Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bill White Supporter, Eric Hunt, Is Seeking Funds In A Most Peculiar Way

Everyone should remember this young man. His name is Eric Hunt and back in January or February of 2007, he was arrested for assaulting Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel. He stalked him across the country and assaulted him in California. At the time, Bill White was claiming that he was a supporter of ANSWP. If you'll remember, after the assault he checked himself into some sort of mental facility. Well, it seems that Hunt has taken a new route...and I think he might need to check himself right back into that facility.


Holocaust survivor sued in Fla. for memoir 'lies'
October 20, 2009 8:27 AM
The Associated Press
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — The man who accosted Holocaust scholar Elie Weisel in 2007 has filed suit in Florida against an Auschwitz death camp survivor, alleging her memoir is full of lies.

Eric Hunt seeks damages in excess of $60 million, alleging Irene Weisberg Zisblatt should be punished “for tormenting Gentiles and instilling hatred in Jews.”

Zisblatt’s son-in-law, who is a lawyer, calls the lawsuit “absurd” but says he’s worried about the woman’s safety.

Hunt made headlines in 2007 for dragging Wiesel off a San Francisco hotel elevator. He said then he had mental problems and got “sucked into anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on the Internet.”

Hunt was sentenced to 4 years probation and ordered to undergo psychological treatment. He was released from a 2-year prison sentence for 1 year served during the proceedings.

According to a website dedicated to Ms. Zisblatt...

As a young prisoner in the camps, Irene witnessed and experienced unspeakable cruelty and brutality. She lost her whole family to the gas chambers. She was a "guinea pig" for Dr Josef Mengele, who performed inhumane experiments on her. The last mementoes of her family were the four diamonds given to her by her mother, that she had to keep swallowing over and over so they wouldn't be confiscated. She walked for two months on a death march while thousands of weakened prisoners dropped dead around her. Through it all, she held onto her hope and faith and, encouraged by the strength of her friend, Sabka, somehow she made it through one of humankind's darkest eras.

Although she swore to tell the world of the atrocities she'd seen, to be a voice for her friends and fellow prisoners, it took her fifty years to get over her fear and shame before she could do so. After taking part in the March of the Living, a walk through the camps culminating in Israel, she opened up and shared her story with the younger generation. She's been sharing it ever since, speaking around the world, testifying for the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation and taking part in Steven Spielberg's Oscar-winning documentary, "The Last Days."

Of course there are those who attempt to convince the world that the Holocaust never happened and those who attempt to obfuscate or one-up the atrocity by citing other monsterous acts and it appears that Eric Hunt is one of those. But, one has to wonder just how effective that court-ordered psychiatric treatment has been.


  1. Where did our jobs go, Mr. President, and when are they coming back?

  2. It's about time someone tried this route. Now granted, I don't think he'll get a dime out of it but at least it throws some light on the roaches, so to speak.

    The holocau$t industry is just that: an industry. Regardless if you believe the Jewish claims or not, that's exactly what it is. People worship it, preach it and sell it. Think of all the non-Jews who have made money from selling fake stories about "their survival experience" at the hands of "Nazi Germany." Normally, when a fake story is discovered and there was a non-Jew pushing it, there are arrests made. When a Jew is caught lying about it, nothing happens at all. In fact, the lie is normally just repackaged and resold.

    What does the debunking the holocau$t lies do for us? Not much really if you ask me. Most people regardless of politics not just know but EXPECT Jews to lie. Look at what they do in modern times there in the Middle East. I know that anti-racists ironically have to tow the line of Jewish Supremacy and best not ever question anything a Jew says or does...but the thinkers among them know the score, same as the rest of us. They are bullied by the Jews running their movement worse than anyone else in America.

    All that being said, it's time to start taking some of these people to court. I don't think "the suffering of gentiles" is anything a likely Jewish judge is going to act on. However, there are about a dozen other real-life laws that are broken whenever someone makes something up, stamps it as truth and goes to sell it.

    If Tom Metzger can lose everything because he "created a hateful enviroment" then these people should find themselves in that same line of fire. Will people be accused of being anti-semetic for enforcing the laws? Does a Jew who gets caught trafficing human organs claim he was treated fairly?

    Back to the revisionist thing. If there had been revisionist fighting for the truth at the close and ceasing of World War 2, then that might have made a difference. Just like in WWI when the Jews tried the same thing, you would have stopped them cold before they gained any political ground with their claims. You had two big factors at work there. By WW2, they controlled nearly all of the Western media still in operation. They also controlled the communist party in Russia. Remember that the first reports of the "bizzillion dead Jews" was immediately written off a Soviet propaganda. You need troops to take land, you need righteous excuses to hold onto it (See modern day Iraq for example). So I'm afraid revisionism is just too late in the game. The main goals of the holocaust song and dance are already realised. Most people I meet doubt the holocaust in some way or another but it doesn't really matter by now. To most people, it's an object of humor (that is unless you are clawing for sympathy or making money off of it).

    Just another question for the antis...you know why you guys never get anywhere? Sure, you get lip service from Sally Soccermom and Joe Six-pack might tip his hat if you threaten him enough. But whites are still white and blacks are still oh so black. Largely, people are either fat and overfed leading to apathy or poor, bitter and racist. Why does such a "just" cause, even with billions of dollars in propaganda plus scores of laws to support it, still largely fall on it's face when you think of the big picture? Anybody serious who walks through your door sees the big ol' burning cross of Jewish Supremacy. You guys walk around and pretend it's not there. You call it something else or make excuses for it or even refuse to acknowledge that it's even there. People see that immediate flaw in your message. You all know what I'm talking about. As long as turn a blind eye on it, you will be the dead-stopped money pit that you've been since a few victories over white America in the 60's. Oh, I don't want you to see success but I will point out why you see so little.

  3. Anon, the jobs aren't coming back, the AP ran an article today getting us use to the idea here is the headline:

    WIRE: Higher jobless rates could be new normal...

    Just get use to it and stop whining and asking the President questions.

  4. Chris is absolutely right about start using a little bit of Jewjitzu (using the power of the Jew against himself).


    Good retort, Chris.

    Where have ya been man?

  5. Stop fucking whining and asking stupid fucking questions.

    ...AND SHUT UP!

    You lost the election and we run things now.

    Get fucking use to it.

  6. What a fucking idiot. Was there ever a time that Chris Drake wasn't a cry baby loser. Why don't you go back out into the wild Drake and sodomize golfers?

    You are a disgusting little man, who has to blame all his troubles on Jews. Cry, whine, bitch that is all your Anti-Sementic ass can do and the funny thing is that you look pretty damn Jewish to me. You certainly aren't Aryan, Mr. Mongrel.

    Oh BTW Drakes' fellow pieces of racist shit can't stand him either. Go figure. LOL.

