Sunday, April 23, 2006


Masochistic is, perhaps, the best way to describe the neo-Nazi’s in the 21st Century. Recent events over the course of the past year are quite convincing that many of those on the racist right suffer from a pervasive and debilitating problem and nothing better explains that malady than Masochistic Personality Disorder.

Imagine donning a uniform or costume that when publicly worn enrages onlookers often to the point of violent reactions. Consider, if you will, the life of someone who hates others vehemently and openly, promotes an ideology that to most is incomprehensible, and lives in a continuous state of fear.

Being a neo-Nazi is a hard-knock life. Most people go through life engaging in a job or career that is either rewarding or fulfilling, and sometimes both. As long as our work is up to par and our work ethic acceptable we have little fear of being fired or ousted. We come home after work to our family, friends and neighbors and try to experience many of life’s little pleasures. Generally speaking, we lead satisfying lives in the overall realm of things.

A neo-Nazi, on the other hand, does not know such peace. In the workplace the fear of exposure is a constant. Whereas most of us engage in daily conversations that may lead us into areas of disagreement with our co-workers or boss, we usually have little fear over the effect that might have on our employment. But the neo-Nazi dares not express his true thoughts or opinions lest he be relinquished from his position quickly and without remorse.

Throughout the Nazi movement, time and again, you hear the worries of those who use screen – names and refuse to disclose personal information for fear of reprisals. Yet, when looking at the situation over long periods of time it becomes more and more evident that this type of “fear” is almost pleasurable to the Nazi. Should he lose his station or position he is quick to play the victim and fails to see the rationale behind his banishment. The loss of one’s job because of unacceptable personal actions becomes a badge of honor.

This same faulty logic or behavior carries through into virtually every area of the Nazi’s life. Consider, for example, Ken Matthews in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Ken is a neo-Nazi and heads up the local unit of the National Socialist Movement. He had been living in Grand Rapids unnoticed by his neighbors as just another guy. When it became known that he is a Nazi and that he invited other Nazi’s to Grand Rapids, a demonstration was held outside of his house and his neighbors were absolutely outraged to find that such a human being lived in their midst. Yet, Ken will now be content to hang with a small contingent of other outcasts and commisserate over his mistreatment. This is dysfunctional at best and pathological at worst.

To further their masochistic yearnings, the neo-Nazi’s subject themselves to many things that can only be characterized as demeaning.

When viewing some pictures of some of the more recent rallies held by the NSM and their commrades, I was struck by thoughts of what it must be like to stand in a city where you are not welcome, wave swastikas in the faces of others knowing that the reaction is going to be negative in the extreme, face hundreds who protest your very existence, attempt to speak over the boos and catcalls and rejection from the onlookers, fail to have your message heard, be called hideous names, know that there are some in the crowd who want your blood, require police protection from those opposed, have objects thrown at you, and be personna non gratis wherever you go.

Sane people never experience such things. Even during the most heated of debates or the advancing of one’s own politcal views, we rarely ever witness the type or the scope of rejection that is directed at neo Nazi’s.

To be certain, there are those within our communities and neighborhoods who, perhaps, are bigoted and maybe harbor racist views. Yet, they don’t march down our streets waving swastika banners. They don’t adorn the entrances of our government buildings with their brown shirts and combat boots. They don’t screech at the top of their lungs about the evils of the Jews and the dangers of race-mixing. And they don’t talk about the Day of the Rope or how the United States must be ethnically cleansed.

It would appear that those who do engage in this behavior are not only gluttons for punishment, but derive some sort of perverse pleasure out of being the recipients of some pretty strong negativity. Masochistic? I am beginning to think so. What else could possibly explain it? Setting aside the thirst for attention that belongs to the Bill White’s and the Hal Linder’s of the “movement,” there still remains a large contingent who just can’t seem to get enough of being slapped around and beaten both physically and emotionally. They thrive on it – they live for it – and they just keep coming back for more.


  1. How comes it seems like most of these nazis have waist lines that are 20 inches bigger than their chest?

  2. What a fat pig!

    Has anyone noticed that they don't have any female leaders?

  3. I would love to see this happen.



    MSP Jackson Post Commander Lt. Jim Shaw now says the state could seek a refund from the National Socialist Movement.

    A spokesman for the movement says there's no mention of paying for protection costs in the group's rally permit. Bill White says the group did "everything it could" to stop the spending.

    White says if Lansing, or the state, wants his group to pay for police protection, the government would have to take the National Socialist Movement to court.

