Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tonight's Eye On Hate Radio Line-up for August 16

Eye On Hate Radio's Aug 16 show
Hello - tonight we have an interesting show lined up - we will be talk with Brian from the Toledo based antifa group Oct. 15 Anarchist Collective and how thier rights to free speech where violated by the city of Toledo;

Also joining us tonight will be DLJ from One Peopes Project, DLJ and I will be dicussing the setting up of a legal defence fund for antracist/antifa people and groups;

A new show coming to the Eye On Hate Radio Network;

Nikki Nichols will be joining us from ColdShot, her and I will discuss some latest happenings in the racist movement. We will asked the question: " did racist Hal Turner really state that he caused the earthquake in Peru";

Hope you can join us tonight at 9pm - to listen to tonight's program go Eye On Hate Radio and click on the winamp listen live icon

Thank you Floyd, Eye On Hate Radio


  1. Great show tonight - thanks to our guest Nikki from Citizens Against Hate, Brian from the Oct 15 Collective, DLJ from One Peoples Project.

    Click here Eye On Hate Radio archive for August 16

    Floyd - Eye On Hate Radio

  2. Boy, you people sure dont have anything good to say about anyone!

    Hal Turner, Bill White, The CCC and now Ron Paul!!!

    What are we gonna do with you people!

    I think the idea of a "Offense Fund" as Re-run put it, sucks!

    Maybe if you people would behave at rallies, you would'nt have problems..

    Hal did'nt break no laws, in regards to the things he said about Floyd or the Earthquake in Peru....

  3. I'm just listening to the show, I big thank you to Nikki, Floyd and others who do a splended job by offering their time.

    While Little Harold didn't break any laws about Peru, he sure has said a lot of slander and libel that him and his wife hopefully will have to pay up in the future.

    And yes, his wife is a party to the libel and slander.

  4. I can't wait till Hal stomps your Fucking Ass but good. I wish I could be there to see it. Maybe you'll learn real quick who the Fuck not to Fuck with.

  5. Nothing good to say about anyone, Lloyd? Nothing good to say about those idiots: Hal, Bill, and Paul.
    What good is there to say about Hal or Bill? They're habitual liars, sorry little men who attempt to sponsor racial hatred. Ron Paul is just a guy who won't be elected or taken seriously. Floyd was a lot more generous to these people that I would be.

    Do quit running your hole, Steve. Little Harold isn't going to do a damn thing, he is a short, fat, middle aged blow hard. The best thing Harold could do would be to keep his mouth shut before it gets him into more trouble.

  6. I like the five bucks a month for the OPP offensive project. I'm mailing a check tomorrow and each month.


    Your town is indeed 95 percent white. But according to white supremacist logic, incomes and house values should be really high since there are almost no blacks to lower the values. It should be a booming place.

    Now using the stats by


    It shows an average household income of 19,200 while the average for PA is 44,537 ... It falls way below the state average

    The average value of a house there is 36600 while the average PA house value is 131900....

    This so called nearly all white community is way below average in economics. But how can this be if it's nearly all white?

    Now let's compare it to the majority minority Philadelphia.

    City Data Philadelphia

    The average household income for Philly is 32,573 and the average house value is 100,000

    But the question to the white supremacist is how can Philadelphia being a mostly minority be out performing mostly all white Renovo economically by a wide margin??

    Just shows you that income and quality of life is not based on race.

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  9. I'll match your 5 bucks, Schwartz. Where do I send the cheese.

  10. Folk must really be scared of ol' Hal to be beg for money.

    You sure the money you are collecting to fight Hal in court is actually going to be used for that purpose?

    I am sure people donating money to this cause might want a financial report to make sure it isn't going into someones pocket.

  11. Hey Von, you need some bullets for that .22? Be sure and clean it good so it doesn't misfire this time.

  12. Raoul,

    PO Box 42817
    Philadelphia,PA 19101

    For the donation to be tax deductable, a check/mo has to made out to the Brecht Forum.

