Sunday, August 05, 2007

Psy Ops Psycho

Hal Turner is trying to write his own version of "The Turner Diaries." Long suspected of being a federal informant or operative, he has delusions of covert actions and an over-inflated sense of importance for certain.

Watching a video of Turner's speech at a recent rally in Knoxville raised more than a few eyebrows. The incessant rubing and scratching of his face and nose led more than one person to question Hal's drug-free status. After reading his latest hype about his upcoming show, I think we should be questioning not only that but how many brain cells has he killed. He claims that what happened behind the scenes at the Kalamazoo Rally was even more interesting than the rally itself. Leave it to Hal to try and deflect the recent accusations against him onto others. Leave it to Hal to fictionalize what can only be described as a non-event held by this little man with a big mouth. This is what he says...

"PsyOps, counter-Psy-Ops, Counter-Counter PsyOps. . . . . FBI Informants, Undercover Detectives/Sheriff's/State Police officers trying to infiltrate; Intense efforts to break the security of the Detroit operation, vicious betrayal of our movement by paid government operatives who've been holding themselves out as real "pro-white" activisits and a whole lot more.

"Even more interesting, efforts by the FBI to grab information about the rally on an exclusive basis cutting the state and local police OUT of the information loop!"

And anyone who believes any of this deserves to be the liner in Hal's litter-box. For years, others both in and out of the movement have speculated about Hal's role in this never-ending psychodrama known as the "White Power Movement." Through those years, he has become pretty predictable. Whenever the heat is on and others are suspecting him of being anything other than a white supremacist, you can bet he is going to try to switch the focus and concoct some cock-and-bull story about law-enforcement being on his doorstep.

Now, I don't know for certain that Hal is an informant - but I know what I suspect in this instance. We have been raising the question about his legitimacy as a white nationalist and about his possible ties to law-enforcement. When this kind of thing happens, and an operative's cover is blown or close to being blown, it's time for damage control - otherwise their usefulness is in jeopardy.

I suspect that Hal realizes that he is on very shaky ground with those in the racist movement. He has been the brunt of a lot of ridicule and scorn lately and has largely been pegged as nothing more than a conman and maybe a government operative. He's losing ground fast. The Kalamazoo rally was a bust and an embarrassment to him. I suspect this is his way, albeit clumsy, of trying to "prove" that he is righteous.

The real giveaway in all of this is his phrase, "...vicious betrayal of our movement by paid government operatives who've been holding themselves out as real "pro-white" activisits..." Hal is pissed off and trying for a two-fer here. Not only is he attempting to engage in damage control against the claims that he is a tool of law-enforcement, he is attempting to put Bill White in the spotlight. Bill wrote an article about him just before the rally calling him a fraud. At the rally, White tried to discredit him with reporters and onlookers telling them of his many histrionics and dramatic pleas for money.

Personally, I don't care if Hal Turner and Bill White tear each other to shreds. There will be no cry of "foul" or tears of sorrow. It couldn't happen to two more deserving miscreants. But, Hal Turner's absurd, hyperbolic, claims cannot go unanswered. I have said on many occasions that, in my opinion, there is no way that an individual can call for the slaughter of federal judges, congressmen, and public personalities the way that Turner does and remain unscathed - unless, of course, he is more valuable on the outside than on the inside. That is my belief.

While, that may not be a bad thing for those of us law-abiding citizens, especially if he is rolling over on the criminal element,however, he is also bilking people out of their money through all of his shenanigans, and planting the seeds of violence in those disturbed and unstable individuals who hang on his every word. His repugnant anti-Semitism and racism is broadcast over the airwaves and can be heard by children and others less discerning than you or I. If his actions are, indeed, sanctioned by a governmental or law-enforcement entity one can't help but wonder to what end?

Hal Turner is a menace to society - a miscreant capable of inciting others to violent upheaval and acts of a very heinous nature. Government operative or just plain psychotic coke head makes no difference to me - he needs to be dealt with and soon.


  1. I just read through some of the mentally ill Michael Blevins whining about Little Harold's rally being held inside a cage.

    Now History Mike can correct me but the reason for that cage being a standard is the 2nd Toledo NSM rally where the city of Toledo sued the NSM and ARA groups to restrict their movements. Bill White tried to play Perry Mason instead of hiring a real lawyer and lost the case (while lying his ass off). What is funny, White lies and said he won the lawsuit.

    I do find it so amusing that Little Harold agreed to meet up over 30 miles outside of Kalamazoo to be bused in to the rally by the Government at tax payers expense. And get this right Blevins, Turner agreed to the terms.