    And with Bill White's record in court being nearly 0 percent outside of evicting black tenants from his properties, there's a good chance the City of Lansing could own WHite Homes & Land, LLC.. That is if Edward Hamilton doesn't own it after he is done with Mr. White

  4. There is a lot of self hatered in the movement.

    Self hatered that has become misdirected into the haterd of others.
    With this they are putting the blame on others for their unhappy lives.

  5. "How comes it seems like most of these nazis have waist lines that are 20 inches bigger than their chest?"

    Because they do! I was looking at some of the NSM pics - and what a mess!

    "There is a lot of self hatered in the movement.

    Self hatered that has become misdirected into the haterd of others.
    With this they are putting the blame on others for their unhappy lives."

    I agree wholeheartedly.

    As far as recovering costs from the NSM - that would be so sweet. I remember many years ago that the World Church of the Creator fought (and won) a small community in Illinois that tried to build the charges into the permit, though. And now, Bill claims they will be going back to Lansing without much prior notice to the police. He says they'll march this time - now where have we heard that before?

    Oh...but wouldn't it be sweet if they would do that without police protection?

    I seem to remember that on that last radio show, Metzger was trying to tell Bill that they "didn't need a permit."

  6. Wow, I just had the distinct displeasure of listening to the audio feed of the Lansing NSM Rally.

    I must say, I am completely disgusted now, not only by what the assembled Nutzis had to say, but also by the fact that I was forced to restart my computer becauce going to Bill's fucking website is like the equivalent of downloading one or more catastrophic cyber-viruses.

    I think it will be okay, but maybe there is alot of useless stuff on my hardrive.

    Anyway, I don't think I recall ever hearing a greater collection of coarse, half-witted, hacking, hysterical, heathens at any time since my sojourn on this floating madhouse of a planet was first begun.

    All of these guys, are, to put it mildly, completely fucking bonkers. Hal Turner stood on the steps of the State Capitol in Lansing, and screamed at the top of his lungs that he wanted to "assassinate" the U.S. Congress.

    Bill White choked up a verbal vomitry that amounted to another heart-felt revelation concerning the "spiritual destructiveness" of Jewish people.

    VonBluvens made a silly rhyme, and then screeched liek a twelve-year-old girl, " Go baaack to Mexicooo!"

    Jeff Schoep said something, I think, but it was so dull and trite that I completely have forgotten what it was. (I'm not going back to that site and listening again; I need to keep this computer for awhile longer.)

    Chariman Herrington barked a Hitlerian doggerel and sounded as if he might, at any moment, suffer a massive coronary thrombosis due to nervous exhaustion.

    Then some Klan shitkicker took the podium to teach us all about the "filthy Talmud".

    Maybe it, secretly, (shudder!)excited him.

    (These guys should really stop to consider that, for the most part, many U.S. citizens do not run into "Jews" on even a weekly basis, so when these clowns constantly bring the subject back to the evils of Judaism, it must leave many people going, "Huh?")

    Of course, there was the usual randomly-placed racial epithets like "mud" , "spic", etc. Bill White was good enough to gargle up his racial theories concerning the descendants of the Bantu's ,and why Jewish people are "Khazrim Ashekenazis that should go back to Palestine and duke it there".


    At least I didn't hear him vomit up any hot, dripping saliva.

    Thank G-d for small favors!

    Ah well, now that I'm disgusted enough, I am going to take a long walk across this tiny,tiny portion of the wonderful country called America, where we still accept everyone no matter their race, ethnicity, creed, or skin color.

    One final note: I was quite amused when, at one point, the entire NSM stopped to chant some sort of bizarre, seemingly-religious litany or magic spell. It was something along the lines of: "Ia! Ia! On to Valhalla! Ia! Ia! Valhalla, or bust!", maybe it is something called "Riding to Valhalla on Hitler's UFO", or something. I dunno.

    I was expecting them to start passing around styrofoam cups of Kool-Aid laced with cyanide at any minute. LOL!

    (Start dramatic pause)

    I don't think I've ever been more embarrassed at my German ancestry than right at this moment.


    "...The wrongs we seek to condemn and punish have been so cultivated, so malignant and so devestating, that civilization cannot tolerate their being ignored because it cannot survive their being repeated."--Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson, U.S. Prosecutor, Nuremburg War Crimes Tribunal

  7. Yup, EB - you just summed it all up pretty well. I am still listening - but, if this is indicative of what they intend to do across this country I think they can expect an ass-kicking.

    Why is it that these people believe they have to scream everything - and what is with the growling? Jim Ramm usually growls at me - but it seems to be catching on.

    I am laughing my ass off about them "running on the ballot in 2008." And they are going to defy the Mexicans with their "army?" Oh...well, if I were the Mexicans I would be very afraid!

