Monday, August 13, 2007



Tonight Coldshot will air on Eye On Hate Radio at 8:00 Eastern Time.

Nicole Nichols will be discussing racism in small town America and exposing those in the Council of Conservative Citizens who further racism and bigotry throughout the country. Who are they and who are they tied to?

There will also be some cold shots taken at some of our most notable members of the racist right.

As we move into our series on racism in small town America, Nicole Nichols will be bringing to the forefront some of the most pernicious and well heeled racists of the 21st Century - you don't want to miss this first installment.


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  2. You mean "you're about his type"?

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  4. Shaun Walker, former leader of the National Alliance, got sentenced to nearly 7 years in federal prison for hate crime charge. One of his own accepted a deal to turn rat in order to send Walker to prison.

    Click Here

    There is no federal parole system nor time off for good behavior. You serve nearly all the time in prison.

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  6. YOu know - it gets tiresome reading all the sexual comments - we can disagree on things but do we need all the sexual comments ?


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  8. Hey Floyd, the next time he makes a sexual comment.... Tell Him To Go Fuck Himself!

  9. Damn Admin, I wanted to post something like that. Crap you bet me to it by mere minuets.

  10. I have a better idea - why dont we just banned those who cant live by a couple of simple rules - we could start with holsten.

  11. The dumbass who made the above post in my good name was not me. Look at the profile, and you'll see.

    So Cockbreath, it's Ok for you Turds to put others down, but it bothers you when I put down your Loverboy. Things that make you go hmmm.......

  12. A lot of things make you go hummmm Holsten, it's because you're stupid.

    Hal's Daddy dies. Update on my blog.

  13. Holsten - I have yet to make sexual comments about people I dont agree with or dont like - it is called professionalism something apparently you are not aware of -
    The last resort for people who have nothing to say is call them names or get down in the gutter of sexual name calling.

  14. It's like this. It is not normal the way you & Schwartzo spend as much time as you do in order to put others down. They have done nothing to you that should garner the attention you show.

    BTW Hal Imposter, I throughly enjoyed Shitting on your faked B Log

  15. Holsten:

    Are you sure you are a grown man, Steve? You act like you are about 12. Maybe if you acted more mature people would respect you more.


    You are slightly wrong about the federal prison system. Prisoners have to serve 85% of their time but get no parole. I think they can qualify for around 58 good days a year (my racist uncle once served time in the federal system).

  16. ignoring the sexually frustrated pervert Steve Holsten.....



    I did say "nearly all"... LOL... I guess 85 percent counts as that. :cheers:

    What this opens the door for is a civil lawsuit by the victims of this hate crime. In other words, the SPLC will sue and get the remains of the Hillsboro complex. Leaders of the former NA can also be held responsible for paying any judgment the NA receives in a civil trial.

  17. Steve, these communist pigs (and yes, they are communist pigs) don't ever listen to reason. They only care about themselves. They just need leave us alone, and perhaps even move to Cuba...

    I don't feel sorry one bit for that Emily bitch that was arrested at Hal's rally. I hope she rots...

  18. Once again, I've got to follow up on myself. I just read on the One People's Project about Eric Hunt apologzing to Elie Wiesel in court yesterday.


    Hunt told Wiesel in court that he was sorry both that he had scared him and that Wiesel had suffered during the Holocaust. Hunt also told Wiesel that his grandfather had fought the Nazis

    Hunt has been in a psych ward since being returned to California.

  19. They need to leave our country. All they want is to bring it down to her knees with the Savages from 3rd World Shit holes. They would likely be much happier in the Anus of North America which is Canada.

    Schwartzo KIKE feels like he must ignore me because I've given him so many verbal Ass stompings.

  20. Another follow up to the follow up. The One People's Project says they are going to sue Hal Turner and are looking for an offensive fund. I would highly suggest if they do sue to add Hal's wife to the lawsuit since the show is aired from her house and the slander originates from there. Also checks and money orders going to Little Harold pass through her bank account, at least of late 2006.

  21. Lloyd,

    Did you know that the so called white supremacist movement is very communist orientated.

    Look up the meaning of communism and you'll find out why.

    hint: what the USSR and China practice is not communism but socialism.

  22. Now you and the One People's Prick are Fucking up. Hal will stomp your FuckTarded Asses in te ground. Don't say you wasn't warned, but I'mm sure you know better than to Fuck with Hal anyway.

  23. Steve, Schwartz and "Re-Run" are just full of shit!

  24. "Rerun" was a genius compared to the OPP.

    And yes, they constantly have Shit running down both legs

  25. How transparent Holsten posting as Lloyd again. Hey, "Lloyd" how's the soup at the Salvation Army kitchen?

  26. It is awful funny how recently Lardass always agrees with the pedo and they're postings are less than 5 minuets apart.

