Friday, July 10, 2009

Diesel Therapy or SOP?

I have to address a discussion that is taking place on VNN - I just have to.

It seems that Hal Turner is in the process of being moved to Chicago and is currently at the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City. Now, the paranoid and ignorant individuals at VNN have gone into another one of their meltdowns. Joe J started this fantasy tale by saying:

No reason for Hal to be there except that they are fucking with him. He's not convicted yet. Looks like Hal might have some diesel therapy in his future.

J3115 then added a little fuel to the fire with...

I've heard about "diesel therapy" I spoke with a guy who was on D.T. According to him - he was transferred from one fed prison to the next.

He said he spent his 18-months mostly in mini-vans with U.S. Marshals traveling from one prison to the next. Just as soon as you get comfortable in one place the marshals show up to send you to another prison.

Joe J is determined to make this into some great conspiracy on the part of the government so he adds...

They are fucking with Hal. He has no charges in Oklahoma and no reason to be there. They are trying to break him. No matter what anyone here thinks of Hal, ZOG are a bunch of motherfuckers whether they do this to Hal or someone else.

OTPTT bites - big time...

I don't know all of the facts of Hal's case. I know he's in the system and that I know. They may realize they don't have a case and are going to make sure he suffers cruel and unusual punishment whether he's convicted or not. And certainly just in case he isn't.

Definitely playing their sick and juvenile head games. They can only do such things collectively with like minded sick and sadistic bipeds and within the physical areas they control. Their buildings, buses, airplanes, etc. They lack the courage and integrity to live and work in the real world and even attempt to do 1/100 of the satanic acts perpetrate behind tall walls in open public. Their days are numbered as their system is on its death bed. This brings me immeasurable joy.

Remember White man this is what you have to look forward to if you do or say the wrong thing. You might consider that before you 'surrender' and decide to participate in their circus. Prior to that decision you may still have a chance for another alternative of your own choosing.

And, of course, the inimitibale and sometimes insipid, Alex Linder points out...

Jesse Trentadue was murdered in that place.

Well, I realize that unrealistic fear often accompanies white nationalism and frequently obfuscates rational thought. One WN who, apparently understands this added...

FROM REBELWITHACAUSE: They have to keep moving him around. If they left Hal in one place, he'd either try to shit out an earthquake on them or his vast army of neo-nazi skinheads and KKK-types would be able to launch an offensive to spring him.

The Federal Transfer Center is just that - a transfer center. Most all federal prisoners enter this hub when being moved from one place to another. Hal Turner is currently being moved from New Jersey to Illinois. When Bill White was moved from Virginia he was processed through the FTC as well.

This is NOT some head-game being played by an out-of-control government. This is standard procedure.

Should Hal Turner's case go to trial, and should he be convicted, he will be sent back there before being sent to his assigned prison.

So...for all of the histrionic purveyors of misinformation and the white nationalists who cannot overcome their fear of governmental persecution, for all of those who wish to make someone like Hal Turner into a martyr - sorry, but he just isn't that important. assured, they don't have to "sweat" information out of Turner. Remember, he just isn't "cut out for this."


  1. In this instance, Linder is correct.

    In case you didn't know, Kenny Trentadue was murdered, or rather, “suicided” in this very same place under alarmingly mysterious circumstances.

  2. Good call, Nikki, "Diesel therapy" is SOP.

    Thanks for clearing that up. :)

  3. Nikki - I'll vouch for what you've written about this process. Former Alaska State Rep. Vic Kohring went through the same mill when it came time for him to report to prison.

    According to the Anchorage Daily News, Kohring was first housed at the Anchorage Jail for 15 days, then at a facility near Seattle for a month, then at the OKC facility, until a spot opened up for him at the privately-run Taft Correctional Center in California.

    Because he was convicted of a non-violent offense, Kohring could have self-reported directly to Taft, bypassing the Federal milk run, but his court fight had sucked him dry of funds.

  4. I was not disputing the truth behind Linder's statement. I know a good deal about Trentadue. What I was getting at, (and maybe not very clearly) was that Linder was merely adding to the "fear factor." He did the same thing with Bill White.

    Anchorage - thanks for the validation. What do you think about Palin's resignation?

  5. The Kenneth Trentadue case:

    The victim was Kenneth Michael Trentadue. At 7 AM on August 21, 1995, officials from the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s office arrived at the new Oklahoma City Federal Transfer Center for the body of a man recently picked up for parole violation who allegedly was a suicide by hanging. The astonished state officials saw a body with scalp split to the skull in three places, throat slashed, and a body completely covered in blood, bruises and burns...

    “Because of the extensive bruising of the body, the cut throat, and the general appearance of the body, we felt that the death should be investigated as a homicide.” --Dr. Fred B. Jordan, the Chief Medical Examiner for the state of Oklahoma

    December 20, 1995, Dr. Jordan described his frustration over being stonewalled by top Department of Justice officials in Washington. He recorded that he confided to the Assistant U.S. Attorney in Oklahoma City that “I felt Mr. Trentadue had been abused and tortured.”