    I'm just going to stuff money rather than him having to bother cashing a check or money order.


    And since Blevins decided to join us......

    Blevins must sure feel at home with the ANSWP considering they got a convicted murderer in Wisconsin as a member, a sex offender (confirmed) in Michael Shawn Burks, and a woman beater in Justin Boyer. Meanwhile Bill's one legit active non-criminal member, Tim Bland, has quit and joined up with Gordon Young.

    And while Blevins preaches for unity, Bill White has made it clear that his organization does not want to cooperate with any other group.

    Again, Blevins seems at home with sex offenders and murderers. That'll sure overthrow the US government and install a National Socialist one :grin:

    But a real NS government would throw genetic semites like Blevins (yes he is one) into the slave camps or perhaps in his case, just kill him.

  13. Admin Nimbusters,

    Maybe Blevins will follow his leader & do it right the next time

  14. Okay, I feel like a dummy. How do you posts links? Seems like I am the only one who can't do it.

  15. You post a link like this one to my blog which comments on one of Bill White's last remaining ANuSWiPe members.

    Type [a href="___"]the text you wish to contain your link[/a] with "<" instead of "[" and ">" instead of "]". The ____ contains the url.

  16. Michael Shawn Burks? Run your pie hole about something you understand Schwartz. My middle name is not Shawn, I am not a convicted felon. Matthew Ramsey is a lying cocksucker.
    I am 25 years old. In 1992 (the year I supposedly committed child molestation) I was ten years old. I am also no longer a member of ANSWP. Can anyone here tell the damn truth?

  17. I'm sorry to say that you are wasting breath here. The truth about Whites is beyond them. The make Shit up all of the time to further their evil agenda.

  18. Don't prononunce the last rites over the ANSWP just yet.

    While Tim Bland clearly snapped and Justin Boyer can't seem to get his personal life in order, the return of VonBluvens to the ANSWP will provide a valuable media voice for the organization. All he's got to do is make sure his return this time is for keeps.

    And many of you continue to ignore the strongest unit in the ANSWP; the Utah State Unit. Jack Gray, a proven boots-on-the-ground activist, is not only the party's state leader, but is also running for the District 4 seat on the Salt Lake City Council. Having run unsuccessfully for elective office twice in the past, he has notwithstanding gained valuable campaign experience. He probably won't win, but he won't finish last, either.

    To paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of the ANSWP's impending demise have been "greatly exaggerated".

  19. Anchorage,

    Come on man.....

    You can't give last rites for an "organization" that barely ever existed in the first place. Anchorage, you should know better than to think the ANSWP is really anything.

    And how did Tim Bland snap? Seems to me he was by far the most active member, even more than Jack Gray. He was fed up with Bill White giving him no support and Bill White never doing any local activism himself. Every time Bill was in Maryland visiting his parents (every other weekend), Bland invited him to do some activism and White always refused (there are more emails that Bland released than published). Since he lives in my state now, I am concerned about him and Gordon Young joining up.

    Jack Gray is a one man ANSWP unit who has his political website on a free google blogspot account. Real impressive :roll eyes:

    Blevins is a nutcase and everyone knows it.

    Gray will lose in his election. It's also interesting he wants to ban all rallies protesting the Iraqi war. Kind of odd for a white supremacist. And certainly against the 1st amendment.

  20. Admin Nimbusters,

    About html hyperlinking. here is how you do it. Substitute [ for < and ] for > in my example.

    You want to hyperlink a site with the wording PEDOPHILE. The html code for it would be

    [a href=""]PEDOPHILE[/a]


    The quotes are important.

    Another easy way to do it is to get a html editor like Front Page or one the on Mozilla and cut and paste the code here.

  21. Get a clue Steve, it is another WN who is slandering Burks, if he is being slandered. Besides, you are hardly one to talk you are an admitted child molester, so do kindly STFU.

