Sunday, July 26, 2009


Say goodbye to Sarah Palin as Alaska's Governor - but we're not out of the woods yet. Amid all of the rumors of multi-million dollar book deals and becoming a talk show host there is another one floating around - she's going to start her own party. Now, the good folks over at Mudflats have been keeping real close tabs on this little maverick, you betcha! And they have a poll running - just want to help her out a little. can go over there and help Name that Party. Right now, here is where it stands:

What's the Best Name for Sarah Palin's Third Party?

Conservative Republican American Party (CRAP) (29.0%, 418 Votes)
It's My Party (and I'll quit if I want to) (18.0%, 256 Votes)
The Party to Nowhere (17.0%, 243 Votes)
The Bitter Twitter Quitter Party (16.0%, 228 Votes)
American Sarah Society Holding America Together (ASSHATs) (14.0%, 206 Votes)
The Pity Party (13.0%, 186 Votes)
I Am Also Too a Candidate. Also. (11.0%, 155 Votes)
The Mavwreck Party (11.0%, 154 Votes)
The Know Nothing Party (10.0%, 139 Votes)
Point Guards for Jesus (9.0%, 135 Votes)
I Do it On Twitter Party (IDIOT) (9.0%, 134 Votes)
The Quittercrats (9.0%, 131 Votes)
The Party of Winkin', Twittin' and Todd (9.0%, 128 Votes)
The "Real" America Party (8.0%, 118 Votes)
The God, Guns, Gucci Party (8.0%, 114 Votes)
The Palinoscopy Party (7.0%, 105 Votes)
The Pit Bull Moose Party (7.0%, 101 Votes)
The Naughty Monkey Party (7.0%, 101 Votes)
The Quitter Twitters (7.0%, 96 Votes)
The Progress Palin Party (6.0%, 86 Votes)
The Palinista Party (6.0%, 82 Votes)
The Open Door Closed Mind Party (5.0%, 77 Votes)
The American Independence Party (5.0%, 71 Votes)
The Rapturarian Party (5.0%, 70 Votes)
The God Squad (5.0%, 69 Votes)
The Truth is for Dummies Party (5.0%, 67 Votes)
A Party in What Respect? (5.0%, 67 Votes)
The Ethics Shmethics Party (5.0%, 66 Votes)
The Party of One (5.0%, 65 Votes)
The Republican't Party (4.0%, 52 Votes)
The Party of None (3.0%, 49 Votes)
The Manifest My Destiny Party (3.0%, 48 Votes)
The Ditzy-crat Party (3.0%, 47 Votes)
The Wipin' Out Wildlife Party (WOW!) (3.0%, 47 Votes)
The Money for Nothing and Kids for Free Party (3.0%, 42 Votes)
Look, I Shrank the Republican Party! (3.0%, 42 Votes)
The Divacratic Celebrican Party (3.0%, 37 Votes)
The Screamin' Me Me Party (2.0%, 29 Votes)
The Lobotocrats (2.0%, 27 Votes)
Holy Elephant Leftovers Party (HELP!) (2.0%, 27 Votes)
The 7% Solution (2.0%, 26 Votes)
The Boomerang Party (We Keep Comin' Back Atcha) (2.0%, 25 Votes)
The "I Smell a New Wardrobe" Party (2.0%, 24 Votes)
The Twitterpated Party (2.0%, 23 Votes)
The Shredded Tweet Party (2.0%, 22 Votes)
The Arctic Crap Party (1.0%, 20 Votes)
The Labor & Delivery Party (1.0%, 20 Votes)
The Cow Moose Party (1.0%, 20 Votes)
The After Party (1.0%, 18 Votes)
The Rouge Coup d'Etat Party (1.0%, 16 Votes)
Party's Over (1.0%, 16 Votes)
The Craptastic Party (1.0%, 11 Votes)
The "Party, Baby, Party!" Party (1.0%, 9 Votes)
The Plumbers Union (0.0%, 7 Votes)
Cookies and Milk Party (0.0%, 2 Votes)


  1. How about Country First,Secession Second party!

  2. Fucking childish article.

    I think you are don't like her because she is more attractive than you...and as dumb as you claim she is--SHE IS STILL SMARTER THAN YOU.

    Articles like this shows you for the agenda-driven partisan you are.

  3. Nigger lovers went wild on Fucked up polls.

  4. Nikki, You are stooping to very low levels by jumping in on this desperation that the libs have to attempt to end the most dangerous threat you have against your messiah.

  5. If Palin is the most dangerous threat to Obama then get ready for a second term. Done deal, shoe in. LOL.
    Hooch\Blevins is losing it.


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