    Two years later Dr. Jordan said on a Fox News Interview (July 3, 1997):

    “I think it’s very likely he [Kenneth Trentadue] was murdered. I’m not able to prove it. I have temporarily classified the death as undetermined. You see a body covered with blood, removed from the room as Mr. Trentadue was, soaked in blood, covered with bruises, and you try to gain access to the scene and the government of the United States says no, you can’t.

    “They [the federal government] continued to prohibit us from having access to the scene of his death, which is unheard of, until about five months later. When we went in [the cell] and luminoled, it lit up like a candle because blood was still present on the walls of the room after four or five months. But at that point we have no crime scene, so there are still questions about the death of Kenneth Trentadue that will never be answered because of the actions of the U.S. government.”

  6. For once this isn't fear mongering on Linder's part.

    The racist; even the paranoid ones, have cause to be concerned.

    As far as I am concerned America's prisons (Fed or State) is not much better than Aushwitz or Soviet-style model.

    Treatment of ALL prisoners in America, regardless of race, is not something this society should be proud of.

    Physical abuse and rape is an accepted fate for all prisoners regardless of offense--almost expected as part of any punishment. Let's not forget the Feds are lobbying to cut food rations to only two meager meals a day for these men and women.

    No one deserves to be starved, beaten, physically abused or beaten to death in this so-called justice system of ours.

  7. *The racist; even the paranoid ones, have cause to be concerned.

    I will have to agree with anonymous on that score.

  8. Nikki - I personally wish Palin hadn't resigned, because I think it will empower those who spammed her with all those nitnoid "ethics complaints", most of which have been dismissed (the remainder are still being adjudicated).

    But I respect her decision, and quite frankly am growing tired of her seemingly-endless drama and theatrics. Her successor, Sean Parnell, will bring professionalism back to the Governor's mansion, even if he is a bit of a milquetoast.

  9. Once again, the problem is the kind of white world you have to rebuild to accomidate non-whites, creates hell.

    Did any racialist ever wonder why the government loves non-whites so much? "Because the Jews tell them too..." That's about as blurry a statement as could be but one you might expect. Let me tell you one big reason why our government loves it's non-white pets. In a multi-racial society, you have to have more laws. You need more police. You need more control over the average person. You can easily create more reasons to spy, to restrict, to ban, to outlaw.

    You need the government's protection more. No matter how much propaganda our Jewish friends pump out, deap down we all know that the boogy man lives in the ghetto. Damn his cousins in the Middle East for the time being. Who will protect us from the real terrorists whose name we shall not say? BIG GOVERNMENT.

    Living near non-whites is also a great economic incentive. If you are poor, your sentence shall be to live around, be assaulted by, robbed by and constantly harrassed by non-whites. Don't want to put your kids through hell in a public school? Make more money and put them in private school. Or you can pay through the nose and go live where all the other white-flighters went.

    And don't get me started on how the capitalist profit from multi-racial corruption of our nation and people.

  10. Who cares where Hal is, as long as he is playing anal invaders with his cell mates.

  11. Pocahontas ProudJuly 10, 2009 5:47 PM

    This is so sad about Mr Turner. He has never done anything to deserve jail. Let's hope and pray that he is found not guilty.

  12. Nikki, thanks for being objective in reporting this. Turner is going through the same ole thing everyone entering the federal prison system does.

  13. Hal is just were he needs to be. Only an idiot threatens federal judges and public officials. He is a criminal. I hope he does ten years. I hope he gets beat down at least ten times a day or for every time he opens his fat mouth.

  14. Is threatening a public official any worse than threatening a regular individual? I'm curious.

  15. This is so sad about Mr Turner. He has never done anything to deserve jail. Let's hope and pray that he is found not guilty.

    July 10, 2009 6:47 PM

    LF Note: Really? Hal is as pure as the snow, yellow snow that is.

    Here take a listen to one of Hal's comments. Is this A Threat or Free Speech ?

    Lunatic Fringe USA

  16. Hal is a criminal, if he couldn't do the time, he shouldn't have done the crime. Hopefully they will give him the maximum sentence allowable under the law.

  17. Hal Turner is an entertainer. What do you think would happen if one of your Jewish comedians got thrown in prison? Oh! It's the holocaust all over again! What if a Jewish movie producer was jailed because his movies projected his dreams of killing white nationalists or his fellow Middle Easterners?

    Take for instance what happened when people tried to stand up against Jews in Hollywood and their pro-communist agenda. You will never stop hearing about how much those filthy rich bastards suffered. We were actually at war with the communists at the time. Jews were giving the communists all the nuclear secrets they needed to destroy us. So a small bomb going off in Israel should shake us to tears but Jews giving nuclear weapons to our sworn enemies is barely a footnote in history?

    My point is that look how the shoe is worn when it's on the other foot. Do any of you believed then or still believe now that the Jews believe in equality, fair play or free speech? I know what Hal did was wrong. Anytime you promise something you have zero intention on delivering on, it's wrong. However, the man should have his bail. This is the Jewish way of convicting you before your trial. They barely have a case in this one or the one concerning Bill White so they just hold them without bail and keep moving the their trials back. Can anyone tell me that's right?