  27. Nikki or one of the other Mods could verify that I am not posting as Lloyd.

  28. Walker would'v been better off emptying a coupla 'clips' into those spics: he could hardly be in less trouble than he is now and: no witnesses r good witnesses....ask MOSSAD: they'll tell u the same!

    BTW: we're all 'marking time' over @ VNNF for Nikki Numb-Nutz to respond to this prtclr thread/topic!
    (my little contribution is post n°#22)

  29. Is this more or less what the conversation is like around here? It seems that the racists are a rather boring lot; their comments are almost always:

    "so and so is a XXX" where XXX is some standard racist/homophobic slur.

    I have to give the blog owner credit though; she seems to tolerate them rather than telling them to go away.

    But, to be fair, Mr. Shultz tolerates dissent on his site as well (though you might be amused at the story behind his avatar.)

  30. here's
    another one
    Nikki Nigga-luvva ain't gunna cover?

    when r youse pathetic scum gunna face facts?


    'mud people' are NOT the equal of whites in any way, shape or form: not physically, not mentally, not psychologically and not spiritually: 95+% white genes might, just might, make you less of a sadistic piece of sub-human filth but i'd be plonking for 98% me-self!

    'the usual suspects' on this site: HistoryKike, Rabbi Shit-for-brains, Nikki NumbNutz, Floyd Cock-Brain & 'Weeping Willow' r all dyed-in-the-wool hypocrites!...who pontificate about 'hate' but conveniently ignore the sort of incidents i mentioned in the last two links or, for instance, the indisputable evidence, posted on vrs VNNF threads like this one that clearly prove violent non-white crime(whether non-white on non-white or non-white on white) out-weighs violent white crime by an overwhelming factor of 1000% and more!

    and: need-less to say, it'll be a cold day in HELL before we hear Nikki & her cretinous crew condemn kikes for any of an innumerable multitude of crimes against the White Race, all carefully & meticulously documented by people like Weltner!

    this jig-a-boo crew of transparent twats blissfully continue on with their ZOG agenda of genocide against the White Race while spouting mind-less mantras like 'we all be equal and sheeettt' as whites r getting butchered in great bleeding batches; of course, the afore-said ZOGettes remain safely ensconced in well-guarded, gated communities located some-where or t'other in WhiteLandia and keep their contacts with non-whites down to the bare minimum if @ all!

    the world hates a hypocrite!

  31. Actually, Jimbo, no one can understand your half-literate rantings.

    Most of the time I just ignore you because your posts are unreadable. Perhaps if you took the time to compose a comment that was: a) relatively correct in grammar; b) minimized the intentional misspellings; and c) avoided fake Down-Underisms, people might respond to what you say.

    However, I suspect that you are too full of your faux Aussie self to try and communicate with other human beings.

    Or perhaps you are indeed simply too ignorant to write in an intelligible fashion.

    Besides, it's Nikki's blog and you are a guest. If you came onto one of my sites and verbally abused me, I would ignore you, too.

  32. Actually, as far as the crime statistics, you might try reading Andrew Hacker's book "Two Nations". It is early 1990's but is brutally honest and even handed.

    It turns out that the social "underclass" (defined in terms of certain economic and educational factors) commit a certain percentage of the violent crimes, regardless of race (e. g., check out the Idaho crime stats, when broken down by classes).

    By the way, "jimbo": writing such as yours isn't going to convince anyone of your superiority. :-)

  33. Jimbo - you mean that thread where no one is paying any attention to you? Seems like there's a lot of that going around these days, huh?

    Did anyone else notice how Harry Schwatz and Nikkie Nichols just seem to bother the hell out of jimbo?

    brotha, I kind of let them go because I just love it when they make our point for us. Now, there are a few of them who know how to behave in public - then there are those who just have no social graces at all.

    "It turns out that the social "underclass" (defined in terms of certain economic and educational factors) commit a certain percentage of the violent crimes, regardless of race (e. g., check out the Idaho crime stats, when broken down by classes)."

    I have always believed that socio-economic factors explain much more than race ever would in many areas.

  34. Agreed, Nikki. Poor people of all colors find themselves with fewer opportunities, and sometimes make the jump into crime because they do not buy into the promise of the American dream.

    Of course, the WNs simply dismiss poor whites and criminal whites as being under the influence of that mysterious Jewish power that lures them into self-degradation, or the magnetic pull of the "deviant" minority races who suck hapless whites into lives of despair and criminality.

    The WNs never let statistics get in the way of a racial theory that pops into one of their paranoid heads. They either ignore the data, make up new data, or twist existing data to support their bizarre worldviews.

  35. Looks like about half's of ANSWP has resigned. I just got this email. Job well done Michael Burks, keep up the good work.

    In NIM Busters, he means me. But since I'm a member of all of his private mailing list, it wasn't Bland. BTW: Bill, I haven't posted in Nim Busters in months


    I'm going to post this here to stop the rumor mongering and poison
    penning that is going on around these two issues.

