are under daily siege from rampaging, psychopathic nigg' knuckle-draggers!

    for the casual reader here....DON't listen to this lying kike cunt Nikki fck Nutz!....get the TRUTH on Hitler & WWII here & here

    if yr white, find out what is in yr REAL interests here & here!

  52. Mark BarthomelJuly 13, 2009 3:07 AM

    Six million my ass. Hitler killed 666 Million and we are proud. Or is it 6 Billion? Who knows seeing how jews constantly rewrite history and inprison those whom have a different view.

    I say the more jews that died the merrier!

    It is just a shame that Hitler didn't clean out that nest of vipers once and for all!

  53. Holocaust deniers so pathetic. They lie to themselves. Glad to see the government locking them up. I hope Nikki will continue to give the ip info of those assholes. Lock 'em all up with Hal and Bill. Prison is a good place for them.

  54. Jimbo blathers: there is NO, i repeat NO! scientific/forensic evidence blah blah blah blah

    Only someone completely ignorant or in total denial would say something like that.

    Chemistry of the Auschwitz

  55. Racists are morons but don't lie to us for the sake of diversity.

    This is I Blogger and NIKKI has no access to IP addresses.

    How stupid do you think we all are?

  56. God is JusticeJuly 13, 2009 9:45 AM

    Matthew Ramsey is pretty damn stupid. What the hell are you talking about anyway? Good Article Sholem.

  57. "Not only must we never forget the atrocities of the Holocaust and Hitler's attempted genocide - we must never forget that such a monster was allowed to gain the power to commit such an act.

    Yes, there have been other heinous acts throughout history. That point is irrefutable. The point is that there are lessons to be learned so that we never allow such things to happen again."

    ...She pontificates as Obama enters stage right. Oh, the irony.

  58. You compare Obama to Hitler? You are an idiot. The irony is that you are able to muster enough brain power to turn on your shitty 386 SX computer, scum.

  59. The last anonymouse isn't too far off the mark.

    We have people who call themselves freedom loving Americans who want to put laws on the books that will abrograte the 1st Amendment. Though America has a unique history with our Constitution;
    This is a tactic of oppression, used throughout history to gain power.

    Nikki and others who advocate for locking people up for what they consider to be "hate" speech know this.

  60. True, no one believes for a minute that Nikki actually believes in Constitutionally protected speech--maybe for herself or her wacked out cronies, but not for Americans like Hal Turner.

  61. Glad Hal Turner will never get out of jail and when the time comes to round up the rest of these rightwing domestic terrorists maybe they'll also go after their prominent, vocal and impassioned enablers: Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Michael Savage, Mark Steyn, Dick Morris, Ann Coulter, Bernie Goldberg, Dennis Miller, G. Gordon Liddy, Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, Michele Malkin, Joe Scarborough, etc

  62. Hal Turner is a traitor to America but still he has free speech as long as he is not threatening peoples lives. Rush Limbaugh, Hannity or others, no I don't agree with them but they will not be locked up because they can express themselves without threatening the lives of others.

    Racist right scum and whine all they like but Hal Turner is nothing more than a criminal.

  63. Damn where did all the posts where Holsten was chimping out go???

  64. It's a good thing that Nikki removed that crap. I don't chimp out anymore than the Turds who put me down and still show their high admiration of my Greatness.

  65. I am totally in awe of you Holsten. You molest your step daughter all the time! I did it once and my wife divorced me and got me court ordered not to see my bastard kids, the bitch.

  66. Nikki, please somehow ban the fake Vonbluvens poster. We've all had our ups and downs. Von should be allowed to get past his.

  67. What? Raping your own daughter is and up or down? You must live in a trailer home.

  68. Von like me should be left alone. Neither of us are Pedo's. Never was, never will be.


    Never happened. Wasn't racist.

  70. Steve's bringing the nimbusters here nimbusters.ore

  71. That is the last thing I want to do. I washed my hands of the Nimbusters over a year ago. Those Turds are useless.

  72. Von I can't say but it is well known that both Holsten and his son is a pedo. Documented.

  73. Ok DickHead, show a link to some documentation. You need to do it now or shut the Fuck up.

  74. Golem's Arse-hole sez!: Only someone completely ignorant or in total denial would say something like that.....

    (posts "holocaust history" lnk!)

    don't take me for 1 or yr effin ZOG-bot zombies, u stoopid fckn kike!

    Zyk-B is one of the least effective ways of mass-gassing dozens of people @ a time!

    in essence, it's little more than bug-spray!

    and...BTW....yr "link" is total bull-shite....where are the gas-tight doors & the industrial-strength extractor fans necessary to ventilate the alleged gas chambers after a mass-gassing?

    produce evidence of "gas chambers" similar to those used for lethal gassings in US prisons & you might be believed!

    also: where are the heating units necessary to release the HCN from the Zyk-B pellets?....sure...they existed!...but only in closet-sized rooms @ the 'Schwitz suitable for de-losuing clothing!

    also: explain how the fuck a highly soluble chemical like HCN would effectively de-gas in a humid environment of several hundred m³ with several dozen potential victims inhaling & exhaling?

    also: explain the discrepancy between the official records of the amount of Zyk-B delivered to the 'Schwitz & the veritable mountain needed to both de-louse clothing in order to prevent typhus out-breaks AND gas a gazillion kikes!

    the total ineffectiveness of Zyk-B as a mass-lethal gassing agent is, basically, the only evidence that needs to be produced to debunk 'the Holocaust'....yr bluff's been called, jew-boy!

    when are we gunna see that $gazillion$ you maggots falsely extorted on the basis of A BIG LIE?!?

    more here!...cites the official DEGESCH stats on Zyk-B!