    And a danger to the community? Hal? Let me ask all the tin-hat wearing members of the anti-white community defense league: if something was going to happen on their behalf, wouldn't it happen during the times where they are being treated unfairly? Wouldn't holding them without bail piss their oh so scary imaginary armies off even more? Hi. This is reality. I've popped in to inform you that there are no violent supporters waiting on the words from Hal or Bill.

    I've figured out one thing. The anti-racists are just as bizzare and out of touch with reality as the majority of white racists.

  18. better to "go out" like Bob Matthews than end up in the clutches of fedZOGjewSA's gulag system!

    if they ever come for me, i'll take as many of the fckrs with me as i can and, when i run out of ammo, detonate a massive IED to "take out" several dozen more!

  19. Blevin is doing a shitload of whining. Hal is getting what he deserves. He is a criminal. No freedom of speech when you threaten people. Good fucking riddance. I hope they give the fat fucker life then go after Michael and Drake. Fuck 'em, good to see them get Linder and Ramsey as well.

  20. Drake is a dullard that can barely spell his name. Blevins has retired. Linder is just a nerdy kid with a pool (VNN) and why on God's green earth would anyone who opposes white nationalism want to do away with Mathew Ramsey?

  21. Why are certain people in the forum fixated over ramsey? Somebody always seems to end up talking about him, they must be afraid of him. I say fuck them all! This is about Hal stay on topic. Leave your homosexual crushes at the bath house faggot!

    Ramsey linder and all those aholes will be in prison soon. After they are arrested then we talk about them...

  22. Mr Turner will be back home real soon. These lawyers like Martin Garbus coming together is wonderful thing. All glory goes to God & Jesus. Hang in there Hal. Help is on the way. Thank you God.

  23. You know the funny thing, Pedo? Hal would have hated everything Martin Garbus stands for and to top it all off Garbus is a Jew. Of course I doubt Hal's family has the money to hire this guy. According to Hal's mother only $198.47 in donations have come in. Plus I write and send Hal a lot of bogus checks so each time his mother tries to deposit them they bounce which cost them 30-50 dollars each time. Oh my I think the Hal defense fund is in the hole. LOL.

    Oh and the great thing is how easy it is to mess with Hal now he is in prison. All I have to do is use the BOP inmate locators, I plug in common black names until I find one that is serving with Hal at the OKC Transfer center. I then write them and tell them Hal is a child molester. Can you say ass out? Hal will! LOL. Finding Hal's cell mates

    Hal is going to get what is coming to him, just like your pedo rapist son the next time he goes to jail, pedo. Hal better get used to pleasuring other men Steve used like you did when you were a kid.
    What is happening to Hal

  24. Lloyd Davies, TimeLORDJuly 11, 2009 11:20 AM

    The Real Steve Holsten's Profile

    The "Steve" posting on here is an imposter, Nikki. It is either Woger Wiseman or possibly Unknown Fucktard. Steve is in a nursing home recovering from a stroke. He is unable to use his computer at this time but Jesus willing he will get better. Please delete the above post because it is that on an imposter.

  25. Lloyd Davies, TimeLORDJuly 11, 2009 11:27 AM

    You people are terrible! You could get Hal hurt or killed telling the inmates he is a child molester. You people are going to hell! What did Hal ever do to you? He has a right to free speech and to express him self. YOU PEOPLE ARE TERRIBLE.

  26. A few points...
    Let me first point out that Hal has not entered the prison system. That occurs after one is sentenced which Turner incidently is months away from. Attempts to compare what goes on with someone being held in pre trial custody and someone already convicted are part and parcel of the sheer lunacy you are well known for Nikki.
    On "Diesel Therapy"...Yes it exists and is widely used as an administrative punishment tool within the Federal Bureau of Prisons as well as a tool used by the Department of Justice against certain defendants that are in pre trial dentention after failing to make bail.
    The principles are rather sound. The object is randomly moved from facility to facility, contracted county jails and so forth over an extended period of time all of which means you basically have no ability to maintain contact with the outside, little phone privs, no chance of commisary, muchless mail and so forth. The purpose of Diesel is to break the subject and it generaly does.
    As far as my knowledge of these things I spent well over half a decade as a ward of the Federal Bureau of Prisons...I would say my experience far outweighs that of some dried up wannabe blogger.
    Is Hal being Deiseled? Good question as there is no reason he should be sitting in the OKC transfer facility. The rumor is that MCC Chicago is full which I can assure you is BS...inmates move in and out of that place on a daily basis like water...its no great problem to have placed Turner there directly rather than as unconvicted defendant in a Bureau of Prisons transfer facillity. The placement of Turner at OKC FTC also leads to EXTREME liability for the Bureau of Prisons should anything occur to Turner while being held there. The problem is that he must be kept in individual lockdown because if a convicted inmate of that facillity harmed him its immediate liability. Watched one guy get a beatdown after he won his appeal and the Bureau didnt remove him from general population fast enough. The Bureau settled that one out of court for a sum just shy of a million and there was no permenent harm done to the former inmate in that case either.
    MCC Chicago has facillities for pre trial dentention, actual units where as the FTC simply doesn't.
    Get a clue woman...


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