Thursday, August 09, 2007

Eye On Hate Radio Live tonight at 9pm est.

Hello from Eye On Hate Radio to our friends and listeners.

Tonight August 9 Eye On Hate Radio be broadcasting live at 9pm est.

We cover why the
racist rally in Kalamazoo,Michigan today was a major flop for Hal Turner and his racist gang.

Why Neo Nazi Bill White was the Top-nazi in Kalamazoo
and in
good news department roughly 100 to 125 anti racist people came out to let the racists know that Michigan doesnt support them and that naizs/kkk will be opposed no matter where they go in Michigan.
In the bad news department some friends were arrested in Kalamazoo and we will tell you how you can help.

Plus Nikki from Citiziens Against Hate and Craig from Michigan and ARA from Philadelphia will be joining live.

At 9pm go here Eye On Hate Radio and click on the Winamp ListenLIve Icon


  1. Tonight's Eye On Hate Radio program was fantastic - every thing ran smooth and we sounded good.

    In this broadcast archived here :
    Archive of Tonight's August 9 Eye On Hate Radio Broadcast
    We Tell You:
    Who was the Top Nazi in Kalamazoo ?

    Support Anti Racist Activists in Michigan ( Emily Roth ) and Pennsylvania (great interview with ARA Philadelphia ),

    Plus More.

  2. Ping Schwartz: Didn't Bill White used to own a strip club? I know a crazy stripper that says he did or does.
    Truth or bullshit?

  3. Truth or Bullshit? Maybe a new game show we could start....

    Honest answer is Bullshit.

    Bill doesn't have the money to operate one of those things. If he did, it's a lot more profitable than being a slumlord with a low credit rating.

  4. BTW Floyd, great show and thanks for getting the archive up quickly.

  5. u fckn pathetic twats couldn't host a decent 'radio show' if yr worthless, pathetic lives depended on it!

    face it: Floyd Cock-Brain ain't no Alex Linder; m8: yr as boring as bat-shit! & listening to Nikki Numb-Nutz' thinly-disguised 'kikese' almost contstitutes 'cruel & un-usual punishment'!

    i'v had a n° of appearances on 'FTL' in recent months and, while i'm no 'shock-jock', i bet there was more people found my 'spin' worth listening to apropos the 'watching-the-paint-dry' ordeal that is 'Cold Shot' or wtf youse'r calling it these days!

    GIVE it UP!....youse twats r 'flogging a dead horse'!....yr time is OVER!....youse ZOG twats r DEAD & BURIED....yr just too fckn stoopid to realise it yet!

    there's a new dawn & a new future coming....TOTAL WHITE VICTORY!

    youse'r on the wrong side of history!....and, un-fortunately, there's almost always a price to pay for that mistake!


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