Friday, October 30, 2009

The Owners Don't Care About You


  1. Carlin couldn't be more right. And we will never be free again until we have all figured this out and decided that enough is enough with these clowns.

    That they will either relinquish the control of this country to the people or be publicly executed.

  2. Hey that is the first time that I've seen Hooch post and he didn't whine about liberals.

  3. Nikki, just so you know. Chris Drake is a sad little man. Someday he will shoot someone or blow something up. Don't be fooled those who have met Chris know him for what he is. Every day that I think about it I send his picture and things I know about him to Homeland Security. Maybe they can stop him before he blows but it will happen. Even Bill White perdicted this.

  4. Drake started to try and change the agenda and hide what he really is/was back when him and that other dumbass (Von) created the ANA. But you can't even hide the strench of your beliefs, Nazi boy. There will always been someone like me who knows what you are, boy. You will always be the kind of stinky turd that sinks to the bottom of the bowl.
    You're "activism" will never bring you anything but grief and you will never get anywhere with anyone who matters. Mark that down and remember it, bitch.

  5. So who was it that buggered Drake in a tent?

  6. I'd give that one up. It's not going to stick and just points to the homosexual tendencies of it's oringinator

  7. Wrong, everyone in the WN movement knows about it. That and Drake's ball cupping of Joe Bednarsky best just embrace you homo/bisexuality Chris before your wife finds out.

  8. This whole comment section is funnier than the articles themselves. Though it is kind of confusing, for me. There are two Chris Drakes one a nazi the other a redneck with a drinking problem, Hooch is a mean old racist guy Rev. BigBoa is? Michael Burks seems to not like Chris Drake for some reason and Mike Roland seems to be homophobic for whatever reason. Then there is someone who has a picture of a penis who calls himself a Unknown F***tard. I am not real sure about Steve Holsten but he seems to be upset at the president and homosexuals.

  9. Cindy - There are a number of Nimbusters who show up and imposter people in the comments section. The real Chris Drake is a responsible, pragmatic, and productive White activist who does not seek to oppress other races, but to work merely for the White race to better co-exist with the other races with who we share this planet. It requires that we have White living space; it does NOT require that the whole world become White. Separatism, NOT supremacism.

    Forced diversity does NOT work. In 1950, America was 89 percent White. Today, it's around 67 percent White. Is America a more "interesting" country? Yes. Is America a better country? No, not when you have diversity minders running around enforcing political correctness and making people walk on eggshells. America is not a better place when non-Whites swarm into neighborhood and turn them into shit piles. Maybe it's cultural and economic as well, but it has become associated with race.

    America may be a more interesting place, but it's become a psychological gulag for genuine White people. We don't demand the right to tie blacks to the back of pickup trucks; we just don't want to be fired from our jobs for saying the word "nigger" off the job once in a while.

  10. Dear Cindy, welcome to the wacky world of Nikki's Nest. I've been here for a long time and am still sometimes confused by it all - but the characters just keep on coming.

    Would someone be so kind as to fill us in on the WHOLE story of why you despise the REAL Chris Drake so much. What exactly precipitated all of the hate toward one of your own?

    Chris played with Joe Bednarsky's balls???? Now that deserves an explanation.

  11. Nikki, I can really fill in some of the holes but the Chris/Joe story has been going around Nimbusters for sometime. Cold Butter is fixated on it. Joe Bednarsky, as I suspect you know is an ex-Klan leader and now a preacher. The Tent story was told by Drake himself to other white activists. If I told you who Drake had an homosexual relationship with you'd be shocked.

    Cindy, the so called White National's infighting is what makes the comment section so interesting. Make no mistake Cindy, Chris Drake is not a nice guy. He is a dirty little racist who beats on women. Here is some of his writings announcing his new racist Neo-Nazi group last year (it broke up quickly when he started back stabbing his friends)

    April 24, 2008

    In 1920, Germans who had gathered to protest the enslavement of their nation by Judaism that gave birth to a political party that would save the German people - the NSDAP (in English: The National Socialist German Workers Party).

    In 1933, Adolf Hitler, of Austria carried the banner of freedom in the Germany's Presidential election and was selected as Chancellor. Hitler became Germany’s and the world’s greatest leader. Every day, we will strive to fulfill Hitler's vision: a pan-white world, in which all white people are guaranteed equal rights and the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

    His legacy goes beyond the borders of Germany. It can be seen in the continuation of that idea when George Lincoln Rockwell founded the American Nazi Party but was cut short when he was assassinated in 1967. In 1974 the National Socialist Movement was founded but fell short with the revelation of corruption.

    Hitler's successors have been united by a common purpose - Securing the existence of our people and a future for white children. Today, American Nationalist Unity has formed to carry on that ideal of the best traditions of National Socialism and carrying the banner of freedom and the "Fourteen Words".