  8. Jeff Schoep is a real piece of work. He is sooooo stupid and his speaking ability is zero.

  9. e.b.- You are a brilliant writer!!

    I am in awe!

  10. I agree - EB is an awesome writer!

    The next stop for the NSM (unless they decide to go back to Lansing in the near future, lol) is Buffalo, NY on June 10th.

  11. And Steevo still denies being a nazi. Bullshit. Steevo just like Hal has spit on the American Flag and embraced the swatistka.

  12. Dear Child Molester Holsten: How many times have I told you to keep my name out of your mouth?

  13. Courage, valiance...speaking truth to power.

  14. Steevo,

    Why don't you go back to those families in the 1950's and ask them why millions in their generation died trying to prevent nazism.

    If you lived in the 1950's, you wouldn't be getting your disability benefits for being mentally disabled. So don't think it would have been great for you then.

    The nazis would have killed you on site for your cerebral palsy which is the source of your mental retardation. You would have never even made it to the prison camps. You would have been shot on site.

    Yes Steevo, you are a nazi. You get all excited about rallies that flag more swatiskas than American flags. But if you look at those immigration rallies, they mostly flew american flags. Immigrants are far more pro-american than the Hal Turner's, Michael Blevins and Bill White's of this world.

    I view white supremacist as domestic terrorist just like Al Qaeda. Both want to kill all jew and both want to overthrow the US government. The only difference is as a group, the nazis are cowards.

    And has anyone noticed while these nazis hate America and claim the jews run it, they sure don't mind taking their welfare disability checks.

  15. EB, you really are a total loser, aren't you?

    When faced with any kind of argument, the first thing you do is respond with death threats, followed by forged posts.

    For the record, this statement:

    "Courage, valiance...speaking truth to power."

    was made on HistoryMike's blog in reaction to this courageous act of defiance.

    No doubt, there'll be another 15-20 posts by "me" in this thread.

    I'll leave you to it. Forging posts isn't my thing and never will be.

    Obviously, you view this place is your personal sandbox and any intrusion is greeted with the internet equivalent of a screaming, crying hissy fit.

  16. Elmer,

    Don't fucking lie to us. Your friends on Sunday call for the deaths of elmination of every jew. In the long run, they want the deaths of everyone who isn't aryan enough. You refer to the nazis as "good folk standing up for the white race" so don't give us this shit that you don't advocate killing.

    So if you stand by them, that's what you stand for. You stand for the overthrow of the US government. You stand for the swatiska.

    You certainly fail as being aryan by their standards.

    If real nazis ever did control of the US, they would kill you quicker then they would kill me.

  17. What do you mean it's the same way with Hal?

    Hal went to a NAZI rally and spoke to a crowd of people with the swatiska flying.

    Hal started off being a Hannity or AmerRen type of racist but has gone far, far beyond that now. He's a full blown nazi.

    That white racist campout you want to attend in May... they are going to have a swatiska and cross burning.

    Yea, some crowd you have fallen in love with.

  18. You forgot to add that Hal has been calling for death threats against elected officials and the Spanish people.

    Take a look at what these "harmless" white pride types are really about:

  19. If there's any doubt about what "White Pride" means to these wannabe Nazis, an individual calling itself "Viking Man" just posted this to the Hal Turner forum:

    "Abe foxman's family should be targeted. Kill his children, mother or wife. Make the fat jew piece of shit suffer. Better yet kid-nap the fat kike and torture him to death but remember to make a video so the whole world can see this kike vermon suffer.
    Attention: all jews and self-hating white faggots! The nazi's where just a warm-up. Next time we'll get every kike and traitor."--"Viking Man"

  20. Here's one from a female (although I use the term loosely in this case) poster calling itself "Jessica":

    "Personally, I believe that we should help the ADL...

    I believe that we should correct their 6 million (holohoax) miscalculation, by making said number accurate. After that, we can go for 6 million more."--"Jessica"

  21. Here's one from a wildly- unbalanced ego calling itself "Pogo".

    (One wonders why Pogo's mother couldn't have been kind enough to terminate pregnancy beforehand.)

    "The spics have no clue as to what a threat is. A genuine threat is delivered IN PERSON, not by mail or such.

    I strongly suggest any such threat also be delivered to the FAMILY of the offending, hateful, jew-incited beaner politicians.

    Thank you, loose cannons, for your attention & cooperation."--"Pogo"


    I am not saying it's not out there--it is. I'm just saying that, overall, white racists indulge in a significantly higher amount of violent, genocidal rhetoric than most other racial "Nationalist" types.