  7. Here Drake I will post your reponse for you: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Da Joos!
    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Da Joos! Wassssssshhhhhhhhhhha da Niggers. Wahaaaaaaaaaahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    wahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaha

    See, just what you always say, I saved you the trouble.

  8. Chris - this Eric Hunt character lacks credibility; he's been marginalized as a "looney" just like Hal Turner.

    If Hunt was serious, he'd be going after some of the more visible symbols of Jewish supremacism, such as Abe Foxman, Elie Wiesel, or Marvin Hier. He won't get much sympathy going after some non-descript Holohoax survivor who no one's ever heard of.

  9. Burks - can you ever address an issue? Can you put together a cogent argument for or against anything other than calling names or whining that Chris is whining?

    Anon #1 - I would suspect that most hospitals across the country are looking at much the same sort of thing in the event of a flu crisis.

    Chris - I think your generalization that "most people" doubt the Holocaust or see it as a source of humor very misguided. I'll get back to you on the rest.

    Anonymous - you are quite correct in that this young man doesn't have any credibility.

  10. Note to person trying to impersonate Mike Burks: next time find out what Mike Burks looks like before you start on the tired old "brown eyes = mongrel" thing.

    I'm a little sick of this and it's one reason I'm starting to want to disassociate myself from anyone involved in the pro-white movement. You frequently here the whole "if you have brown eyes, then you are a mogrel" thing from upstarts and amateurs in the movement. Damn the fact that over 1/3 of all whites are born with brown eyes. It's a "hey, look at me! can I get some points here?" advertisement from the non-thinkers.

    I'm white and yes, you are imagine your way into thinking anyone who is, isn't. I've seen the most Nordic looking women out there called "Asians" on places like VNN. It's retarded internet non-sense. But be my guest, I've found that anyone who goes around with their "Mexico-meter" or whatever is soon, very soon to be disregarded by all.

    Sorry but I like my brown eyes and if I'm cut from similar cloth as other "mongrels" like Bob Mathews or GLR, then fine. Mongrel it is. I wouldn't change a thing about myself. Right is still right and wrong is still dead fucking wrong.

    And "Burks", I feel like I just got one step closer to finding out who you really are.

    On a funny note, everyone in my family was born with blonde, curly hair and blue eyes. I don't know why but it changes over time. But you won't find me plopped down in my chair trying to point out who isn't white enough and who is.

  11. People these days see the holocaust as a product of hollywood, whether they believe it or not. People get herded into holocaust museums for example. They are made to go there as part of a class trip or they are there because they have some economic or political interest in the holocaust. Catch up with any class on the way back from one of those museums and you'll see and hear the unspoken opinion of most people and "the camps." The thinkers question it and the non-thinkers crack constant jokes. The bleeding hearts recite their pledges of allegiance to the Jewish people and all their political aims.

    The average American was already burned out on history's single and most important tragedy ever. Recently people are putting more of a connection to problems in the middle east and Jews. People are starting to ask questions about Palestine and how apartheid is bad in South Africa and good in Israel. The holocaust and it's millions and millions of supposed survivors has worn this country out. Remember that in Europe it's illegal to be tired of the holocaust.

    If nothing else, it's served the pro-white cause well. Suppose the propaganda was effective and millions of Jews were killed in a war they clearly started? Aww...I mean in a war to exterminate people. People love irony and they absolutely love to point out hypocrisy. People love to say, "sure Jews were mistreated in the war...but look at what they do now..."

    Wonder what Obama has to say about it?

  12. But Mr. Drake you do your best to attitudinize the Nazis, surely you can take it all the way. If you have brown eyes and brownish hair then how can you be of the Aryan? You should be sterilized at the very least. Hitler himself refused to have children because of his suspected Jewish ancestry. How you you children say it, "If you are going to talk the talk you got to walk the walk?"

    Before the war, before the obscene actions of a few madmen my family numbered around 1,000 or more. in 1929 at a family reunion in Munich there were around 1,200 that signed the guest list (not all were family, some were friends) after 1946 there was few than 100 of us. Most of us that were left came to the states during the 1930's. That someone of your generation can spit on their memory by calling the Holocaust an "industry" is more wrong than someone as ignorant as you could ever know.

    When I see someone of your generation mouthing the lies of the Nazi party and aping their dress I will shout about the Holcaust to to any that will listen to me. Because only by remembering it will it never be forgotten. If you want to call that an "industry" so be it.

  13. Ash, good way to start off a post defending the holocaust: complete and utter bullshit. Am I to believe that there are still people who believe in the "Hitler would have had your balls chopped off if you didn't have blonde hair/blue eyes" bullshit? Seriously. How about Martin Boreman, asshole? How about Rudolf Hess? Want me to go on, genius? Do you not think any of us read or have access to photos?

    And your family shrank by 1000 people after WW2 is what you are trying to tell me? I know there are no such thing as census records, that's all a Nazi lie. How about the reports of the American Red Cross, hmmm? They reported that around 486,000 died in the camps, mostly of disease. But you've never been able to trust the Red Cross and history has certainly shown us that Jews can always be trusted and are free from greed.

    So just because you say it and you say it with passion, that means it's true, right? What about the millions your people killed in the Ukraine? What about the millions you've killed in the middle east? What about the millions killed in Asia as a result of communism? No, I don't feel sorry for you one bit nor do I believe you.

    And don't let me stop you from shouting about the holocaust. You've been shouting about long before I came along and getting paid well for it. You got an entire country out of it, remember? You know, the ones where innocent people are put into camps or killed each day while your type sits on Tel Aviv beach sipping drinks and crying about cruel the world is to you?

    Anyone who weeps for the these over monied, over represented and overbearing people SPIT on the countless graves of others who have suffered the same fate the Jews report to have.

    Let me ask you a question, smart guy, if Jews are so concerned about "it happening again" to other people, then why don't they set up at least half of their museum/propaganda centres to victims of other (real) genocide acts? Maybe you people didn't do such a great job on teaching us all about equality after all. Where's mention of Pol Pot? What about Stalin? What about the Armenians? The Boars? The Germans after you all took over in WW2? What about what was done in Japan and in Dresden? Oh, the allies had their excuses same as the Nazis did for the piles of dead bodies they created. Huh?

    You've probably lived in the Western World for a long time. You've gone along, ready to hit the "my family was in the holocaust!" button at any time. You've seen white people pour tears around you while you spun your made-for-tv stories of the camps. Consider yourself lucky that it went on for as long as it did. It's quickly coming to an end. The blood of those your people have slaughter is long past ankle level. I'd consider the last 60 years to be the luckiest years in Jewish history and just leave it at that if I was a Jew.

  14. You hit the nail on the head, Sholem Drake is a greasy Jew. Most White Nationals have known that for a long time. In fact if you were in South Carolina say about 20 something years ago you might be that wannabe's daddy. God knows his mongrel mommy has no clue who daddy was.

