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Also - as a Community Service...


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  2. And you think I'm bad, Nikki?

    The fake Nim Admin must have the Hots for Hal & Bill

  3. Actually, it was Bill sucking up to a couple of NSM guys who came in and saved his ass that caught everyone's attention. would be really funny to see Bill rejoin the NSM as their spokesman - dontcha think?

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  5. BW does make for good entertainment

    The Detroit operation must be a "top secret" thing

  6. HEY!.....Nikki Nuggetz! don't u tell the truth, u fckn repulsive ZOG whore?

    (ohh....thassright...u wouldn't get yr monthly $US5000 cheque from the ADL if u did would u?)

    HEY!....Mr ShitHead...ain't yr real name 'Rabbi Abraham Cooper' or sumthin' equally repulsive?

  7. (advises Jimbo to double his Lithium dose)

    Hey Nikki:

    How can I get some of that kind of phat ADL money? Is there a signup online?


    Nothing from Hal about Detroit. Either it was TOP SECRET, or...

    Nothing happened.

  8. here youse go!.....for all youse 'anti-racists' boyz & girlz....enjoy!...have a 'peruse' (scroll down abt ½-way) and tell me again that 'race' doesn`t matter!.....what-ever: it goes without saying that Mr Wagner had more gutz than the likes of Nikki Numb-Nutz and Rabbi Shit-Head: u wouldn't see either of those two poseurs within a 'country mile' of a bunch of niggazzz....

  9. Hey Nikki:

    I sent you an email on the CAH admin account - did you get it?

  10. Well, I see I didn't miss anything by not attending the Kalamazoo failure rally. As usual Bill White is lying about the numbers but then what else is new? At least he is getting more creative at his lying :)

    I like Howlin' Hal's idea about a Anti Rally at Hal Turner's condo. I live in New York State a little more than an hours drive from Turner's home. Given advanced notice I could more than likely attend or at least makes some good banners and signs for the rally, though I suspect we'd need to be careful about entering private property. I wonder if we could count on Jaime Vazquez or Daryle Lamont Jenkins for such a rally?

  11. I just checked Map Quest for the distance and driving time to Hal Turner's run down condo. Since Hal's rally's are usually on weekends (I am assuming any rally would be a counter Hal rally so it would be on a weekend
    as well) I could easily interrupt one of my fishing trips (too hot right now for much fishing anyway) to attend a Anti Racism Rally!

    Total Est. Time: 1 hour, 41 minutes Total Est. Distance: 97.11 miles

  12. Hey Mike - yes, I got that email - interesting stuff - thanks.

    Hal's silence is funny.

    As to cashing in on that money, Mike - I'm sure they can send you the application - with all that you do you would easily qualify.

    There are quite a few anti-racists in Hal's area - Bill's as well. Let's see what we can pull together. I think it is a great idea. I guess I had better save up for a plane ticket - wouldn't want to miss this one.

  13. Hal's condo isnt an easy place to have a rally as it is a major corner and throfare (ask DLJ) on top of that Hal's place is surrounded by mean skinheads with machine guns.

    Bill White's place would be much easier to deal with and the only thig surrounded Bill is stuppidity.

    I vote Bill

  14. Looks like Hal may need to have another Bar-B-Q with a bunch of his good friends.

  15. Hal is having some of his gay friends over for a Bar-B-Q? When did this happen? Oh and Pedo, Hal ain't got no friends.

    Bill's place would be a great place to have a rally.

  16. Yes, I think greater effect could be achieved in Roanoke than in North Bergen.

    Hal turned the goofy Chan-protest-that-wasn't into a full scale drama, and all it did was cause his deluded listeners to send him more cash.

    I suspect Bill fears such activity so close to home, as he derives his income from those rental properties.

  17. DickHead, Hal had a Barb-B-Q when the Chans threatened him.

  18. Audio archive of the rally.

  19. Hal had no real Bar-B-Q, Pedo. God, do you believe all his lies? How stupid are you?

  20. Poor Stevo. He is too stupid and too white trash to understand why 99% of white America rejects Hal Turner's message.