  22. Alaska - I'm with Schwartz on this one. You are much too smart to buy into Bill White's lies. Now, I'm not writing the ANSWP off because it has never been written in. All it is, is Bill White and a couple or three nuts - you know that and so do I.

    It just goes to show you how much Bill White thinks of other white nationalists. He believes that they are all so dumb that they will fall for a slick-backed magazine, which he funds himself, and a few threatening letters to the press or city officials and they will believe that he has a viable organization.

  23. Oh my gawd. Is VonWelfare still allowed on the Internet?

  24. Can anyone provide me with an address on Matthew Ramsey or the phone number of his mother? I want to pay Matthew a visit and discuss certain issues with him.

  25. Fake Nim Admin, kindly show where I ever admitted to being a Fucked up child molestor or shut the Fuck up NOW

  26. Why don't you tell us about the "young shaved ones" Holestain? Or explain your trolling for youngsters in the early days of Nimbusters? Or how about your statement to Boa about how you'd have sex with a 14 year old?

    Face it Holsten you are a sick little child molester. You know it and we know it.

  27. Still, where did I admit to being a molestor? You left out part of what I told Boa. I said that I might would do that if it was 100% legal and she was fully willing to do so. But, that's all out the window now since I'm married.

    Since I have never molsted a child; I cannot be a molestor. Got it yet, DickHead???

  28. All pedophiles will claim the kids were fully consenting. Every damn last one of them.

    Steve said on NIM Busters that he would F*ck a 14 year old if she threw herself at him.

    Then Steve was caught asking in , a pedophile newsgroup, looking for unshaven pu**y because it had the "younger girls".

    And sexual desires don't change after you get married. Steve is sexually attracted to 14 year old girls and sees no problem in having sex with them except for fear of the law.

    Steve shares the same views as NAMBLA that the age of consent laws should be lowered. And all pedophiles will claim it's not for their benefit but for the benefit of "others".

    Then we can go into all the gay porn that Stevo posted on 420chan knowing it was full of underaged boys.



    Levins is still around and still is very much mentally ill.

  29. Why have you flip-flopped again by now calling me a Pedo? You said for a good while that I was a pervert and not a pedo.

  30. Steve, I can't speak for Schwartz but the kicker to me was when your son was arrested for attempting to have sex with an underage child. That pretty much clinched it for me. Not only are you sick and amoral but you are incapable of teaching your children right from wrong. If I had anything to do with it I'd declare you an unfit parent and make sure your children are raised in a foster home where they can learn right from wrong.

  31. It's like this, Asswipe. Evidently I'm not the only one who teaches/taught my kids about the sex laws. After the local enticement & entrapment bust; the Sheriff, Prosecutor & Judge put on an assembly at the local high school letting the boys know the sex laws.

    So again, you're running your hole without knowing what the Fuck you're spewing hateful Shit about.

    I have raised four kids without any of them being alcoholics, drug addicts & etc. Chris wouldn't be in trouble if he hadn't been enticed.

    Don't you ever get tired of me verbally stomping your Ass?

  32. Holsten, you've never "stomped anyone's ass." If you had even half a brain you'd realize that you make a total fool out of yourself every time you post.

    Get ready for more circus from Bill White. He plans to stalk Turner on Turner's next rally as well. Additionally, he is trying to get NSM members to join ANSWP by waving their dues and giving them part of the dues for any former or current member of NSM they talk in to joining. Bill is desperate. Look for Bill to file a lawsuit against Jim Ramm any day.

  33. Holestain can put whatever spin on it he likes but his son didn't fall far from the tree. He is a sick little molester just like his daddy. I am also sure this isn't the first time Chris tired to pick up underaged girls on the internet. At the very least he should be put on a sex offender list for the protection of the community. He is a sick little beast and predator who was never taught right from wrong. Ideally he should be sent to prison where his fellow inmates can teach him not to molest babies.

