Saturday, July 25, 2009

Distractions and WHY-TEE

On the Obama front:

By lashing the Cambridge police for arresting Henry Louis Gates at home, the president seems to have upset basically everyone today, even supporters on the left. But at least Republican rage isn't aimed at health care!

Just look at Rush Limbaugh spinning his wheels on a dismissed, ridiculous police case; in the Fox News clip above, Limbaugh calls Obama is unpatriotic. Limbaugh, who publicly prays for the failure of the president of the United States, should know what that feels like. Anyway, he says Obama hates America because, "let's face it, President Obama is black." Beautiful. CONTINUED WITH VIDEOS

After Barack Obama said Cambridge cops "stupidly" arrested Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates on the front porch of his own home, the police said they "deeply resent the implication" anyone would think they're racists. Maybe clue this Cambridge cop in.

At around noon today, the same time Sgt. Dennis O'Connor, president of the Cambridge Police Superior Officers Association, gave his press conference trying to push back against perceptions that the Cambridge cops aren't exactly racially enlightened, Harvard student Seth Bannon spotted this cop pull up to a deli on Massachussetts Ave. in what appears to be his personal SUV with a hilarious license plate: WHY-TEE.CONTINUED WITH PICTURES


  1. Screw talking about this Nikki. Talk about the health care bill.

  2. Unfortunatly I am white and male. This administration has with the stimulus plan shown that when it comes to government decisions, I will not be included.

    Race obviously will be a very big part of a Government run health plan. My part will be paying for it I guess. Of course I will have to cut back, this will be an expensive program. Just look how much health care shot up when the goverment added Medicare.

    Now what bills can I not pay... My rent, or my health insurance? Yep, I can see how this is going to work already.

    Well, this has one economic ray of hope for the Government run social security program. There are going to be a lot less payouts because there are going to be a lot less people collecting.

    One wonders if that is the plan after all

  3. Yea, one of Obama's plans that actually is "shovel ready".

    They will need that shovel to bury all the elderly white folks sent home to die.

  4. I think Obama interjected himself in this local issue on purpose to distract the disaster that is his healthplan.

  5. Actually - I would like to hear from Hooch on the health care plan (if you can believe that). He had some very good info that he shared awhile back and I would like to hear what he thinks. I'm undecided at the moment.

  6. Nikki,

    Government plans give more choices not less choices. Just ask anyone on Medicare, very few of them elect the HMO private Medicare option even though it's a cheaper premium.

    The reason? HMO's are very restrictive on the care you receive.

  7. Yes, Barry Obongo Soetoro's the illegally elected wannabe president's plan is to kill off ones that are too weak or too old. Everyone should be on their phones calling their congress people and telling them to vote against Obongo Care.

  8. Steevo, why not give up Medicare & Medicaid for your kids and show by your actions you don't want the government having anything to do with your health care.

    Oh, the hypocrisy!!

    That's what I thought Steevo. No one wants to get rid of the government program that benefits them, they want to deny it to everyone else.

  9. No DickHeaded Schwartzo KIKE, things are fine like they are. Illegally elected president wannabe Barry Obongo Soatoro and the other Faggot Dems like Frank and Kennedy don't have a good program worked out. They will kill off the weak and elderly with what they are proposing.

  10. I think Steve thinks that if he tells a lie enough i.e. Obama being "illegally elected" somehow it will come true. But I guess we shouldn't be so hard on the retardo because this has worked for him in the past. "No I didn't molest that little girl, officer", What a filthy fat pedo. His fat ass would die without Medicare and Medicaid. Not that it would be a bad thing. One less fat worthless child molester in the world.

  11. Rush has more brains in his feces than Nikki has in her head. In other word his crap is smarter than this smartass.

  12. commies eat shit!July 26, 2009 7:20 AM

    The shitskin is ilegal in more ways than one. Even mainstream folks like Lou Dobbs are starting to cover the coverup. If this keynan shitstain has nothing to hide then stop hiding it! Show us the damned long form birth certificate, not the short form forgery.

  13. God is JusticeJuly 26, 2009 7:37 AM

    Hal is right. Repeating a lie doesn't make it a reality. "Commie"
    is that cry baby Hooch. Cry me a river bitch.

  14. Nikki, why don't you do an article on this proposed healthcare deal? Provide a service to your readers for a change.

  15. The citizenship thing is a moot point. Even if there was 100 percent proof he wasn't a citizen it wouldn't matter now that he is a sitting President.

    It does disturb me that none of his school records or even enrollment records can be accessed...that is unprecedented.

  16. The Obama birth certificate satisfied two courts of law. Only the retarded think it is an issue.

  17. Obama's latest screw up with the police is probably his least dangerous to the public. However, it reminds everyone that he's "still just a nigger." And he's prone to behave like one when outside the care of his handlers. It would all be funny if not so tragic.







  20. You need a birth certificate for about half the important things in everyday life as an American citizen. Oh, you don't need one if you are black and want to be president? Sure. I get the message.

  21. """Nikki said...Actually - I would like to hear from Hooch on the health care plan (if you can believe that). He had some very good info that he shared awhile back and I would like to hear what he thinks. I'm undecided at the moment."""

