Tuesday, October 27, 2009


More Photos Here From Mark Zaleski
When 600+ counterprotestors show up to stand against the Nazi's, the point is made. Mainstream America has no tolerance for those promoting and promulgating a hate-filled agenda.

The signs, symbols, and speech displayed by the National Socialist Movement, et. al. have always engendered an anger and a revulsion among those who seek to preserve and protect the fabric of a multicultural society and the recent events in Riverside, California are no exception.


The Press-Enterprise

A brief fistfight and a lime-throwing incident led to arrests of at least two counterprotesters Saturday during a three-hour neo-Nazi rally near a well-known Riverside day labor gathering site.

The fight erupted minutes after 20 neo-Nazis arrived and took positions behind metal barricades erected by the Riverside Police Department near Madison Street and Railroad Avenue. Police barricaded an estimated 600 counterprotesters about 150 feet away on the other side of the street.

But more than two dozen counterprotesters, including members of the Brown Berets, a Chicano activist group, rushed toward the neo-Nazis and the two groups yelled at each other.

One unidentified Brown Beret member, who was later arrested, pushed over a barricade and a brawl between both sides barely started before dozens of officers wearing riot gear and using batons quickly stopped it.

Another counterprotester, who identified himself as Geronimo Rivera, 32, was led away by police and arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

Rivera, held on $25,000 bail, was arrested in connection with limes being thrown at the neo-Nazis shortly before the rally ended.

The counterprotesters cheered as the neo-Nazis ended the rally, giving the signature Nazi salute as motorcycle officers escorted them to their SUVs and minivans.


The demonstration, which led to the closure of part of Madison near Indiana Avenue, was a follow-up to a short rally last month in the same area.

On Saturday, police established a command near the rally site, and an estimated 75 officers kept counterprotesters from confronting neo-Nazis. A police helicopter flew overhead during much of the rally.

The California Highway Patrol closed the eastbound offramp at Madison from Highway 91 during the rally, which resulted in traffic backing up to at least Van Buren Boulevard. Trains also were halted as neo-Nazis spilled onto the tracks.

Riverside police Sgt. Jaybee Brennan couldn't say how much the rally could cost Riverside taxpayers.


Jeff Hall, a Riverside resident and state director of the National Socialist Movement, said the group met its goal -- to shut down the day labor site.

"We're going to be here again and again," he said.

The neo-Nazis and counterprotesters spent much of the time videotaping and yelling disparaging comments and names, urging the other group to go home.

Counterprotesters dared neo-Nazis to confront them and held signs that read "Tolerance, yes. Hatred, no," "Stop harassing day laborers," "Human beings are not illegal" and "We do the jobs you can't live without."

Neo-Nazis criticized homosexuals, Jews and undocumented workers taking jobs.

A group of about 100 people identified as students in support of day laborers defied police and marched on Madison toward the neo-Nazis before a line of motorcycle officers and riot police blocked them. They beat makeshift drums, blew whistles and yelled "Nazis go home."

The students from the Claremont colleges were among the counterprotesters who last month drove off the neo-Nazis, said member Troy Araiza-Kokkinis.

He said the students would counterprotest as long as the neo-Nazis rally.

"Our obligation is to drown them out and combat racism in the Inland Empire," Araiza-Kokkinis said. "We'll come back every week."


  1. You'll notice that it was the Latino supremacist Brown Berets who tried to incite a riot by deliberately and unprovokedly attacking the NSM cadre. It was gratifying to see how the NSM cadre courageously stood their ground in the face of the howling multicultural mob.

    Yet a lot of the so-called "valuable intellectual properties" in the WN community criticize the NSM for their tactics and appearance. Even the overweight ex-NSM reject John Taylor Bowles, who took the Queen's shilling as a Federal employee for many years, takes cheap shots at them.

    If you're getting criticized, it usually means you're getting things done.

  2. NSM scumbags are the worst of the worst.

    Many were cheering on the Mexicans hoping the NSM satanists would end up dead.

    The only good devil worshiper is a dead one!

  3. I could care less abou this story.

    What I want to know is where are the JOBS at Mr. President?

  4. I have said for years: Do not give these sorry fucks police protection at the expense of the tax payers. Let them get their sorry asses throughly beat a few times and no more little goose stepping wannabes.
    Neither pussy boy Blevins nor Chris Drake could take an ass beating. That goes double for Linder. Problem solved.

  5. It makes me very sad that people can't get along. In this day and age it is hard for me to believe that people who do nothing but hate are forming groups of this sort.

    We did after all elect a black president. You'd think people would have grown out of this. Yet here in Texas (where I live) we have people who oppose him for racial reasons only. It makes me very very sad.

  6. Anonymous said...
    "You'll notice that it was the Latino supremacist Brown Berets who tried to incite a riot by deliberately and unprovokedly attacking the NSM cadre. It was gratifying to see how the NSM cadre courageously stood their ground in the face of the howling multicultural mob."

    There are those who would argue, myself included, that waving swastikas and spewing hate speech is, in and of itself, "incitement." Claiming that the NSM didn't provoke anything is absolute absurdity.

    While I don't condone violence, I do understand the anger that is engendered by such events.

    Cindy - it makes me sad, as well. That's why it's so important that we raise the future generations to put an end to this craziness.

  7. """There are those who would argue, myself included, that waving swastikas and spewing hate speech is, in and of itself, "incitement." Claiming that the NSM didn't provoke anything is absolute absurdity."""

    It is in it self, FREEDOM to have your own opinion and if an adult doesn't like what is burning their poor little ears, they can LEAVE!