  15. Sholem Asch - while I'm sorry to hear that you may have lost relatives and friends due to the exigencies of WWII in Europe, it was one of your fellow Jews, Norman Finkelstein, himself the son of Holocaust survivors, who refers to it as an "industry". His first book is entitled "The Holocaust Industry".

    The fact is, the Holocaust has been transformed into a world-class racket. We now have a network of 25 multi-million dollar "McHolocaust franchises" in the United States, yet we still have no museum to memorialize the innocent victims of the ongoing American Holocaust Against The Unborn, in which an estimated 50 million unborn babies have been ruthlessly slaughtered in the name of "choice" since Roe v. Wade became the law of the land in 1973. That 50 million puts your piddly-assed 6 million to shame.

    Yes, Sholem Asch, we spit on your Holocaust, because so many of you choose to impose the memory upon us. We also spit on your Holocaust because European countries jail perfectly law-abiding citizens like Ernst Zuendel for publicly disputing some of the details. The truth does not require statutory protection. We also spit on your Holocaust because the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors has waged a 14-year guerrilla war against the LDS Church because it performed vicarious baptism for the dead on dead Holocaust victims. Baptism for the dead does not disrespect their memory; it simply is an ordinance that, according to LDS belief, the dead who are in the spirit world can accept it or reject it if they choose. But too many of you Jews have no respect for Christian beliefs, although you imperiously demand that we respect Jewish beliefs.

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. Well said. I totally agree.

  18. Well said. I totally agree.

  19. Mr. Asch, what you need to know about Nazis in America, is that they are a smalll minority. Most are incredibly unintelligent but even the "smart" ones are usually mentally damaged in some way. Take Chris Drake's best buddy Bill White, poor little rich kid, Mommy don't love me blues, as Elton John would say. I have never met a Neo-Nazi that wasn't fucked up in the head in some way (for want of a better term).

    Chris Drake and his anonymous socks don't speak for America. They are a slap in the face of every American that fought in WWII.
    The vast majority of the world as in America do not deny the Holocaust. An event that took the lives of perhaps 11 million people (not just Jews).

    You have to remember this guy is some hick with issues and educational credentials that were found lacking at best. His own "buddy" outed him as a frustrated fork lift driver. He is just a tiny minded man, filled with hate, that doesn't speak for America.

  20. yeah what the last guy said. I totally agree. death to nazis yes!

  21. I'm an engineer, not a forklift driver but by all means, illustrate my points about racism/classim towards working class whites. Thanks, cheif!

    So I don't speak for America, huh? Does Obama speak for America? Hmmm?

  22. Raoul - it figures you would duck the central issue. Why should we pay homage to a 65-year-old Holocaust that did NOT occur on American soil, but ignore the holocaust against unborn babies that is taking place right before our eyes on American soil?

    I would also bet that if many of those American troops who fought against Germany in WWII had known that Obama was going to become President someday, they would have changed sides on the spot. They would puke at the thought of an America that has become a multicultural sewer, with Wall Street being allowed to ride roughshod over Main Street, permitting semi-literate Third World peasants to sneak in here ex officio, steal all our scut jobs, and drive wages and working conditions down so far that honest Americans can't afford to take such jobs.

  23. No Holcaust in America. God give it up Drake you are just too fucking stupid. Go drive your fork lift, leave the thinking to the grown ups, Drakie.

  24. Notice how Drake always changes the subject when he is getting his ass kicked? And then accuses others of doing it! LOL.

  25. Oh so the guy who keeps crying about the "no jobs Mr. President" is a dress up Nazi. It figures, remember it took 10 years for the economy to recover after the great depression, ignoramus. Jobs are the last to come back, remember that trickle down Reagomics bullshit, dweeb?

  26. Nah, I'm not a dress-up Nazi, nor am I a Republican. In fact, I'm pretty damned left wing, by definition.

    So let me ask you again, does Obama speak for the majority of Americans? Hmmm? Yeah, you know I got you now, don't you? I'm not as anti-Obama as people might assume...

    Jewish Support for Obama Sinking Fast

    Thursday, October 8, 2009 2:56 PM

    By: Ronald Kessler

    Previously overwhelming support for President Obama among Jews is sinking fast, Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America, tells Newsmax.

    Klein cites a recent Gallup Poll that found Obama’s approval rating among Jews in America has slipped from 83 percent in January to 64 percent.

    “I give a lecture almost every week around the country to Jewish groups,” says Klein, whose organization of 30,000 members is the oldest pro-Israel group in the country. “I began to see serious concern after Obama’s speech in Cairo, in which he equated Palestinian suffering to Jewish suffering during the Holocaust, a ridiculous analogy. He said the Palestinian situation is equivalent to U.S. blacks in America before the civil rights movement, implying that Jews are oppressors.”

    Jews became even more anxious when Obama gave the Presidential Medal of Freedom to “two of the most virulent anti-Israel people in the world, Mary Robinson of Ireland and Desmond Tutu of South Africa,” Klein says.

    “More recently in the United Nations speech, Obama coupled supporting Israeli security with Israel fulfilling Palestinian claims and rights,” Klein says. “He could have said, I support Israel security, and I want Israel to fulfill Palestinian claims and rights. But he didn’t say that. He used the word couple, linking it.”

    That linkage “has never been made by any president, ever,” Klein notes. “So that was an astonishingly new statement. This really frightens both Christian and American Jewish supporters of Israel.”

    In that speech, Obama “condemned the occupation that started in 1967, giving it no context, not mentioning that Egypt started that war by closing the Straits of Tiran and the Suez Canal, an act of war; by bringing 100,000 Egyptian troops on the border of Israel; by throwing out the U.N. peacekeepers from the Sinai,” Klein says.

    Moreover, “Jews are worried that in the Cairo speech he never mentioned Iran, and more recently he seems to be doing everything he can to delay any real, true sanctions, and he seems to have taken the military option off the table,” Klein says. “So American Jews and others are now worried that he’s not even serious about doing something about this ideologically fanatical terrorist-supporting regime. He’s not doing anything about allowing them to get nuclear weapons, which they could use to harm Israel, the West, and even America.”

    As a child of survivors of the Holocaust, Klein says he was particularly offended by Obama’s comparison of the suffering of Palestinians with the Nazis’ murder of 6 million Jews during the Holocaust. “I found this to be an abominable, odious, and ridiculously false analogy,” he says.

    While Klein’s parents survived, his father lost his eight brothers and sisters and all his aunts and uncles in Nazi concentration camps. Klein’s mother lost half of her family.

    When it comes to Israel, “It’s tragic to realize that Obama’s sympathies and feelings are not that far from his mentor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright,” Klein says.

    Based on the president’s speeches and many of his foreign policy appointments, Klein thinks Obama “may become the most hostile president to Israel ever.”

  27. Now boys, before I get the white nationalist knee jerk reaction, think about something. If a white president had said what Obama said and stood up to the Jews...even just the little bit he did...he'd be your new hero and you'd demand a statue.

