Friday, April 21, 2006

In Your Face Action - Ya Gotta Love It!

Graphic from Direct

I just love the graphic!!! Now, I have to tell ya that the guys in Lansing are my heroes today. They are doing it just right. They found the house of the head Nazi in Grand Rapids - the one who invited the rest of the Nazi's to that community. You see, he nestled in quietly among the good folks there and they had no idea what was operating in their neighborhood - and that would have been okay if he hadn't decided that this was a good place to bring their message of hate.

When they found the Nazi's abode, they went up and down the streets alerting the neighbors to the fact that Nazism was alive and well and sending out invitations in their own backyard. Informational flyers were handed out and some pictures were taken. There was NO violence, but Bill White had an up-close and personal experience again.

This is the information for those in the area:



NAME: Ken Mathews

ADDRESS: 41 Grove St NE

Grand Rapids, MI 49505-4914

PHONE: 616-451-9194

Ken Mathews is the southwest unit leader of the white supremacist Neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement.

Last summer on July 9th, 2005, Ken and a handful of Neo-Nazi boneheads distributed racist literature in the Tamarack St and Webster St vicinity of Grand Rapids.

This Saturday (April 22nd), Neo-Nazis will be holding a rally on the grounds of the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing to celebrate the birthday of Adolf Hitler.

Ken has invited over a hundred Neo-Nazis to use Grand Rapids as a staging point for the rally. Neo-Nazis will begin arriving in Grand Rapids this Friday.

The period around April 20th (Adolf Hitler’s birthday) is a significant date for Neo-Nazis and has historically marked stepped up violent activity by white supremacists. The day coincides with recent American tragedies including the Oklahoma City bombing, the Ruby Ridge standoff, and the Columbine high school shootings.

Neo-Nazis have placed reservations (#176180 – rooms blocked off under Ken Mathews) for this Friday and Saturday night at the Motel 6 at 777 3 Mile Rd at the corner of Alpine Ave (616-784-9375).

If you object to having dozens of Neo-Nazis gathering in your community, we encourage you to contact the Accor reservation center at 800-221-4542 and the Motel 6 reservation center at 800-466-8356 and let them know your concerns. Contact Ken Mathews directly to let him know that his issues are not popularly welcomed in this community.

If you have more information about racist activity in the area, please contact Michigan Anti-Fascists at 313-795-9910 or email


  1. I love Bart and love what Michigan activists are doing. Here's Lisa antifa from Berlin:

  2. LOL! Thanks Sarah! That's great!

  3. I bet a dozen cops are at the Motel 6 protecting the nazis.

    I thought pedophile Elmer was going to leave forever.

  4. Michigan Anti-Fascist Press ReleaseApril 21, 2006 9:39 PM

    [For public distribution]

    Looks like the NSM webpage in Michigan has been temporarily taken off the internet!

    Outing of Neo-Nazi NSM member Ken Mathew’s in Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Report by Michigan Anti-Fascists

    April 21, 2006

    Grand Rapids, Michigan- On Thursday April 20th 2006 two days before the National Socialist Movement’s “White Patriot Rally” at the state capitol Michigan Anti-Fascists exposed Neo-Nazi leader Ken Mathews to the Grand Rapids community.

    Eleven Antifa(Anti-Fascists) went door to door in the Plainfield Ave and Leonard St area of Grand Rapids, for over an hour, passing out flyers and informing members of the community of the true identity of their Ken Mathews.

    Residents were surprised to learn a Neo-Nazi was secretly living among them and that Ken Mathews had invited fellow Neo-Nazi’s to stay the weekend at a nearby Motel 6 (777 3 Mile Rd at the corner of Alpine Ave). Last summer Ken Mathews and a handful of Neo-Nazi boneheads distributed racist literature in the Tamarack St and Webster St vicinity and were confronted by angry community members.

    Antifa continued going door to door on Grove St and ran into a large multiracial group of neighbors a few doors down from Ken Mathews’s house who were shocked to learn their neighbor was a Neo-Nazi. While we were speaking with the neighbors, NSM national spokesperson Bill White was spotted, going from his car to Ken’s house.

