Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Rush Limbaugh was dissed and dumped in his bid to be a part owner of the St. Louis Rams. Seen as a liability after players and activists protested any involvement by the racist talk-show host, it was announced earlier that he was being cut from the list of potential owners.

According to CNN News sources:

In a statement released Wednesday evening by St. Louis Blues chairman Dave Checketts -- who is heading the group that hopes to buy the Rams -- he announced Limbaugh's official exit from the bid. It is believed that Limbaugh's controversial participation would have doomed the group's effort in the eyes of NFL owners. League sources told that Limbaugh's candidacy in any Rams bid had "zero chance'' of being approved by the league's owners. In his statement, Checketts said Limbaugh's participation had become "a complication and a distraction'' to the group's efforts.


  1. We don't need no stinking racists in football! Sports transcends racism and should only be based on ablity.

  2. All you you can say is the useless Nigger Lovers have far too much say about anything.

  3. "racist talk-show host,"

    How is Rush Limbaugh a racist?

  4. Just because that mean ole man said that football players on the field were like the "Bloods & Crips" without weapons.

  5. Just another example of a White man being discriminated against.

  6. How is Limbaugh racist? I can think of a lot of examples. The whole McNabb thing when he started making race an issue when he worked for ESPN. Here is a list of racist quotes from Limbaugh.

    Do you blame black players for not wanting to play for him?

  7. The real question is not whether Rush Limbaugh is a racist, but whether or not he believes in unwarranted racial discrimination.

    While Rush may indeed be a racist, there's no evidence that he promotes or advocates unwarranted racial discrimination.

    Racism as a philosophy is not a bad thing. Perhaps if Channon Christian and Chris Newsom had been racist, they would still be alive today.

  8. Ms Nichols,

    Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm Archibald Google, a member of the family which founded this service. I handle problem customers for the family.

    This blog was brought to my attention by The Google Team several months ago. They thought that it should be deleted, but contacted me in case there were other issues, especially DoJ problems. I determined that there were no such issues but decided to offer you one last chance to straighten out the free blog that we provide. I asked you to end your controversies with others for the time being, and apologize to the offended parties in order to prove your good faith.

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  9. Google would have sent that in a private email, retard. And why the hell would one of the founders of Google take time to write that himself? Stop and think for three or four minutes before you attempt humor.

  10. Nikki,

    Why did you post that old picture of Rush. This is what he looks like now.

    Isn't that an interesting thing. We all know Rush is not a racist and that he loves the sport. Those supposed comments he made were all proven false in 1998.

    Rush is being discriminated against. Don't you love it how a person can't have a store and tell a nigger we don't want to sell you anything here because of who you are but it can be done in reverse?

  11. Wise words, anon.

  12. Archibald, if you do delete this blog nothing stops her from just starting up another one.

  13. Itch-my-balls needs to be ignored. He sounds like a trouble making Fucker.

  14. The owner of google doesn't have a google ID and has to post as anonymous. What is sad is that someone thought they were being clever.

  15. The media was using quotes that were lies from Wiki. From my understanding Limbaugh is suing them as well.

    The lynch-mob media listens to race pimps like Sharpton and Jackson to fill in the blanks against Limbaugh.

    We are indeed living in dark days here in America. People being denied business opportunities if it is percieved they are not towing the multicult/race line.

  16. If Mr Google does close this blog down just start up another one on the old site.

  17. Rush Limbaugh was a director of promotions for the Kansas City Royals before he was a political commentator. He is also a big Pittsburg Steeler fan. So in a way it is a shame that he was dropped from the KC Rams group. However Rush has really only one person to blame and that is himself.

    If Glen Beck (who is in all likely hood a much bigger racist than Rush) tried to buy into a team I doubt much noise would be made. Glen Beck hasn't made racially charged remarks about football or disrespected one of it's best quarterbacks. Let's review what Rush said:

    "The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well. There is little hope invested in [Donovan] McNabb, and he got a lot of credit for the performance of this team that he didn't deserve."

    The reason I say that Donovan is one of the classest players is that because he never fired back at Limbaugh. He let his play speak for him. What he has accomplished in the five years since Rush attacked him:

    -- Passed for 19,151 yards and thrown 155 touchdowns in 77 regular season games.
    -- Has a 6-3 record in the NFL playoffs.
    -- Reached the NFC title game three times.
    -- Gone to one Super Bowl.

    The man is going to the Hall of Fame, most likely on the first ballot.

    Limbaugh's words came back to haunt him but as many of his ilk do instead of taking credit for his own mistakes it called it an "attack on conservatism" and of course blamed it on the "liberals". What a load of crap, Limbaugh's own fat mouth is what got him into trouble. You don't have to be an asshole to be a conservative.