    A rally in Roanoke might hurt Bill but why? Bill is the best friend the Antis have in the WN movement. Bill has render himself impotent AnusWipe is a joke.

    You want to get down and dirty? Do a rally in front of Hal Turner's church. The short fat one won't like that. Find out if he has a job, do it front of his employment.
    Hit the fat bastard where it hurts.

  21. According to Anonymous, the major problem about protesting at Little Harold's house is that almost no one speaks English there.

    You'll need a flier typed in Spanish stating how Little Harold wants to kill and/or eliminate all hispanics.


    And still no word about that Detroit operation,,,I thought it was going to be a world changing event.

  22. I think Hal is exploring the gay bars in Detroit. It is a life changing experience....for him. LOL!

  23. Does anyone have the address to Hal Turner's church? Maybe it is time his priest knows about Hal's Racism.

  24. Ya know - that address was posted somewhere awhile back. The Priest and much of the congregation is Hispanic. It would be quite an eyeopener to the Priest to hear Hal spout the Christian Identity line and claim that Adam and Eve were not the first people - but the first white people.

  25. St Anne's Roman Catholic Church
    3545 Kennedy Blvd
    Jersey City, NJ

    The staff

    His priest is non-white and the church has a high number of hispanics.

  26. This cinches it. You people are far worse than any WN. Hal and the gang had a legal permit to have their rally.

    Now you sorry asses want to disturb a church congregation. That's real low & sorry. And to think it's all over a bunch of Savage Niggers who was attacking White people including homeless people. Why would a black attack a homeless White person? That's an all out hate crime.

  27. Steve Holsten wrote: "This cinches it. You people are far worse than any WN. Hal and the gang had a legal permit to have their rally.

    Now you sorry asses want to disturb a church congregation. That's real low & sorry. And to think it's all over a bunch of Savage Niggers who was attacking White people including homeless people. Why would a black attack a homeless White person? That's an all out hate crime".

    This shouldn't surprise you, Steve. After all, it was a bunch of bandanna-wearing ARA thugs who invaded a meeting at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, placed their hands upon the distinguished and scholarly Jared Taylor, and frog-marched him out of there like a common criminal. The anti-racists make up the rules as they go.

    I don't think responsible anti-racists like History Mike, Nikki or Mr. Schwartz endorse such tactics, but there are too many of them who do.

  28. Steevo.

    Just as Little Harold has every right to have a legal rally in Kalamazoo, WE HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT TO RALLY IN FRONT OF HAROLD'S CHURCH OR ANY OTHER PLACE WE CHOOSE. It works boths way.

    Also facts don't bother Steevo but most crimes done against white people are done by white people.


    Surprised you defend Jared Taylor, many WN hate him because he doesn't "name the jew". Doesn't AMREN allow Jews in it?

    And check this out Quote: We met, by mutual (cop/protester) agreement at exit 104 off I-94. From there we drove to a distant road-maintenance facility. From there we were scanned and bused to the protest site, which was the parking lot of the police headquarters....Boarding buses for 30-mile trip to rally site.

    Exit 104 is over 33 miles from downtown Kalamazoo!!! LMAO

  29. Alaska - I can only speak for myself, but you are correct in that I don't endorse violence unless it is in self-defense. Violence solves nothing and only provides the other side with finger-pointing rights.

    Steve - what so many on the racist right fail to recognize is precisely what Harry has so aptly pointed out. I NEVER said that Hal Turner didn't have a right to hold his rally - he has every right. But...we have rights as well - and if we choose to flyer his church, contact his priest with what we know, speak to the church parishioners, and rally in front of the church during Sunday mass - we HAVE THAT RIGHT too. As long as we stay within the letter of the law - there is nothing prohibiting that.

    Did you ever stop to think that maybe what Hal needs is to be brought back into the fold of the church and be counseled by his priest? We might be doing his whole family a favor.

    I'm working on that aspect now. Your little buddy really does need to be dealt with, Steve.

  30. All you can is that Schwartzo & Nikki's Cadre think that Savage Niggers are better than Whites. Hell, the blacks holler for equality, but this bunch puts them on a higher wrung than Whites.

  31. Steve - you have been on this blog long enough to know that I don't put any race above another - I think that is just nuts. The only race that I care about is the human race.

