Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Truth - Know It Bill!

Now, we have all heard the joke about Pinnochio and Snow White where she begs him to "Lie, Pinnochio, Lie!" But, all kidding aside, no Snow White has to encourage Bill White to do so. He just does it - with great gusto!

After he hung up on Tony Willow last night, we were pretty sure she would tell us what she had on her mind - and this one catches Bill right square in the middle of yet another whopper!

Hey NSM! Aren't you embarrassed enough?

The Truth – Know It Bill

By Tony Willow

Yeah I know, yet another story about Bill White lying, but this one is too good to pass up. Especially since I “called” him on it.

This whole thing started when Bill White decided to send a letter to the Michigan State News reporter Ken Osborne correcting him in regards to this article found here:


In his letter Bill White stated the following:

April 10, 2006

Hello Mr. Osborne:

I read your article “Nazi rally prompts counter gathering”, based on our conversation today.

One note:

Elizabeth O’Brien of the Lansing Coalition Against Nazis was one of those arrested in Toledo for picking up horse feces and flinging them at a woman whose political views she disagreed with.

Given that I witnessed her doing this, and there are photos of her doing this on the internet, I would say it is a pertinent fact that should be mentioned along with future mentions of her arrest.

Bill White
National Socialist Movement

Now the second I read this I literally laughed out loud. How in the world can Bill White expect to get away with this lie? He most surely DID NOT SEE THIS HAPPEN. But I decided to get it from the horse’s mouth so to speak. (No pun intended) So on Monday night I called his radio show NSM presents. After having my calls dropped left and right I finally got through. Here is a rough transcript of what took place. (I recorded it on my digital recorder and since I was typing during some of it a few words might be a bit off, good thing too cause there is a chance this will never be put up in the archives.)

Tony: It’s Tony from Texas

Bill: How are you doing Tony from Texas?

Tony: I’m sorry?

Bill: How are you doing?

Tony: I’m doing pretty good, um, I got a question for you about the Michigan State News.

Bill: Ok.

Tony: The article you sent to…

Bill: Yes.

Tony: …Mr. Osborn. Um, you put on there that you witnessed somebody throwing Horse feces at her?

Bill: Well yeah, as a fact they were doing it as I was speaking…

Tony: But on your thing you said you said you witnessed it.

Bill: Well yeah, I could see it across the, ah, across the little park in front of us.

Tony: Ok, so you actually saw her throwing it.

Bill: Oh yeah, I saw these guys throwing it. There were 5 or 6 of them and what they did is ah, Molly Nolan came out and she had this big banner that said ah, welcome, ah, NSM and KKK racist Toledo loves you. And there was this group and we could see them through some trees and bushes across this park but we could get a pretty good view of it and they started picking up horse feces and slinging them at Molly and a few other people who came to her defense so what happened was the police took photos of these guys and they forced Molly Nolan and other supporters out of the area and we were trying to figure out who was on who’s side we were, and we could see it. The fighting and the slinging and so forth it took us a second to realize they were attacking supporters in there but ah we saw this and what happened was about 15 to 20 minutes later the police photographed all the people involved waited for the situation to defuse and came into the crowd and arrested them. And they all said, well what did we do, we didn’t do anything. Well they didn’t do it right then they did it about 15 minutes before they were arrested. And this is really common, common to anti racist to make these bogus claims. Uh, these anti-racist will come out and this is…is this Tony Willow from Texas while I’m thinking about it?

Tony: Ah, Yes it is.

Bill: Yeah that’s what I thought, Hal we can cut her off the air and I’ll go back to the rest of our supporters.

It’s very common for these anti-racists they’ll go they’ll commit crimes and then the police will photograph them committing crimes and then they get arrested 15 minutes later there not committing a crime at that specific moment and then they say we were being non-violent why were we arrested? Well you were arrested because you broke the law 15 minutes ago it just happens they arrest you 15 minutes later. You know, there’s no ah, rule that says they have to arrest you at the moment you break the law they can arrest you a couple of minutes afterwards. And that’s the kind of fraud these anti-racists perpetrate but really, were wasting time with messing with Tony Willow. Ah Hal let’s take another caller. Caller, your probably going to be our last one I know were getting close on time here. Umm…

Hal: No, No other callers, no other callers Bill.

