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Portland man arrested for mailing noose to NAACP leader

10:19 AM PDT on Thursday, October 8, 2009


CLEVELAND, Ohio – A Portland man was arrested Wednesday and accused of civil rights and mail violations for sending a noose in February 2008 to a regional director of the NAACP in Cleveland.


Daniel Lee Jones
Daniel Lee Jones, 33, is alleged to have used the Postal Service to send a noose to the home of Jason Upthegrove.

The FBI said Jones sent hate literature to residents of Lima, Ohio, where an African American woman was recently shot by a police officer. During that time, Upthegrove was speaking out in the community against the mailings and for equal police service for African Americans.

“A noose is an unmistakable symbol of hatred and violence in our nation, conjuring up images of a despicable period in our history. Mailing a noose to an individual who advocates for racial equality sends a clear threat of violence,” said Thomas E. Perez, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division.

If guilty of mailing threatening communications, Jones faces a maximum of five years in prison and $250,000 in fines. If guilty of interfering with federally protected activities, he faces up to a year in prison and $100,000 in fines.

Background: Nazi flags in Tigard

The Portland Independent Media Center, a self-described political activist group which also tracks hate groups, describes Jones as behind the flying of Nazi flags from helium balloons around the Portland area in spring 2008 and Nazi banners from freeway overpasses. The group said he organized a hate gathering a month ago outside Vancouver.


  1. Oh hell yes. Lock that stupid racist in jail. Let the ass raping commence! Hell fucking Yes.

  2. I said it back then and I'll say it again now. Blacks (Niggeros) in Lima, Ohio had every right to get made and march around. Not to bad mouth Dan Jones and company but the pro-white movement should have totally stayed out of that whole thing.

    Review: the pigs shot one of their babies. You want to defend that? Yes, it was a crackhouse. When you don't give blacks all you own including your daughters, that's what happens. We get that part. Was it the negro-mama's fault for having her kid in a crackhouse? Sure. Was it the baby's fault for getting shot? Fuck no and I'll quickly disassociate with anyone who says otherwise.

    And since when do we start cheering the feds kicking anyone's door in? I'm as against drugs as any conservative but I'm also well aware of the dangers of the "war on drugs." Did you guys know that they used drug laws to kidnap Louis Beam from Mexico?

    No, I'm not taking up for black crackheads. What I am saying is that the black community has a right to be upset about a baby being shot. For once, they are within the bounds of reason for what they want to raise hell about. Would I raise hell along with them? No, they aren't my people and it's none of my business. But how do we expect people to feel bad when the feds kill our kids (and they have)? And what does this say to anyone who hears the cops kicking in their doors? "You'd best fight like hell because they might kill your kids!" Keep in mind too that the more people see institutions of justice as being a farce, the more they disregard it. Kind of like the office of President.

    I think anybody who took jabs at the Lima, Ohio thing was misguided and was showing huge short sightedness. With Dan, I can say I don't know the situation and I wasn't around for all of those goings-ons. However, me myself (no criminal record), it's a rare, rare occasion that you'll ever catch me siding with the cops on anything. I have zero respect for 90% of them. I could go on all day about why.

    Good luck, Dan. I hope you are afforded basic rights like bail and a fair trial.

  3. Aw crap. I wrote the last post. I forgot to use my ID.

  4. Oh and while I'm here: the Nobel Peace Prize. After giving Obama one, you could give me one too. I MIGHT would hang it in my office if it didn't get in the way or my other awards. Seriously. I might move my attendance award from the last college I attended since the glass is cracked in the frame. Actually...I've been meaning to put up my MITEL certification. Nah, I wouldn't put my Nobel prize award up in place of my MITEL certification. It's like the first one MITEL gives out too. Everybody's got that one.

    Does anybody have a theory on why he got that anyway?

  5. Yeah because he earned it, asswipe. You've been told time and time again that you are too fucking stupid to understand current events. Are you too stupid to understand that too?

  6. Boa is right, we need to give Drake the Official VonBluvens, "Cry like a little Bitch award" he's earned it.

  7. This is a witch-hunt. If this was really an issue, why did the Feds wait 1 1/2 years to take action?

    Investigate? What's to investigate? It's a simple determination - does the mailing of a noose constitute a threat or not? It does not require 1 1/2 years to answer that question.

    The Feds deliberately initiate and drag out these delayed "investigations" to better preserve their jobs and their perks.

  8. Investigations don't always go as planned. Many times it is put on a back burner because there simply is not enough evidence to get a conviction. Then on down the line someone with knowledge of the crime is arrested and wants to cut a deal. The case is dusted off and if the witness is credible it goes to trial.

  9. Way to go Mike Burks impersonater! Dumb ass. The real Mike Burks was one of the ones involved with the ANSWP during the Jena/Lima issues. The last thing he'd do is inject his name back into it all. You do realize that you could get sued for impersonating someone with the intent to cause them legal harm? All the admin of this blog has to do is alert the feds and the real Mike Burks. And you could actually face criminal charges. Go back to Zogsnightmare and OCD/meth-out on the NSM more.

  10. Hey Drake maybe the Jews had something to do with Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize. After all your retarded ass blames them on everything else, right loser?

    I laughed my ass off when you said you had an "office". Is that the bathroom at the local temp service? Tell us another one, Drake. You so funny.

  11. I've got a few offices. Lay off the meth and you might do more than stand outside one.

  12. Ya might want to double back and read some of the comments when this story broke - HERE They were pretty interesting.

    Raoul - you are correct, especially in this matter. I had a couple of conversations earlier and found that they have liked Dan Jones for this for awhile. They just needed more evidence - and they got what they needed.

