Thursday, October 29, 2009


According to breaking news reports, two men were shot in the legs as they entered a North Hollywood Synagogue early this morning. A black man wearing a hooded sweatshirt has been detatined as the investigation continues.


LOS ANGELES (AFP) – Two men were wounded in a shooting at a Los Angeles synagogue early Thursday in what police said was being investigated as a possible hate crime.

Michel Moore, the deputy chief of Los Angeles police, said the two men were shot in their legs after arriving separately in an underground car park at the Adat Yeshurun Sephardic Congregation in North Hollywood.

Moore said a black male wearing a hooded sweatshirt opened fire on the two men without speaking before fleeing the scene. The victims were being treated in hospital and "were stable and doing fine" Moore said.

"They are stable, they are conscious and they will survive their injuries," Moore told reporters at a press briefing.

Moore said a man fitting the "very loose" description of the gunman was detained near the scene shortly afterwards but stressed that the investigation was ongoing and remained "dynamic."

Other synagogues in the area had been put on alert although Moore said police were keeping an open mind as to a possible motive even though officers believed the Jewish temple had "played a role" in the attack.

The shooting came one day after US President Barack Obama signed a landmark hate crimes law hailed as a new step forward for US civil rights.

The act outlaws offenses motivated by a person's race, gender, identity, color, sexual orientation, or mental of physical disability.

"We'll assume right now that this synagogue did play a role in this and it's a reasonable expectation that we alert our other friends in the Jewish community as to their locations," said Moore.

"We have no remarks by the suspect to these victims that we're aware of at this early juncture that can identify what his motive was whether it was a robbery or this was an attack on these two individuals because of their presence at the synagogue," he said.

"We have worked to activate law enforcement resources and our contact with the Jewish community throughout this region. We have extra patrols already in place at all of our Jewish schools as well as the synagogues."


  1. So this is the possible story: a black guy just shot two North Hollywood Jews in the leg right after a black "president" signed a hate crime bill. I'm waiting for the punch line or is that it?

    I just caught the CNN version. It might be just a robbery. Someone might have taken money from Jews. All jokes aside, that's worth being on CNN. If I was in charge, I'd bump it onto the front page.

    I got shot in the leg once. It wasn't too bad but bled like crazy. It was in the water too so it seemed worse than it really was. It's pretty easy to die from getting shot in the thigh too. One of my old childhood hero, Sonnyboy, got his entire leg shot off and nearly died.

  2. Actually, from what I have been reading, there has been some gang activity in the area and some of the Jewish community have complained that there is a lot of anti-Semitic stuff that has been going on.

    Apparently, the suspect is only 17 years old - and they aren't even sure he's the right guy yet.

  3. Yeah I got shot in the leg. Did it myself. I guess drunken people shouldn't be allowed to have fire arms. Many of my neighbors in the trailer park seem to believe that and dear old mom actually put me out of her basement on that issue (see my latest blog adventure). Zipping my little Storm Trooper up in my fly (see my latest blog adventure) was actually much more painful than the time I shot myself.

    Speaking of Jews, my mommy says she is the best mom this side of Israel. You go Mom. Please vote for me as Douchebag of the Year. Don't let Cold Butter cheat and win!

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  5. Well, if you get off on teen humor, I guess you would find him funny. Personally, I find this kind of childishness a little boring and trite. It's usually engaged in by those who really are incapable of mature or articulate thought.

    You know, this impersonator seems to have an obsession with male genetalia - and the sock reference on the blog has a strong resemblance to something Cindy Adams said in another thread. Interesting, huh?

  6. I've put a new post on one of my blogs concerning my newest addition to the Chris Drake imposter family.

  7. Wow, a ground breaking event. Nikki actually posted some negro on white crime.

    I personally consider a Jew a white person but I realize that some here do not share those beliefs.

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  9. Self find the "new" Chris Drake much more entertaining. Much more believable. More WN's should come clean on there life styles. Maybeso.

  10. Hey Drake, why does my ass look a lot like your face? And my ass ain't all that purdie.

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