    We firmly believe it is our god given right as white men to be on top. Niggers, spics, and Jews are are nothing but genetic mistakes that should be dealt with accordingly.

    Christopher Drake
    Leader of American Nationalist Unity
    Drake is a Nazi Cindy, as I was but he still believes in all that bullshit and is a follower of Wild Bill, Norman Lincoln Rockwell, and other idiots. Why do I hate him so? I once supported Mike Blevins instead of him, for this he has sworn to kill me with this rifle:
    Pussy Drake's Pawn Shope MauserNobody much likes Drake because he is crazy and stupid.

  12. """Cindy Adams said...Hooch is a mean old racist guy"""

    This is partially inaccurate, mean possibly, guy yes, but old, no, racist no.

    Did you see Anon's clarification of Drake?

    """Separatism, NOT supremacism."""

    If you fully understood the language you spoke you would realize that you have to be a Supremest to be a racist. I never thought whites should "rule" over others. Or that we are a superior species.

    But we are not the same and that is a fact. Whites are genetically different than the negro.

    I'm more along the lines of a separatist. But I don't think it should be forced just like I don't agree with forced cohabitation with minorities.

    As a matter of fact, I don't think ANYTHING should be forced upon free people.

    And you forgot to mention yourself in the strange group of people. "Cindy the ding-a-ling."

    """Rev. BigBoa@ said...Hey that is the first time that I've seen Hooch post and he didn't whine about liberals."""

    Ok here you go. Isn't it ironic that some liberals like Carlin actually recognize that the government is the enemy while in the mean time they are the most pro government pro establishment group of people in the United States.

    What ever happened to you guys from back in the 60's? Talk about a major transition from only then to now.

  13. Well there goes Hooch again, whining about liberals again. Guess it couldn't last eh Boa?

  14. Nikki, Chris is bi-sexual. I don't know why he tries to hide it. At his wedding he had a sexual encounter with Von. I know nothing about him an Bednarsky (you lie Mike Rolands) but he did the nasty with Bill in a tent ala BrokeBack Mountain style. He has never accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior.


  15. As I remember it, Mike, that little diatribe by Drake was posted over on VNN by VonBluvens. Wasn't that what started the big split between Blevins and Bill White?

    That's when Blevins was villified by Bill and Chris, right?

    Now...why would Chris tell ANYONE if he had, in fact, had a homosexual encounter in a tent? Do you expect us to believe that Chris would actually be stupid enough to let that cat out of the bag?

  16. That isn't the real Cold Butter?

    Drake having a sexual relationship with Blevins? I am suprised Nikki would give in to such muckracking.

    Is NIMbusters down for repairs again? I mean the only time we see this sort of nonsense in the comments section is when it is.

  17. You don't have to be a rocketscientist to figure out someone is trying to get a reaction from either Chris Drake or Vonbluvens.

    The only question is why those two and why now?

  18. Vonbluvens has always been the crown jester of the White Power movement but at his side always sat Bill White and Hal Turner. Why people won't let mentally deranged sleeping dogs lie is beyond me.

  19. Stimulus working, economy growing stronger, Nobel Prize won. THANK GO I VOTED FOR OBAMA! 4 MOAR YEARS.

  20. "Stimulus working, economy growing stronger, Nobel Prize won. THANK GO I VOTED FOR OBAMA! 4 MOAR YEARS."

    I am sorry to inform you that you are incorrect.

    A false recovery is under way. I am reminded of the outlook in 1930, when the experts were certain that the worst of the Depression was over and that recovery was just around the corner.

  21. You are right anon. You can't have a recovery when the unemployment rate is at 10 %.

  22. There is no "economic recovery" if people are still unable to afford their homes. No jobs equals no mortgage/rent equals no economic recovery in the real sense. This country is full of liars and idiots.

  23. Wow same Anonymous agreeing with himself.

    Same dumbass says: "This country is full of liars and idiots."

    Then get the fuck out. American love it or leave it bitch. Tried of your whiny, cry baby bullshit.

    Obama is doing a fine job, will win reelection. You'll have 4 moar years to cry about him! I'll be laughing at you all the while. LOL.

  24. YOU need to love it or leave it Dumb4Life!

    You have been proven time and time again to be the exact dipshit that Anon was referring to.

    """Stimulus working"""

    Really? That's interesting since 90% of it hasn't been spent.

    """economy growing stronger"""

    Another idiotic statement by one who is "trained" by the mass media. 10% unemployment sure demonstrates that. Foreclosures still at breakneck speed does as well.

    """Nobel Prize won"""

    Everyone already wrote the organization off when they gave Al Gore one. So that's basically NOTHING but a badge of DOGSHIT!


    Thank God they would never let YOU run this country!

    """4 MOAR YEARS."""

    Not exactly.
    He has 1,174 days
    3 hours
    41 minutes
    and 01 seconds as of right now.

    Dumb 4 Life, your village called....... They are looking for their idiot.


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