  32. Mr. Schwartz said, "Surprised you defend Jared Taylor, many WN hate him because he doesn't 'name the jew'. Doesn't AMREN allow Jews in it?"

    Jared Taylor does indeed allow Jews in AMREN. Of course, he paid a price for it in 2006 when David Duke stood up to address the gathering, and longtime Jewish associate Michael Hart threw a hissy fit and left the room without even hearing what Dr. Duke had to say.

    Regardless of his failure to "name the Jew", Jared Taylor does speak our language on other racial issues, and his scholarly approach appeals to the intelligentsia and helps counteract negative biases and stereotypes against WNs. The problem with white power is that it has focused too much on lifestyle and not enough on power. WNs need to become less interested in boot parties and more interested in political parties. We've allowed the Curtis Allgiers and Eric Fairburns to typify the Cause far too long. So rather than obsess with Taylor's omissions, I choose to focus more on his contributions.

    About Kalamazoo - Kind of strange that they would form up for the rally 33 miles away.

  33. Anchorage.

    I'll say this. If more WN thought and acted the way you do, your movement would actually get somewhere instead of being a joke. Just look at the idiots in this forum that claim to be WN as an example. That's your mainstream WN these days.

    Jared Taylor draws 100's to a yearly conference he holds each year with people with clout. Little Harold I think snuck in there last year but didn't speak. Little Harold didn't even mention he went until after the fact.

    I consider Taylor to be more of a threat than these little dress up nazis or the couch potatoes at VNN, Stormfront, Phora. It's harder to track him because most of their activities are away from the web.

    I think the idea of staging 33 miles away was Little Harold's idea so he wouldn't be harmed by the antifa. Look on the map, it's east of Battle Creek Michigan where they mustered for the buses.

    Harold's rally was a joke. It's got to be frustrating for you to watch year after year as WN continues to keep slipping off the mountain.

  34. Agreed about violence: not my bag, and I don't condone it. I incurred the wrath of a few extreme antiracists a few years ago when I documented a conversation I overheard about stashing weapons and getaway cars near a neo-Nazi rally site in Toledo.

    At the time I was a reporter for a local paper, and I was invited as an observer with no restrictions on what I could print besides names. Not my fault a few of the crowd were preparing for violence.

    There are violent elements on both sides of the debate whose attraction to the issue seems first and foremost to be about cracking skulls. I believe that there are more of these on the WN side, based upon what I read at places like VNN. While this might be just keyboard commandos assauging their egos, many of the posts at prominent WN sites contain calls for genocide, murder, and violence.

    The occasional violent antifa activist seems to be content with kicking a few Nazi asses, or physically preventing a rally. I don't see them calling for the extermination of ethnic groups, or advocating the murders of their opponents.

    As far as Hal's church: that is not a protest I would support. I think churches should be sanctuaries and neutral territory. Besides, it might make Hal look like a victim.

    I had some neo-Nazi idiot(s) make a load of retarded accusations against me at one of my places of employment a few years ago(downloading porn, stalking students, and other vile claims). I had to waste several hours of my time and offer up my laptop to clear my name. This was annoying, but it goes with the territory when a person puts his name out in public.

    Thus, even with my own negative experience receiving this kind of attack, if people put themselves in the public eye with controversial statements, they should expect that they will receive all sorts of idiocy. I even had death threats phoned on my cell after Toledo I; I had recklessly (stupidly?) posted my old cell number on a few boards to drum up some leads on related stories. The neo-Nazis also went berserk when I posted an old article I wrote for a journal about slavery reparations, although I admit I brought that one on myself by deliberately posting the piece when there was heavy neo-Nazi traffic on my site.

    Bill White has also posted personal information about me on his blog and Overthrowup, some of which was of a libelous nature, so I know full well the power of the Internet as a tool of personal terror.

    These days I have become immune to the idiocy, and sort of wear the attacks as a badge of honor. However, I woould strongly urge anyone who reads this to maintain anonymity on the Internet, especially given some of the dysfunctional elements lurking about. There are many people active in anti-racism who contribute without putting themselves at risk by becoming a public figure.


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