  34. Do you two Turds want any cheese with that whine?

  35. michael burks - violence is not the way. And I really don't want you using my blog to further that kind of agenda. I really don't like Ramsey either - but we are not going to help you get yourself into trouble. Calm down...stay cool...and THINK!

    Ken - yes, Bill is in desperation mode. His little "it must have been a heat stroke" is nothing more than his psychological state deteriorating. It's impossible to be a narcissist and unpopular.

    Gentlemen - must we continue to go on and on about someone as obviously disturbed as Steve Holsten? I think it has been established that he lacks the ability to fight back and in order to level the playing field we would all be hard pressed.

    Geez...Bill "Millionaire" White is forced into doing manual labor! Hal Turner starts earthquakes and throws Mexicans off the Continental Shelf! Kevin Strom lusts after little girls. Does anyone wish to speculate on the relationship between Jamie Kelso, Don Black, David Duke, and (at one time) Kevin Alfred Strom?

    Or...maybe you have some thoughts on the neo-Confederates? What about the League of the South and the Sons of Confederate Veterans? Maybe you can tell me about the "money trail." Who supports these outfits?

  36. The League of the South is the more radical of the two. In South Carolina, they've got offices all over the state but recently closed down the one they had in downtown Lexington,SC. They've had ties with local Klan groups in the past. They are classified by the ADL as a hate group.

    The Sons of Confederate Veterans is a lot less radical. They do have some radicals in them but a lot of them are civil war hobbiest or historians. They have their license plate in South Carolina. The orginzation just had a rift-raft between those who believe it should be a historic group vs those who think they should be a political group.

    I got no problem with those in the CSV who merely want to preserve civil war history.

    But like something infected with a virus, there are racists who have hooked up with the SCV. And there are some in the SCV who still think that South Carolina never surrendered.

    I wouldn't call the SCV a hate group.

  37. Sorry Nikki but Ramsey is a damn liar. I am no longer in ANSWP and here he is making up lies about me. The compounding the lies by saying people are quiting ANSWP because I'm a child molester.

    One thing you and Ken are right about: Bill's desperation. He is still telling people I am in ANSWP, which is a curious lie. The reason people are quiting: Bill White. He is a off in the head. He has gotten worse since his marriage is on the rocks. Meghan is a pure bitch. She is running his business in the ground he is just too stupid to see it. In any case I hope he gets some help and gets it soon.

    I no longer belong to your group Bill. Stop telling people different.

  38. Nikki:

    You raise some interesting questions.

    1. I owned a series of retail businesses for about a decade, and I am no stranger to strenuous physical work. Yet, in looking back, the times when I was stuck doing the grunt work usually coincided with the periods in which cash was especially tight. I suspect BW's recent whining about back-breaking labor have something to do with his financial difficulties, as a business owner who is churning cash is typically more focused on marketing, reinvestment, and higher-level concerns.

    2. Bill has also frequently complained about the quality of employees he finds in Roanoke. I think that this has more to do with Bill's personality than anything else; as a multi-unit supervisor, I often heard poor managers blame "bad help" for their own managerial failings. Good managers can motivate almost any worker.

    3. I can't believe there has been so little discussion of Hal's goofy Peru claims. Even the VNN thread on this topic got hijacked into a debate between a doe-eyed anti-racist and a bunch of keyboard Rambos. Either Hal's listeners are complete idiots - and swallowed this story whole - or they are embarassed for what appears to be a delusional Hal Turner.

    4. LoS and SCV are especially sinister groups that have become more brazen in their racism over the past few years. They are pulling in cash from a lot of wealthy, behind-the-scenes individuals, and they provide a more socially "acceptable" format for their race-baiting.

  39. I guess it must be hard for Anti's to bring themselves up to my level in order to converse with me. It is not normal for them put Darkies above themselves.

    The state of Missouri just listed the schools that need to improve on grades & etc. All of the schools in our county that have a bunch of Coons are on this list. The three predominately White schoolss are not on the list.