    Moving in front of Ken Mathew’s house Antifa unfurled a banner declaring “Nazis Not Welcome,” knocked on his front door and asking Ken to come out of the house.

    A look inside Bill White’s car revealed a copy of the injunction sitting on the passenger seat and a copy of Nora Robert’s romance novel “Northern Lights.” Photos were also taken of Ken Mathews’s pick up truck.

    Several police squad cars arrived on the scene. Bill White came on the dark screened in porch to speak with police. Grand Rapids police then targeted the Antifa who had been giving interviews with the 3 local News Stations which were covering the story.

    Police demanded the Antifa produce state identification. The Antifa continually refused the police request for ID and the Antifa was made to stand with his hands up and legs apart while police removed the Antifa’s wallet to locate ID.

    Police claimed the demonstration to be illegal as no permit had been granted. Antifa continued to stand outside Ken Mathew’s house. Bill White was ridiculed by Antifa for refusing to come out of the dark screened in porch despite the fact that media was present. Ken Mathew’s was spotted hiding in the upstairs window clutching a pistol.

    More neighbors arrived to find out what was happening and disgust was expressed as Ken Mathews’s beliefs in racial separation and white supremacists beliefs. As Antifa move out of the area Ken Mathews’s neighbors thanked us for our work and informing them of their neighbor.

    Grand Rapids police warned Antifa not to return to the area and made claims that this was a “bad neighborhood” and they didn’t want us to get hurt. We were also instructed to “think” about what we were doing next time and consider the danger of going out in such a neighborhood.

    Nazis Not Welcome!" Antifa crash Bill White and Ken Mathews's slumber party.

    Photo 1

    Photo 2

    Photo 3

    Photo 4

    Ken Mathews's 1986 Chevy half-ton pickup truck (Michigan ACM6462)

    Truck 1

    Truck 2

    Bill White's Toyota (Virginia JXB-5595). Can't read this paper... can you? Yes, that is a Nora Robert's romance novel in the back seat!

    Car 1

    Car 2

    Car 3

    Ken Mathew's stormfront post saying he "hates" his neighborhood and calling Grand Rapids the "armpit" of Michigan.

    24 Hour News 8 called the man’s home and he said the claims are false. He said he “loves his community and his people.” (

    More photos

    Even more photos

    Ken Mathew's (on the right) with Dan Carlson (former NSM MI State Leader) and Jeff Schoep (NSM Commander)


    Name: Ken Mathews; Kenneth Mathews; Kenneth Lee Mathews

    SSN: xxx-xx-1664

    Position: Southwest Michigan Unit Leader of the National Socialist Movement

    Alias: Karl; Ken Buechner

    Home Address: 41 Grove St NE Grand Rapids, MI 49505-4914

    Home Owner: Kenneth Mathews

    Home Phone: (616) 451-9194

    Email Addresses:;

    Automobile: Chevy 1986 half-ton pickup truck

    License plate: ACM6462 - Michigan

    AIM: KillyourLDD ID: KillyourLDD (account is now disabled)

    Work Place: n/a

    Stated Occupation: Mechanical Engineer

    Other information:

    “partial custody of my 2 boys age 8 and 9”

    wife or ex-wife? - Lorna Mae Mathews (xxx-xx-0082)

    One more photo

  5. Big ups to the Michigan Anti Fascists

  6. Richard Barrett of really gives Bill White a ass kicking. Yea, Barrett is a racist also but unlike Bill White, he is a real lawyer.