  18. UF - So Donovan McNab's the real deal. O.K., but for every Donovan McNab, there's a Michael Vick or a JaMarcus Russell (stereotypical black first name). Russell couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with a pass; if he was white, the Raiders would have released him by now.

    The NFL clearly gives black players more rope (no pun intended) than white players.

  19. Well no offense but the above statement just goes to show you don't really understand sports. Being a totally committed sports nut I follow sports the way you guys follow politics. JaMarcus Russell certainly hasn't played up to the level the Raiders wanted but he was a good prospect coming out of college. This happens in sports sometimes, Ryan Leaf was a white quarterback. If memory serves me he was picked third over all. Perhaps the greatest draft bust of all time, he never panned out. It is also well known that Al Davis is past it, the Raiders have been making poor draft choices for a long time.

    If you watch football you should know that Michael Vick was one of the most exciting players to watch. Is he past it? I don't know but black or white if he is then he'll have to retired. People who inject racism into sports burn my ass. Sports should be based on ability and nothing else. Black coaches or white coaches should be judged on ability and nothing else. Keep your damn racism out of my past time, thank you very much.

  20. "Black coaches or white coaches should be judged on ability and nothing else. Keep your damn racism out of my past time, thank you very much."

    Uh...I'll second that.

  21. UF - No offense taken, but if your ass is really burned by those who inject racism into sports, then your ass should be burned by those who presumed that Rush Limbaugh would be a racist owner simply because he made a few controversial statements in the past.

    By the way, the NFL is already anti-white racist in the sense that whenever a team moves to fill a head coaching vacancy, they are required to interview a non-white candidate simply because he's non-white. That's a copout.

    You'll find out more about anti-white racism in pro sports at Caste Football.

  22. I am well aware of the interview rule you mentioned, however they are not required to hire a black coach. You want to hear a feel good story about that rule?

    When Bill Cowher retired after the 2006 season Mike Tomlin wasn't even on the Steeler radar, however they were so impressed with the man after the interview they hired him. Oh yeah he won the superbowl last year.

    I don't see how you can be upset about the interview rule or call it anti white. Sports should transend race or politics. Thanks for the pat on the back, Nikki. I get kind of passionate about sports.....well and strippers.....

  23. Hey Nikki have you read this article?

    (okay here is my attempt at Html)

    The Last Taboo

    Sorry it didn't have anything to say about sports.

  24. """If you watch football you should know that Michael Vick was one of the most exciting players to watch.....People who inject racism into sports burn my ass."""

    Vick fought and tortured his pit bulls because he is a nigger. It's a nigger thing to do. It's a nigger sport. You can get the nigger out of the hood but you can't get the hood out of the nigger.

    """Sports should be based on ability and nothing else."""

    LOL...Just like music should be based on singing ability and nothing else. That's why freaks like you love fagots like Michael Jackson even knowing when he was alive he liked to fuck with little boys.

    You are a mentally sick individual. Liberalism has fucked you up pretty bad fucktard.

  25. Gosh Hooch you might be a little misinformed, I live in the south. I've been to both chicken fights and dog fights (years ago didn't care for either) and blacks and hispanics were in the minority (at least in Texas and Oklahoma) in fact at the dog fight I went to there were no black people at all. Oklahoma was one of the last states to outlaw cock fighting (2002 if memory serves me). Neither by the way interested me but as a sports fan I did want to witness them first hand (dog fighting BTW was always illegal in both states).

    If Michael Jackson was a pedo you'd see me condeming him. However, he was cleared of any wrong doing by a court of law. If you want to base your racist tirate
    on a Pedophile, go after R. Kelly. I think he should be locked away for a long time but if you want to be fair go after Jerry Lee Lewis as well, oh wait he is white, oh no.

    Wow, you subscribe to me things and beliefs that I don't believe in then you say I am sick. If it wasn't so easy to refute and laugh at you I wouldn't have even dignified you with an answer. Blame it on the liberals, eh? Why don't you learn to think for yourself, ditto head?

  26. Look, you guys can't get around this one. Blacks, even when you pile money on them, will be black. Heck, you can even make one president. Do you even bother to keep up with the crime that goes on around monkey ball?

    The same holds true for black leaders both here and over there. How many black leaders of NATIONS can you name that actually ate people? I'll give you a hint: it's more than one. So give the old, "they act that way because you are racist" a rest.