Bill: Oh I thought we had at least two other beeps there. Alright folks then with having Tony Willow on lets get into anti-racist news.

Damn! Bitch slap averted. But he once again proved us right. He lies. What’s really funny is the fact he let his mouth run before his brain before figuring out who I was and then having me cut off.

But alas no. Bill for all of his bark has no bite in him whatsoever. But what’s even more hilarious is the fact that earlier on in the show he played a tape of a phone call he made to Montana Human Rights Network Research Director Christine Kaufmann. Once she hung up on him he said he sent her “running in terror”. What can be said of him hanging up on me?

If he would have let me speak I would have said the following:

The truth is best served true Bill. There is no way you could have seen what had happened unless you’re suffering from early Alzheimer’s or something. On December 10, 2005 broadcast of the Vonbluven’s show titled “After Rally Report” (which can be found in their archives) you were told of the incident by Michael Blevins the host of the show. How can you now say you saw this happen?

Here is a transcript of that show:

Von: I don’t know if you heard this or not but an Aryan Nations was out somewhere she got pelted with horse manure that got…

Bill: Where did this happen in Toledo?

Von: Yes

Bill: Where at in Toledo?

Von: Ah, I guess she was in the ah, in the ah, commie section. Or she got corralled there.

Bill: She had a big sign, there was a lot of our supporters tried to rally in the public area and the communist attacked them. Ah, I don’t know about horse manure.

Von: Well they have pictures, they have pictures of it Bill. Bill: Alright, I don’t know about it all. I’m telling you is this, there was a fight over there. There was a couple of people who came with a big sign that said ah, Nazis and KKK welcome to Toledo, racist Toledo supports you. It was huge and ah, the commies attacked them ah, in the public area. And this is why we wanted separate public areas for our supporters and for our detractors and the police didn’t accommodate it and they ended up with ah at least 5 arrests from what I can tell so far.

Now how in the world can Bill get out of this one? He can’t. A liar is a liar is a liar. Actually, he just broke one of his own rules. For folks who don’t know. Bill White decided to come up with “rules” for members of the National Socialist Movement regarding handling the media. In those rules he states:

5) Miscellany;

a) Do not ever lie to the media. The media will catch you. This does not mean the media needs the whole truth. You can decline to mention things, and you can “spin” things, meaning, make things that one group is describing as negative sound positive. If you are caught making a mistake, you admit to the mistake immediately and correct it. If you do not know the answer, it’s ok to say that you don’t know but you will refer the question to someone else or that you will look it up and get back to the person.

So what kind of “spin” can Bill White dish out? None. This is exactly why I called the show and specifically asked him if he actually saw her throwing horse feces. This is just another lie that will never be corrected nor addressed by Bill White, per his track record AND against his own rules.

Note to Bill:

The mainstream media may not take the time to fully research things but we sure do and have no problem letting the media know about your lies, which of course is what we always do and will continue to do. Sorry if that makes you so upset that you have to hang up on me. Now who is the coward “running in terror”? Take a very long look in the mirror.


  1. We have the truth on our side.

    It's Bill White who has to lie.

    That explains it all.

  2. Bill White "discovered" an anti-racist blog this morning that advocates violence:

    He then posted this nonsense at ovethrowup.com about the "discovery":

    Bill's "outing" of the leftists

    Does anyone else find it funny that Bill "finds" the blog just after it is created, and then writes about the violent Commies right after?


    Don't know about you, but I smell a pile of manure.

  3. "I hate Illinois Nazis"- "Joliet" Jake Blues

  4. petrograde,

    No I'm not surprised at all. Bill has a history of making shit up after being exposed. Count on more crap from him in the coming days. He needs to get his "rep" back but he does not realize that he doesn't have a good one in the real world. Never has, never will. I'm still waiting to see if they will post the show on nsm radio.

  5. funny thing is that the guy who brought the massive "nazis and kkk - racist toledo welcomes you" sign was a local black man. i guess the sign was suppose to be ironic. most of the onlookers were none to happy about that kind of irony and while onlookers were discussing the sign with this guy the cops came in and arrested him! amazingly bill white has been claiming that this black man was a supporter of the nsm... guess he could have been a supporter but somehow I highly doubt that!

