Sunday, August 26, 2007


Monday Night at 9:00 Eastern Time Nicole Nichols will take Cold Shot to Blogtalk. Topics will include:

*Another Protected Group Needing Hate Crime Legislation
*Tying the Neo-Confederates to the REAL money trail - who has the deep pockets
*Upcoming Neo-Nazi Nonsense in Omaha, Nebraska
*Billy Roper & Jeff Schoep kissed and made up?
*The Pyramid of ashes
*Secret Pals in Cahoots

Phone lines will be opened about 9:30.



  1. 'Pyramid of ashes'?

    we're gunna make ASHEs outta youse fckn ratz!

    that is: if yr own stoopidity doesn't do it first....youse antifa- fuckwits wouldn't know if a bus was UP YOU! until they 'got out & rang the bell'....ha ha!....thinks the gub'mint 'rules' in their bestest interest(s) and is above reproach...½ you mongrels are so fckn brain-dead, youse wouldn't fckn know wtf day of the week it wuz un-less some-one a bit smarter than youse told youse!

    FUCK-TARDS......'They Live' might wake youse the FCK up!....but, trouble is, most of youse r in a fckn COMA from which there AIN't no 'awakening'!

    JUST fckn DIE! u GOD_DAMN filth!

  2. here youse go!

    yet ANOTHER one! that Nikki ZOG-nutz won't cover....a jew-boy bastard serial killer 'locked up' in a 'country club' while Matt Hale languishes in a SuperMax vis a vis a 'Birdman of Alcatraz'-type existence!

    oy vey!

    a mystery itz!

  3. mean-while, fuck-tard Floyd Cock-brain continues to believe ZOG fairy tales like "cave-dwelling sand niggaz suddenly developed 'Top Gun' skills enabling them to fly high-tech jets into the WTC on 9/11!"...but....HEY!!?....if u believe 'fractured fairy-tales' like 'niggaz r safe to be around' & 'relax! the jewz have every-one`s best interests @ heart', then why not add one more 'myth'!.......'the more, the merrier', right!

  4. 'home-less-ness'.....yeh....we got that in oz too....courtesy of jew-inspired 'economic rationalism' & 'globalisation'; just like the jewSA, oz is becoming more 'diverse', more corrupt, more ugly, more violent, more chaotic, more eonomically depressed and more and more un-safe with each passing day....IOW: more JEWISH!

    but: it'd be A COLD DAY in HELL before u seen a home-less kike!

    wtf is that?

    i couldn't give a RAT's ARSE abt home-less non-whites: most of who shouldn't even be in formerly white nations to fckn START WITH!

    wtf is it that formerly prosperous nations like the 'Kwa, the UK, Canada & oz now have sky-rocketing poverty & home-less-ness amongst white people?

    well....when yr donating over $15million a day to a filthy Talmudic gangster enclave like Yidsrahell & when most of yr politicians r either jews or jew shills, most of yr major corporations & the MSM are controlled by the do youse expect?

    there's nuthin' new under the sun!

    the jewz' methods r for-ever the same: kill, steal & destroy!...kill the best of the goyim, steal the wealth of the goyim and, what you can't 'steal', destroy!.....former USSR, eastern Europe, Weimar Germany...take yr fckn pick!....livin' under the kike ain't no 'bed of roses', Moses!

    ...and that is why this tribe of cut-throats & pirates HAS to GO!...via the most expeditious means possible!

  5. $$$THIRTY BILLION$$$ given to filthy, pschyopathic jew vermin!

    wonder how many "home-less shelters" that sort of gelt could have built?

  6. Jimbo's lying streak continues.

    Rifkin is currently in the maximum security Clinton Correctional Institution in NY state and is separated from the general prison population. Clinton is considered to be the Siberia of NY state prisons. He spent four years in the hole prior to arriving at Clinton, one of the longest stretches in state history.

    The rest of Jimbo's rantings are barely in English.

  7. Nikki ZOG-zits has a xtian-type 'avatar' but she's about as close to being a xtian as i am!

    she attacks: anti-abortionsts, supporters of 'traditional family morality', gun-owners, 'prayer for schools', 'televangslists', opponents of homosexuality & pornography, anti-communists &c &c &c.....and then tries to conflate believers in such causes with 'racism'.....ho hum!

    give the 'masque' a nudge and wtf do we find?

    simply: a 'traditional', Christ-hating, white-hating, KIKE CUNT!

    surprise! surprise!

    and: as i said in a previous post on a previous thread, that's EXACTLY y we're gunna win & yr lot of liberal, democrapic, politically correct twats r GUNNA LOSE!...because yr decadence, immorality, corruption, anti-family agenda and yr plain, ordinary UGLINESS is as plain as day!

  8. Nikki nuggetz 'rants & raves' abt white racists being 'terrorists' but conveniently ignores the fact that one of the most prominent 'domestic terrorists' of recent times was a kike cunt & a Zionist rat!

  9. Jimbo continues to make an arse out of himself without checking the facts.

    The Unabomber sits in exactly the same wing as Matt Hale does in Florence, Colorado. Damn your stupid.

    Just shows there is no jewish conspiracy to house jews in minimum security prisons for murder.

  10. you don't hafta be 'a nazi' to be targeted by jews.... just 'a potential nazi'; viz: white; jews HATE white children (because they might be 'potential nazis'; hence: jews own & operate abortion holocaust factories & bogus 'child vaccination' programmes to 'kill off' as many white children as possible!)

    DEATH! to the jews!

  11. Let me guess: Jimbo is a caricature planted by the anti-fas to make the white supremacists look like complete idiots?

    That has to be the explanation.

  12. Maybe he is off his meds....

  13. uh...jimbo, was it something I said?

  14. Nice show. One thing: Henry Morris (the creationist) is dead, I think.

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. Thanks Ollie - and I think you are right about Morris.


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