    And sports...sports in general, even white sports, are hardly relevant in the world. A sports "hero"? Oh, does run around playing with a ball make you able to stand next to a man who risks his life in combat? And whose life did the ball player save? Are our lives better because he PLAYED his game (leasure activity) correctly? FUCK NO! That's why blacks are good at sports in a nutshell: none of it matters at all.

    Sports has been used heavily in this country to promote blacks. Even then, they only participate in the easiest most risk-free sports enmass. Ever seen a bunch of blacks playing Rugbee or Hockey? Does anyone else see what I mean here? Micheal Jordan is a hero, right? I have ten times more respect for the little negro who goes shipped over to Iraq and doesn't nearly get his fireteam killed everyday. It's a backwards world when we start thinking this way.

    The people who should be looked up to and admired should be people who risk all for the greater good, not play a game. That's who should be getting millions of dollars and be idolized in the media, goddamn it. I would even stand and clap for a negro soldier who preformed his tasks better than expected and gave all the little black kids someone worth looking up to.

    Sports is a parody of manhood and warriorism.

  27. You are a lying shit, Fucktard. Only Nigs and Spics fight chickens and dogs. Maybe Jews.

  28. That's a great article UFT - thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    As to this dog-fighting/cock-fighting stereotyping, I really don't know where some of y'all get your ideas from. First of all - if you consider that a "sport" I just have to shake my head in wonder.

    Secondly, every person I have ever known who was into that sort of thing was white. As a matter of fact, I guess I always thought of it as a kind of redneck sort of thing - how's that for stereotyping?

    Now, second only to the abuse of children and women, is the next thing that I truly hate and that is the abuse of animals - amd that's precisely what dog-fighting is.

    As to sports - it's no secret that I love football. I truly enjoy a good match-up and a hard fought game. However...I have to agree with Anonymous on one thing - there are a lot of other people, in my opinion, more deserving of "hero" status than a gridiron hero or a hoopster.

    Sports have been the salvation for a lot of kids, though. There are lots and lots of kids who would be in a world of hurt today had it not been for the opportunities that the various sports have given them.

    As to the relevancy of sports in the overall world view - well...a little diversion is good for the soul every now and then - and good for the world too. Maybe you need to try it.

  29. Nikki here is article that you won't like but is better. Judge does the right thing and doesn't like race mixing take place.
    Judge forbades Nigger from wedding white!


  30. I don't watch sports...especially on TV.

    Rush was probably saved a lot of headaches by being nixed so early.

    Iamgine if he sunk tons of money into this thing only to be forced out.

    BTW- I guess there is a price to pay for being a white guy behind a microphone opposing tyranny...Rush is just one of the many casualties in the war to preserve the 1st Amendment.

  31. Bastard should be lucky he's even still on the radio. You know, he says over 20 million people listen to him but I don't know a single person that does.

  32. Everybody pretty much listens to him in the south. There are lots of people like him here: non-racist (borderline apologists), Zionist due to superstition and firm believers in big money.

    I listen to him though I don't like him. Hey, I'm still hearing the advertisements and that's all that the bottom line cares about. However, I do think he represents a huge cross section of America. He lives and dies for sports. He supported Bush blindly same as the liberals support Obama blindly, even when either man did something his base totally disagreed with. He grumbles about immigration and crime but wouldn't dare suggest we use the heavy hand needed to deal with it. He's basically David Duke with a Jewish speech writer.

  33. Thousands protested Obama when he visited there, but I bet none of you heard about it:

    Click Here

  34. Above...Obama visited San Fran Sicko the other day and thousands showed up to protest him.

  35. "And sports...sports in general, even white sports, are hardly relevant in the world. "

    I totally agree. I don't even bother watching organized team sports. I personally think it is a waste of time, especially since this nation is going down the shit tube.

  36. I lost a lot of respect for Limbaugh when the asshole kept supporting Bush during his personal Vendetta war in Iraq. He used to be pretty popular in my area until he came out against the automotive bail out. Round here, where a great percentage of the people rely on the big three for jobs he could be beat within an inch of his life were he unwise enough to walk the streets.

  37. """Above...Obama visited San Fran Sicko the other day and thousands showed up to protest him."""

    That's because he walked into Michael Savage land.

    """Rev. BigBoa@ said...I lost a lot of respect for Limbaugh when the asshole kept supporting Bush during his personal Vendetta war in Iraq."""

    So did I. He was one of the last of the talk radio to jump off the Republican Base thoroughly into conservative. He turned himself back around though. None of us are right ALL the time so I forgive him.

    """He used to be pretty popular in my area until he came out against the automotive bail out. Round here, where a great percentage of the people rely on the big three for jobs he could be beat within an inch of his life were he unwise enough to walk the streets."""