    Now to the anti-white crowd. What to do? What to say? You know you can't go against God's Chosen People (who fucking own your scene and control it). But you can't go against Obama (Jesus II). It's okay when Jews kill the hell out of people (they need your help doing it in fact) but Obama says it isn't. I know right and wrong has never matter in this scene but where do you go from here? Maybe Shallow Ass will log on and tell you all what to think.

    And to Shalom Ash himself, I deaply regret to inform you that you've finally run across the Jewish Supremacist nightmare: a white male who isn't self-casterated (Raoul) and apologetic nor a drooling sieg-heiler. In the words of the negro in the Jewish movie U-571, "GET USED TO IT."

  28. Scholem, I can understand how you would get upset about someone attacking the Holocaust. I am around Chris Drake's age (early 30's) and I suspect people of our generation can never really understand what your generation went through. It is not for nothing that they call you the "greatest generation". Now maybe this is callous but it is hard for my generation to encompass the Holocaust, we are after all the TV generation. We see the whole human race get almost wiped out every night on the boob tube. 11 million people is hard to get your mind around and many of us feel that governement and the media don't always tell us the truth. So cut us a little slack on the Holocaust.

    That said maybe you shouldn't sterotype Chris Drake, have you read his blogs? I find them quite funny. Especially the part about Von (sorry Michael) getting so lazy he forgot to breath. He doesn't look like the typical Nazi to me. He pokes fun at himself, calling himself a "basement commando".

  29. I am starting to think that this isn't Chris Drake posting at all but a sock of UF's. He does shit like that.

  30. I saw the weirdest thing last weekend. I was watching Saturday Night Live and didn't realize that it was actually over.

    I thought they were doing a skit on Jews. First they showed these little poor Jews in Russia hobbling around. I thought, whooo, that's pretty bad for Saturday Night Live to be doing this. And it is absolutely hilarious. I was laughing my ass off. Then they told how persecuted they were and how bad it is for them with the antisemitic people in Russia.

    And they went on to say you could send a Jew to their homeland for ONLY $350.00. That's right, for only $350 you will have a poor innocent Jew on a trip back to Isreal! You can be a part of this and give a Jew their freedom back.

    Man, at this point I was just trying to breathe over all of the laughing..... I was thinking that Saturday Night Live was over the top on this one..... And then I actually figured out that they were serious when this comedy kept going on and on for a half an hour.

    At the end I called the number and this nasty woman answered. I asked her if that commercial was serious or if it was just a Saturday Night prank. She said are you going to donate or not. I asked her if she thought my money would be better spent at a dollar a day to feed an African child or $350 for a Jews plane ride.... She hung up on me.

    85% of Jews are liberals and I expect that many of you radical leftists are Jews. What do you freaks think? Do you think I should spend my extra money helping out a Jew with a plane ticket to the homeland or feed a dieing African child :-)



    I am more worried about the things the president can directly control like more troops in Afghanistan, eight years of war is enough.

    Oh look that idiot Hooch is doing another song dance and cry like a bitch about "LIBERALS". Wut a dumbass.

  32. Yes I have to admit right wingers are the biggest cry babies on the planet and the mostly racist ones on this blog (see Hooch, see Drake) say the same old wrong minded bullshit time after time like they have something to say and someone actually wants to hear it.

  33. """Dumb4Life said...


    I am more worried about the things the president can directly control like more troops in Afghanistan, eight years of war is enough."""

    That's interesting considering OBAMA HIMSELF SAID HE CAN DIRECTLY CONTROL THINGS; SPECIFICALLY JOBS YOU DIPSHIT. It looks like it is you that is ignorant!

    Dragged out from your rat hole onto the floor and exposed for your ignorance. How does that "feel" lib? Do you "feel" bad that practically everything that comes out of your mouth is complete crap? That you are so politically ignorant that you can't set up even a fighting chance of an argument?

    Why don't you come back here with some strong democrat ammo? Is it because nothing that you believe is is based on even an ounce of reason or logic?

    """Ken Kraus said...
    Yes I have to admit right wingers are the biggest cry babies on the planet and the mostly racist ones on this blog (see Hooch, see Drake)...."""

    Ohh, the cream puff actually opens his mouth. Keep your faggotry to yourself.

    Now explain to me exactly HOW I am a "racist". I have already taught you dipshits the definition of "racist" and how it would be impossible for me to be one, and the definition of "biggot" which would explain it perfectly.

    Learn the language you speak.... pecker-puller.

  34. Hooch the only thing you have "taught" is how stupid and closed minded you are, unless your point is to prove your intense stupidity everytime you post, you most likely should SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    Lying again, Hooch says:

    That's interesting considering OBAMA HIMSELF SAID HE CAN DIRECTLY CONTROL THINGS; SPECIFICALLY JOBS YOU DIPSHIT. It looks like it is you that is ignorant!

    Post proof or be shown up as a liar. Show where Obama directly said he can control jobs. What he actually said was that the Stimulus bill would help job loss and it has. YOU LOSE AGAIN.

  35. Anybody want to address my points? Wise faultless Jew? Anybody?

  36. Hey Chris, how about this one? Someone is saying that I am you. I guess the fact that we don't really agree on much has slipped their mind?
    Besides my penis is bigger. Don't believe me? Ask your girl friends.

    Seriously though the only one I've ever impersonated is Lloyd (on Blogger) I did his radio show for a while :) This is almost as bad as when Isis accused me of being Jimbo.

  37. Where are the Jobs, Mr. President and when are they coming back?

  38. "What he actually said was that the Stimulus bill would help job loss and it has. YOU LOSE AGAIN." Boa

    49 of 50 States have fewer jobs you stupid motherfucker

    In fact the administrations projections are off by about 6 million. But please do continue to make an ass of yourself in the face of facts.

    It's a shame we can't cut your pay like your Fuehrer is doing to hard working Americans in the private sector.

  39. Oh and again you have no crediblity or intelligence. You still haven't proven cause and effect. The fact of the matter is that the Stimulus has created jobs. Stimulus Job Creation You lose again, far too easy.

  40. http://www.cnn.com/2009/CRIME/10/21/assault.recanted/index.html

  41. """Rev. BigBoa@ said...
    ....Lying again, Hooch says:

    It looks like it is you that is ignorant!

    Post proof or be shown up as a liar. Show where Obama directly said he can control jobs."""

    Here you go dumbass. You are so incredibly ignorant that you don't even know that when a person says THEIR stimulus plan will "save or create" jobs that they are saying that THEY are going to control jobs with the plan. It's real hard arguing with someone that is dumb as a brick as you are.


    And secondly, THERE IS NO MATHMATICAL FORMULA THAT CAN MEASURE WHAT JOBS WERE SAVES. And that is besides the fact that they were wrong on that as well. And to top it off, using that exact same mathmatical formula and applying it to Bush's presidency would mean that Bush actually "saved" more jobs than their are people in America.