    I'll tell you what "incitement" is. It's a bunch of people illegally in this country demanding the right to break our laws. They can go back to the end of the line and enter this country the same way every other law abiding person does.

    They ARE ILLEGALLY in this country. They are ILLEGALLY not contributing to our tax system.
    They are putting a very heavy burden on the American tax payer who pays for their disproportionate usage of welfare and food-stamps. And they use our school systems WITHOUT paying for them. They substantially increase the cost of health care due to going to the hospital for the sniffles because they have no money.

    This entire problem would be fixed with the Fair Tax! EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE UNITED STATES would pay usage tax based on what they purchase. If they are broke they buy less and pay less. If they are wealthy they buy more and pay more.

    And EVERYONE contributes to the system. Working under the table does not matter with a fair tax.

    People should start thinking about how to SOLVE the problems with the parasites on the American tax payer so we can get on with more important things like training negros to be civil and to stop committing an extremely disproportionate amount of violent crime, to teach negro fathers that they should be around for their children rather than deadbeat dads which is the norm, to stop the welfare for life mentality by giving people a hand for ONLY a short and reasonable amount of time until they can get off their lazy asses and get a job, etc.

  8. You anti's are a real freaky bunch, aren't ya?


  9. Nice shot!!! LOL


  10. Interesting picture you used there Nikki. It appears that you are positioning the spics to be ignorant. Someone as politically correct as yourself normally doesn't do such a thing.

    A beaner with a sign that says "Rejects Nazi Hate". Just wondering why the S on Reject.

  11. Post proof that the Latinos at this demonstration were illegal Hooch. Oh what you can't. Why don't you take your racist and lying ass back to VNN, bitch?

  12. """Post proof that the Latinos at this demonstration were illegal Hooch. Oh what you can't. Why don't you take your racist and lying ass back to VNN, bitch?"""

    Sorry, aren't the VNN Socialists? I hate Socialists such as yourself. I have never been a fan of liberalism.

    And the Brown Berets are also a group of socialists in America, but they are forming an army of illegals on American soil!

    Here is your proof dipshit. Now shut your fucking hole and speak when spoken to.

    And here is a nice picture that proves that they think that America is THEIR land and we should get the fuck off of it.

    And a summarized version of their beliefs.

    """We Have a Right

    In accordance with history, we, as descendants of a people who are intricately connected to all the native people of this hemisphere as well as to these lands, do not believe we are “immigrants” in our own lands, but migrant people who have always traveled back and forth without considering artificial borderlines or governmental decrees. Not only in a historical, but in a contemporary sense do we have the right to pursue happiness, as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states, which was signed by the United States in 1946. Our massive exodus as a people across racist borderlines are in direct result of U.S. foreign policy, namely neoliberal politics pushed by the ever-increasing shadow of capitalism and free-market theories, creating policies such as the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), NAFTA, Plan Puebla-Panama (PPP), and the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), among others, which create a very heavy burden on the Mexican (and other countries’) working-class and exploit the natural resources so needed to live a decent lifestyle. We denounce any attempt to regulate the migration of people into any country without first creating equality among classes all around the world. We are aware it is capitalism which is the base of many ills all around the world, and we actively denounce it as long as it means ill will towards other people and profit over everything else. Although realistically, “immigration reform” is needed to help the people already living in the United States stay here, we believe the “immigration debate” needs to shift its focus to include mainly a debate about U.S. foreign policy and the impact it has had, and will continue to have, all around the world. We need to eliminate racist and exclusive concepts such as “illegal aliens” or “illegal immigrants” from our minds and learn the history behind immigration and why people migrate out of their home countries before pointing fingers and unfairly target mainly defenseless people as a direct result of our incompetence and stupidity. We need to fight against fascist immigration raids anywhere they pop-up and realize that there are more ties to racist history in the immigration debate other than these Gestapo-type terrorist attacks on our communities. Until fairness and equality exists around the world, until racism ceases to exist and true diversity is embraced, until then will we see a change in migration patterns and until then will “legal immigration” be a more viable option for many people around the world.

    Until then, fuck all racist immigration laws! We will not cease to pursue a better life for our seeds! We are the people, and we will never be stopped! This is our land, and it is our right to exist!"""

  13. So now you can shut your hole before I call the immigration office on you border jumper.

  14. Nikki:

    Understand that one day the NSM is going to get their asses whipped by other National Socialists because they are buffoons with prehistoric tactics.

  15. Ho-ho! The loonies are mad as hell about the NSM's sucess in Cali! They think it shows people how inactive they are...but that's not true. For people to realize how inactive and uneffective the collection of anti-NSM loonies are, people would have to realize they exist first!

    Good job to the NSM for beating up the Mexicans and giving thousands of Americans images to be proud of! Even better job to the NSM for putting the NSALP and the ANP! And they're going to kick the NSM's butts one day? Ha! You have to go out in public for that! I love it!

  16. Go NSM! America's Nazi Party shows the way!

  17. Anonymous 9:26 - What "other" national socialists are going to kick the NSM's butt? There are no other national socialists with the strength and prominence of the NSM.

    Admittedly, the ANP does have some promise, and Rocky Suhayda means well, but he's allowed John Taylor Bowles into his organization. Bowles is not really interested in building national socialism, but only in hijacking the ANP and using it as a weapon to get back at the NSM. He tried the same thing with the NSOA and did not succeed. He will not succeed this time, either.

    I once respected Bowles, but he spends too much time attacking the NSM and not enough time effectively promoting the ANP.

  18. I guess the Nazis aren't the only ones that are out of shape trying to wear uniforms.

    Funny how those brown berets got their asses beat. lol


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