    Dees-anointed "leader" slapped with metal-detector
    Court squashes man denying being mental-patient, claiming to be "rightist"

    LANSING -- A pro-minority fund-raiser has won another in a string of victories in naming who he determines to be a "rightist leader" and in imposing legal-restrictions which potentially encumber genuine rightists. But opponents say that the incident, while troublesome, will not deter free-speech offensives. Morris Dees, who has named William A. White the "largest," "fastest-growing" and "most-important" "rightist" in America, has made a career of suing rightists to drive them out of business. At the same time, Dees propagandizes in behalf of mental-patients, criminals and odd-balls, who he seeks to elevate to "leader" status, before mocking, suing or foreclosing them. Paula Manderfield, a Circuit-Court Judge in Lansing, Michigan, has ordered metal-detectors used against White, who had sought to represent a self-described "Nazi" corporation in court. Nationalists said that White should never have been allowed in court.

    The ruling could be used to tarnish the precedent obtained from the federal court in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, which prohibited "any interference" in the conduct of public activities by Nationalists. White, who has taken to the Internet to repeatedly declare that he is not a mental patient, has referred to himself as an "anarchist," "Green," "Libertarian," "Socialist," "Communist" and "Nazi." He, even, called himself a "Nationalist," briefly, before his hand was called. His anointing by Dees caps a list of Dees' "luminaries," which included Frank Collin, who turned out to be a Jew and child-molester, Richard Butler, who Dees secured a $6.3 million judgment against, Tom Metzger, who Dees drove into bankruptcy, Andrew Greenbaum, who was exposed as a Jew and is evading a multi-million-dollar judgment for fraud, and Matt Hale, who is serving a forty-year sentence for trying to kill a judge.

    Bar investigation

    Justin Boyer said that he thought that White, a slumlord from Virginia, was a lawyer, but Catherine O'Connell of the Michigan State Bar asked Nationalists for a copy of the documents prepared by White, in which White claimed to be an "official" of a corporation. O'Connell said that she was looking into whether White was engaging in the unauthorized practice of law. Dees had won another victory, when Greenbaum attempted to sue the District of Columbia, claiming to be a "Nazi" and officials claimed that they could impose charges on Greenbaum for an abortive public-appearance. Nationalists denounced Greenbaum and the attempt to levy fees never materialized, until York, Pennsylvania tried the same scheme, only to be backed down by Nationalists in court. Dees has thrived on suing or manipulating those who either have no lawyers or whose lawyers are inept.

    White, who claims "thousands" of "members," recollects a similar claim by Hale, when Hale was basking in Dees' limelight. Michael Cook, however, who worked for Hale at the time and recently broke with him, disclosed that Hale had virtually no members, except for a few paid, FBI-informants, and that his "largest organization in the country" operated out of Hale's bedroom, using a home-computer, with no budget. Hale, who filed tax-returns stating that he had no income, later claimed to be indigent. Butler died after Dees seized his assets and burned his headquarters down. Metzger operates an Internet page, but turns over a portion of any income to Dees, who secured a $12-million judgment against him for complicity in a murder. After being convicted of sex-charges, Collin faded into obscurity. The obese White, who used to dress up as Mao, has switched lately to wearing a Hitler-costume.

    Nationalists, who had denounced White as a "fraud" and Dees as an "opportunist," said that Dees picks the most undesirable, unstable and incompetent to cast as "rightist leaders," so that they are vulnerable to restrictions from officials, judgments from courts and calumny from the public. The Nationalists, who had defeated a 2005 attempt by White and a 1988 attempt by Dees to sue them, have been mocked by the duo. White denounces Nationalists as "wacky" and Dees calls them "unimportant." Nationalists, who said that by blundering in court, White was paving the way for officials to "overstep their bounds" in curbing free-speech, insisted that they would press forward in striking down unconstitutional-barriers in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, continuing their own string of twenty-eight victories. Barry Hackney characterized White and Dees as "obstacles but not impediments."

  7. Bill is really really really losing it. On his blog he states the following.

    Last night, Chairman Herrington gave our Virginia unit the title of "Unit Tomassi" after his friend, Joe Tomassi, assassinated by supporters of Matt Hale in 1975.

    I want to thank the Chairman for that.

    Unit awards last night:

    Unit Hitler: Michigan
    Unit Rockwell: Ohio
    Unit Hale: Washington
    Unit Tomassi: Virginia
    Unit Kern: New York

    Thank you Chairman Herrington.