  6. Actually- if you go back and read their "Things Comrades Should Not Say To The Media" you will find the following:

    Bogus press releases, if they are to be used, should be issued under the name of local anti-racist organizations or activists, and our comrades should deny any knowledge of them. Preferably, they should be issued by our moles in anti-racist groups. If your unit does not have a mole in your local anti-racist organization, contact headquarters and we can usually put one in there.

    Further, the authority for issuing bogus press releases is generally with the comrades detailed for intelligence/counter-intelligence measures and not with the general unit. This ties in to contacting headquarters and establishing moles. Bogus press releases should be okayed with someone at the national level. The Commander, anyone likely to be contacted by the media, and all of our internal media (Office of information and myself, among others) should be aware of both the bogus press release, and of the actual plan. This allows us to report accurately when others are not being accurate, and helps us develop trust with our audience.


    Any question now as to who is responsible for that??? I think not. Hell you know what, this actually means that Bill White endorses lying, who would have thunk it!

  7. I swear these idiots are delusional, not just liars.

    The photo that Von referencd - taken by Isis - was at the FIRST Toledo rally, not the second. And it was a black man holding it:


    Also, I was 10 feet away from Molly Nolan, the white supremacist harassed in the anti-Nazi section, when the disturbance broke out. She was hit with a snowball, not manure.

    She was escorted out by police and peace marshalls for her own safety.

  8. BTW - Von wasn't even in Toledo for the rallies. He did a long-distance interview on his podcast.

    I will dig through my pictures and see if I have the snowball. I know I have some of Molly Nolan walking away.

  9. Here is the best pic I have of Molly Nolan, the Aryan Nations girl who had a SMALL sign in the anti-Nazi zone:

    Picture - Nolan

    I took this one; this is about 20 seconds after the shouting match in the anti-Nazi zone.

    Do you see any dung?

    Also, she was in pretty good spirits for just leaving a confrontation. If I had to guess, I would say she was spaced out on Valium, because she had the same zoned-out look the whole time, even when anti-racists were yelling at her.

    Nolan was also walking around during the first NSM rally-turned-riot on October 10. We didn't know who she was, but she led us to a couple vehicles that had been vandalized. She did not self-identify at the first event as a white supremacist, just a girl whose "husband was in jail."

  10. Hal Turner managed to beat up some vietnam vet who can barely walk today.


    One-man protest against radio host
    Saying he has to “stand up to hate,” Jersey City Veterans Affairs Director Jaime Vazquez held a one-man protest outside the home of white supremacist radio host Hal Turner in North Bergen this afternoon, in response to comments Turner made that appeared in Tuesday’s Jersey Journal.

    “If they are not going to obey the law,” Turner was quoted as saying of the participants in Monday's immigration rallies. “People like me aren’t going to play by the law and I am going to start shooting them down.”

    Turner now says he was misquoted and that what he said was "They should shoot them.''

    The Journal stands by the original quote.

    Vazquez, a former city councilman and a Marine Corps veteran of the Vietnam War, marched for several hours in front of Turner’s condominium on Paterson Plank Road, holding a sign that read “Hal Turner - shoot me!! Racists and bigots like you are cowards.”

    “I will not sit idly by as he threatens the lives of hardworking people,” said Vazquez, who marched in his Marine uniform decorated with a Purple Heart and other medals. “One person can make a statement as well as 20.”

    Later in the afternoon, Vazquez said Turner came out to confront him, telling him he could either "leave on your own or leave in an ambulance.''

    Turner then stepped on his right foot and pushed him into the street, Vazquez said, and he did indeed leave in an ambulance because he hurt his back and his left wrist.

    For his part, Turner said that when he came out, Vazquez accosted him. "He was looking for trouble.''

    No charges have been filed.

    Steve Lemongello

  11. Bill White is claiming some white nationalist shot a black leader in Cincinnati. (notice the correct spelling).

    Now here is the story from the Cincinnati media including a mug shot of the person who did it.


    This person is white? Pill time for Bill again!!!

  12. You mean when he's faced against a nearly 60 year old who can barely walk?

    Real impressive Steevo....(roll eyes)

    I wonder if charges will be filed tomorrow... usually how these things work.

  13. hal mentioned on the air tonight that the NSM rally was falling apart. What is going on????

  14. Didn't take long for Bill White to pull that story about a white activist shooting a black man in Cincinnati when I reported it here and on my blog?

    Of course, White pulled it when he discovered my site and saw his so-called "white activist" was black.