    Nikki, I am against what they have let out about Obama's health care plan. We don't need a government controlled system but I am not completely against the single payer system (government is the only insurance company) if they continue to completely disregard our laws we already have in place.

    The proper supply and demand always fixes a problem in a republic EXCEPT when monopolies and corruption are ignored in exchange for lining the pockets of politicians, both liberal and conservative.

    The AMA monopoly MUST be broken up but notice that NO ONE is talking about it. It is common knowledge in the insurance industry (which has their own set of problems) that the American Medical Association is controlling the supply of doctors (and nurses) by only allowing a certain number of them to graduate per year. Therefore the low supply of doctors to the degree that you may be lucky if you set an apointment today to get one tomorrow, controls what they can charge. Allow significantly more qualified doctors in the system and you create competition which makes prices drastically drop.

    Stop all insurance company collusion. There are laws in place that allow them to talk to each other about increasing premiums next week! But they don't bother talking about that either. MASSIVE amounts of money are being spent right now by the insurance, doctor, and drug associations. THEY ARE BUYING OFF THE POLITICIANS AS WE SPEAK!

    The leftist Bill Moyers has done a number of shows about health care and he digs into the corruption even though I don't necessarily agree with the solution. The problem with a single payer system is the fact that everything the government touches dies. Regulation is the answer. Following the laws that are on the books and somehow STOPPING this bribery!!! We don't regulate because pockets are getting skinned, and I've got news for you leftists, Obama's pocket is getting skinned too! This crap has got to stop! We need a politician who is dedicated to stopping this corruption and putting very serious laws in place to ensure its quick end. And allowing NO lobbyist money in any way including special benefits like a 400K a year job to the politicians son.

    Here is a link to Moyers site. He had a show a couple of weeks ago that I couldn't find. It was with a former insurance executive who has turned against the industry. Very interesting. Many of the same things my dad has told me, as he was a vice president of one of the largest insurance companies in America.

    We need to eliminate all ILLEGAL aliens from our health care. They are not contributing to our system tax wise and they've got to go. If we implemented the Fair Tax the need to get rid of them would also be gone. No one in this country could escape taxes as the ONLY tax you would pay would be a higher sales tax on the goods you buy. And if you are broke and don't buy much you don't pay much in tax. If you are loaded and buy all kinds of stuff you will pay heavily in taxes.

    The new system should ONLY include major medical. That is one of the largest problems they are dealing with in Canada. There are too many hypochondriacs that run to the doctor for any single thing. I don't want to be paying for someone who has the sniffles and needs to be patted on the ass by a doctor. They can pay for that themselves.

  22. Tell your doctor you are paying CASH and you need a good price and instantly your $75 dollar consultation drops to $45. People can swing that. The whole point here is major medical. It's financial RUIN. It's the credit system that is allowed to hammer a person because they got sick and the astronomical hospital bills can not be paid.

    $45 bucks is not going to KILL you. Care centers should be set up all over the country that will take anyone in for anything. MOST of the people who go to the hospital go there because they have NO INSURANCE and don't have cash on hand to pay a doctor. AND they know a public hospital HAS to take them by law. So it is filled with people who have the flu, or people who got chest pains that are nothing more than heart burn! Ridiculous.

    Care centers that HAVE to take you and that will give someone a bill if they don't happen to have $75 to stitch them back up on hand. These care centers will be affordable and will force both hospitals and doctors to line themselves back up once they see that people will just drop in one of those places without an appointment, get served relatively quickly and get a bill.

    When there is stiff competition a business (doctors office, hospital) is forced to make a decision.

    1. Offer the same rates as the stiff competition so you can get your customers back.

    2. Offer better rates or services than they do so you can get your customers back.

    3. Or go out of business!!!

    The Free Market System is the way to do it but NO ONE including the deadbeat republicans in office are proposing a way to do it!!!!

    And you may ask how the government could get these clinics built all over the country quickly. TAX INCENTIVES. With requirements (regulation) that force those who want to be involved into some fair but Walmart style pricing and value. $3.00 prescription style medical care!

    And look what happened when Walmart did the $3.00 prescriptions. Every one was FORCED to jump on the band wagon with their own deals! And the market was still FREE and not GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED.

    And we all know, Walmart isn't LOOSING any money by giving $3.00 prescriptions. If I could only get 1 billion people to give me 1 single dollar.

    I could go on and on with my health care plan but nothing will actually get fixed because as we speak our politicians are getting their wallets greased and until we put an end to this corruption nothing will change as a benefit to the American people. They will position it in a way that it will help the masses, it will sound to everyone like it will, then you will find out a few years down the road that the reality is that you are screwed harder than you previously were.

    Major corporations are in the business of turning a profit and will do the right thing for their stock holder (which means greasing the wheel), and politicians no longer see themselves as civil servants and will do what is right for themselves and their families (taking the bribes).

    To conclude, you Obama supporters can "hope" for "change" and "transparency" all you want but it's simply not going to happen until we have a candidate that is serious about one thing only, ending corruption. Once that is done this country will be able to start and rebuild itself from the damage they have done.

    Here is my radical statement, but I couldn't end it without one.....

    And.... when we have regained control of this country by hopefully peaceful but militia force if necessary, all of those who have been acting against the WILL of the people shall be tried for Treason which is punishable by death!


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