    And, lets even use your leftist media source for example. I want you to tell me how many jobs were created.

    We can use this quote for example:
    """In New Jersey, for example, Newark Preschool Council reported funding seven Head Start classrooms and creating 18 jobs over the summer with the $1.2 million it received."""

    So funding of 1.2 million dollars created 18 summer jobs. Can you tell me how much it cost to create 1 summer job dipshit? Are you able to do the math on that little one? Can you say FRAUD?

    Then please tell me how a non profit program like head start is going to create more money with what was given to them to recoup this astronomical cost of employment.

    This is the main problem liberals have. Most often they are completely incompetent in both mathematics and economics. And this incompetence is what makes them blindly follow anyone who says they are going to help the less fortunate.

    """Meanwhile, in Colorado, engineering firm CH2M HILL says it has kept three jobs so far. It received $562,614.49 in contracts."""

    Can you do the math on this one too? Cost per job? Again, can you say FRAUD?

    Why didn't you post an article that actually supported your distorted views? You can't be that stupid. This is a joke, right?


  42. Anon uses a source from the Republicans on the Ways and Means Committee and Boa uses PBS.

    You decide which source is more impeachable.

    Boa doesn't have a leg to stand on this arguement he started. Hooch and that anon poster is so far and above you guys on this issue it isn't funny.

    I don't know how anyone can say with a straight face this "stimulus" is creating or saving jobs when it has been proven it can't be measured.

  43. What we do know with a degree of certainty is that jobs are being lost.

    Vice President Biden seems to have more sense than the President on this issue. I actually think Biden would make a better President.

  44. I see the much made-over story of the poor negro woman who was subjected to the evils of white people has admitted it was all a lie. Any thoughts on this, Nikki? How many fake hate-crimes has Sharpton led the charge on so far? This is another reason we need to do away with the hate crime laws.

    I see no one is going to go near my points I made on the holocaust industry. That's really kind of sad that for so long America has endured that BS that is obviously so ill-thought out.

  45. I have a question for you Drake. Do you deny the Holocaust?

  46. """Any thoughts on this, Nikki? How many fake hate-crimes has Sharpton led the charge on so far? This is another reason we need to do away with the hate crime laws."""

    Nikki previously has admitted to not supporting hate crime laws. She knows as we all do that we already have laws in place for murder, battery, assult, etc and there is no need for any "special" higher crime

  47. Any law the helps lock up racist for longer periods of time is okay by me.
    They are good laws that do not discriminate between races. Hate is the number one threat to America today.

  48. Average American JoeOctober 22, 2009 1:47 PM

    I think I could be described as your average American. I live in the midwest and have worked in the same industry for over twenty years. I don't work for any of the big three but my job is dependant on them in that I transport Autos from place to place.

    I don't consider myself either Democrat or Republlican. I've voted for both and I am a registered independent in the last election I voted for Obama but I could just have well voted for McCain (Obama's pledge to help the Auto industry swayed my vote).

    As the Republican party drifts farther and farther to the right I feel less and less connected to it.
    It seems to be that minority that grows small each day is making a lot of noise. Much like they did with Clinton, who was a fine President, despite the fact he couldn't keep it in his pants.

    You can say what you like but all this cry baby bullshit is not the American way. Have we become the nation of narcissistic cry babies? No, a few voices are just shouting down the majority. It is time to get to work and stop boohooing all the time. I know the far right is not going to listen to me but just remember that I am not alone and my voice will once again be heard in 2012. Get over it, stop crying, hard work and determination are the American way.

  49. I know Nikki's stance on hate crime laws. I talked to her about it on the air last Sunday. ANOTHER negro faking a hate crime is more proof that the laws (and the system) are highly flawed.

    And to the guy who asked if I deny the holoco$t: I go with the Red Cross figures that under 500,000 died, mostly from disease. If that's holocaust denial, then so be it. Most Jews I know have no problem lying about something that happened five minutes ago, much less 60 years in the past. The older they get the more outlandish the stories become.

    Any of us with a flare for history, current events or even just national politics can wrap our heads around lies being told for political gain. We all know what propaganda is too.

    And to anon that spoke earlier about the commercials begging for money for "holocaust survivors in Russia...", the ones I heard were begging for money so they'd have something nice during passover. Yes, 60 years after the supposed holocaust happened, after we've heard from and seen millions of "holocaust survivors" here in the USA...they still need your money. The amount of Jewish money in Hollywood alone (excluding world investment banks and other Jewish holdings)...and they need commercials telling you that victims of the white man's evil still don't have enough.

    Interesting. I wonder how much our friend Shalom Ash has donated to starving Jews in Russia? I mean, his company keeps him busy flying between the USA and her parent country, Israel, but I'm sure he could find time to stroke a check. I highly doubt he truthfully has. Why? Because he's a greedy Jew? Probably not. He just probably knows, same as me, that it's complete bullshit just like the rest of it.

  50. Did anyone besides me notice that Chris Drake lies out both sides of his mouth? The Red Cross never gave a final tally of the dead in concentration camps. Most of the camps didn't even allow the Red Cross in and none of them did toward the end of the war. Can this a real White Man kick the shit out of this lying Neo Nazi wannbe piece of shit?

  51. Really Holocaust denial is all I have to hear. It really shows where Drake is coming from. It is even funnier the way he tries to hide his hate, "...if that is Holcaust denial, so be it..." Try to be a man for once in your life you sorry little man. My Grandfather died fighting the Nazis. You'd better stick to hiding in the woods because if you ever said that bullshit to my face I would smash the teeth out of your empty head, bitch.

  52. Oh wow, "you" would smash my face? Funny, nobody knows who you are and everyone knows who I am, tuff guy.

    Anyhow, you can google the Red Cross figures if you want to. There are too many links for me to post on the subject. Keep in mind that census figures also back up the Red Cross's numbers.

    Like I stated before, the holocaust is a fading myth. I don't even think most of the people who pretend to cry over it truly believe in it either. Maybe most Jews actually believe it but even then there are ones that don't.

    Once again, explain to me what makes the holco$t different or special compared to other more proven and extreme acts of genocide. Next explain to me one more time the concept of equality and what makes racism wrong. Then explain holocaust denial laws, the apartied state of Israel (how their holocaust against the people of the middle east is different) and for good measure tell me about equality again.

    See, Jewish power can't last. The church had that kind of power once, you know. They had the Bible and they said what was what. The circulation of religious info was strictly controlled by them. Being incorrect in their eyes didn't mean you got called a Nazi and/or thrown in prison, you got burned at the stake. The church was sent to you by God to tell you what's what (a lot like the role of God's Chosen People).