    It was just another failed attempt by White to start race problems in Cincinnati. But his true readership is so low, no one bought into it.

  15. I am very sorry to hear that potential supporters of a positive community action are being affected by Bill's "outing" of the Keep Lansing Diverse Initiative.

    I was really just as surprised to find that a neo-nazi had found the blog within hours of its creation. But even in his own "outing" Bill has proven that he does in fact lie.

    that he posted as a comment to the blog is in fact criticizing the violence in general and the lack of community understanding which may have contributed to the events in Toledo. The article talks about addressing "structural inequalities" through "openness to dialogue, and a commitment to long-term engagement." Long-term engagement of an openness to dialogue sounds like a peaceful, non-violent, and community enriching action.

    The Keep Lansing Diverse Initiative supports non-violence and is very upfront in its statement of purpose of seeking alternatives to direct protest of the rally. There are no secret agendas. Our sole purpose is to offset racist, hateful speach with a positive influence in our community and many are signing up to that cause.

    Please join with us in this positive community outreach tactic and don't let Bill White's otherwise fumbling attempt to discredit this initiative succeed. Thanks so much.

  16. Historymike-

    How good of a view would they have had to even remotely claim that they saw it?

  17. Bill's not going to be in Lansing too early to file all these court threats.

    He's got court himself to go to on Wed April 19, 2006 in Roanoke.

  18. THE TRVTH:

    There was about 50 feet from the stage to the protest area and there were a lot of trees in the way.

    Bill would not have been able to see it. Most of the people in the protest area didn't even know it happened as the weather was really bad and there was a light freezing rain and a thick atmosphere.

    The black man with the big KKK sign was there again for the second rally. It was a very big sign so Bill might have seen it, but he obviously didn't see it was held by a black man and it was a sarcastic action not a WN supporter.

    There was horse shit everywhere and between the bad weather and how much everyone had to jump around everyone was covered with it to some extent.

    I never saw anyone throw it around, it was 20 degrees, most people had their hands frozen stiff.

  19. Time and time again I have warned Harry Schwartz about the releasing of private medical information to the public. Recently there was information released (on Nimbusters and on the Nimbuster Blog(s?)) that made me decide to take the matter to court. Come monday morning Mr. Schwartz will be singing a different tune.

  20. Hal Turner is just upset I found out he is mentally indigent on his wife and the government to survive.

  21. I'll be out of town for the next couple of days so if you post something and I don't answer, well you know why!

  22. Steve,
    Hal is scared to death of me, that's why he's crying about filing a lawsuit. I'll counterfile and since I go to court almost on a weekly basis on enforcement judgements, I'll have two more against Hal and Phyllis Turner while Hal's case will be thrown out before it even sees a judge.

    Hal is going to be criminally charged soon. A civil suit filed against him, Phyllis A Turner, and Leone Construction and their insurance companies is bound to follow by that disabled vietnam vet.

    Takes a big man to push a physically disabled 58 year old vietnam vet who can barely walk.

    Thursday, April 13, 2006

    Jersey City VA director injured in melee with radio host

    Jaime Vazquez, the director of Veterans Affairs in Jersey, said today that he suffered a hairline fracture to his left wrist and is in a partial cast after yesterday’s confrontation with white supremecist Hal Turner outside Turner’s North Bergen home.

    Vazquez said that Turner accosted him and shoved him to the ground; Turner claims Vazquez shoved him first.

    Vazquez was protesting a statement Turner made that was published in Tuesday's Jersey Journal. “I am going to start shooting them down,” Turner was quoted as saying, referring to illegal immigrants.

    Turner disputes the quote.

    Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio had said that Turner’s words, “though ill-conceived and ill-mannered,” did not constitute a crime unless they were directed at a specific person or unless there was “an immediate threat of violence.”

    Vazquez said he will meet with prosecutors about the incident and will file an assault complaint against Turner in North Bergen.

  23. Hal is going to be criminally charged soon. A civil suit filed against him, Phyllis A Turner, and Leone Construction and their insurance companies is bound to follow by that disabled vietnam vet.--Harry

    A civil suit might be filed but he (Jaime Vazquez) will not win. This boils down to Hal’s word against Jaime’s word—and thus, few judges will make a decision on such a case.

    Jamie, for one, should learn some manners —protesting at someone’s residence could be seen as stalking.

