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Join Nikki Nichols on Blogtalk Radio this Sunday evening at 7:00 Eastern Time. Phone lines will open at 8 where you can sound off, speak out, or just converse on the topics of discussion.


*Patriarchy on the right - the subjugation and degradation of women by right-wing extremists.

*Conferring With the Right - The fear that drives them crazy.

*No More Mr. Nice Guy - To homosexuals, that is.

*Secession - The new "White Flight" agenda.

*The "Relgiofication" of Politics - a new kind of jihad.

*Whose Side Are They On - the unpatriotic Patriots

*A Coup In the Making




  1. "*Patriarchy on the right - the subjugation and degradation of women by right-wing extremists."


    Sarah Palin would be the answer to that wrong notion.

  2. Nikki and her eight cats get ready for another "show"

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    (NN) Don't you agree Got Twelve Inches?
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  3. Chief Sick of IT!!!!October 04, 2009 5:20 PM

    Oh all the idiotic Nimbusters, my favorite, the one who is the most pathetic is without a doubt Cold Butter. The guy is either a slow learner or he is straight up retarded, yet the stupid bastard thinks he is witty. In short he is too stupid to know he is stupid. Here is a few clues for you retard boy: Dinosaurs did exist; There was a moon landing; even if you mother and daddy divorce they will still be brother and sister; shut your stupid fucking mouth and we won't know the depths of your stupidity, moron.

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  5. Chief Sick of it all.
    How do you know which one is the real cold butter, it could be LLoyd or Woger or UF posting.
    Personally, I believe it's the intern.

  6. Chief Sick of IT!!!!October 04, 2009 5:56 PM

    I don't know who is Lloyd, Woger, or the Intern but I have heard Cold Butter call Nikki. He is stupid as hell. He is not funny. No one finds him funny but Cold Butter. He is most likely Chris Drake or his inbred brother. Who really cares? Stupid is as stupid does.

  7. methinks Chief sick of it all sucks the niggerdick.

  8. After an hour and a half with only one heckler in the chat room, Niggi Nigholes, niggerlover extraordinaire, quits the show early to drown her sorrows in some cheap liquor and watch Al Jolson dvds.

    (NN) *Thinking to self* Damn, why am I such a failure? How can nobody care about the things that are important to me? I cannot imagine how I am all alone in this.
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    (NN) hello!
    (Caller is Floyd drunk again)
    (FC) hey you worthless nigger lover, what the fuck was that about? An hour and half of just shite! shite, shite, SHITE!
    Damn, I am so glad that I went back on the booze and stopped all that antiracist shit. You are sooo pathetic.
    (NN) Oh, hi Floyd, so you listened to the show?
    (FC) between shitting myself and drinking another case of black label beer, yeah, I guess I listened.
    (NN) Floyd, tell me, why is my show so sad?
    (FC) Well, for starters, it's got you in it. Secondly, I must say that nobody really *belches* buh leaves, whoo, that was a hot one, that what you says matters.
    Thirdly, I don't know why I even tell you, you never listen to anything that anybody ever says.
    (NN) So, how do I get my message out where people will listen?
    (FC)I say make a suicide video.
    (NN) That's not going to work. Then who will take care of my cats?
    (FC) Kill your cats on video and then yourself. that'd be the fucking greatest thing since ketchup.
    (NN) I can't talk to you when you are drunk.
    (FC) That's okay, I can't listen to you if I ain't.
    (NN) look, Floyd, I'm not going to talk to you if you are going to insult my intellect and my beliefs.
    (FC) Oh yeah? what the fuck did you do to me for the past ninety minutes, sing a lullabye?
    (NN) No, what I said was defending the poor minorites and the underprivileged in the world, What you said is just insulting.
    (FC) See, it's all about bringin up the minorities with you,never about the whites that are robbed of their property, money and personal rights, Just like that shit about Christians not wanting to pay for socialized healthcare, calling them amoral. Shit do you really believe that?
    (NN) yes I do-
    (FC) Im gay!
    (NN) what?
    (FC) you heard me, I am queer as a three dollar bill.
    (NN)oh floyd, that's wonderful
    (FC) no you cunt, that's terrible, I should be stoned. I am sad, depressed and all fucked up because of it.
    *floyd passes out*
    (NN) Floyd? Floyd? are you still there? I guess he hung up.
    *nikki hangs up*
    (NN)Well, Gots Twelve Inches, it' looks like it's just you and me again.
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  9. Chief Sick of IT!!!!October 04, 2009 9:06 PM

    When will that stupid fuck give it up? You ain't funny, not a bit. You are however quite retarded.

  10. Listened to the show and it sucked. Somewhere in the show some mention of the "record" setting Bush deficits, which I had to laugh at. BTW- The deficit is four times worse since Obama took office. So if you are interested in facts, Obama holds the current record.

    Also, don't forget we lost 236,000 jobs for the month of Sept., and 7 million are now unemployed since Obama has been in office.