    As to the Nobel - I will comment on that soon.

  13. Nikki and Raoul - If you're contending that it may have took the Feds 1 1/2 years to link Dan Jones with the noose, O.K., I'll concede that possibility. But bear in mind when the Feds drag out these investigations and then suddenly blindside their targets, it can have a disruptive effect on lives.

    And while Dan Jones obviously wanted to send a "message" to the NAACP guy, did he know in advance that he was exposing himself to criminal liability? If not, the Feds shouldn't be trying to prosecute him. Most people know that common offenses such as murder, rape and robbery are a crime, but how many would figure out that sending a noose through the mail might be a crime?

  14. This is a political endorsement by the social democrats in Oslo since they did the selection like 10 days into his Presidency.

    Apparently, they give this award out to those they "hope" might do something peaceful.

  15. Who cares about the Dan Jones bullshit?

    I certainly don't.

  16. Yasser Arafat (a disgusting terrorist) got one, its not like the nobel prize in physics.

  17. Obama orders more troops and bombs to Afghanistan, threatens Iran with nuclear annihilation, continues to uphold the policy of an illegal occupation in Iraq and he wins the Nobel Peace Prize.
    God, I need a martini, now.

  18. The Nobel Committee must be totally irony proof!


    What a clown we have for a appears O'bummer is being mocked.

  19. You have to be a leftist looney to think throwing bling and prize money at a Nigger for doing nothing would qualify as an "accomplishment".

    What was that Drake said letting the nigger sit back and letting white folk do all the work for him?

  20. What do you mean - "he did nothing"?

    He bombed the Moon! Plus he organized an entire community. What more can one black man do?

  21. With all the horrible people that have won a Nobel Prize, Mr. Nobel must have rolled over in his grave so many times that he’s currently down in the inner core of the earth.

    Didn’t Yasser Arafat receive this bogus award years ago along with Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin while they were really going at it killing innocent people? Jimmy Carter, Al Gore now OBAMA?!?

    This is just further proof that the Nobel Prize has become a disgusting farce and is just used to pat the globalist elitists on the back when they follow orders.

  22. The Times says it makes a mockery of award:

  23. Why doesn't the Nobel committee simply announce the Second Coming, hail him as the Messiah, and have done with it?

  24. My spelling has improved since then.

    I don't see the Obama-Nobel prize thing as being a big issue. If nothing else, it causes people to pause and ask, "what has he done exactly?" Once again, he is an affirmative action negro. His job is to show up. He does that. Leave him alone and be glad that he's him and you are you.

    Sure, he'd throw the chains on you in a New York minute but his problem is that he can't figure out how to work the lock.

  25. Hey Drake, nothing Obama does is going to make you happy. You are a miserable little man with delusions of Grandeur. You are a little Nazi bitch, you wear statistikas on your shit covered panties. You blame the Jews on all your numerous problems because you aren't much of a man and won't take responsibility for your own failures.

    The only "Office" you're likely to have is the Port-a-Potty that sits outside your shitty trailer. Why don't you go play dress up Nazi with your butt buddy Herbie?

    To be honest I have never been that much of a democrat, that was until George Bush came along. That asshole must never be repeated, never.

  26. Nikki: What do you think about Rush Limbaugh trying to buy the St. Louis Rams? Have you heard that many black players are coming out and saying that they will not play for a team owned by Limbaugh? Can you blame them? Limbaugh once said, "Slavery was a good idea. It kept the streets safe at night." and "The NFL is nothing more than organized Crips vs. Bloods". He also disrespected one of the classest individuals int eh game, in Donnovan McNab (as a Cowboys fan it is hard for me to say that). If Marge Schott (RIP) was forced to give up her team should Limbaugh be allowed in?

    Boa: Do you really think you are going to change Chris's mind about something by insulting him? I can see you disagree with his ideals (don't much agree with him myself) but how does constantly insulting him prove your point? I thought that was everything you hated about Nimbusters?????

  27. It's cool, UF. I'm kind of glad he's around in a way. He clearly shows just how much of an intelligent arguement the anti-white movement has. All they can do as of late is tell you to shut up, repeat slogans at you and attack who they assume you are. I could go on for pages about how wrong it is to be anti-white, yet Boa sums it up briefly by being a walking illustration.

    And to Boa, Obama does one thing that makes me happy: nothing. If he all of a sudden said he needed a pro-white advisor and they picked me, I'd tell him he was right on track. Sit there and do nothing. Don't touch a thing because you'll just screw it up. Be black, smile, wave, read the speaches they write for you and get awards for them. Whatever you try to fix, you'll just make it worse. All you are doing is making the media's job of creating the black American Jesus more difficult.

  28. Well Chris, if that is Boa all I can say is that he must of turned into a drunk or something. Boa wasn't ever really an Anti, listen to the old Boa's Pit, Boa was never stupid either. Or maybe what he is saying is true, to be in your 40's and to have your 401 tank could change someone I guess. But it just shows the destructive power of hate. Personally I don't think you put all the blame on the GOP (or the Dems) it just isn't that black and white.

    To me what Obama is doing is the right thing in regards to health care. Now we could argue this issue all day but I have seen people die before because of a lack of health care. I've also seen insurance companies do some pretty cold things. It scares me that health care reform will not get done because of politics.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Sum people have said the new Boa is Vonbluvens.

  31. Phil Anderson is another one of Bill Whites former bitches in the ANSWP. He posts in Nordwave and VNN and Stormfront and his organization is looking like an NSM clone.

  32. Boa the Nigger Lover, you can stick Obongo up your Faggot Ass. I didn't care about Bush either, but he is/was so much better than the Obongo looking Ape man.


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