Thursday, August 23, 2007

Eye On Hate Radio for August 23, Tonight at 9pm est.

Hello - Tonight on Eye On Hate Radio at 9pm est., we will be asking the question is GOP Pres. canidate Ron Paul a racist,leftist or justed plained wacked ?

Also talking about upcoming lectures seminars that Eye On Hate Radio host Floyd Cochran will be holding in various southern states starting next month.

Headlines in Hate

And finally Nikki Nichols from Citizens Against Hate will be joining me and later in program (aprox.9:45pm est ) DLJ from One Peoples Project.

Hope you join us - program will be archived with -in 30 minutes after the live show ends.

Floyd - Eye On Hate Radio
Click here for eye On Hate Radio at 9pm than clcik on the listen live link.


  1. Anyone else heard the rumor that Lynx has left Prussian Blue because of disagreement with her mother's racist agenda? It was all over the Prussian Blue Forum but all the messages were deleted suddenly.

  2. I haven't heard that raoul - but it wouldn't surprise me.

    I will see what I can find. Thanks.

  3. it's highly un-likely that 'Prussian Blue' is breaking up....L & L just returned from a hectic and very well-received European tour; if any-thing: their racial commitment was re-inforced & strengthened by that experience; such posts on the PB forum are probably the work of agent provacateurs....perhaps one of Nikki Numb Nutz' döppel-gangers; after all, the same have been known to infiltrate vrs WN sites before, even: 'Creator' forums! if i'm not mistaken (!!!)


    i'v just had it 'on good authority' that Nikki Numb-Nutz intends leaving the 'anti-racist move-ment' and is gunna 're-name' her radio show...'Looking at Loxism'.....her 'debut broad-cast' will be covering the following grossly offensive incident....

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  10. It does my heart good to know that the Idiot who posted that Fucked up. They put down that I'm a registered offeneder. I'm not on any list. That's not hard to disprove.

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  18. Typo: As far as someone kicking my Ass; it just ain't going to happen.


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