    So what happened to all that power? They sent vast armies to war, they controlled leaders everywhere and they wielded untold wealth. Gutenberg happened. The printing press entered the scene. The church's real power began to erode right as the first Gutenberg Bible came off the press. People could read the book for themselves and make their own call. Not long after that, you had people starting their own churches and doing things their way (Protestant Reformation). Oh heretics were still burned and non-believers slaughtered but the days of the church controlling things like they did were over. The printing press gave way to all sorts of things getting changed.

    Now you have the modern printing press. It's called the internet. Truth, lies, lust, laughs and foolishness all run through the same pipes. People use a lot of devices to pick out what they want from it. Common sense is one of them. Cheap and easily accessed truth is a greater enemy to the Jews than any Nazi, Muslim or Nationalist. Hey, don't be mad at me. I'm just pointing it out.

  53. Chris Drake...
    "The real purpose of holocaust revisionism is to make
    National Socialism an acceptable political alternative again."

  54. MG, I wouldn't go as far as to say that it's worth that much really. Revisionism, to me, is worth very little in terms of putting things right politically in the world, at least the Western one. The Muslim world has plenty to gain from it obviously in terms of public support for their suffering at the hands of Jews. Us? We can't make the Jews give back all they've taken using the holocaust as an excuse.

    People are marching into the holocaust museum/propaganda centres by the thousands each day. I'd estimate at least half of those people don't believe it fully. A fourth wants to believe it and the other fourth could care less either way. Maybe it's the half that could care less, according to how you look at it. Fact is, the holocaust numbers have been disproven along with a lot of once accepted "facts." Nothing has changed.

    There have been a lot of good sides to the loosening of the Jewish monopoly on human suffering. The real holocaust, the one going on in the middle east right now, is being compared to the largely fabricated one that happened during WW2. That's not going to stop the Jews from screaming about it but it might slow the support to Israel and therefore slow the killing going on in that area.

    As far as National Socialism goes, I like to think I take a fairly realistic approach to it. There is no way National Socialism in it's white, 1930's form is going to ever going to gain ground in America's current climate. Now, I'm not one of those complete idiots that thinks NS will take root when the economy takes a downturn. No, if things completely fall apart, it will be one of the few alternatives left to us. Even then, it won't be 1930's Germany. Forget it. It's gone and it's never coming back, not in our lifetime.

    This assumption isn't based on the power of the international Jew, disappointment in white people or a jab at any current NS group. This is based purely on economic factors rather than racial ones. Two things you have to look at, kiddo, most modern NS know very little about economics and absolutely nothing about micro-nation building. Those two things could lead to a future NS state. No amount of flag waving can bring them into existence nor can disproving one or a dozen Jewish lies.

    I've toyed with the idea of putting my plans out there. We'll see.

  55. Average American Joe, I think you've posted one of the best posts I've read in a while. I too get tired of some of "doom and gloom" bullshit of the right. I remember two days after election Limbaugh was blaming the stock market dip on Obama. Get a grip.

    Anonymous says(To Chris Drake): "if you ever say that to my face, I would smash your teeth out of your head"

    Anonymous, while I am certainly not a Holocaust denier, I have a question for you. Even if you did do as you've said, how would it win your argument? Chris and his deniers believe what they believe for reasons out side of reason (in my opinion) but beating them up would hardly solve anything.

    I am sorry Chris but the arguement of your brothern really do not hold water. The Red Cross does not deny the Holocaust and for many of the reasons that anonymous angry guys said it is out of context. On the other hand there is literally tons of evidence from the time that does support the Holocaust. You might want to check out the Nuremberg Trials, Goering, Doenitz, Frank Frank, Hess, or really any of the others never even denied the Holocaust. Most of them claimed they were only following orders.

    Albert Spen, Reichminister of Armaments and Munitions, wrote wrote two books after his release from prison detailing the atrocities of the Holocaust. Jules Streicher, Anti-Semitic Editor of Der Sturmer, not only admitted the extermination of the Jews and lesser races but went to his grave happy about killing millions of Jews. His last words: "The Jews are making a mistake if they make a martyr out of me; you will see. I didn't create the problem; it existed for thousands of years.I am the only one in the world who clearly saw the Jewish menace as an historical problem, genocide was an acceptable solution."

    Maybe in your circles Chris Holocaust denial is accepted but it is not in the real world. There have been many polls and articles but here is one of them. http://www.nytimes.com/1994/07/08/us/poll-on-doubt-of-holocaust-is-corrected.html

  56. This Unknown Pussy, there is nothing wrong with beating the fuck out of skinheads. The best part? No matter what you do to them you never feel bad.

  57. Thank God that Bro Hal Turner is finally home.

  58. Hey Pedo, how many times you think that Hal got assraped while he was in jail? As many times as you've done Michael????

  59. Anonymous Pussy, Hal is smarter than going out in General Population. You know he said he was on 23 hours a day lockdown.

    Tell us Anonymous Pussy, how does it really feel to be a useless Nigger Lover like you are?

  60. BTW, if I was really a Pedo; that would make you a Nigger Dick Sucking Bastard.

  61. In the final analysis shit always sinks to the bottom of the pot. Essentially that is all you really need to know about Chris Drake.

  62. There is no chance for a National Socialist group in America. The name alone will ensure that.

    There are far too many people in the United States that will never allow MORE government control. We are already fighting the extraordinary amount of dictatorial control they have now.

    It is my opinion that only an idiot would want MORE federal government control over the country, considering that everything they put their hands on dies.

    Historically, the first thing that happens when a county completely breaks down is anarchy. And that is due to the strong desire of the people to completely end the government due to oppression. But that only lasts a short while because anarchy can not be sustained.

    Then at that point an oligarchy is formed where a small group of people put one person in the light as being the end of anarchy and the complete destruction of the remaining corrupt government that lost their control of the people.

    And this new leader preaches life in prison or death to those who are fingered as being the oppressors. The public eats it up and they are thrown into power with overwhelming support.

    ......But soon after the provider of freedom becomes the oppressor... socialism takes root as the new leader continues to preach how he will take care of the people. A much smaller, highly privladged group of people are now allowed to be wealthy, workplace productivity goes down, the economy comes to a screeching halt, big government rules and you are now slaves within your own country.

    This flash video is fantastic. It consists of the most basic principals of conservatism and it is my opinion the missing elements that leftists are missing. They forgot what it means to be free, they were persuaded by the establishment over the years that they are actually put here on this planed by whatever superior being for the purpose of serving others, not as individuals but as a collective group.

    Maybe if some of you radicals watch this video you will remember some of these basics and realize that socialism is not the answer.


  63. And there are some of you here that are politically uneducated and have no idea what the difference between the right and the left are in the first place. They don't realize that there is ONLY 1 primary difference that consists across the board.

    It's not about abortion, the church or anythign like that. There are pro choice republicans. There are holly rolling democrats.

    The ONLY difference is the level of control each party believes the federal government should have.