  24. So, Stefan, are you saying that if antifa show up outside of Bill White's house while he is out of town that that could be considered stalking?

  25. It's a slam dunk civil case. I won't give details but trust me, it's a slam dunk. Seen plenty of ones like this before and the company I work for has worked to collect these kinds of judgments.

    I won't tell you why it's a slam dunk because I don't want to aid Hal Turner.

    Hal owns nothing in his name because he is indigent but Leone Construction and Phyllis Turner do and she can't declare bankruptcy to avoid a judgment.

    It probably would be a settlement.

  26. Plus with Hal libeling him on his page today with the cooperation of Bill White... well.....

  27. Protesting someone’s house should be out of bounds in my opinion. If not stalking, more appropriately, this is harassment.

    People want to live in peace.

    It might be legal but it is morally wrong.

  28. As usual Schwartz on the defensive resorts to lies.

    Steve Holsten? The recently arrest child molester? Steve, have I not made it clear that my name should never come out of your mouth?

    Just remember Harry, you were warned. I'd suggest you look for new employment as well.

  29. Oh - I see Stefan - it's morally wrong for Mr. Vasquez to walk down the sidewalk in protest of Mr. Turner - but it isn't morally worng for Turner to advocate the wholesale shooting of immigrants. Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

  30. Illegal immigrants who have no right to be in this country. Send a few home in a body bag and it will send a powerful message to the other 50 million swamp jumpers waiting to cross the river.

  31. Good idea Hal. Greasers are worse than niggers.

  32. Who is this SOB impostering me?

  33. Hal is FINALLY taking a stance against pedophiles like the Holsten's?


    Hal does something right for once this year!!!!

  34. Nikki's pussy, smells like a rotting can of tuna.

  35. Hal,

    Who do you hate more

    Illegal aliens or pedophiles?

  36. Hal loves pedophiles if they're good little nutsies, and support the beggar's site. Quite frankly, I have little use for both. But then, as a victim of child abuse, what do I know? Just that, according to the Book of Exodus, all pedos should DIE!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Only a liberal like yourself would be surprised that any god fearing and just man would speak out against anyone who would attempt to have sex with a child, Harry.

    Holsten is just a typical Jew who has shortened his name from Holstein. He is one of yours and my surprise is that you are not rushing to defend him by calling him a "victim" of his environment or some such typical liberal bull crap. Doubtlessly, ZOG will step in at some point and he will escape charges
    because they will protect one of their own. The only justice he will see if one of the childs father steps out and calls him to justice with a gun. Maybe it isn't all together right but in a nation ruled by ZOG what choice does a white man have?

  38. Hey steve

    Like Father Like Son.

    Hal allows alot of joos to post on his Haloscan, stanzer, jewboy levi, and you.

    Face it you are a jooish pedo.


  39. Chris is a pedo just like you.

    though I do feel a tad sorry for him.

    Obviously he was molested by you all through his childhood. so it comes as no surpize he too is a pedo.

    the sad thing is he never stood a chance, with you in his pants every night.

    I pray for Chris.

  40. Just face it Pedo Holeswine, you're in denial. Your son is going to prison where all molesters suffer greatly. A child molesters life behind bars is truely terrible. To make matters worse your Nimbuster buddies are going to make sure all Chris's fellow inmates know just what it is he has done.

    The best thing you could do would be to shut your fat diseased mouth but you won't do that, so your enemies instead of forgetting you continue to make it worse on you and your son.

  41. And Steve doesn't tell you is that this guy was only 20 and charged with one felony.

    Steve's son is charged with two felonies.

    Steve, why did the public defender take that plea but reject Chris's????????

  42. I meant why did the DA offer that plea bargain to him but not to your son?

    Could it be because of letters written to the DA and the Kennett newspaper by a number of people?

  43. Bill White is doing a great job undermining his own NSM rally. He's giving out so many mixed messages to confuse his own kind.

    CAH should give him a lifetime Glenn Miller award.


  44. Revealed: Bill White has Superman like hearing

    Read this article White posted on his blogger.com account. He must have the world's greatest hearing to listen to all of this. It's all fiction but have a laugh with me.

    Bill really should take up written comedy. It would probably be something he is actually good at.

