Monday, April 17, 2006


I would like some feedback on something that I have been thinking about and it concerns a lot of you who frequently post here.

For the last few weeks I have been considering what goes on here. There have been some absolutely great and insightful discussions on this blog - and that is a very good thing. Regardless of which side of the political or philosophical spectrum you call home, many of you have been involved in some really deep and thought provoking conversations. We do, however, have a problem.

I understand that these threads often take a totally different path than the initial post intends - and I have no problem with that as long as everyone observes a modicum of civility and the discussion is beneficial or productive. What I DO have a problem with is the incessant interruption of thoughtful posts by those who merely want to disrupt. I find it disheartening to have to wade through post after post of silliness or ridiculous banter to get to the one you want to answer. So...I have to ask the question, "what should be done?"

These blogs don't give you a lot of options so this is what we have to choose from:

1) Leave everything the way it is - we'll just wade around the fray.
2) Moderate posts - I really HATE this. I don't like having my posts moderated or screened and I doubt that many of you do either.
3)Make each of you who are regular contributers members of the blog and only members can post - this has drawbacks in that new people can't post.
4) Have no comment section - Now, you all know I don't want this.

I would like your feedback and promise to consider each and every comment.



  1. The best option is to leave it the way it is and remove the most atrocious posts.

    Moderating every post will kill the conversations for obvious reasons and would be more time consuming than just deleting the offensive posts.

  2. Thanks Stefan - I agree on the moderation.

  3. The Steve Holsten stuff is getting old--his posts are essentially worthless, although I do find his odd diction and weird writing style to have a kind of atavistic appeal.

    He Is The Only Writer I Have Ever Witnessed Who Capitalizes EVERY Word In A Sentence.

    "The naieve wit of imbeciles is always appreciated."--John Lydon

  4. I have to agree with Stefan if you bring too much moderation then you do kill the flow.

    Personally I like the craziness of these discussions but there are some (Steve and his detractors)that only post here to cause problems. I can't suggest how to deal with these people but Nimbusters are infamous for beating a dead horse and then beating it some more.

    If more developments occur in the Chris Holsten case I'd love to hear about them
    but as far as the "Holsten gets ass raped in prison stuff" well it has lost it's humorous side for me.
    Let's give it a rest for a while. Maybe it will be funny again latter.

  5. Personally, I like the craziness too, UF - with the exception of the few things you have mentioned.

  6. Steve is admitting to trashing the blog on purpose. So you now know what his motive was the entire time.

    However, Steve has only stated like 2 dozen times he was leaving NIM Busters and other areas, only to come back everytime. So this is only temporary.

    If you are worried about idiots like Steve, use for your comments instead (yup, just like Asshole Hal), and you can ban people like Steve from their ip address once they screw up. It's free to use.

  7. Well, if I may borrow something from the Shit Can fellow.

    Ping Nikki: Holsten Spam.


    Gee Steve, don't you realize what an idiot you sound like when you lose your temper?

    Well, in any case I am pulling out in about ten minutes, likely to be gone for at least two weeks, so I will leave you with these pearls of wisdom to do with what you will:

    Dariush sounds a lot like Bill White except spells better.

    Harry Schwartz sounds a lot like Nimbuster Admin except is uglier (68% of Nimbusters believe Schwartz to be Nim Admin)

    Peterbilt Trucks are inferior to Freightliners.

    Chris or Steven Holsten may not be a good choice for a baby sitter.

    Bill White may not always tell the truth.

    Bisexual Strippers who bring home other strippers are a godsend.

    If you or your immediate family is facing the possibility of prison (especailly in regards to chld molestation) don't piss off the Nimbusters.

    Keep the bugs out of your teeth and your nose to the wind.

    May you reside in hell a full hour before your enemies know you are dead.

  8. Harry Schwartz sounds a lot like Nimbuster Admin except is uglier (68% of Nimbusters believe Schwartz to be Nim Admin)---UF

    Does that mean that you are the admin? ; )

  9. Steve Holsten, we know where you live and we will not rest until you are brought down. Pedophilia and racism wont save you

  10. It didn't take long for Steve to come back and lie once again. You did say you were trashing Nik's blog.

    Steve quote: But, I have allowed them to get to me too much and I trashed Nikki Nigger Lover's Blog

  11. You called Nikki a "nigger lover"

    Yea, that's not personal....

    You're so full of shit.

  12. no one else gives to shits about holsten or his son... drop it here it
    is getting old

  13. Except in Steve's case, he is a pedo.

    Steve has admitted he would have sex with a 14 year old girl if she threw herself at him.

  14. White gets interviewed on TV.

    WOOD TV Article

    I'm beginning to believe that the media actually hypes up the NSM with allowing White to lie without them checking on them. It's almost like a tabloid.

  15. Did anyone notice that Bill's voice is still messed up and he looks like death warmed over?

    If these Hollywood idiots change direction and are allowed to march to that diversity rally I don't like the chances of Lansing getting out of this one unscathed.

  16. Incidently - I will remove any post from now on that mentions this whole stevo & son duo unless it is an update on the case. I detest - repeat, detest - pedophiles. After reading stevo's views on minors I consider him detestable - and his son equally so. I am interested in the outcome of the case - but this blog is not about stevo, chris, dick-sucking, pedophilia, etc.

    I welcome good discussion and a little craziness now and then, but the whole stevo thing is interfering with all of that. To Stevo - the game is over - no one wants to hear your trite and uncouth remarks either.

  17. Stevo - consider your IP number reported to your provider. Obviously you enjoy people raking you and your son over the coals - but I'm not going to be very benevolent to you any longer.


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