    UMMMM....that would make Hale around 2 or 3 years old at the time. Yikes.

  8. And unit Hale? LOL what a fucking riot!

  9. "The obese White, who used to dress up as Mao, has switched lately to wearing a Hitler-costume." HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! I know what a worthless prick Barret is but that is funny in any realm!!! Tony is Herrington the Col. Sanders looking guy? Looks about 90 something but is likely still in better health than Bill?

  10. Hopefully "Unit Rockwell" will have the same fate as George Lincoln Rockwell will have.

  11. Josh - click here:


    Tim Bishop has a manequin in his bedroom dressed in Nazi attire according to Floyd.

  12. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I am guessing a manequin is the closest thing he gets to real human contact (his NSM buddies don't count as human.) I wonder if he talks to the manequin and if so does it talk back? I still say those two are biologically less aged than Bill. Also I called the hotel where they were staying last night. I asked for Ken Matthews room and was told by the woman at the front desk that there were a bunch of rooms in that name. I informed her what ilk of folks these were. She seemed a little shocked actually. But of course poiletly told me that unless they caused a scene or damage to the property there was really nothing they could do. Also it is impossible to know exactly how many individuals were there. I know that Bill White was not on the guest list.

  13. LOL! I was told basically the same thing. And, Bill is either staying at Matthews or using another name at the hotel.

    Tim Bishop's wife/ex(?) said the manequin was the only man in the bedroom.

    Bishop is a real weirdo. There are lots of stories about he and some of the things he said in regard to his daughter.

  14. Now I can't speak for the veracity of this claim - but I wouldn't doubt it for a minute:

    "Herrington was known to get drunk and make lewd, crude and socially unacceptable sexual comments to women telling them how he would like to put them on dog leashes and make them do sexual acts, which disgusted more then one woman. At the Rhinestone Cowboy Club, in Oklahoma City, back in 1981, Herrington stalked a waitress named Janie who had gone out with him twice, until he told her he was a Nazi, and flew into a rage calling her a whore and a slut shaking his fist at her when she told him she didn't want to go out with him again. He then proceeded that same night to tell two other women that if they would leave the bar with him, he would take them home where 'We shall sing, we shall dance, we shall f**k!" On another visit to Oklahoma City, Clifford told Miss Kathy Hamilton and Alice Clary of Moore, Oklahoma that he would like to tie them up and make them do sexual acts and bark like a dog. Herrington would often put on a German accent and pretend he had a Jewish person under a spotlight and mock threatening them with, "We have ways of making you talk!"

  15. So Steve is saying he is beating his own meat now????

  16. Elmer Frazier said:

    " I'm beating my meat and screaming "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee""

  17. Steevo is a QueeroApril 22, 2006 4:29 PM

    Elmer Frazier said:

    " I'm beating my meat and screaming "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Elmer has a gay crush on Schwartz and can't stop thinking of him. Elmer spends all his free time dreaming of gay sex involving Schwartz.

    Elmer is Steevo the Queero

  18. While Steve Holsten continues to sexually stalk and dream about me.....

    Bill claimed 120 were on the buses with him but the press reports 75 of them made it to the rally. I guess 45 of them got lost from the time they got off the bus.

    Update: Bill White is now claiming 175 showed up.

    Update: Bill White is now claiming countless dozens were prevented by police from coming on the buses.

    Sounds like HistoryMike tagged this one perfectly. a few dozen nazis, 100s of protestors, and about 15 of antifa arrested for minor charges like touching the yellow tape, which the DA will prosecute none of them.

  19. Steevo is a QueeroApril 22, 2006 5:55 PM

    Look at the first comment here and it shows that Steevo has a sexual fetish for Schwartz. Steevo the Queero needs to get his gay feelings for him.

  20. god... there must be something seriously wrong with you Steve Holsten... your comments are so insightful... love your dick and ass comments they are really intellegent.

  21. Nikki how did you figure out all of this information on the Mathews family?


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