    The Unions have driven those companies into the ground and as long as they are involved they will be a losing venture without money being taken out of the average Joes pocket to support them. Sucking off the tax payers tit. Or higher than necessary cost of vehicles due to government tariffs put in place because they can't seem to compete with a company that has to pay a thousand dollars to ship their car over here.

    I can't name any conservatives that supported taking money away from the people to put it in their pockets. Especially Chrysler, after all, this is their second bailout.

    I sure would like to see the government bail out my companies if I start to go under. FAT CHANCE!

  38. Self does not think the government will ever bail out the dope and transvestite hooker business, Hooch.

  39. You don't know what you're talking about Shit Pants. The government loves to back drug businesses.

  40. The GOP is through in America. Obama is going to make another batch of Latinos Americans. Lations will vote democratic, the hate the GOP.

  41. Nigger Lover, you say that with such authority; just like the real Nigger Dicker you are

  42. Dem4Life - If the GOP is through, it's because they became right-wing Democrats. People like Lindsey Graham and Olympia Snowe are traitors.

    The GOP will be replaced by a true nationalist party that puts the interests of all Americans first. A Traficant-Palin tag team in 2012 would rock!

  43. Traficant & Ms Sara would be the perfect team in Washington.

  44. You really are a stupid fucker if you think Palin could win anything. Dem4life does have a good arguement about Lintinos.

  45. When will the brainless Pedo learn to shut his fat mouth? Child molesters should be seen and not heard.

  46. LIsten to the Hal Wannabee whine. You sound like you need some cheese with that whine.

    If we want anything out of you I'll knock it out of you.

  47. Hey Holsten, you weak gimp those insults only work on the 6 year old you are trying to molest. Any real man would kick your fat gimp ass.

  48. Why the GOP will lose in 2012: A year or two before the election Obama and the Democrats are going to push to ease the restrictions on immigration. They will also once again offer amnesty to the Hispanic workers already here. ACORN is hardly dead as a political force. It will sign them up and register them. Gee I wonder who they will vote for, not the party of the angry white man. LOL.

  49. After Obama finishes watching the O.U. / Texas game, he's going to be awarded a Heisman Trophy.

  50. Chief Sick of IT!October 17, 2009 1:40 PM

    Wasn't funny the first 100 times you posted it Nimbuster. Why don't you go play with your retarded brothers on your own board?

  51. It's the liberals, the liberals make me like homosexual porn and shemales.

  52. Large black nigger dicks in my shit hole make me happy!!!!


    COLD BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. """Dem4Life said...Why the GOP will lose in 2012: A year or two before the election Obama and the Democrats are going to push to ease the restrictions on immigration."""

    They won't lose but that is besides the point. Your name alone shows that you are one of those fools that will vote for the democrat in office even knowing that they are corrupt.

    Every single politician in office needs to be removed dipshit. EVERY ONE OF THE CORRUPT BASTARDS!

    In VA we I have one house member I have to remove and it is Bob Goodlatte (R). I won't vote for a liberal so I will be voting libertarian. And I have two senators I have to remove, Warner (D) and Webb (D). I will vote republican ONLY if the republican is conservative. Otherwise in those cases it will be libertarian as well.

    Tell me what you think about the new health care plan the Democrats put in place Fag4Life. Do you like it that they give this kind of care to themselves but won't do it for you in your planned health care program. Where in all actuality, anyone over a burger flipper will pay for the deadbeat welfare4life peoples health care.

    Lazy black bitches laying around my section 8 rental property screaming at their children while too worthless to go out and get a job. Perfectly fit to work, not a bit of a disability. Just a parasite on the honest tax paying citizen that will now take it to a new level with the Dem4Life health care plan.

  54. The deadbeats health care program. BTW, they all refuse to answer my question of wether I will get the exact same health care program at the same $503 that they do. And how much it costs the tax payer. EVERY single response I have received is nothing more than a form letter that has nothing to do with the question. My phone calls will be next.

    Call your Senator at (senate switchboard) 1-202-224-3121 to see if they like it.

  55. Man last night I was at the gay bath house and a liberal walked in. Well I tell you what I won't suck a liberal cock so I found me a good conservative one to suck. Thank god most conservatives are gay.

  56. All I want to know is where are the jobs at, Mr. President?

  57. Wait just one fucking minute, Nikki!

    George Soros was a self admitted Nazi collaborator and he owns one of these stupid teams.

    Bet you didn't know that; fuck we could fill a whole stadium with what you don't fucking know.

  58. whine bitch whine


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