  75. Fuck you pervertJuly 14, 2009 3:09 AM

    I again smell the horrible stench of pedophile Michael Burks. He's saying Von is a Pervert while he punches the little boy sludge.

    Go back to the bath house NAMBLA member!

  76. Leave it too idiots like jimbo to COMPLETELY miss the point, the point of this article is to illuminate the fact that hate groups LIE to the world when they say "I'm just being proud of my race". Your all terriosts, no better than the ones you go after. CASE CLOSED. Keep up the good work Nikki.

  77. Jimbo is not a white national and most likely isn't even white. He is an Anti who tires and makes us look bad.

    One thing you Antis are right about the Holocaust. It did in fact happen. But my comment on that is: so what? They had it coming.

  78. ....and so sez us niggaz, right nigga?!?

    ohh...BTW....."the Holocaust" DID happen?!?


    is that the official position of "Aryan Nations"?

    or: just yr position, nigga?!?


  79. So, who else lies? Blacks and Jews say they just want equal treatment. Bloody wars in the Middle East, violent crime in America are just two counters to that lie. Mexicans and other invaders claim "they just want a better life." So did Genghis Khan and his followers.

    There are violent people in every single political group in America. To try and paint another political group as violent just shows that you have nothing to with which to counter their arguement. Could one paint Democrats as violent by nature? Think of all the blacks you know who religiously vote Democrat. Could you paint Republicans as violent by nature? How many lives have been lost in Republican led wars? Now articles like the one above seen rather silly when put up next to other real world examples of mixing blood and politics. Religion? It works there too. Try Muslims + bloodshed!

  80. Chairman HerringtonJuly 14, 2009 10:02 AM

    The only problem with the holocaust is that Hitler didn't exterminate all the rats! Who gives a shit how many he killed! He should have killed more because so many were left alive!!!

  81. How come no stories on the extremism of Alex Jones and some of the insane stuff he is talking about BTW- The racist feed off the tripe that is pumped out of there.

    Though he doesn't talk about races he is more radical than the likes of Hal Turner.

  82. How come no stories on the extremism of Alex Jones and some of the insane stuff he is talking about BTW- The racist feed off the tripe that is pumped out of there.

    Though he doesn't talk about races he is more radical than the likes of Hal Turner.

  83. Instead of knitting she types names of those she feels should be locked up.

    From hence forth you shall be known as Mdme. Nikki Lafarge.

  84. nikki look at the cat fight between 'A real white man' and 'Jimbo' i love watch bonehead vs bonehead fights. esp when neither of them see the point in what your article illuminates.

  85. Jimbo is not a White National, he is one of your knee Jerk Anti Racists who posts as a racist to make us look bad. For one thing he is not from Australia, secondly he is too incredibly stupid to be part of the true movement.

    There are a lot of Antis who impersonate WN's: Linder and Ramsey are too classic examples. Jews are not white therefore undesirable, however they are not nearly as disgusting as Niggers or Spics. Dress up Nazis are a joke, traitors to their country and race.

    I wish either Ramsey or Linder who become active again. I'd like to meet them at a rally and have a long talk with either one of them that would leave them bloody and broken, like wise with that cocksucker Floyd Cocksuck. BTW we keep tabs on Floyd. Did you realize he recently went AWOL from rehab. I guess Floyd just isn't a quitter.

  86. Linder's address is in the Kirksville 'phone book....why not "drop on by" & "pay yr respects"?....ohh...that's assuming yr not just a "mouth", that is, eh, nigg' ?

  87. Linder the 98 lb weakling take on anything but his gook wife who he repeatedly beats? I don't fucking think so! LOL.

  88. good to know that if anything happens to linder, or anyone else mentioned theres a nice paper trail on this very comment section.

  89. Steve Holsten (and the other racist dirt bag chickenhawks who live in their mother's trailer basements) is just another insecure white man with a small penis who is terribly threatened by black men. He's also a racist shitbag, but that's because it comes easy to an inbred pea brain with a small penis who can't get laid.

  90. As for "A Real White Man" (most pathetic nick name EVAR), his comment that steve and jimbo are fakes is just laughable after his comment, which is equally putrid to theirs.

    Still, I'd love to see these three morons meet in the trailer park for a duke em out. If we're lucky they'll kill each other and the world will be rid of a few warts on its rear end.

    And yeah, I'm a white girl who is LAUGHING at you small dick white morons.

  91. Faggot Mackeena, Your request to suck my Dick is denied since I'm not a Faggot like you. Fuck off, you Motherfucker.


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