    And Blevins, why don't you do some sidewalk picketing in Sarasota in your nazi suit? Well come on you bastard, I dare you. Show them at VNN how it's done.

  2. Hal isn't going to buck his handlers. He would have agreed to have the rally in a damned cow-paddy if that is what they told him to do.

    Harry, have you noticed how Blevins is pretty much ignored these days? I agree - Mike you need to make your presence known. Rather than silly commentary and whining - why don't you step to the forefront and show them how its done?

    Can't you just see him in his sharp-dressed man duds complete with swastika standing on a street corner in Sarasota, Florida promoting his cause? Hell, he's close enough to Tampa - he might as well go for the big time. Aren't the Bucaneer's hosting a couple of exhibition games? Stand right outside the stadium gated, Mike - show them how proud you are.

  3. Me thinks some of dem der black or Hispanic people might beat the shit outta Mikey. Russian Kung Fu or no.

  4. Nikki,

    Don't forget the cigarette that is always in Blevins mouth. It makes a nice touch.

  5. Also looks like Blevins is off his meds again. BW again owns and controls him. He's rejoined ANuS WiPe for the 3rd or 4th time. No doubt Blevins turned over Little Harold's cell phone number and any other information over to BW.

    You gotta love it. Like a soap opera but it's sad to see Blevins (or any human being) passed around like a prostitute on a street corner.

  6. more tripe from 'the three stooges': Nikki Numb-Nutz, Rabbi Shit-Head & Floyd Cock-brain!:

    ....long suspected of being a federal informant or operative

    like u, u pathetic bitch?
    how many details have u handed over to yr ADL/SPLC buddies to 'pass on' to ZOG?


    come clean, u slag!

    His repugnant anti-Semitism and racism is broadcast over the airwaves and can be heard by children and others less discerning than you or I....


    howz abt the 'repugnant' Semitism, loxism & anti-gentilism that has been spewed outta the jew-controlled MSM for the last 30-odd yrs?

    like: for instance: the demonising of Germany & Germans for bogus, non-existent 'crimes'?

    and: the 'covering up' of the true character of jews and their rôle in the mass-murder of countless millions of white people in the last century or so?

    WTF u got to say abt that?


    don't mention the 'influence' on children either, you feminist slag home-wrecker....we all know yr past history in destroying white families; as per the instructions of yr vile jewish over-lords!

    the only 'influence' you want on children is to brain-wash them with 'divershitty' so they can end up like Channon Christian & Chris Newsom!

    Hal Turner is a menace to society - a miscreant capable of inciting others to violent upheaval and acts of a very heinous nature


    didn't the the dirty jews 'incite others to violence' with the illegal & immoral invasion of a peaceful sovereign nation? (viz: Iraq!).....a 'violence' that has so far claimed the lives of over ¾-million men, women & children....and, while we're @ it: how abt the violence that the jews incites in the niggazzz via '(c)RAP' music?

    u & yr ilk r the menace to society, you disgusting, repulsive POS!

    and: guess what?

    we've got the cure!

    WHITE REVOLUTION!....the ONLY solution!

  7. Harry:

    Yes, Bill White lied in Common Pleas Court on 9 December 2005. While he did not embarass himself in his attempts to play Perry Mason, he would have been much better off hiring a lawyer, as he made many procedural mistakes during the trial.

    He lost the case, and the racists were forced to rally in a cage around One Government Center on 10 December 2005.

    Bill trumpeted as a "victory" when the temporary restraining order was lifted by a Toledo judge a month later. The city did not bother to appeal, as there was no sign of another NSM rally. They will just go to court again if and when one of these groups announces a rally, finding a willing judge to uphold the request for a new restraining order.

  8. Back to original post:

    Yes, Nikki, Hal seems to go out of his way to try to "prove" his street credibility.

    You would think Hal would realize that all these bogus claims he makes about how he is going to be skewrered by the Fibbies, the CIA, or Mossad would begin to grow old for his listeners, but I guess enough of his dupes have short memories.

    He seems to post one of these warnings about every three months, yet none materialize.

    "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." - William Shakespeare (Hamlet Act 3, scene 2, line 230)

    I see a couple of scenarios:

    1. Hal Turner actually is an informer;
    2. Hal Turner is a drama queen;
    3. Hal Turner is growing ever more paranoid because of his violent threats against government officials; or
    4. Hal Turner is just another low-life entertainer who will say anything to make a buck.

    Or some combination of the above.

    At any rate, it is always good fun to watch the soap opera that is Hal Turner, especially when he talks utter nonsense about his Skinhead Security Squadron, or when he acts like Tony Soprano and brags about bodies he has dumped in the East River. I just hope that no one gets hurt by his actions, including Hal.