    Our foreign policy is sufferening and Americans are at greater risk. Obama's foreign policy is like him playing checkers three dimensional chess players.

    It's really embarassing to watch.

    BTW--I hope his plans on destroying this nation DO FAIL and am with the right-winger talking heads on that score.

  12. Yup, he is playing checkers while Iran, Russia and China are playing chess.

  13. The above poster must be a racist. That's the only reason why he brought up Obama's failures. He is a racist, evil bigoted racist.

    He just made Nikki's point.


  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. yeah, blame the fucking GOP and let the 'rats go with impunity.




  16. Drake is one broken record that is for sure, only Blevins is a bigger baby. You want to cry about job losses then put the blame where it belongs: The GOP who caused their second Great Depression in the last 100 years.

    STFU about it already.

  17. My real name is Chris Drake in case you were wondering. I am a stupid faggot and I like sucking on Blevin's short fat little dick.


  18. Boa,

    When does Obama own this thing, or is it going to be perpetually Bushes fault for his entire Presidency?

    People are getting tired of the excuses. This President isn't leading, and it shows.

  19. Every promise that Obama has made since the election, he has broken.
    In the words of Harry S. Truman,”How many times does a man have to hit you in the head with a shovel before you figure out he ain’t your friend?”

  20. I think I heard on the radio the other day Vonbluvens and others saying the world is playing 3 dimensional chess and the obama administration is playing checkers.

    Apt description.

  21. Since Obama became Prez the world laughs at us, not with us! The 3rd worlders are overjoyed that this country elected an inept, insecure, inexperienced ingrate to the highest office! They never had it so good, AND WE never had it so bad with the worst yet to come!

  22. You guys are just too damn pathetic. It took 20 years for the stock market to recover the last time the GOP destroyed our economy (see Great Depression). Obama hasn't even been in office for a year. If you Drake or you Von want to do something about unemployment why don't you jobless bastards go out and get a fucking job? Try working for a living instead of sponging off the system and fat girls.

    The world laughed at us when we have Bush and especially Reagan. Get a grip, Obama is respected but then I wouldn't expect a racist asshole to understand that. Does the phrase "Quit Crying and go fuck yourself" ring a bell? It should.

  23. Look for the Vikings to run all over Green Bay tonight. Vikings 28 Green Bay 14. Peterson is gonna have a good game against a Pecker defense that is soft in the middle.

  24. Viking suck.
    Boa sucks.
    Niggers suck.
    Flushot sucks.

    There you have it.


  25. Cold Butter sucks (daddy usually)
    Chris Drake Sucks
    Blevins Sux donkey dix


  26. "Try working for a living instead of sponging off the system..."

    You mean, like you do, boa? Government employees are nothing but leeches and difference between you and your average welfare recipient.

  27. "It took 20 years for the stock market to recover the last time the GOP destroyed our economy..."

    What fucking planet do you live on?

  28. Obama has quadrupled the deficit "Bush left him" already, and as boa has already pointed out this boob hasn't even been in office a whole year.

    The Republicans are bad...I mean REALLY bad (conservatives need to retake the party and kick the Mclame's and Graham's of the party out)...but as bad as the Republicunts are the Democraps, as demonstrated the last nine months ARE WAAAAAY worse.

    No one that deals in truth can say otherwise. Facts are stubborn things.

  29. I agree with anon. Working for or with the FEDS is worse than collecting welfare.

    People are waking up to this fact. Change WILL NOT occur until people realize this simple fact that those working for this system are worse than black welfare mothers or floyd collecting social security.

    Time to get THAT message out.

  30. I agree with anon. Working for or with the FEDS is worse than collecting welfare.

    People are waking up to this fact. Change WILL NOT occur until people realize this simple fact that those working for this system are worse than black welfare mothers or floyd collecting social security.

    Time to get THAT message out.

  31. Unlike you Drake, I work for a living. Unlike you I am not an incredible cry baby bitch. You and Blevins should try working for a living sometime. It might do something for your outlook on life. I have more respect for a nigger (there are niggers and there are black people) who goes out and sells crack than I do for you or Herbie Boy Blevins. Not only do you not work but you blame it all on the Jews. The fault my dear Drake is not in the Jews but in Joo if I may steal from the Bard.

    Yes it did take the Stock Market 20 years to return to pre-1929 levels after Hoover and the GOP raped this country (look it up asshole). How much worse would it be without the stimulus plan? Much worse and GM and Crysler would have gone under creating unemployment levels unseen since the Great Depression. Is Obama perfect? No, personally I would have rather seen Hillary or Ron Paul get it but he is 100 times the leader Bush ever was.

    Now go dress up in your Nazi uniform, play SS Storm Tropper in your shitty Mommy's basement loser. Me, I need to get back to work.

  32. make the most sense in this discussion. Obama inherited the mess brought about by the Bush administration. The problem is that Americans want a quick fix - they thought that change would come immediately.

    Anonymous - look to the other side of the aisle for a minute. If it has democrat on it the answer is "no." Half of the time the Republicans vote no without even knowing what's in the bill. They don't read it - they just shit-can it.