    Democrats ALL believe that the federal government should have a larger roll in the control of the people. Most solutions to problems require the federal government and a new corrupt agency to help the people. What can the federal government do for me?

    Republicans believe that the federal government should limit its power. After all, they have NO constitutional right to control the people through blanket laws across the country. But the states do. And states should be able to make their own laws. This allows for competition between the states. And it allows for people to move to another state if they don't like the laws rather than having to completely leave the United States if oppression gets too bad.

    Then you have the libertarians which are further right than the republicans. They believe that the federal government should have NO laws over the people and their only place is Military protection which is their ONLY place within the constitution. That they have NO right to impose any law. That all of the existing federal agencies should be shut down, including agencies like FEMA. That if a country like Louisiana wants to rebuild a town on land below the ocean to put their New Orleans niggers back in houses rather than move them to some other area that WILL NOT flood again, that will be at their own expense, not the nations expense. Bla, Bla, Bla.

    So that is my lesson, which I have already taught here before, for those of you who did not see it. To help you decide who you really are.

    Now take this short test and see what you really are.

  64. Good Hooch whines even more than Drake. Didn't know that was possible.

  65. """Good Hooch "whines" even more than Drake. Didn't know that was possible."""

    To all, perfect example of what the libs say when they are defeated. You hear that kind of shit over and over around here. Any statement that they are unable to comment on is considered "whining" or "crying". To the degree that they "whine" about "whining" in almost every comment they make. Very weak debate skills around here in Niki's Hotbed of Radical Leftism.

  66. Why should we even bother to debate a hypocrite, a liar (claims not to be a racist), a pompous fool. I don't need to debate you. I know your idiotic opinion it always boils down to this: "IT'S THE LIBERALS WWWWWWWHIIIIINNNNNNNE!" You've lied so many times you bore me. Tired of even laughing at you.

  67. I'd like to welcome Vonbluvens to Nikkis Nest as he pretends to be Newsguy. can you leave your out of control shemale fetish on nimbusters?

  68. """Racist: a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others."""

    Tell me exactly when I said that whites "have the right to rule others".

    """Bigot: : a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance"""

    Yes, I do have intolerance of ignorance. Whether it is political ignorance such as the case of the leftist, or it is ignorance in your case where you have to actually be told what the meaning is of the same language you speak.

    I also have intolerance of all minorities that shit on their kids and let them grow up without a father, that don't teach them the necessary morals and values which leads to a life of crime, etc. Yes, I have no tolerance for that kind of crap.

    ... So I am clearly a bigot.

  69. You're a racism, a bigot, an asshole, and you are clearly prejudice on a lot of matters, Hooch.
    You try to use semantics to lie about it. Have I mentioned an Anti-semitic? Your "I'm right and everyone else is wrong" attitude is borish. Clearly you'd suck Rush Limbaugh's short fat cock, given the chance. I don't even bother to read most your bullshit. Piss off.

  70. To answer anon about the job situation...according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:


    Nonfarm payroll employment continued to decline in September (-263,000), and
    the unemployment rate (9.8 percent) continued to trend up, the U.S. Bureau of
    Labor Statistics reported today. The largest job losses were in construction,
    manufacturing, retail trade, and government.

    Household Survey Data

    The number of unemployed
    persons has increased by 7.6 million to 15.1 million, and the unemployment
    rate has doubled to 9.8 percent. (See table A-1.)

  71. Fuck you! Obama won and get the fuck over it.

    Bunch of whiners.

  72. Fuck off you Nigger Loving, Nigger Dick Sucking Bastard.

  73. 551,000 Jobs Lost In September and we are suppose to believe we are in a recovery?

  74. we going to recover, why are creating jobs in India with bailout money? Corporates are using this opportunity to invest in India thinking that Americans are going to recover and will be looking for cheap goods. Buying foreign goods with borrowed money is what we are good at, right? That is IF and WHEN we recover.

    Economic data came in saying that our wages decreased, our spending increased, and more Americans are looking for jobs. Wait a minute. Corporate America is investing more than ever in India. We are so gracious to ship technology jobs and manufacturing jobs to India now.

    I really didn't expect that to happen.

    What recovery?

  75. They are closing in on 100 bank failures so far this year. on top of that the FDIC is broke and scrounging for money.

  76. Yea, the top tech shit is going to India.

    They have sold the masses Socialism. They have put their kings in place. The middle class will swim or sink, or better yet sink while swimming.

    And you dont ask about the Mexican influx and the damage they are doing? The elites have what they want:

    1. They got to steal and benefit from the first TARP.

    2. They are positioning themselves to benefit off of the Co2/global warming schemet

    3. And they have a willing globalist in the WH who will make sure there will be a steady supply of damn near slave labor here in the States.

    America is being plundered and apparently these crooks are going to get away with it.

    America is finished.

  77. This economy is totally fucked.

  78. "This economy is totally fucked."

    And all we hear from Obama is how FOX News isn't a real news station. That's leadership for ya.

  79. Fuck you! Obama won and get the fuck over it.

    Bunch of whiners.

  80. Whine, whine whine whine. It's the Liberals. Waaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaa Whine, cry, waaaaaaaaaaaahaaa It's all the liberals fault. The liberals made me be a cocksucking homosexual as well. Waaaaaaaaahaaaaa

  81. Ping: Lowlife thieving scum Holswine.

    Have you stolen Windows 7 yet? They say it's great for viewing kiddie porn.

  82. Idiots like Hooch and his far right cry babies said the same thing during the Clinton Adminstration. America is doomed, yet we are still here. Fuck 'em I say. I love to hear the little bitches whine. They will be whining more when Obama wins in 2012. NOTHING CAN STOP THAT NOW.

  83. Barry Obongo Saotoro the illegally elected half-breed Nigger Fucking Ape will be a one-hit wonder.

    Hopefully the Fucking Nigger will go back to his native country Kenya on Jan 21 2013. He won't even be able to win as a dog catcher after he fucks our country up good.

    Most of the Niggers are waking up and losing it for the Fucking Ape and his Sheboon old lady.

    So fake Newsguy; go dream some more about sucking Obongo's Dick with his nuts laying on your chin like you do everynight...

  84. This excellent (and free) film at youtube.com is a documentary on the destruction of the U.S. by Obama and his corporate cronies. Y'all will just love it!

  85. There go the liberals again "whining about whining" LOL, The only answer they can give in a debate that they are so desperately losing.

  86. That was a good Alex Jones video!

  87. Well, looks like this is the beginning of the end:


    Obama declares the "swine flu" a national emergency.

  88. Dumbass says: We'll looks like the beginning of the end.

    Hey dumbass, don't try thinking. It isn't working out well for you. You might also want to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  89. Anonymous Pussy, don't come on here talking with your mouth full of Nigger Dick. If we want anything out of you; we'll slap it out of your Faggot self.

