Saturday, October 17, 2009


Join me on Sunday, October 18th, 2009, as I take some really cold shots at those right-wing extremists who just have to be called out for their actions. It's usually a lot of fun and you just never know what's going to happen. the weekend winds down, why not pull up a chair, kick your shoes off, cop a squat and tune in. And...if you're so inclined...the phone lines will open about an hour into the show - so give a holler!


Republican leader John Boehner objected to the expansion of hate crimes legislation claiming that the protection of homosexuals under the bill is not based upon immutable characteristics and called it 'thought crimes legislation.' What do you think about hate crimes legislation in general and the expanded version in particular? Necessary or Not?

Pastor Marc Grizzard of the Amazing Grace Baptist Church, along with his congregation, are going to celebrate Halloween by "Burning Perversions of God's Word." That means that they are burning all Bibles that are not of the King James Version. They also plan to burn Satan's music - which includes almost everything - as well as any works from various authors such as Mother Teresa, Oral Roberts, Jimmy Swaggart, and the Pope. They also plan on serving fried and Bar-B-Qued chicken along with all the sides. They didn't say if they plan on cooking the chicken over the open flames.

Frank Schaeffer, author of Crazy For God, says "Anyone can be killed." He also says...

"The bestselling status of the Left Behind novels proves that, not unlike Islamist terrorists who behead their enemies, many evangelical/fundamentalist readers relish the prospect of God doing lots of messy killing for them as they watch in comfort from on high," he added. "They want revenge on all people not like them -- forever."

The former religious right leader also says he's worried President Obama could be assassinated -- or that extremists might launch another "Oklahoma" type bombing

Add your two-cents to this discussion...

And speaking of the looks like Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church just wasn't get enough attention picketing the funerals of our dead soldiers or demonstrating their supreme ignorance and hate across from high-school campuses. They have broadened their targets to include Jews. They do this cloaked in the mantra of free-speech. Well...I have free speech rights too - and I'll be exercising those rights right here on BlogTalk Radio.

At first, he was criticized for trying to do too much, too soon. Now he is being called the "do-nothing" President by his detractors. Are his gloves really coming off with the health insurance industry or is he bluffing?

Politico credits Obama with rewriting the history of race relations in this country. What does that mean to us at this juncture - and what will it say to future generations? Have we really come a long way, baby?

The wild and whacky case of neo-Nazi Frank Spisak. This wannabe Hitler killed three people in 1983, was sentenced to death, had the sentence overturned and that is being reviewed again.

Ohio Attorney General, Richard Cordray, a former state solicitor, made his seventh appearance before the justices, but his first as attorney general. Cordray told the justices that the case is "one of the most infamous in Ohio history." Spisak wore a Hitler-style mustache at trial, gave the Nazi salute and boasted of his hatred of African-Americans and Jews. Spisak also has sued state officials because prison officials refuse to refer to him as a woman, as he prefers. Cordray wants the death penalty reinstated for Spisak. What do you think should be done?


  1. So, you have moved onto the greener pastors to ridicule? Let me guess--you are going to talk about one or two extreme preachers and try to estrapolate that out to Christians as a whole?

    It isn't just happening here...I have noticed an anti-Christian trend accross the nation.

    Believe it or not...not much seperates nihilist from Nikki.

    I won't be tuning in for this one.

  2. All I want to know is where are the jobs at, Mr. President?

  3. Mr Barry Obongo Ape doesn't have any jobs to offer unless he pulls them out of his nasty ass.

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  5. Was there ever a time when the INFO WARS people were not total and complete morons?

  6. Anonymous said...
    Was there ever a time when the INFO WARS people were not total and complete morons?

    It's doubtful, Anon.

  7. This is our future regardless if you believe it or not

    Pretty close to what is going to happen (except for the rapture part...there will be no rapture of His church...we will be left here to fight Satanic forces and maybe even Satan himself).

  8. There is no spook in the sky, idiot. You think you can whine a little louder, dipshit Christian fuck?

  9. Fire burns wether you believe it or not, and there is a God regardless if you believe it or not.

    Repent while you can, because you don't take your next breath without His say so.

  10. Shut the fuck up and take your meds Von, you fucking idiot.

  11. Here's an amusing story I heard. One day, a scientist confronted God, saying, "We don't need You any more. We can now create life all by ourselves!"

    God was intrigued, and so He asked for a demonstration. The scientist then reached down to grab a handful of dirt. Immediately, God slapped it out of his hand, and said, "Not so fast! Get your own dirt". ROFLMAO!

  12. That's really good! I loved it!

  13. That guy singing that evil song about God and Religion will be going straight to Hell if he doesn't change his ways.

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  16. The info Wars Crazies are a bunch of Conspiracy theory wackos, safely ignored. Let them have their theories, the crazy they are, the better they like them.

  17. """Republican's SUCK said...
    The info Wars Crazies are a bunch of Conspiracy theory wackos...."""

    LOL, I love to hear you psycho conspiracy theorist liberals call others conspiracy theorists.

    Isn't it ironic. Almost all you hear around here is "the last 6 anonymouses were the same person" or this or that person is Von, Belvins, Jim Ramm or whoever. As if those people wouldn't just post under their own names.

  18. Blevins is a coward and rarely posts under his own name any longer. I mean after all, everyone knows he is a total piece of shit who: won't work; collects welfare and food stamps; molestes his own daughter; and rats out his fellow WN's. Not to mention being batshit crazy and on drugs.

    Drake and Von are known for coming into a message forum and creating socks so it looks like someone actually agrees with their moronic points of view. When Linder banned Von's IP on VNN it silenced at least ten socks.

    You smell Von\Hooch and your kind is irrelevant by 2040 whites will be a minority in America, Latinos will be the dominate race and they vote Democrat! Bye bye white trash shit, joo is history!!!! LOL.

  19. Maybe Michael Blevins is tired of being hounded or maybe he is just tired period, maybe he is just not posting and you are being paranoid.

    Everything I've read is that Hispanic Americans numbers will keep increasing but will not become a minority until 2050. I would not count on them necessarily voting democrat either, many Hispanic Americans are Caltholic and very conservative.

    Hey Boa bet your Vikings have you a scare Sunday. The Ravens almost came back and won.


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