    Carolyn Yeager and Tim Bland have, separately, left the ANSWP.

    Carolyn Yeager is upset that I have not removed Mike Burks from the party. Carolyn has had a long running personality dispute with Trina Thomas that has grown to involve several other leaders, including Mike Burks. Because the entire dispute is silly and has involved nothing except some heated exchanges of words that both parties have sought out and engaged in, I have not removed anyone, but I have had a lot of long conversations with the people involved. I think everyone involved now realizes that picking fights with other ANSWP members is not what is best for the organization.

    I am sorry to see Carolyn resign. She was very helpful with the
    magazine and a good activist. She is welcome back at any time.
    However, I am not going to suspend or expel Mike Burks, who is a
    stellar ANSWP activist and organizer, and no amount of pressure is going to change that point of view.

    Tim Bland has gone off the deep end the past few weeks and has
    resigned because he is convinced, citing "movement mentors", that the
    ANSWP is "at war" with various white activists and, apparently, that Hal Turner and / or his skinhead army is imminently about to assassinate me. While we certainly do not participate with much of the rest of the movement, we also don't devote much resources
    to "war" with other movement personalities or groups -- though there are many "movement" organizations that devote a lot of resources to "war" with us -- and I cannot account for this bizarre analysis of events, except that Tim sent me a letter several weeks ago indicating he has been having conversations with Harold Covington, and perhaps
    that is his "movement mentor" who is feeding him this nonsense.

    More importantly in Tim's case, we have had three leaks of
    information from private ANSWP mailing lists and forums (not the
    public lists and forums) to Jim Ramm, Hal Turner and to NIM Busters.

    The intent of these leaks has been, clearly, to undermine the ANSWP
    and its activities and empower our self-declared enemies in the

    One of those leaks -- of an internal ANSWP email to Hal Turner
    combined with some commentary containing the untrue statement
    that "many members" had resigned due to our action in Kalamazoo -- is
    almost certainly Tim's work. Because Tim was one of a handful of
    people who ended up on the cross-referenced list of folk who had
    access to all of the leaked information, its pretty likely he is the
    one who sent photos of Mike Downs to Jim Ramm and posted information
    about Justin Boyer's actions in Toledo to NIM Busters. This is not
    just an objection to me, but betrayal of the entire ANSWP
    organization, and personal betrayal of several of its members.

    Because of this, I endorse Tim's resignation from the ANSWP and think
    he needs some time to reorient himself before we can think of
    reconsidering his membership status. I wish him well in his future
    endeavors and hope he finds a "movement" organization more suited to
    his style of activism.

    And, to clarify, no one has resigned from the ANSWP particularly
    because of the action against Hal Turner in Kalamazoo.

    Bill White, Commander
    American National Socialist Workers Party

  36. I've used Haloscan in the past and I can verify that "Lloyd" frequently posts from Steve's IP. Which is highly unlikely since Lloyd lives Alabama and Steve in Missouri and Steve uses a DSL account so Lardass Lloyd would have to be physically present at Steve's run down trailer
    for him to be posting using Steve's IP #.

  37. Where are my manners? I got off on a tangent and forgot to congratulate Ms. Nichols for an excellent show (Cold Shot).

    Where I don't dismiss the danger that the neo-nazis pose, I agree that the CCC poses a much bigger threat to society at large.

    When "regular folk" see the nazis, most of them turn away in disgust. But the CCC is packaged much more slickly. As Ms. Nichols pointed out, the CCC can command the attention of right wing political leaders.

  38. Hal Imposter, how long have you had this strong desire for you to suck myself & Lloyd off?

  39. The NIM boards on Hostdime are all down. The alrenative board is at

  40. ignoring Steve's homosexual erotica......


    CCC is a problematic racist organization that appeals to mainstream white people. They are most active in Mississippi and South Carolina.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center has an excellent article on the CCC covering the history and those tied to them.


  41. KIKE Schwartzo, you don't ignore my greatness. You mention me in nearly every post.

    I can't believe the Dummies now think that you are Stanley the NIM Admin

  42. The best was to rid scum off the net:
    Shoot a TOS message to SBC everytime they make a comment about oral sex. Soon the child molester won't have an IP :)

  43. Okay, I'll give the pedo a minute of attention here.

    No, I'm not the admin of NIM Busters. Which means the idiots will continue to think that I am.


    Have you noticed anytime that Hal's name or Lloyd Davies name comes up that Steve thinks of male to male sex. That's something a straight man wouldn't do. It's obvious that Steevo has a sexual crush on both of them.

    Like I have said, Steve hates blacks out of jealousy and he hates gays out of self-hatred.