    Obama hasn't even been in office for 10 months yet and you're faulting him for not fixing unemployment, the economy, the war, health care, etc. What planet do YOU live on?

  33. All jokes aside, Boa, I work. Just to give you a little background: grew up on a farm, worked in a factory and dug ditches to get through college, got two degrees (totally unrelated), went to work at SRS and I've worked for my entire life. There has never been a time in my life that I was unemployed. I know you just drag up your info from anywhere unlike someone who does more than recite state propaganda.

    I agree with whoever said that working for the feds is worse than being on welfare.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Funny, the democrat supporters lay blame on Bush and gave Clinton the credit for things accomplished during the Reagan era.

    Wake up, it's not the Repubs or the Demos, but the federal reserve that sets interest rates and brings the taxes on the people.


  36. Serious dude (Cold Butter) why do you think you have one fucking brain in your empty little head? The only thing Reagan did was build up the military to useless levels, repeatedly lie to congress about Iran Contra, and tell us he was reducing government while increasing it and spending to exponential levels. The changes made in the federal reserve toward the end of the Carter administration and the beginning of the Reagan administration put an end to double digit inflation. Clinton was not perfect but he worked hard and he gave us 8 years of prosperity and only lied about not being able to keep his dick in his pants. He failed on health care. I voted for both men, twice.

    I find your story real hard to believe Chris, give everything that came out of your lovers spat with Blevins, about how you were a steroid using fork lift driver, which I guess is heads and tails above Herbie. BTW you should ask Herbie about all those things he told Ticker about you. Some of them were quite amusing (cross dressing, well to each their own).

    I have my masters in business administration, I could easily work in the private sector and make more money. My military service was added toward my retirement which was a big factor toward my choice in working for the feds but also in the current job I am in I am able to help people. I enjoy doing what I do and at the end of next year I will retire while still in my 40's.

    I was a real soldier so I guess I don't have to play dress up commando, in my mommy's basement, while wearing tight female underwear. I don't see "Jews" under my bed and blame all my problems on Israel or mouth such stupidity like "ZOG". I don't resent black people or have to come up with silly excuses for being a sad little racist. Being a man I don't try to blame my troubles on others and whine like a little fucking bitch all the time and that is the real difference between us.

  37. Frankly, I don't care if you believe me or not. I can be thrown in prison or killed. My ideas can't be. In case you haven't paid attention, government paid flag wavers like you are on the way out anyway. There's a handful of people on this board and a few others that actually know me.

    I know it's got to be hard for you to wrap your brain around, sports fan. You want to be racist against whites but it's oh so much easier when you can be classist at the same time. Yeah, somebody that drives a forklift can't be as smart and enlightened as someone who is exposed to government propaganda 24/7/365 (his living depends on it). Well, this is where you can shake your fist at the sky and cry "damn you white working class!" But trust me, if you think you have reason to hate us now, just sit tight, ace.

  38. Wise up Drake, you and your kind will never do anything but beat on your chests and dress up like Nazis but you know and I know what you've wearing underneath. Maybe in another 30 years or so a coward like you will have his hate fester enough so he get up enough courage to pull a Von Brunn but you want to know something, Drake? It won't change a goddamn thing. Sick in the head mother fuckers like you, Von Brunn, or even McVeigh don't ever change a thing.

    No one is ever going to change over to your sick and demented way of thinking. The Holocaust happened, Jews don't run the government, and you are a dickweed little pissant whom people laugh at. These are the facts and they are not in dispute.

    So go kill some innocent and good man like Stepen Johns or go kill a bunch of innocent children in a federal building. We will still not believe as you do.

  39. As Steve says: "Drake you ain't gonna do nothing but take a shit and fall back into it."

  40. Reid, Pelosi fight law to post healthcare bill online...

    How's that for your vaunted transparency, Nikki?

    Why should the Republicans "cross the aile" as you say and agree with them when the language of these bills are kept secret.

    We saw what crossing the aile did for John McCain...The Republicans (for once in a long while) are in fact doing the right thing by saying, "NO" to this Demcrat Congress and President.

  41. "Obama hasn't even been in office for 10 months yet and you're faulting him for not fixing unemployment, the economy, the war, health care, etc. What planet do YOU live on?"

    No, I am not faulting him for not fixing UNEMPLOYMENT it--I am faulting him for MAKING IT WORSE.

    **He has proven himself to be totally inept when it comes to the war...doesn't even communicate with his generals on the ground.

    ***You keep faulting the Republicans for saying "No" to this Democrat Congress...Well, when the Dems keep asking for things that goes against the principles of Republicans why fault Republicans for saying ixnay on it? Come on!!! I

    If a 11-year-old keeps asking for permission to drink Vodka, I think the response from most RESPONSIBLE parents is going to be "No" regardless of how many times they ask to or how they phrase it.

  42. Chris,

    Any idea how long we have to "just sit tight"?

  43. This board needs more COLD BUTTER!


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