    Lets see you Coon Lovers put some spin on these facts.

  40. Re: History Mike:

    I think a lot of VNNers are suspending their criticism of Hal over the Peru caper out of respect for the fact that his stepfather just passed on. Once a "decent interval" has passed, the Hal-bashers will get ramped up again.

  41. Regardless of how I feel about Hal, and the difference that we have, my sympathies are extended to he and his family. The death of a loved one is never easy.

  42. Yes, I agree that this is sad news, even for a Hal Turner. I actually felt sorry for him with this post, as he stopped being a cartoon caricature and acted like a human being in real pain.

    As much as I never thought I would say such a thing, my condolences go out to Hal Turner and his family.

    Are we witnessing a metamorphosis of Hal Turner, or will he return in his usual tinfoil hat/Internet racist manifestation?

  43. Anchorage:

    Good point. I had not considered the relation between Hal's stepdad and the Peru earthquake (otherwise known as the "Turner geo-seismological commando action")

  44. Steve Holsten:

    When you demonstrate civility and intelligence, you get responses. If you use profanity, personal attacks, or outright stupidity, you will tend to be ignored (except by the NIMBuster crowd, which always loves to egg you on).

    As far as the situation in your area, please post a link.

    Off the top of my head, without seeing the numbers, I would suggest that poverty plays the dominant role in why some schools lag behind others. Minorities have higher rates of poverty, and poverty creates unfavorable conditions for academic growth, thus the academic performance of many poor minorities is behind that of more affluent whites.

    Of course, those with a race-based perspective will argue the opposite: lower academic achievement "proves" that minorities are inferior.

    From personal experience in working with students across a wide variety of socioeconomic and racial categories, I find that the most accurate predictor of future academic success is a two-parent home where basic financial needs are met, and with parents who actively encourage their children to reach their full academic potential.

    Unfortunately, the ideal of the stable two-parent home with a strong educational focus is a bit rare these days, and this is true for all racial groups. I have met plenty of uneducated white families struggling in poverty, and I have also met successful African-American and Hispanic families with children who value education.

    I am not a "Coon-loving" person, as you so cravenly put it, but rather a person who despises racial stereotypes and racist/supremacist ideology. I think that there are persons of quality in all races, and that every individual has both the potential and the right to have equal opportunity to succeed.

    Hope that sparks some intelligent debate on your part, and I look forward to the link.

  45. Harold doesn't get a pass from me.

    I'm going to bash Little Harold. His Dad just died but yet he has posted five articles since, including several the day after his death. Harold was busy doing this show while his Dad was being given last rites. Sounds like Harold certainly is spending more time on his website than mourning his step-father. Then again, the business must go on I guess.

    It's also hard to have sympathy for Hal after he faked the death of his own mother and even faked his own death a few years ago.


    Steve dropped out of high school in the 11th grade. Most blacks finish high school. So Steve complaining about any white school district is very hypocritical.

    The school district Steve lives in is below average in every single category when compared to the state of Missouri.


    As far as BW, I doubt if he has anyone working for him except for Meghan anymore. I doubt if BW would allow Meghan to run "anything". It took him nearly 3 years to renovate one house which he ended up selling to his own father. I other words, his father bailed him out.

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Mike, here are the numbers as sent home with my step-daughter.

    [a href=""] Kennett Test Results[/a]

    I just heard tonight that the Blacks are severely pissed. I guess I would be too if it was proven that my race was that much dumber.

    Nobody ever gets a pass from Schwartzo KIKE. He is the only one here who is not capable of showing civility. I guess his Faggotry does that to him.

    And Schwartzo KIKE, I wasn't complaining about the White schools doing better. Hell, I was bragging that Whites do much better without a bunch of Coon Niglets being in their schools.

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. I don't know why that linking isn't working. Here's the URL

  51. History Mike you brought up a interesting point: "...Either Hal's listeners are complete idiots..."

    I think that is the case. If you need an example we have a good one right here.