    So I went down to one of my job sites to spend a few hours workings today. I've spent three days in court arguing various matters and most of the rest of the time either writing this Lansing injunction or finishing up my taxes, and I felt I needed some exercise. So I went out and got a paintbrush, a ladder, a bucket -- and a scraper, a hammer, a caulk gun, some caulk, a few shingles and some nails -- and started painting this house I have.

    For those who aren't aware, I live in Roanoke, Virginia, which is one of the most lawless areas of the State. I have seen two men in Roanoke's downtown, three blocks from the police station at the corner of Jefferson and Campbell, start fistfighting, block traffic for twenty minutes in the middle of the day, watched as well over fifty cars lined up unable to move in traffic, and not seen a single police officer respond. Everyone waiting in traffic had to wait for the fight to end and the loser's girlfriend drag his body out of the road.

    Well, today, I'm working and I see a car pull up to my job site, then another. Then a prostitute walks up to one car and starts negotiating a price for a blowjob -- forty dollars is where they ended up -- right in front of me and a crew of my workers. She then tells the Mexican in the second car to "wait for me here, I'll be right back", goes maybe 200 feet away down an alley, and performs a sex act.

    I call the police. I tell them that me and several witnesses are watching a hooker pick up a customer and that she has another sitting in the car waiting for her right in front of us. They assure me they'll be right there. Yeah, right.

    The woman complete her first sex act, gets driven around the block and picks up customer number two. They drive about 200 feet into an alley and also start having sex. A small crowd of people including five children, myself, my employees and a group of four passing by adults, are standing at the edge of the alley watching this happen. I call the police again. I point out that twenty minutes has past and the woman is now openly having sex for money in the middle of a city street. They assure me someone is going to come out. "Look," I tell them, "you don't even have to do any work. Just come up and get this girl's name and I'll go get the warrants."

    I'm tempted at this point to send a few guys down there to interrogate the girl, but I've got too much on my plate as it is and can't afford to have a big legal fight before I head up to Lansing. I do tell two of my workers though -- "If she comes back her go grab that bucket of paint and throw it on her."

    "Will do boss" is the reply.

    So she finishes her second sex act, comes back around the block a second time, sees the small mob staring at her, looks a bit uncomfortable, and asks her client to drop her off two blocks away. The client then sits there in his car looking for more whores as she walks down the street. The police are still nowhere to be found. I call again.

    "Look, this hooker has just turned two tricks in full view of a small crowd of people out here. Its been forty minutes. Can you send an officer out?"

    The dispatcher gets angry at me. "I'm sorry sir," she says in a hostile tone, "But you'll get the next officer who is available and that's it."

    Well, twenty minute after that, after the hooker has been picked up by customer number three and taken in a totally different direction, a police car drives through the neighborhood. Everyone involved is, of course, long gone. A small crowd of people are still standing there, though, waiting for the cop. We try to wave him down. He looks at us and drives on past.

    And no one ever did stop to tell us who the hooker was.

    I'll have my spies find out next week and get my own warrant for her when I get back from Michigan.

    In my opinion, this kind of open lawlessness is what life in Jewish-capitalist society is about. I have friends in the police and police who don't care for me. I have leaned over police cars and seen, on their internal email system, black cops passing messages like "Mr White is a racist asshole. No need to respond to this one. Watch out though, he carries a gun and wears a bulletproof vest." and so on and so forth.

    The attitude of the police is that a white working class community plagued by largely non-white crime is not worth their time to respond to -- and, as I've said for two years, its time that there were major renovations in the Roanoke Police Department.

    If I didn't spend half my time in court investigating crimes, hunting down prostitutes, arresting criminals, seizing abandoned buildings and evicting the folk using them as crack houses, and otherwise doing all the things the City government should be responsible for, the West End would go back to being a run down abandoned hellhole in a matter of weeks.

  45. Every day in America, 35 pedos die in prison. That's about 1.46 pedos per hour.

  46. This only goes to show that we must write more letters to the DA to make sure that sick fucks like Chris don't get away without prison time.

  47. On some level, you do realize that you are a complete fucking idiot, don't you Steve?

    I doubt even the worst homosexual would have desires for your 300 lbs of fat ass.

  48. Roflmao!!!! Bill White is now the White Knight of Roanoke! Does this man EVER get enough of himself! He arrests people? Sends people to "interrogate" others? Gets warrants for people? Oh...it's almost time to lock his crazy ass up!


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