Tuesday, July 21, 2009

You Really Can't Make This Shit Up!

People, I just can't resist this - I just, simply can't!

Now, how I feel about Sarah Palin is no big secret. Everyone I know realizes that I absolutely, positively, cannot stand this woman! From the first time I heard her open her mouth right up till now - I find her insipid, vapid, superficial, and totally unqualified to have ever even been considered for the Vice Presidency.

Today, it came to light that she was facing more ethics charges in Alaska - just as she packs up her desk and makes her escape from the Governor's office from which she resigned over the July 4th weekend. Of course, that resignation doesn't necessarily mean that Palin's vacuous blather won't be coming at us from some other direction.

Who will ever forget that, according to Palin, Vladimir Putin raises his ugly head and invades Alaskan airspace. Well, lest any of us forget that the low-wattage bulb known as Sarah Palin was almost a heartbeat away from the highest office in country, please check this out:


And then come back and tell me how that is possible.


  1. You should be ashamed of trying to put down the future president Mrs Sara.

  2. Palin should have gone down with trooper gate but a GOP controlled legislator saved her. There are good reasons why there has been so many ethic. This is a bullet she will not dodge and just another reason she is unfit to hold office.

    Nailing Palin

  3. You can't stand her probably becuase she is prettier than you.


  4. The fake Hal is such a Nigger Lover that he can't even stand himself.

  5. I really don't understand why they keep attacking Palin. Her mouth will do her in, nothing else is needed. She is unfit to be dog catcher much less Governor or President. I do not like her but I am almost starting to feel sorry for her because of the hounding. Trooper Gate should have finished her, that was Palin at her worst. She is a nasty vindictive person.

  6. The liberals are attacking their WORST enemy. If Palin runs for president she WILL beat Obama and the libs know it.


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