    Someone should do a comparative study.

  23. If they were anything other than white men and posted statements half that threatening they would be in GITMO by now.

  24. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  25. Pedophile Steevo thinks the age of consent should be lowered to 13 or 14.

  26. Steve has visited my blog 36 TIMES TODAY SO FAR!!!! 36 TIMES!!!!

    And I haven't updated it in a few days.

    He visited it 29 times yesterday.

  27. You have my blog on ALL DAY LONG and you are constantly hitting F-5 ALL DAY LONG???

    I'm just rolling over......... ROTFL!!!

    Seems you really are obsessed with me.

  28. Steve spends 24/7 keeping up with me?

    Sorry to diappoint you Steve but I am straight but have no problem with gay people.

    But I do think Steevo is in love with me.

  29. The time is coming when Steve Holsten will be taken care of by the authorities. They're already gotten Jr. it is now only a matter of time before Steve gets his.

  30. Steve is just upset he is a latent homosexual.

    Science proves that those who hate gays are almost always gay themselves. It is this self hatred that fuels their bigotry against gays.

    Since Steve has no logical reason for hating gays, one has to assume Steve is gay.

  31. From my count there was more like 100 at our rally.

  32. Oh yeah? What does your god do to pedos?

    I mean if your god hates adults who have concentual sex, what does god do to baby rapers?

  33. The pedo doesn't know a thing about the bible.

    1) Paul was a mass murderer but was forgiven by God.

    2) God talks far more about adultery being a sin then homosexuality.

    3) Fornication is punishable by death according to the bible.

    4) If the pedo would actually read the bible, he would learn what it really means. The bible is probably several grade levels above the reading level of Steevo.

    5) The pedo is simply using the bible as an excuse for his irrational hatred toward himself which he takes out on blacks and gays.

    And notice how are resident nazi pedo considers a 13 year old girl to be an adult woman. Just like when his son showed up at a residence expecting to have sex with a 13 year old girl. The pedo is one messed up person.

  34. Notice the pedo has no consideration for the little girl?

    Just that it makes him feel more like a man to rape a teen because if she has a baby he will feel like a bigger man.

    No thought to how having a baby when a girl is a teen messes up her life for good.

    No care to whether that little girl is going to complete her education and move onto college.

    She is nothing but "pussy" who looks ripe enough for him to violate and use like she isn't even a human being.

  35. Stevo - if you are for real, you have to be the most ignorant son-of-a-bitch that ever walked this earth. I read the things you say and I can hardly believe that anyone could make such statements and mean them. So many times I just think, "he's putting us all on."

    A child of 13 - or 14 or 16 - is just that - A CHILD. To claim that such a CHILD is "accountable" for his or her own sins is the height of stupidity and simply a way to try to justify your own lusts. It won't wash. And...ya know what - that has nothing to do with race. People who defile children are the most hated of all people regardless of their ideology.

    Even if you are putting us all on - you are one sick asshole to even post such things. As to your "wonderful life" - you are also a liar. Anyone who sits and watches these blogs waiting to be castigated like you does not have a "wonderful life." You are the most pathetically despicable individual I have ever had the displeasure of knowing.

  36. Stevo - you will NOT speak in sexual terms about children on this site.

  37. Dateline NBC tonight had a good program about internet child sex predators like Steve and Chris Holsten. They showed a number of bust online, exactly the same kind of bust that nailed Chris Holsten.

    NBC Dateline

  38. I'm glad that they did that. We are going to see more and more of those kinds of busts and sting operations. This should be a top priority because these predators have got to be stopped.

    Between the filth that preys on our children on the internet and in many of our social institutions and those who are making their fortune in the sex traficking industry - our kids are really in trouble. Keep them close and teach them well.

  39. Future Dateline shows about catching online child sex predators.

    May 3rd - To Catch a Predator 4, part 2: Darke County, Ohio
    May 10th - To Catch a Predator 5, part 1: Fort Myers, Florida
    May 17th - To Catch a Predator 5, part 2: Fort Myers, Florida

  40. Oh course Steve Holsten is the most ignorant ass on earth. He thinks that if he says nice things like "I don't desire young girls" that the cops are going to leave him and his sick son alone. Guess again you sick little monster. The police will be watching you for sometime to come.

  41. Steve don't let these idiots get to you. I think once a girl gets her first period then she becomes a woman. If they are old enough to get pregnant, they are old enough to fuck. That's the way God made them.

  42. Has anyone noticed that they don't have any female leaders?

    Has anyone noticed our female leaders are all over the videos?


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