  52. History Mike, one might look IQ scores of Turks living in Germany or Australian Aboriginals in Australia versus the majority population. The difference is about the same: one and a half standard deviations.

    Then notice that, genetically speaking, Turks, Australian Aboriginals and African Americans don't share recent common ancestry; hence a genetic reason for the score difference is highly unlikely.

    By the way, I find it ironic that the superior Mr. Holsten can't master simple html the way that even I can.

    I'd expect more from "my superior". :-)

    Perhaps his mind is tied up doing cutting edge work in particle physics? ;-)

  53. More likely Steve is trying to figure a way to get the 12 year old next door all alone to himself. LOL.

  54. Hal Impostering Numb Nuts, there's a problem with your spewed Shit lie. There are no 12 yr olds who live around here. So, once again you run you Fucking hole about something you know nothing about.

    This can be nothing except you showing your desires once again to want suck me off.

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Yes, there are no 12 olds that live around Steve. Their parents fearing to live next door to a prev and a soon to be registered sex offender moved to the good side of Kennett. LOL.

    Hal faked the death of his mother and his own death? I wonder if step daddy is really dead. Hal is getting to be every bit as big a liar as Bill White.

    Hey Schwartz, will you please stop rejecting Steve's homosexual advances? See how unhappy he gets when you do?

  57. When will you ever learn? Steve is someone you should feel sorry for not make fun of, he is basically harmless unless you are a over sexed young girl.

  58. Listen here faked NIM Admin, I never have, and I never will have Faggot feelings for any male.
    But as usual, you still have your Faggot desires for Hal and myself.

    You're another one who can Fuck off, shut the Fuck up, and get back to doing what you do best, sucking off Coons.

  59. Come on Steve, you can come clean with us. Admit it, when your uncle was molesting you as a child you enjoyed it. Secretly deep down, this is the reason for all your anger. Let your feelings run free. Move to San Francisco and have that affair with a black man you've always dreamed about.

  60. I don't know if Mr. Holsten is a homosexual or not, but my guess is that Bill White is. Why? For a while, I read his overthrow blogspot blog. One day he whined (he whines a LOT) about having to wait a great deal of time in a local department of motor vehicles office.

    Mostly he boasted about being rude to African Americans. But he started to go off on some sort of homoerotic fantasy about he was going to have to handle this "big black buck" who looked as if he had spent years "in the prison weight lifting" system. :-)

    So, my guess is that much of neo-nazi anger comes from repressed sexuality. :-)

  61. Mike, you said wanted to see the proof of the numbers that I posted about our school. I thought you would've commented by now.

  62. That isn't proof Steve. Only in your demented mind could it even be called
    relevant. Once again loony racist proven FULL OF SHIT.

    Now run along and let the grown ups talk, little man.

  63. Steevo & every other supremacist,

    If whites in America are so superior to blacks, then why is it that black immigrants into the United States have the highest college graduation rate of any ethnic group here?


    23.1 percent of all Americans have a 4 year college degree but 43.8 of all African immigrants have a 4 year college degree. They are also much more likely to have an advanced degree from college. The household incomes of African immigrants is equal to native born Americans.

    I've also read studies of African children being adopted into the US have higher than normal graduation and equal IQ rates to whites.

    So the conclusion is that "race" alone isn't the factor in testing scores or intelligence. It's obviously more than that.

    Also Asians in the US are nearly twice as likely to hold advanced college degrees than whites.

    Then again, Steevo dropped out of high school in the 11th grade. And the reason he hates blacks is out of jealousy.

  64. schwartz: If whites in America are so superior to blacks, then why is it that black immigrants into the United States have the highest college graduation rate of any ethnic group here?

    i/what sort of 'degrees'?

    ii/what 'colleges'?

    iii/if 'black immigrants' r so clever, then how come their own countries r usually disaster zones?
    (and how come blacks in general have never made any worth-while contributions to life, re: scientific discoveries?)

    iv/aren't whites discriminated against/denied entry into many US colleges in favour of non-whites?

    v/compare the performance of US whites in college with the performance of whites in other nations that have: (a)proper education systems & (b)no 'affirmative action' college admissions;

    vi/most Asians are 90+% white; hence: the academic J P Rushton's treatise!

