Tuesday, July 14, 2009

COMING SOON: BlogTalkRadio With Lunatic Fringe USA

COMING SOON From Lunatic Fringe USA
starting Thursday July 23 at 11pm Lunatic Fringe USA will be broadcasting a live call-in radio show via the BlogTalkRadio Network.

BlogTalkRadio allows you the listener to call in and join the conversation. If you should miss the live show you can always download and listen at your leisure.

11pm was the only open time slot, hopefully in a couple of weeks we will be able to get a earlier time slot.
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  1. Probably more of the same you find here.

    No thanks.

  2. the anti-racist politcs will be the same, but personal attacks will not be allowed.

    Differences of opinion YES - Name Calling NO

    Lunatic Fringe USA

  3. Personal attacks not allowed......
    Name Calling NO...................

    You libs are full of "rules."

    Your religion of faggotry has turned you people into a bunch of little girls.

    Boring, I agree.

  4. don't be jealous that were taking on more ground hooch. your going to run out of town and rightfully so. no one wants yours or any other racist bullshit anymore.

    by the way- if we are 'libs' we reserve the right to be so just as you reserve the right to be an asshole that makes good american conservatism look bad. We also reserve the right to make your lives miserable. so get ready... fuckers.

  5. Let me get this straight: there is a new blog out about basically the same thing you are force fed in public school. No shortage of anti-racists nerds with nothing to do after highschool, huh?

  6. """bob cooper no one wants yours or any other racist bullshit anymore."""

    Please define racism for me Bobby Cooper. Then quote a "racist" statement I said. You won't find one dipshit. Bigotry, but not racism by definition.

    So learn the language you speak prior to letting shit roll out of your mouth.

    """by the way- if we are 'libs' we reserve the right to be so just as you reserve the right to be an asshole that makes good american conservatism look bad. """

    This comment of yours doesn't even make sense retard.

    Bobby "The Big Bird" Cooper

  7. Nikki, do you care to comment on this?


    A leader of an anti-racist gang/organization just got popped for extortion.

  8. OHMYGOD, now Hooch of limited intelligence and scoop is claiming he is not a racist. Is the Pope not Catholic, Do Bears no longer shit in the woods? Hoochie gives self mucho laughs.

    Hey Hoochie tell self about Obama not being a citizen again, that was a good one. Hey Hoochie tell us again how Reagan reduced government and spending. Ho ho ho hee BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Hoochie a funny man.

  9. I'm curious of what becomes of the arrest of the anti-white gang leader. FSU is one of the biggest anti-white gangs around, probably bigger than the ARA. Normally, the anti-white gangs like the kind One People's Project promotes, don't recieve any federal attention, no matter what they do. Now you see Hal Turner and the leader of an anti-white organization popped very close together. And for extortion too!

    Where would the anti-white cause be without extortion of one kind or another? The whole thing has been run on threats against employers, threats against individuals, neighhorhoods, familes, etc. Will the feds start cracking down each time the anti-white movement threatens to or extorts money or favors from someone? With the feds making arrests for extortion in the anti-racists circles, there is a good chance the anti-racists movement could be left powerless.

    Clear skys for white people after that? Not by a long shot. You still have the biggest evil of them all, the federal government on your heels.

  10. Another pontificating blowhard lecturing on how evil we are for being white.

    Fuck off.

  11. Finally i've ruffeled feathers. Goes to show. Who says I was only talking to you?

  12. 'Your religion of faggotry has turned you people into a bunch of little girls.' hooch

    i found a racist and sexist comment rolled into one!!

    YAY found one, whats my prize, hooch?

  13. A Cock Meat Sandwich, just like you like em'.

  14. What are fucking 12 lol.

  15. Hey, Nikki:

    Wondering what you thought of that case in the Bronx where that black girl roasted a poor little kitten in a 500 degree oven.

    How come you don't cover stories such as these. Do you not think your readers would be interested...or is it because the perp is black?

  16. As long as we, as a society, continue to bury our heads in the sand, hope that all of this nastiness will just go away, ask "can't we all just get along," without getting up off of our apathetic asses, without turning off the damned TV, without allowing ourselves to be duped and hoodwinked by our so-called leaders - we are about as useless as windshield wipers on a cat's ass." --Nikki Nichols

    "cat's ass" I guess not as useless as a roasted cat's ass.

    I just find this mission statement of hers sad and pathetic, because while she focuses on the very tiny white criminal element she ignores the 800lb gorilla in the room being crimes such as was listed by the anonymous above.

    Nikki is no different that the rest of the assholes with an agenda, and frankly the only reason I come here is to read her hypocricy and to intellectually spar with the blind dolts that agree with her.

    I think I am just going to stop reading this bullshit site altogether.

  17. I don't see why anyone still bothers to point this all out. The threat doesn't appear a few times a year holding a cardboard sign and shouting "white power." The threat lives in the ghetto, the barrio and all places kosher. Most people who aren't living in fantasy land know that. Wait until the economy gets worse and see how well all that BS holds up. It barely works under the very best on conditions. Heck, under the best conditions, you could sell people on just about anything from beastiality to murder. Lots of people naturally don't care about race, let alone anything else, when ever single need is being overmet.

  18. Anonymous asked...

    Nikki, do you care to comment on this?


    A leader of an anti-racist gang/organization just got popped for extortion.

    Answer: The only comment I would make is that neither I, nor Citizens Against Hate, are affiliated with FSU, nor do I endorse the actions of that group.

    Again...I don't condone violence - from right, left, or in between. If the man is guilty, he should be punished.

  19. To the couple who are complaining about "rules" or the content of the show, the new blog, or this one, please feel free to not join us.

  20. That's funny because I'm in no way affiliated with Hal Turner or Von Brunn but somehow their actions seem to be applied to myself and those like me.

  21. Hey Nikki... check out http://rapidshare.com/files/257806076/nimnuts_2009.07.18.mp3.html ... NewsGuy really went after you.. forward to 1 hour into the show to hear what he said.


  22. Nikki,

    Since you deleted my posts I'm returning the favor... you'll see



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