  9. What is your major malfunction, Schwartz? :)

  10. Eye On Hate Video from Kalamazoo, Michigan.Videos by "Craig from Michigan"

    Here on the first three video's taken by Eye On Hate Radio's "Craig from Michigan". We will be posting more videos soon.

    Eye On Hate Videos by "Craig from Michigan"

  11. If you watch the videos from Eye On Hate's Craig from Michigan -,the video where Bill White get the horse "butt" in his face - its great - one of the other videos show fearless Bill surrounded by nothing but reporters and police, but in Bill's mind they are masses of commies who are cowering in his presences. - LOL


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  13. Well, I like History Mike's insights on Hal Turner. I think you are right Mike, it is a combination of all those elements.

    Bill and his one follower seemed unable to upstage Hal. Did Bill and Hal mend their fences? I've heard that but there doesn't seem to be any confirmation from either Bill or Hal. Bill hasn't taken down his nasty articles concerning Hal Turner. Has Hal actually used Coke in the past?

    Funny story about Bill. It seems he had a relationship with a black stripper in Roanoke and maybe even paid for her to have breast enhancement surgery (that is her claim anyway) when she found about him being a Nazi (this was back in 2005) she freaked, dumped him. He started stalking her. She moved to Dallas where he continued to stalk her until her current boyfriend "had a talk with Bill" apparently a bullet proof vest doesn't help you much against "boot to the head".

  14. His one follower that showed up was Neal Joitke. And it's soooo obvious to everyone that he is learning disabled. They noticed on VNN Joitke was picking ear wax and rubbing it on the swatiska banner on his shirt sleeve.

    Little Harold's cocaine use has been long rumored. Raoul, go to VNN, they have not mended fences at all. But with the memory of your typical WN being about 15 minutes, that could change at anytime. Little Harold and Alex Linder used to hate each others guts.

    I guess it's all these "alpha males" with behavior problems duking it out.

    Could someone post a still from the horses butt in Bill's face. I think it would make a great photo. I'm on a work computer right now until my new desktop comes in from Dell.

  15. here's a better quote from Hamlet that fits youse anti-s, ZOGsters & race-traitors like a GLOVE!:

    Bloody, bawdy villain! Remorseless, treacherous,lecherous, kindless villain (Hamlet II ii)

  16. Craig from Michigan just posted another video from Kalamazoo - in this video, Craig ask a Black lady about her thoughts on the KKK being in Kalamazoo - she gave a great answer - check it out here

    A Black Woman's message to the KKK

    Mr Schwartz - I will get the still pic posted for you in a few minutes - Floyd

  17. I will go much more indepth about this matter on Thursday night's Eye On hate Radio broadcast -

    What if we (anti/ara ) started posting the personal information and phone numbers of law enforcement and "justice agencies" when they wont do thier job, maybe we could go to thier houses or call thier family and ask them why they arnt doing thier job, ask them why they protect people like Hal Turner ? is it because he works for them ?

  18. Floyd, I'd be careful about messing with law enforcement officers, they are only doing what they think is right and that is letting Hal and his ilk demonstrate in peace. Ultimately these racists are trying to invoke race riots. As long as there is a strong police presence they fail in this endeavor.

    They are a dying breed with dwindling numbers. If you want to do something beneficial do as Howlin' Hal has suggested. Do a rally in front of Hal's Church or Bill's rent houses. Let their neighbors know what kind of scum they live next to. What would Hal's Hispanic Church members do if they knew what Hal thinks of Hispanics?

  19. Daddy Floyd been drinkin' again. Better lay off da sauce daddy Floyd. Da man gonna cum and kick your skinny fucking ass, bitch.

  20. HEY!...Rabbi Shit-Head!

    howz the kiddie snuff film biz goin'?

    heard yr quite an afficianado of young white boyz!

    was i mis-informed?

    do tell!

  21. Eye On Hate Video - from this past week-ends Kalamazoo racist rally, Eye On Hate reporter "Craig from Michigan" went over and talked with Bill White, neo nazi leader from Virginia.

    Even after Craig told Bill White that he was with Floyd Cochran and Eye On Hate Radio, he continued to chat with Craig and allowed Craig to film and record him.

    Here in this short clip, White complains and says nasty things about the NSM skinheads as they "marched into the cage" that fellow racist Hal Turner had arranged for them.

    Neo Nazi Bill White dissing NSM Racist Skinheads in Kalamazoo

    Eye On Hate Radio


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