Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tonights August Archive Here

August 2 Eye On Hate Radio Archived Show can be heard here
Tonight's August2 Eye On Hate Show Archived Here.

This was a great show ! Thanks to our guests and listeners.

Eye On Hate Radio


  1. Last Night's Eye On Hate Radio show we broke records
    From Eye On Hate Radio, we are happy to announce that last night's program had the highest numbers for any of our programs. Between live listeners and listeners of the archive we have had over 300 listeners. THANK YOU.

    Floyd - Eye On Hate Radio If you havent heard last night's show, go here Eye On Hate Radio Archive and click on the Archive Link

  2. Looks like Hal didn't have ANY problems checking into his motel. No one has reported a problem using accommodations.

    Better luck next time, Floyd.

  3. The week-end isnt over yet Von - and so what if Hal got a motel room, what you upset your not sharing with him ?

  4. Floyd, how do you know if I am not in Kalamazoo myself?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Well, the attempt to deny accommodations didn't work.

    Floyd, one thing you can be sure of right now is that I am not in Sarasota right now. :)

  7. um Von, I could care less where you are right now !

    Seeing Hal was able to check into motel room, guess this means his law suit against me is/will be meaningless, like you.


  8. Blevins: your not in Kalamazoo, your taking care of your partner Jersey Girl. Remember Blevins, i know many in Sarasota!


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