    ('schwartz' labours under the delusion that, like 'anti-s' & other ZOGgers, WNs r un-read, un-informed blonks who simply 'trot out' a party line!)

  65. Once again, Schwartzo KIKE's Ass is whooped. We were discussing the local high school's state testing results which shows our local White kids to be close to 30% smarter than the Niglets. Schwartzo's only recourse is present some college scores that have nothing to do with the discussion at hand. And Schwartzo KIKE, what does my dropping out of high school 30 yrs ago have to do with this discussion? I dropped out in 1977 to get married and I got my GED in 1982.

    And KIKE, KIKE, KIKE, you need to get over your delusion that I'm jealous of Niggers. Nothing could be father than the truth. I don't wish to be a violent, sweaty, smelly Ape looking creature.

  66. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  67. You're another DickHead whose chain was not pulled. History Mike asked to see the what the results looked like. So, you're as bad as your buddy Schwartzo about running your hole. I didn't mean any Racism when I posted it, and then your Butt Buddy Schwartzo ran his hole about Coons in college. Then I put things in perspective.

  68. The Dancing Turd removed his spewed Shit comment that I reponded to in the above post.

  69. "WE" were discussion Steve? No, what YOU were attempting to do was give your racist spin on some local test results. You were doing a very poor job of it by the way.

    Mr. Schwartz, I think Steve's hatred of black people stems from fear as well as jealousy. Plus a general lack of self esteem which is why Steve is always trying to tell us how "smart" and "great" he is, what he is really attempting to do is compensate for his poor sense of self worth.

  70. Tee Fucking Hee, me not feel self worth and have self-esteem? You are seriously Fucked up. There's never been a time that I didn't feel good about myself. I say that I'm smarter & etc than you Turds because it's the cold hard truth.

    You need to get the Fuck over the fact that I'm not jealous or feel threatened by any Niggers.

  71. Maybe in the land of inbred hillbillies you are a genus, Steve but in the real world you are a fat little gimp who molests little children and lives off the welfare tit. A sorry little thief, nothing more. You make me sick to my stomach. 'Nuff said.

  72. Holestain claiming to be intelligent.
    Oh god, I think I am going to belly laugh myself to death.

    Steve if you are so smart (Guff, smirk, LOL) then why does so many hate your guts? Is this the act of a smart man? I think not little man, I think not.

  73. I most likely make you sick because I'm not a Coon Lover like you.

    Nobody hates me in the "real world"
    I've really not knew what hate was till I ran across ones like Schwartzo KIKE and his cronies.

  74. Wrong, we've heard from people here who live in your little hick town. I can't remember what her name was but she was on the chamber of commerce. She didn't think too much of you.

    Besides we have already established that you are too cowardly to voice your racial views in the real world. Keeps your fat ass from getting stomped. You are a fat little keyboard Rambo. LOL.

  75. Now Dumbass, she couldn't think too much of me by reading you Turds' Shit spewed lies about me. She said that she didn't even know of me till she came here. Anyone who really knows me would know better than to believe you Turd's lies.

  76. You really should be careful what you lie about Steve. It is too easy to go back and check what she said.

    "Steve Holsten is not representative of Kennett. Kennett is a diverse open minded community. His backward racism would have not only lost him the election but got him laughed out of town. Which must have been why he failed to mention it during his campaign..."
    - Patrick McHaney

    Once again you are caught in a lie.
    I think Floyd is right, most racists are habitual liars.

  77. He's just another case who read what you loser's daid in your lies about my greatness.

  78. Typo: He's just another case who read what you loser's said in your lies about my greatness.


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