  90. Help! Help! Help! Mommy Shirley help daddy Steve is trying to put his "snake" in my tight little ass. Again and it hurts really really bad.

  91. Anonymous Pussy, is the best you can come back with is to use an innocent 4 year old child?

    Tell us you're not a Fucking Faggot.

  92. You are so right, Michael I should report your sick as fuck faggot daddy to Child Services. That is for sure!

  93. Stevo you stealing fuck. It is time to pay up, jackass.

  94. Anonymous Pussy, I'll tell you just like I tell DickHeadTV; Fuck You!!!

  95. Holeswine is fucked when he diesOctober 25, 2009 3:19 AM

    Yeah that is why when you die that DirecTV will get your sorry fucking trailer, bitch.

  96. I just want to tell you all that I am the real Steve Holsten. Yes I am a pedo. Yes I voted for Obama and there is nothing you can do about it. I will vote for him again in 2012 when he is relected.


  97. Wrong Imposter who sucks Nigger Dicks. Your Hero did not vote for Obongo and I never will vote for a Nigger for any fucking thing.

  98. Can someone tell the Pedo to shut the fuck up. No one cares what a fucking sorry child molester has to say. Hopefully they will have to amputate him foot soon.

  99. Anonymous Pussy Faggot, just because you're a Fucking Nigger Dick Sucking Pedo; doesn't make me one too.

    So you're the one who needs to shut your Fucking hole before one of us shuts it for you.

  100. Holsten,

    Don't bother yourself with Twinkle Toes. All of us here know this is what they do when they are on the losing end of a debate. They desparately try to change the subject by answering the question with a "you are whining" statement or make up lies. This is what they do in a weak attempt to protect their leader.

    """Well, looks like this is the beginning of the end:

    Isn't it so interesting that the pig flu only killed 800 some people in the US last year and the regular flu killed 36,000. One would logically assume that the regular flu should be the "state of emergency" considering that they are not making their mass inoculations for a different and more powerful strain of H1N1.

    This whole thing is nothing more than a diversionary tactic to take peoples attention off the war and government controlled health care.

  101. Hooch - makes you wonder if this so-called "swine flu emergency" isn't Obama's version of the so-called "Reichstag Fire", the fire used by Hitler to impose totalitarianism on Germany, doesn't it?

  102. I see it as one step towards forced mass inoculation "for the good of society" of course.

    I've heard the fringe left talking about this as a way to completely eradicate health issues. A gullible bunch, aren't they?

    I've never had any kind of flu shot and never plan to. I don't know why, maybe I'm crazy :-) but I just don't trust our government to not slip in some stuff they have been experimenting on that creates compliance.

  103. Mr. Holsten is diabetic and obese. These conditions almost guarnatee erectile disfunction. Hence his entreaties to everyone to suck him or a nigger dick - he can't get it up anymore. So, he hopes to enjoy vicariously.

    The good part is his kids and those in his neck of the woods are safe now.

  104. You don't debate Hooch, you lie and whine. Waaaaahhhhaaaaa it's the liberals. Wahhhhhaaaaa it's the liberals. Wahhhhaaaaaa conservatives are good. Waaahhhhaaaaa wahhhhhhaaaa
    wahhhhh wahhhhhhhh

    Everyday that I wake up and Obama is president is another loss for you, bitch. OH look, I win again!

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    You are pathetic bitch.

  105. President Obama is doing a fine job. He will have a health care bill before the year is out. GOP loses again!

  106. For the last nine months it has been Obama that has been whining the most.

  107. No, listen to the GOP. No stimulus....whiiiiiinnnnneeeeee.

    No Health care whiiiiinnnnnneeee.

    Obama gets stuff done you little bitch. Obama great, How many Nobel Peace Prizes has the GOP won? Oh 0. Yeah just what I thought. We win, you lose.

  108. Yeah I can't see why these idiots are knocking him so much. Unlike Bush he works his ass off, even if you disagree with the man you should respect that. He is working on his campaign promises but is finding that change doesn't come easy but the Health care thing is at least in reach now. We should have that by the end of the year. My fear is that they gave up too much to get one or two GOP turds on board. We didn't really need them.

  109. Did Coldshot come on tonight? If not, why not? That show was easily 4 times better than anything on the Turner network.

  110. Just announced; Obongo christmas tree ornaments. Now anyone who wants to hang Obongo in a tree can legally do it.

  111. Hey Pedo, have the amputated your foot yet? Bet your dick no longer works and you had to stop molesting children as well, faggot.

    You'd better get ready for 4 more years of Obama after these term, bitch. Nothing you can do to stop it and hopefully you won't live out his first term.

  112. Anonymous Pussy, I your Great Hero is still not a Pedo. I never was and will never be.

    I have not had to have anything amputated, and my big ole Dick still gets rock hard.

    Barry Obongo Saetoro the illegally elected Kenyan born half-breed Nigger is going to be a one-hit wonder. Most of the Niggers are losing it for him more everyday. He won't even be able to win as dog catcher after 01/20/2013. The Fucking Nigger will NOT win again!

  113. Does that child molester Holsten ever shut the fuck up?

  114. This fascination with having sex with children coming from the fringe leftists here is really creepy.

  115. I mean personally I love molesting children. Mostly little boys, sometimes I will rape a little girl just for some variation but I hate to think that maybe I have something in common with those stupid fucking leftists.

  116. Never Vote 4 the GOPOctober 26, 2009 11:06 AM

    Just love to see racists exposed.Another racist asshole

  117. You just want to suck that Racist's Dick

  118. Anonymous Pussy Boy said...
    Does that child molester Holsten ever shut the fuck up

    There are two problems there. I your Greatest Hero is still not a Fucked up Molestor and/or a Pedo.

    Nigger Dick Suckers like you don't tell me to shut up. If I want anything out of you; I'll slap it the Fuck out of you.

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  120. This Pedo, your gimp ass with it's rotting foot ain't likely to slap the shit out of anything. Don't make me come to your trailer and prove it, bitch.

  121. LOL, listen to tinkerbell acting like he actually has the balls to go to Holstens house and get shot dead on sight :-)

  122. Holsten has a convicted felon living with him. Can't have guns. Give the racist bastard a beating.

  123. Pedo prick Holestain, just dropping by to let you know that your son Chris just might be getting his probation violated. Little birdie told me he is doing things he is not supposed to do. I'll make sure Chris's PO knows all about that.

  124. Hey Nigger Dick Suckers; Chris has lived with his girlfriend for over a year. He no longer lives here. So, who knows what your Hero has here.

  125. Pedo Holestain,

    if you like bro Hal so much, why would you report him for his bail violation?

    BTW Chris is doing nasty things, pedo

  126. But if she did lie, it's good to expose her.

    Visit www.erichunt.net, you can see Eric Hunt has a good case, and Mrs. Zisblatt appears to be the mental case.


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