  44. Some things you should know. I am the real Mike Burks. I am no longer part of ANSWP. I am also not a child molester, Jim Ramm aka Matthew Ramsey is going to get his ass sued off. He will be penny less if he isn't in a jail cell getting his ass pumped full of black semen. I pray for the latter or a chance to meet him in person and beat the truth out of his lying punk ass.

    Anything you hear about me from either Ramm or White is likely a lie. Both are habitual liars.

  45. Burks, White, Ramsey, and Blevins are total basketcases. Blevins at least is smart enough to get a social security check for his mental disabilities. His kids that a court barred him from seeing in Virginia also get one in leiu of child support.

    I'm sure Burks will rejoin the ANSWP like Blevins did when he has another mood swing. White is a bottom feeder and takes all, including convicted murderers.

  46. And more TNB (Typical Nazi Behavior)


  47. nikki the nugget sez: Jimbo - you mean that thread where no one is paying any attention to you? Seems like there's a lot of that going around these days, huh?

    i couldn't give a rat's arse if u ZOG zombies 'pay attention' to me or not....i'm not posting for yr benefit!

    AFA VNNF goes, i'm not a regular poster there any-more....i am, how-ever, becoming a 'regular' on 'FTL'; which reminds me: i just might give yr 'crew' a 'spruik' in an up-coming broad-cast: be sure to 'listen in'!

    Did anyone else notice how Harry Schwatz and Nikkie Nichols just seem to bother the hell out of jimbo?

    yes....jews 'bother' me: the fact that such 'creatures' exist and what they've done to me personally and to my Race in general: yes: that bothers me; until i can pay some of that bothers the HELL out of me!....but: AFA yr concerned, missy...don't try & 'big note' yr-self: you personally 'bother' me less than a blow-fly!: in fact: that's all the FCK u r: a blowie in a beer-bottle...just an irritation to be squished as & when the opportunity presents it-self!

    brotha, I kind of let them go because I just love it when they make our point for us. Now, there are a few of them who know how to behave in public - then there are those who just have no social graces at all

    that'd be: niggaz, spics, jews & mudz in general right?

    "It turns out that the social "underclass" (defined in terms of certain economic and educational factors) commit a certain percentage of the violent crimes, regardless of race (e. g., check out the Idaho crime stats, when broken down by classes)."

    I have always believed that socio-economic factors explain much more than race ever would in many areas

    well...that's just plain, ordinary horse-shit!.....niggaz have been given mountains of cash in the form of vrs hand-outs over the last several decades (they have also been given a virtual 'free education' and a 'ticket to ride' @ any major college or university in the US..up to & including 'the Ivy League'!)....just like Hal Turner said @ the recent Knoxville rally...$$$gazillions$$$ have been pumped into sub-Saharan Afreaka in the last twenty/thirty years too...and....guess what?'s as bad as ever! why? because Turd Worlders make the Turd World; how-ever: any reasonably pro-white government with the best interests of its people @ heart and where 'jewish control/input' is kept to a bare minimum(like: for instance, National Socialist Germany) will find 'white crime' almost non-existent; thus for the above argument (low income==crime) to 'stand up', you would have to provide the crime stats for the Third Reich; say: 1934-1944!
    (which, of course, you won't do because in would automatically invalidate your whole bull-shit 'argument')

    as the Führer said: better a street-sweeper in the Reich than an Emperor else-where!

  48. nikki numb-nutz: BTW, i notice that you STILL haven't 'addressed' the issues/matters i raised in my original posts on this thread!...too hard for u 2 handle?(just like the Channon Christian/Chris Newsom atrocity hunh?)...but: here's sumthin' to exercise yr limited 'mental capacity' with....a little 'morality play' just for YOU!!.....'missy'!

  49. Hummm so Burks is a filthy little child molester like Holsten, interesting.

  50. yet another one! for the Nikki Numb-Nutz 'non-event' file....could also be 'roll-a-dexed' under: "jewish in-tolerance" of the thickest books in the world....goes nicely as 'a matched set' with the thinnest book in the world: "jewish business ethics"!

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  52. Well, well. The fake Hal moderated the comments on his Shit hole Faggot Blog. By doing that, he just killed it deader than a door nail. Nobody wants to post on a moderated Bee-log. Just ask Nikki. She tried it a couple of times.

  53. Holsten: What part of we don't care what a sorry child molester thinks don't you understand?

  54. Yes, you care very much because you know that you kiilled your Shit Blog.

    We all know that you have the hots for me, but please don't call my Dick "Child Molestor" in your Faggot dreams about my body.

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  56. Wow! I am a beta test for FireFox. In the newest Beta version I can fix it to block out Jimbo and Holsten's worthless dibble. I can see they made comments here but I don't have to see it unless I click on it. Hee hee hee fat chance of that happening especially with Holeswine!

  57. Good. Now you can limit your Faggot desires to the Anti's

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